Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Announces Plans To Premiere The Brand New Season 5 Episode Of "Winx Club" Called "The Lilo" On Saturday 17th November 2012

Nickelodeon UK has announced the Nickelodeon UK News that the first brand new episode of Nickelodeon's brand new fifth season of "Winx Club", called "Beyond Believix", which Nickelodeon co-produced with Rainbow S.r.l., that Nickelodeon UK and Ireland will premiere will be the brand new "Winx Club" episode called "The Lilo", which Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK on Saturday 17th November 2012 at 7.30am (repeated at 8.30am on Nick UK's plus-one (+1) timeshift channel, Nickelodeon+1). Nickelodeon UK will then continue to premiere and show more brand new season five episodes of "Winx Club" every Saturday and Sunday at 7.30am as part of Nickelodeon UK's brand new "Winx Club" themed programming stunt called "Winx Club Weekends" and as part of "November on Nickelodeon UK 2012"!

In the brand new episode of "Winx Club: Beyond Believix" titled "The Lilo", the Trix return and the Winx are back at Alfea training. Ms. Faragonda calls the Winx in and tells them about the Lilo, a magical plant which is on the verge of blooming for the first time in centuries, and it is somewhere on Earth, in Gardenia. However, the Trix are searching for the Lilo as well. The Winx find that the Lilo is in the possession of Macy, Mitzi's younger sister. The Winx try to stop the Trix from gaining the Lilo's great powers. When the people of Gardenia express their belief in magic, the Winx are able to defeat the Trix and the Lilo blooms, sending magic all over Gardenia.

Nickelodeon's hit international series, "Winx Club", focuses on six best friends enrolled in fairy school as they face many adventures together with strength, smarts and teamwork. Nickelodeon's "Winx Club" features the voices of some of Nickelodeon's biggest stars, including Keke Palmer ("True Jackson, VP") as Aisha; Elizabeth Gillies ("Victorious") as Daphne; Ariana Grande ("Victorious") as Diaspro; and Matt Shively ("True Jackson, VP") as Skye; as well as Molly Quinn ("Castle") as Bloom.