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Happy New Year from NickALive!

NickALive! would like to wish everyone a very Orange and Slime-Tastic Happy New Year!

2021 was another big year on Nickelodeon, and with even more brand new episodes, shows, events, and slime on the horizon, 2022 promises to be another aweslime year on Nick! Take a look at what Nickelodeon has in store for the coming year here!

What has been your favourite part of 2021 on Nickelodeon, and what are you most looking forward to watching on Nickelodeon in 2022? Let NickALive! know in the comments below!

A huge thank-you to everyone who visited and who contributed to NickALive! over the past year!

NickALive! Awards 2021: The Results!

Throughout December, NickALive! asked fans to vote about what they have liked best about Nickelodeon in 2021 in the second annual NickALive! Awards! In this years awards, fans cast a whopping 8,943 votes for their Nickelodeon favorities across 33 categories, 15% more votes that in the inaugural NickALive! Awards in 2020! As we roll in 2022, I'm pleased to announce the results of the 2021 NickALive! Awards. A huge thanks to everyone who voted! :)

Best New Standalone Special (150 votes)
Winner: Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2021 (72 votes; 48%)
2nd Place: The Loud House Mega Music Countdown (18 votes; 12%)
3rd Place (TIE): NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon (14 votes; 9.3%)
3rd Place (TIE): The Danger Documentary: Behind The Dangerverse (14 votes; 9.3%)

Best Special of a On-Going Series (105 votes)
Winner: "Among Us": A Danger Force 4-Part Event (25 votes; 23.8%)
2nd Place: Camped! - The Loud House (21 votes; 20%)
3rd Place: Operation Popstar - The Casagrandes (16 votes; 15.2%)

Best New Special of a On-Going Preschool Series (103 votes)
Winner: "It’s YOUR birthday!" - Blue's Clues & You! (41 votes; 39.8%)
2nd Place: "Moto Pups: Pups Save a Sneezy Chase/Moto Pups: Rescue at Twisty Top Mesa" - PAW Patrol (40 votes; 38.8%)
3rd Place: "America/The Diner/Canyon Country/Hollywood/Hop, Skip, Jump!" - Peppa Pig 10th Anniversary Celebration episode (9 votes; 8.7%)

Best New Seasonal Special of a Nickelodeon Show (130 votes)
Winner: Side Hustle: "A Mouth Noise Christmas" (42 votes; 32.3%)
2nd Place: The Loud House: "Season’s Cheating/A Flipmas Carol" (11 votes; 8.5%)
3rd Place: The Casagrandes: "A Very Casagrandes Christmas" (10 votes; 7.7%)

Best New Seasonal Special of a Preschool Series (100 votes)
Winner: Pups Save a Sweet Mayor/Pups Save a Magic Trick - PAW Patrol (34 votes; 34%)
2nd Place: A Blue’s Clues Festival of Lights - Blue's Clues & You! (16 votes; 16%)
3rd Place: Blue’s Night Before Christmas - Blue's Clues & You! (10 votes; 10%)

Best New Live Action Series (149 votes)
Winner: iCarly revival series (44 votes; 29.5%)
2nd Place: That Girl Lay Lay (30 votes; 20.1%)
3rd Place: Tooned In (28 votes; 18.8%)

Best New Animated Series (138 votes)
Winner: Middlemost Post (44 votes; 31.9%)
2nd Place: The Patrick Star Show (30 votes; 21.7%)
3rd Place: Rugrats reboot (25 votes; 18.1%)

Best New Preschool Series (61 votes)
Winner: Baby Shark's Big Show! - inc. shorts (30 votes; 49.2%)
2nd Place: Noggin Knows (10 votes; 16.4%)
3rd Place: Deer Squad (8 votes; 13.1%)

Best Nickelodeon Stunt (101 votes)
Winner: Nickmas (51 votes; 50.5%)
2nd Place: Paramount+ Party on NickRewind (13 votes; 12.9%)
3rd Place: Tooned In: Home Edition (8 votes; 7.9%)

Best New Season of a Nickelodeon Show (87 votes)
Winner: The Casagrandes Season 3 (26 votes; 29.9%)
2nd Place: Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows (11 votes; 12.6%)
3rd Place: Danger Force Season 2 (10 votes; 11.5%)

Best New Season of a Preschool Series (66 votes)
Winner: Blue's Clues & You! Season 3 (37 votes; 56.1%)
2nd Place: PAW Patrol Season 8 (13 votes; 19.7%)
3rd Place (TIE): Bubble Guppies Season 6 (7 votes; 10.6%)
3rd Place (TIE): Peppa Pig Season 9 (7 votes; 10.6%)

Best Short-Form Nickelodeon Content (107 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol Original 5s (37 votes; 34.6%)
2nd Place: Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's Vlog (17 votes; 15.9%)
3rd Place: SpongeBob: Puppet Edition! Shorts (12 votes; 11.2%)

Best Nickelodeon Podcast (62 votes)
Winner: SpongeBob BingePants (46 votes; 74.2%)
2nd Place: Avatar: Braving the Elements (16 votes; 25.8%)
3rd Place: N/A

Best Factual Nickelodeon Special (56 votes)
Winner: Nick News: Kids & Sports Special (21 votes; 37.5%)
2nd Place: Nick News: Kids, Immigration and Equality (15 votes; 26.8%)
3rd Place: Nick News: Kids & The Impact of Climate Change (11 votes; 19.6%)

Best New Nickelodeon Movie of the Year (134 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol: The Movie (56 votes; 41.8%)
2nd Place: The Loud House Movie (33 votes; 34.6%)
3rd Place: A Loud House Christmas (21 votes; 15.7%)

