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Milkshake! (UK) to Premiere 'Pip and Posy' on Monday 15th March 2021

UK - Channel 5's Milkshake! will be premiering the brand new CG-animated preschool series Pip and Posy. on Monday 15th March 2021 at 7:45am! Following launch, new episodes will air weekdays at 7:45am on Milkshake!, following new Peppa Pig! Check out the launch teaser trailer below!

Pip and Posy (52 x 7-minute episodes) follows a mouse and a rabbit whose lives revolve around a wonderful world of play. Packed with warmth and humour, the series is a joyful celebration of their great friendship, its laughter and games, its ups and downs. The series deals with emotions, resilience and feelings in a relatable way for preschoolers to learn about themselves, all centred on creative play from a child’s point of view.

The show will premiere exclusively on Channel 5’s free-to-air strand Milkshake! and Sky’s on-demand service Sky Kids in the U.K. Multiple Oscar-nominated Magic Light Pictures (The GruffaloRoom on the BroomRevolting Rhymes and recent hit The Snail and The Whale) is producing, with animation services provided by Blue Zoo (Digby DragonIt’s Pony). Pip and Posy marks the first co-production between Channel 5 parent company ViacomCBS and Sky. The series was originally announced in March 2020.

Pip and Posy is based on characters from Nosy Crow’s popular collection of story books by multi award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler and author Camilla Reid. The show is Magic Light’s first ever preschool series and sees the continuation of the production company’s 13 year association with Scheffler, which has produced seven high-profile animated specials based on his hugely successful book collaborations with author Julia Donaldson.

Monday 15th March 2021 - The Present: Posy gives Pip a penguin pirate, but does not know that Pip has already got one. (series premiere)

Tuesday 16th March 2021 - Feel Better Pip: Pip is poorly and wants a quiet sofa day with Piggy, so Posy tries to make her friend better.

Wednesday 17th March 2021 - Bedtime Peggy: Posy goes to Pip's house for a sleepover, where they play games and slurp spaghetti, but when bedtime comes, Posy realises she has left her Froggy behind.

Thursday 18th March 2021 - Sandpit Friends: Pip makes a surprise treasure hunt for Posy at the sandpit.

Friday 19th March 2021 - Save the Worms: A rainy day in the park sees Jamila picking up worms.

Monday 22nd March 2021 - : 

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 - : 

Wednesday 24th March 2021 - : 

Thursday 25th March 2021 - : 

Friday 26th March 2021 - :

Pip and Posy will also air on Nick Jr. UK & Ireland in 2022.

Pip and Posy is a delightful animation series that captures the essence of how young children play, think and feel, and fits perfectly with our portfolio of educational and fun programming. The series teaches preschoolers the importance of friendship and societal wellbeing through imaginative storytelling and creative play,” said Louise Bucknole, Vice President (VP) Programming Kids, ViacomCBS Networks U.K. “We have a long-running and close relationship with Sky, so it’s very exciting to have commissioned our first co-production together, enabling us to bring the very best of British animation to Milkshake! from world class producers Magic Light Pictures.”

Lucy Murphy, Director of Kids at Sky U.K. & Ireland, said, “Pip and Posy is a playful series that will be loved by young children and their families. This addition to Sky Kids, plus our recent raft of original commissions, demonstrates our ambition to feature a range of premium British programming for under-twelves. We bring our customers the very best kids TV alongside our partner channels and this co-production with Milkshake! evolves our close relationship with ViacomCBS.”

“We’re really excited to be producing our first-ever preschool series and proud to be working with Milkshake! and Sky,” said Michael Rose, co-founder of Magic Light Pictures. “Axel Scheffler creates truly enchanting worlds and we can’t wait for viewers to join Pip and Posy for their fun and adventures.”

Pip and Posy has been jointly commissioned by Bucknole for Milkshake! and Murphy for Sky Kids with the participation of ZDF, Germany. The series is executive produced by Michael Rose and Martin Pope and produced by Vici King for Magic Light Pictures. The showrunner at Magic Light is Jeroen Jaspaert (Stick Man, The Highway Rat) and Blue Zoo’s director is Matthew Tea.

Magic Light Pictures holds the global distribution and merchandising rights to Pip and Posy (excluding publishing) and is developing a full licensing program to complement the new series.

