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Genie In The House | Theme Song | The Splat | #TBT | Nickelodeon UK

Watch the original theme song and opening credits for Nickelodeon UK's magical comedy series Genie in the House!:

There's a Genie in the House lyrics:

We found him in a lamp in the darkness and the damp.
Who is he?! A genie!

A magic kinda guy who never gets it right
He's so bad! It's so sad!

When magic's out of bounds, use a little nous.

How can we resist? There's a genie in the house!

How can we resist? There's a genie in the house, in the house! (In the house!)

In the house!

When magic's out of bounds, use a little nous.

How can we resist? There's a genie in the house!

How can we resist? There's a genie in the house, in the house! In the house!

In the house!

When the Nortons, father Philip and his two teenage daughters moved into their new home, they expected a normal, peaceful life. But when the girls go rummaging around the attic they find something they weren’t expecting – a golden magic lamp, with Adil, a genie inside, ready to grant their every wish.

Adil looks like a kid their age, and he is, in genie years. But in fact, he’s been stuck in the lamp for 1500 years, so his genie skills are a little bit rusty. Or so he tells them. The truth is, Adil was last in his class at the work famous Balamkadar School for Genie Arts and Sciences, and got himself stuck when he entered the lamp on a dare. His teacher left him in the lamp overnight to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately that was the night that Ali Baba’s forty thieves burgled the school.

Free at last after all this time, Adil is eager to use his magic powers. The problem is, whenever the girls make a wish, it doesn’t always turn out as it should. Like the time the turned Dad into a child, or the time he accidentally changed the house into a shopping mall. Or the time he sent Sophie back to the Middle Ages!

Philip wants to banish Adil back to the lamp but the girls tell him that it would be too cruel to bottle the inept Adil up for another 1500 years, and so they reach a compromise. Adil can stay, on one condition – no magic!

Attributing his presence and strange appearance to the fact that he is an exchange student, Adil becomes a member of the family, only a member of the family who can grant wishes, which he isn’t technically allowed to do. But somehow the girls always manage to find an excuse to call on the genie’s services hoping that Dad won’t find out.

But since Adil’s wishes almost never go right, Dad eventually finds out. After all, its hard to hid the fact that a Cave Man is running amok in their home. Or that the dvd’s remote now controls people instead of the TV or that Dad is slowly turning into a garden gnome.

No, life in their new home isn’t going to be the peaceful, normal experience the Nortons expected. It’s a non-stop series of crisis, catastrophes and hilarious disasters waiting to happen. But that’s to be expected when you have your own genie in the house!

Genie in the House stars: Jordan Metcalfe as Adil the Genie, Adam Morris as Philip Norton, Katie Sheridan as Sophie Norton, Vicky Longley as Emma Norton, Victoria Gay as Caroline Smart, Philip's helping hand around the house and with the girls, and Angus Kennedy as Max Baxter, Philip boss.

Produced by Moi j'aime la television S.A for Nickelodeon UK and Canal J, France, Genie in the House ran for 78 (74 regular episodes, 2 TV movies, and 2 TV specials) over four series between May 2006 to December 2010. In addition to Nick UK and Canal J, France, the series was also broadcast on many Nickelodeon channels around the world.

The show's theme song, There's a Genie in the House, was written especially for the show, with music by Jean de Aguiar and lyrics by Kevin Eldon. It is sung by Vicky Longley and Katie Sheridan, the actresses who play Emma and Sophie in the show.

Genie in the House is based on an original idea by Phil Ox, Steven Bawol, Isabelle Dubernet and Eric F├╝hrer, produced by Phil Ox and Steven Bawol, and written by Isabelle Dubernet, Eric Fuhrer, Grant Cathro, Lee Pressman, Bennett Aaron, Arnold Widdowson. Genie in the House is a French/English co-production, produced in English by French company Moi j'aime la television. At one point, You Wish! was considered as a working title, and was used for the pilot episode, but it was later discovered that there had been an American sitcom, You Wish, with the same name, so Genie in the House was chosen instead.

Series 1 was recorded at Elstree Film and Television Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and was first aired on 29 May 2006. Series 2 started recording at the BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood on 29 June 2007, for broadcast in October 2007. Filming for the third and final series took place at Twickenham Film Studios, London and began in June 2008 ending with a 3 part story 'The Legend of The Dragon', filmed on location in Paris and the surrounding countryside.

A 3D Genie in the House movie was planned, but sadly wasn't released.

Genie in the House is a MJTV/Helion Pictures production.

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