Nickelodeon Game of the Year 2021 (87 votes)
Winner: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (63 votes; 72.4%)
2nd Place: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated: Mobile Edition (11 votes; 12.6%)
3rd Place: Blue’s Clues & You! Listen and Play Alexa skill from Nickelodeon (5 votes; 5.7%)

Best Nickelodeon Paramount+ Original Series or Special of the Year (122 votes)
Winner: Rugrats reboot (55 votes; 45.1%)
2nd Place: iCarly revival (30 votes; 24.6%)
3rd Place: Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years (20 votes; 16.4%)

Best Nickelodeon Revival or Reboot of the Year (117 votes)
Winner: Rugrats reboot (67 votes; 57.3%)
2nd Place: iCarly revival (33 votes; 28.2%)
3rd Place: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: Curse Of The Shadows (11 votes; 9.4%)

Movie Network Premiere of the Year (108 votes)
Winner: Shrek 2 (70 votes; 64.8%)
2nd Place: Hotel Transylvania 2 (12 votes; 11.1%)
3rd Place: Star Trek (2009) (11 votes; 10.2%)

Sad To See End (65 votes)
Winner: The Astronauts (24 votes; 36.9%)
2nd Place: Ollie's Pack (18 votes; 27.7%)
3rd Place: Power Rangers Dino Fury (14 votes; 21.5%)

Live-Action Nickelodeon Show of the Year (70 votes)
Winner: iCarly revival (15 votes; 21.4%)
2nd Place: Tooned In (13 votes; 18.6%)
3rd Place: The Barbarian and the Troll (9 votes; 12.9%)

Preschool Nickelodeon Show of the Year (99 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol (39 votes; 39.4%)
2nd Place: Blue's Clues & You! (38 votes; 38.4%)
3rd Place (TIE): Santiago of the Seas (4 votes; 4%)
3rd Place (TIE): Bubble Guppies (4 votes; 4%)

Animated Nickelodeon Show of the Year (133 votes)
Winner: SpongeBob SquarePants (58 votes; 43.6%)
2nd Place: The Loud House (38 votes; 28.6%)
3rd Place (TIE): Middlemost Post (7 votes; 5.3%)
3rd Place (TIE): The Casagrandes (7 votes; 5.3%)

Nickelodeon Channel or Programming Block of the Year (107 votes)
Winner: Nickelodeon (71 votes; 66.4%)
2nd Place: NickRewind (12 votes; 11.2%)
3rd Place: Nicktoons (8 votes; 7.5%)

Best AwesomenessTV Series of 2021 (47 votes)
Winner: AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer (14 votes; 29.8%)
2nd Place: Hot Summer Jobs (7 votes; 14.9%)
3rd Place (TIE): VIBE ROOM (5 votes; 10.6%)
3rd Place (TIE): Noah Beck Tries Things season 2 (5 votes; 10.6%)
3rd Place (TIE): Twin My Heart season 3 (5 votes; 10.6%)
3rd Place (TIE): The Daily Report (5 votes; 10.6%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Live-Action Nickelodeon Series (80 votes)
Winner: Warped! (34 votes; 42.5%)
2nd Place: Paramount+'s Live-action Fairly OddParents revival (17 votes; 21.2%)
3rd Place: Netflix's Live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series (16 votes; 20%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Animated Nickelodeon Series (5,733 votes)
Winner: Big Nate (5,652 votes; 98.6%)
2nd Place: Untitled Garfield Projects (40 votes; 0.7%)
3rd Place: Transformers (12 votes; 0.2%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Nickelodeon Preschool Series (96 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol spin-off (73 votes; 76%)
2nd Place: The Tiny Chef Show (18 votes; 18.8%)
3rd Place: The Hamster Show (5 votes; 5.2%)

Most Looking Forward To: New Season of a Nickelodeon Series (132 votes)
Winner: Rugrats season 2 (44 votes; 33.3%)
2nd Place: The Loud House season 6 (43 votes; 32.6%)
3rd Place: iCarly season 2 (17 votes; 12.9%)

Most Looking Forward To: New Season of a Preschool Nickelodeon Series (104 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol season 9 (46 votes; 44.2%)
2nd Place: Blue's Clues & You! season 4 (39 votes; 37.5%)
3rd Place (TIE): Santiago of the Seas season 2 (5 votes; 4.8%)
3rd Place (TIE): The Adventures of Paddington season 3 (5 votes; 4.8%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Nickelodeon Special (121 votes)
Winner: Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2022 (61 votes; 50.4%)
2nd Place: PAW Patrol: Rescue Knights theme (43 votes; 35.5%)
3rd Place: NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon 2022 (15 votes; 12.4%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Nickelodeon Movie -Theatrical or TV (110 votes)
Winner: PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie (33 votes; 30%)
2nd Place: Sandy Cheeks CG-animated/live-action hybrid SpongeBob movie (23 votes; 20.9%)
3rd Place: Blue's Clues & You! movie (20 votes; 18.2%)

Most Looking Forward To: Upcoming New Nickelodeon Game (63 votes)
Winner: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake (48 votes; 76.2%)
2nd Place: Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game (board game) (6 votes; 9.5%)
3rd Place: Ryan’s Rescue Squad (4 votes; 6.3%)

No New Years celebration is complete without fireworks...

Press play on the videos below for NickALive!'s firework display! Hope everyone enjoys them!:

Nickelodeon Internationals SpongeBob SquarePants "The Year Of The Sponge" Fireworks ident from 2009:

Nickelodeon International's Happy New Year 2018 Fireworks Short:

Classic Nickelodeon Space/Fireworks ident from 1984:

Nickelodeon's 90s Are All That remake of the classic Nickelodeon Fireworks ident from 2011:

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