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April 2020 on Nicktoons Central and Eastern Europe: The Casagrandes | SpongeBob Appreciation Day | ALVINNN | Lego City Adventures

Below is a round-up of NickToons Central and Eastern Europe's (CEE) programming highlights for April 2020!

More Highlights:

March 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEE | Nick Jr. CEE | Nicktoons CEE

April 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEE | Nick Jr. CEE

All times CET; Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian.

--- This April, Nicktoons Central and Eastern Europe will be premiering:

-- Brand new episodes of The Casagrandes!:

- 2020-04-01 16:45 1x03 New Haunts / Croaked!
- 2020-04-02 16:45 1x04 Snack Pact / The Horror-Scope
- 2020-04-03 16:45 1x07 Operation Dad
- 2020-04-06 16:45 1x05a Arr in the Family
- 2020-04-07 16:45 1x05b Finders Weepers
- 2020-04-08 16:45 1x06a Stress Test
- 2020-04-09 16:45 1x06b How to Train Your Carl

"The Casagrandes" is locally titled "A Casagrande család" in Hungary and "Casagrande" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks season 4:

- 2020-04-27 18:40 4x07 A turnébusz / A vetélkedő (Tour Bus / Game Show)
- 2020-04-28 18:40 4x08 Az Alvin módszer / Időkapszula (Alvin Management / Time Capsule)
- 2020-04-29 18:40 4x09 Theo, a kidobós bajnok / A varázskunyhó (Munk Vs Machine / Shack Magic)
- 2020-04-30 18:40 4x10 Theodore bratyó / Fő az önbizalom (Big Bro Theodore / No Putts, No Glory)

"ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks" is locally titled "Alvinnn! és a mókusok" in Hungary and "Alvinnn!!! şi veveriţele" in Romania.

-- The brand-new show Lego City Adventures (channel premiere)!:

2020-04-20 18:00 1x01 Rablók és pandúrok / Billy a bogár (Cubs and Robbers / Billy the Bug) - series premiere
2020-04-21 18:00 1x02a Égi rendőrök (Sky Police)
2020-04-22 18:00 1x02b Apák napi parádé (Father's Day Parade)
2020-04-23 18:00 1x03a Verseny a csúcsra (Race to the Top)
2020-04-24 18:00 1x03b Harl Hubbs története (Meet Harl Hubbs)
2020-04-27 18:00 1x04a Doorman of the City
2020-04-28 18:00 1x04b Fendrich a vadonban (Fendrich in the Wild)
2020-04-29 18:00 1x05a Poppy Starr (Poppy Starr)
2020-04-30 18:00 1x05b Az ijesztő ház (The Spooky One)

"Lego City Adventures" is locally titled "Lego City kalandok" in Hungary and in "City Aventuri" Romania.

-- A brand new SpongeBob SquarePants special!:

- 2020-04-18 17:05 12x?? SpongeBob Appreciation Day: Patchy's Beach Bash [more info]

"SpongeBob SquarePants" is locally titled "SpongyaBob Kockanadrág" in Hungary and "SpongeBob Pantaloni Pătraţi" in Romania.

-- SpongeBob SquarePants marathons!:

- 2020-04-18 15:00-17:35 SpongyaBob Kockanadrág
- 2020-04-19 17:25-20:00 SpongyaBob Kockanadrág

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Aprilisi; új sorozat; csatornapremier; évadnyitó; Maratonok áprilisban.

Originally published: Friday, April 3, 2020.

Original source: Mentrum; Additional sources: Google Translate, Program24.
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