Thursday, October 01, 2015

Nickelodeon And Get Schooled Announces College And High School "People's Choice" Nickfluence Nominees

Nickelodeon, the number-one entertainment brand for kids, and Get Schooled, a national non-profit co-founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Viacom, are giving one skilled and innovative young animator the chance to win a $25,000 scholarship through the inaugural "What's Your Nickfluence?" Animation Challenge!

Between July and September 2015, Nickelodeon and Get Schooled invited college students around the world aged between 17-24 to submit original, Nick-inspired short films - no longer than three (3) minutes - that celebrates Nickelodeon's past and present shows and brand, and how these influenced the applicant's art, childhood and life for a chance to win a $25,000 scholarship.

Realizing that talent is found across all age ranges and in all corners of the globe, 13-17 year-old high school students around the world were also invited to submit a short in any format for their chance to win a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display, along with a one year subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud services.

Following the challenges' entry period, finalists will now be selected by a panel of judges, and the top entries in each of the two age categories will be announced in November 2015 as finalists.

Between Monday 28th September through Sunday 15th November 2015, fans will also have the chance to vote for their favorite "People's Choice" short at! There will be one winner in the college category and five winners in the high school category, who will be announced in November 2015, along with the "People's Choice" short winner. Fans can vote once in each category.

Below is a full list of "People's Choice" nominees in the first-ever "What's Your Nickfluence?" Animation Challenge:

High School:

"Thank You" by Christina Brockus (US)
"Mugman at the Driving Range" by Jacob Lenard (US)
"Don't Give Up" by Priscilla Winata (ID)
"My Nickfluence" by Dawn Adepoju (US)
"Of Dragons and Men" by Ellen Tseng (US)
"Surprised" by Michelle Mill (US)
"Clucky's Birthday Surprise" by Bob Brewster (US)
"MountainMan" by Nolan J Downs (US)
"Budding Artist" by: Karli Melder (US)
"Nick Anniversary Mashup" by Steven Bowser (US)
"Passion for Moving Pictures" by Christopher Gassler (US)
"Nick Through My Life" by Matthew Armitage (GB)
"Breaking the Shell: My Nickfluence" by Juan Sebastian Bossano (EC)
"GUN" by: Efrain Noriega (CO)
"Journey Through Inspiration" by: Julian Uquillas (US)
"The Cookie" by Janet Guan (US)
"Matter" by Maxwell Holl (US)
"Earth and Fire" by: Kevin Gonzalez (US)
"I Love Cartoons" by Richard Schemm (US)
"A Friendly Nudge" by Janice Chun (US)
"Tongue Tied" by Pasquale Caldora (US)
"The Rockstar" by Serena Harris (US)
"Gotta Go Fast" by Daniel Bennett (CA)
"Underwater Adventure" by Enxhi Bejko (US)
"Fetch" by Emily Stema (US)
"What's My Nickfluence?" by Ashli Hurt (US)
"Saving Ember" by Nadia Jackson (US)
"Memory" by Sean Vaccaro (US)
"Manny and the Mini Golf Mystery" by Caroline VanWinden (CA)
"The Little Firebender" by John Hughes (US)
"Potassium Overload" by Nathan Kyle Calica (PH)
"What Nick has Taught Me" by James Mckenzie (US)
"I'm nickfluenced" by Tracey LaGuerre (US)
"Nickfluence by Jeremiah Jones" by Jeremiah Jones (US)
"Wake up, you" by Jose Villareal (US)
"Nickelodeon's Nickfluence on Me - Nick Fulfaro" by Nicholas Fulfaro (US)
"Fish Out of Water" by Murphy Allen (US)
"iNickspiration for Animation" by Samantha Maurice-Africa (US)
"Stranded in Grimm Forest" by Kelsey Eaves (US)

Vote for your favorite College "People's Choice" Nickfluence nominee at now!

High School:

"Sleepyhead" by Alaine Baybayan (CA)
"NickFluence - Joe in Nickverse" by Andi Nguyen (US)
"my nickelodeon nickfluence - by Arya Pillai" by Arya Pillai (GB)
"Moon Cheese" by Cameron Glynn (US)
"Super Bunnies" by: Victoria Gennaro (US)
"Blast Off!" by Gabriel Almeida (US)
"Profugus" by Noah Segura (US)
"Journey through Nicktopia" by Jasmine Soompholphakdy (US)
"Always Create" by Melissa Bean (US)
"Why my Doodles Left" by Abigail Dahl (US)
"The" by Lisa Green (US)
"Space Cops" by Casey George (US)
"What fuels my inner kid" by Taniya Wyche (US)
"An Unexpected Guardian" by Jake Masters (US)
"Imagination" by Celia Woessner (US)
"Pinecones and Pineapple" by Trokon Hufnagel (US)

Vote for your favorite High School "People's Choice" Nickfluence nominee at now!

Good luck to everyone who has entered Nickelodeon and Get Schooled's "What's Your Nickfluence?" Animation Challenge!
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