Friday, October 13, 2023

'Doug' Creator Reveals Pitch and Concept Art for Potential Sequel Series

Doug creator Jim Jinkins revealed his concept, complete with new artwork, for a Doug sequel series.

Nickelodeon's Doug

Will Doug be the next classic cartoon series to be rebooted?

Originally airing for seven overall seasons on Nickelodeon and ABC, Doug was created by Jim Jinkins. The animated series followed Doug Funnie, a journal-writing schoolboy navigating his way through love and life after his family moves to the town of Bluffington.

In an interview with Tenn Buick on YouTube, Jinkins spoke all about Doug, revealing his desire to continue the story with a sequel series following the children of the show's characters. The interview was posted in May, though this revelation is now starting to make serious traction on social media after it was reported on by The DisInsider.

"Here's what I wish would happen," Jinkins says in the interview at roughly the 29-minute mark. "Doug turns 33 years old [this year], something like that, so if you think about that, the fans of Doug have grown up. Maybe some of them have gotten married. Maybe some of them have kids. So, the idea of bringing Doug back now, I think has real power in it."

Jinkins then revealed how, with the encouragement of a Disney executive, he drew up concept artwork for a sequel series dubbed Doug Kids. This includes an image of a similar intro with the plain white background, but with two of Doug's children alongside a Porkchop-like puppy. Jinkins also showed another image of his artwork imagining adult versions of familiar characters like Doug, Patti Mayonnaise, Skeeter Valentine, and Roger Klotz. The apparent idea is to primarily follow Doug's two children in Bluffington, but with classic characters still having a presence.

'Doug Kids' concept art/logo

'Doug Kids' concept art

The images aren't high-quality, as they're printed photos shown to a webcam, but they do tease what could be if Disney+ moves forward with the potential sequel. Jinkins noted, "This is what those characters look like now. In this world, Doug does marry Patti, and he has two kids." Also revealed are the names of the children — Yancey and Doug Jr. — with Jinkins adding, "It's a way for the kids to be the stars of the show, but [the original characters are] all still there, and they all, for various reasons, converged back to Bluffington."

The Doug Reboot Isn't Official Just Yet

Noting how the potential series is still in the pitch phase and not yet official, Jinkins said, "It's not going to happen because I'm still trying to figure out who's going to say yes to this." He also said how it's Disney-owned, so it would have to be a Disney decision on whether Doug would get a revival, likely for Disney+. With that said, Doug may benefit from having a sequel pitch come in at a time when reboots and revivals are the norm. After all, the series originally debuted with Rugrats on Nickelodeon, and that show has already gotten its own reboot on Paramount+. A Ren & Stimpy reboot is also in the works at Comedy Central.

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