Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Sanjay And Craig" Star & Creators Deliver "More Heart, Less Fart"

Dudes, what's up? CBR TV has unveiled the first part of their fantastic interview with Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell, the co-creators of Nickelodeon's Emmy-nominated original animated series (NickToon) "Sanjay and Craig", and Maulik Pancholy, the voice of Sanjay!:

"Sanjay & Craig" Star & Creators Deliver "More Heart, Less Fart"

In the first part of the conversation, recorded at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015, Maulik, Jim and Jay discuss where they find inspiration for the show's absurdist comedy, and how they impart messages that will be relevant to kids while not being preachy. They also talk about working with Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the creators of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete", how that collaboration helped shape the tone of the series, and the odd process of animation, in which each part of the process is slightly separate from every other, including the voice actors from each other!

"Sanjay and Craig" Creators Explain Why Diversity is Not An Issue

In the second part of the conversation with CBR TV from Comic-Con International 2015, "Sanjay and Craig" creators Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell and star Maulik Pancholy discuss the fact that a character of Indian descent, and his family, are front and center in the show, as well as why the issue of diversity is both an important thing for television and why there's not some kind of agenda attached to it. Following that, they discuss what fans can expect from the third, totally absurd season of the show when it airs on Nickelodeon later this year!

Fans can catch brand-new episodes of "Sanjay and Craig" every Friday at 8:15pm ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA!
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