Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Take A Tour Of The W.I.Ts Academy

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere and show "W.I.Ts Academy" from Monday 5th October 2015 at 7pm/6c, continuing the spellbinding journey of "Every Witch Way" with a magical mix of fresh & familiar faces, Nick USA has unveiled a magical selection of videos in which the bewitching characters from "W.I.Ts Academy" take viewers on a tour around the W.I.Ts Academy, which you can watch in the fantastic online streaming video clips below!:

WITS Academy | Explore The Campus | Nick

Take a tour of the WITS Academy campus with Andi and a few of our other Guardians as they show us around the cafeteria, library, dorms, and more! Be sure to watch the season premiere of WITS Academy on October 5th at 7pm/6c

WITS Academy | Take a Tour of the WITS Academy | Nick

Welcome to the WITS Academy where witches and wizards are training to master their magical powers. Look around and explore with Andi (Daniela Nieves), and don't forget to tune in for the premiere of WITS Academy on Oct 5! (Best viewed on a computer)

WITS Academy | Tour the Library with Cameron | Nick

Welcome to the WITS Academy library! Our resident prefect, Cameron (Tyler Perez), is here to take you on a tour. Just be careful not to break any rules around him... his favorite book is the Rule Book. (Best viewed on a computer)

WITS Academy | Tour the Dorms with Ruby | Nick

Ruby (Kennedy Slocum) was kind enough to show us around her WITS Academy dorm room. Her room is so cool! Wondering what the other dorm rooms look like? Find out during the premiere of WITS Academy on Oct 5. (Best viewed on a computer)

WITS Academy | Tour the Cafeteria with Luke | Nick

Feeling hungry? Take a trip around the WITS Academy cafeteria with Luke (Ryan Cargill), our future guardian to the Chosen One. Just watch out for any flying pink smoothies! (Best viewed on a computer)

"W.I.Ts Academy" is created by Catharina Ledeboer and is produced by Viacom International. "The W.I.T.s Academy" is executive produced by Tatiana Rodriguez ("Talia in the Kitchen"). "W.I.Ts Academy" season one will feature 20 episodes.

Also starring in the new series are Julia Antonelli, Jailen Bates, Lidya Jewett, Meg Crosbie, Andrew Ortega, Timothy Colombos, Tyler Perez, Jazzy Williams, Bianca Matthews, and Ryan Cargill.

The cast of "W.I.Ts Academy". Photo via Instagram/Caleb_Griffith_.

To celebrate, nick.com recently launched Nickelodeon USA's official "W.I.Ts Academy" website, nick.com/wits, which features information about the show, exclusive online streaming video clips, the shows official message board/forum, a tour of the "W.I.Ts Academy", and a "W.I.Ts Academy" application form game!
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