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Netflix's 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Set Photos Tease an Series-Accurate Costume

Reports from the set of Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series suggest at least one major character will appear in a series-accurate costume.

Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender is approaching its release and so are early reports from the set of the upcoming adaptation. Most recently, reports surfaced suggesting at least one major character will appear in a costume straight from the animated series.

According to Avatar News, photos from the set - which the outlet can't currently post - have revealed that the show will present viewers with a shrine to Avatar Kuruk in the Northern Water Tribe.

Portrayed by Meegwun Fairbrother in the live-action series, the shrine room is dedicated to the most recent water Avatar before Korra, in the Northern Water Tribe capital city of Agna Qel’a.

Kuruk’s shrine room feels very solemn. It’s built primarily out of wood (or compacted ice/snow), along with some bone, and a material that Avatar News refers to as “ice glass”. On the back wall is a circular wooden door carved with the symbol for water. The construction looks similar to a Pacific Northwest Indigenous plank house or long house.

The room is empty except for a statue of Kuruk in the middle, carved from wood. The statue looks very similar to how Kuruk looks in his animated appearances in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, He’s wearing his winter parka and polar bear pelt headdress, and holding a spear.

In Nickelodeon's animated series, Avatar Kuruk was alluded to briefly in Book 1, when Avatar Aang encountered Koh the Face-Stealer in the Spirit World. Kuruk made a full appearance in Book 3 when he told Aang about the moment that defined his time as Avatar. But while The Last Airbender provided the Water Tribe Avatar with only a minor role across its three seasons, rumors surfaced early on that the Netflix series would give him an expanded role.

A casting call went out in April in search of someone to fill the role of a "legendary warrior from the past." The character description resembled many of the key details of Avatar Kuruk. Notably, the casting call also specified the character will appear in at least two episodes. It was later reported actor Meegwun Fairbrother will portray the Avatar, but it's unknown how many episodes he will feature in and how his role will compare to his animated counterpart.

Filming for Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender completed filming in June. The main cast includes Gordon Cormier as Avatar Aang, Dallas Liu as Zuko, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Uncle Iroh and Daniel Dae Kim as the ruler of the Fire Nation, Firelord Ozai.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (also known in some regions as Avatar: The Legend of Aang) was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It premiered in 2005 and ran for three seasons, ending in 2008. The continued success of the series resulted in the establishment of Avatar Studios, a division of Nickelodeon dedicated to projects, including films and television shows, expanding the world of Avatar.

Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series does not yet have a release date.

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