Thursday, April 12, 2018

Watch a Montage of 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' Shrine of the Silver Monkey Fails

Legends of the Hidden Temple was an iconic piece of classic Nickelodeon programming. The show only ran from 1993-1995, but don’t let that short run fool you. It was an iconic game show that many '90s Nick Kids loved - and most viewers tuning it had a secret certainty that they could absolutely rock the epic Temple Run at the end.

For those who don’t remember or didn’t watch Legends, the Temple Run was the killer final challenge of the show where kids had to zip through an “ancient temple” solving various riddles, challenges, and puzzles. And while the entire run was filled with a pretty intense gambit of physical and mental obstacles, there was no challenge that proved to be as much of a nail-biter than the darn Shrine of the Silver Monkey challenge.

The Shrine of the Silver Monkey challenge asked contestants to put together three foam statue pieces together—base, middle, head-to made a three-piece “shrine” of a monkey. The three pieces were pretty large, and the biggest obstacle was collecting the three pieces (which were often in places that were hard to reach for kids, but not hidden), and making sure the pieces faced the right direction. On paper, it seems laughably easy. And honestly, in a zero-pressure situation, it certainly is. But for a kid with their adrenaline pumping, an audience watching, and the pressure of a countdown clock ticking in the background, it can be pretty intimidating.

More often than not, kids would completely botch that part of the Temple Run. Despite understanding the extreme stress that these kids were under, it’s hard to watch a contestant struggle and ultimately fail at assembling the Shrine.

How many runners had their Space Camp dreams dashed by their inability to accomplish such an easy-looking task? Probably way more than you remember! So naturally, someone decided to make a giant, horrible video filled with nothing else but kids failing at building the shrine. Everything Is Terrible! made this video, and it’s basically the closest thing to a stress dream that the internet has ever wrought. It’s going to have you screaming at them all over again! In fact: You will end up wanting to throw your computer through the wall within 30 seconds of watching these kids struggle. It’s just inevitable!

SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY! from Everything is Terrible! on Vimeo.

In fairness to those contestants, when Nerdist spoke to host Kirk Fogg about why so many kids struggled with the deceptively simple task, he had a pretty good defense:

“It’s way down on the end of the Temple. You have to do all that work to get to the Shrine. You don’t understand how exhausted you are. So you get there, you’re delirious, people are screaming, there’s music going on at the same time, you have producers on the ground who are yelling, I’m yelling on the microphone, and it’s confusing. And it’s all silver. You can get the base on, but once you get to the base, it’s that second piece. It’s like, ‘Where does that thing go on?’”

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