Last 2019, Milkshake! pledged to double its content investment, which will lead to 50 new U.K.-originated hours per year from 2021.

Sky Kids offers families 11 kids’ channels and over 5,000 episodes of on-demand viewing as well as the Sky Kids app, a safe space for younger kids focused content, games and art tools with parental controls including a sleep mode so parents can moderate screen time. This is complemented by the pin protected Safe Mode on Sky Q, so there’s no danger of children straying into any areas of content that are not right for them.

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | The Present | Sneak Peak

Posy gives Pip a present, a toy penguin, but he already owns one. He goes to great trouble to hide it from her, so he doesn’t hurt her feelings.

Pip and Posy coming soon to Milkshake!

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | Coming Soon Trailer

Our Brand New show Pip and Posy will be coming soon to Milkshake!

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | The Sandpit Friends | Sneak Peak

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | Bedtime Piggy | Sneak Peak

When Posy forgets to bring Froggy to a sleepover at Pip's house, Pip does something that only a true friend would do, he gives Posy his favourite toy, Piggy, for the night.

Pip and Posy coming soon to Milkshake!

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | The Sandpit Friends | Sneak Peak

Milkshake! Pip and Posy | Opening Sequence | Starts Monday 15th March

Pip and Posy follows a mouse and a rabbit whose lives revolve around a wonderful world of play. Packed with warmth and humour, the series is a joyful celebration of their great friendship, its laughter and games, its ups and downs. 

The series deals with emotions, resilience and feelings in a relatable way for pre-schoolers to learn about themselves, all centered on creative play from a child’s point of view. 

The real-world purpose of the programme is to show pre-schoolers how to forge strong friendships for life.

Pip and Posy Character Profiles | Jamila | Milkshake!

A free-thinking, daydreaming squirrel. In tune with nature, Jamila is the most likely to climb a tree or scour the path for rocks to add to her collection. She enjoys playing with her friends, but can often be off in her own world or talking to her favourite worm, Victoria. When she does hit the nail on the head and solve a problem, it’s usually without even realising!

Pip and Posy Character Profiles | Frankie | Milkshake!

An observant cat, kind and a huge help to others, Frankie is slightly older and more mature than her friends. This makes her the most emotionally engaged of them all and she’s always ready with a reassuring hand when a friend needs it. With her strong sense of right and wrong and fair play, she’s the one the others turn to for a final decision if the group disagrees.

Pip and Posy Character Profiles | Zac | Milkshake!

Irrepressible terrier pup Zac has no filter and certainly no ‘inside voice’! He can come across a touch blunt or insensitive at times, but he means well and is always great fun. Quite competitive, he loves a challenge – he just has to dig the biggest hole or build the tallest sandcastle!  Zac doesn’t have the longest attention span, but he tackles everything with joy and positivity.

Pip and Posy Character Profiles | Pip | Milkshake!

A loveable and sociable rabbit, Pip is naturally curious with an infectious sense of fun. Focused and methodical, he’s great at coming up with games to play; and he loves the imagination and silliness that his best friend Posy brings to them.

Pip likes to be organised – he’s much tidier than Posy! – and can get a bit frustrated and even sulky when things don’t turn out as planned. However it doesn’t take much to restore his fun-loving good nature, especially when it’s Posy doing the cheering up. In turn he’s always quick to try and help his friends. 

Pip loves his toys too, and treats them with care – especially Piggy!

Millshake! | Pip and Posy Character Profiles | Posy | Milkshake!

An enthusiastic and easy-going mouse with a fondness for creative play, Posy has a vivid imagination. Always inventive, she takes the everyday and turns it into an adventure – like making a shoe box into a pirate’s galleon on the Seven Seas.  Sometimes though her imagination can run away with her and lead to tall tales that land her in hot water! Posy’s ability to improvise makes her huge fun to be with.

Posy likes to have someone to share her enthusiasm with – preferably her best friend Pip.  She loves to make him laugh, while her creativity helps him to see things from different perspectives. Impulsive and easily distracted, Posy tends to hop from one exciting game to the next, leaving a trail of discarded toys in her wake. 

She does have a favourite toy, though: Froggy – if she can find him among her mess!

Originally published: Monday, February 15, 2021.

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