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Drake & Josh's Drake Bell Says They Have Some 'Really Clever Ideas' for a 'Drake & Josh' Reboot [Updated]

And dishes on what their characters would be doing in 2018!

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Drake & Josh was a staple of many a childhood, and now it's been 11 years since the show was last on our screens, surely that means it's time for a reboot? It's 2018, after all.

Well, star Drake Bell is "absolutely" behind revisiting our favourite stepbrothers, and revealed that co-star Josh Peck has already been floating around some ideas too.

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"I think any chance for Josh and I have to get back together would be awesome," he recently told Digital Spy. "I think the fans would love it. And I would love to see us do something again together. Josh is so great, we have such great chemistry.

"It's kind of a once in a lifetime thing in Hollywood to find that. I've made multiple films with the same person and still not had that kind of chemistry as I do with Josh. It's not just, 'Oh you've worked together for so long and it just happens'."

He also explained that Josh has come up with some "really, really clever ideas" for a Drake & Josh reboot, teasing: "They're so good. I mean I can't say any of them because if they actually happen I want them to be a surprise. But Josh has come up with some really great ideas.

"If we could find it in our schedules, because I'm always touring and he's always doing his thing. If we can find the time in our schedule and the stars align, I think we have the greatest… I think we have a really clever and great idea to come back."

Drake further suggested of what it could entail: "If Josh and I got back together, I don't think we would want to continue the same storyline. I think we would want to do something outside of the box.

"Josh is so creative and I just know that if he and I put our heads together we're not gonna want to do Drake and Josh Go To College. It's going to be something much more creative and interesting than just, 'Oh, what happened to Drake and Josh when they grew up?' It's got to be more interesting than that."

The 32-year-old also theorised where Drake Parker and Josh Nichols would be in 2018, musing: "I think Drake Parker is still living at home, and Josh probably went off and got a great job and is probably managing some artist.

"Or, I dunno, Drake went and got famous and huge, or maybe he still is and did get famous and became a rock star but he still is living at home. I have a feeling he still lives with his mom and dad."

Also, from Metro US:

Drake Bell says Josh Peck has the perfect Drake and Josh reboot idea

"Fuller House ain't got nothing on this."

Millennials who grew up watching Drake Bell and Josh Peck get into all kinds of antics on Drake and Josh will be delighted to hear that the duo has been workshopping ideas for a possible reboot.

Despite the pair's rocky relationship in recent years, with Bell calling Peck out at one point for not sending him a wedding invite, that's all water under the bridge. Not only are the TV brothers on good terms again, but they both seem eager to revisit their classic Nickelodeon characters. Bell recently revealed to Metro that they've been talking about a Drake and Josh revival, and that Peck actually has the perfect idea for a reboot that would avoid the college years/where are they now cliches.

"It would have to be like, for Josh and I to get back together, it would have to be something different," Bell tells Metro. "I'd want to do something that's more creative than that and I know Josh would too."

"Actually Josh, I can't tell the idea, but it's really good," he adds. "Josh came up with a little something that I think is probably the most genius and absolute most brilliant way to bring us back."

Drake Bell talks Drake and Josh reboot possibilities

As for what's preventing a Drake and Josh reunion, it all has to do with timing. Bell, who's a touring musician as well, admits that he's only in Los Angeles for a few weeks out of the year, so getting the gang back together would be a little tough.

"It's just scheduling and everything," Bell says. "If the stars align, I would do it in a heartbeat."

In addition to reuniting with Peck, Bell reveals that he would want the show's creator, Dan Schneider, to return as well. That may be even harder than getting schedules figured out, as Schneider—who was also the mastermind behind All That, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, iCarly and countless hit Nickelodeon shows—was recently let go by the network. "I definitely want Dan Schneider to write it, who did the show," Bell says.

Should everything fall into place, though, Bell thinks "it would be by far the best reboot." "Fuller House ain't got nothing on this," he says.

In the meantime, Bell is focusing on his music and giving back. The actor and musician is headlining a benefit show for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting on Tuesday night in Orlando.

The tragedy had a huge impact on Bell, who has family in the Orlando area. His friend Christina Grimmie was also killed during another shooting in the city at her concert, just days before the Pulse incident.

"Orlando is really close to me," Bell says. "It just hit us like a ton of bricks."

Aside from the benefit show, Bell is also working on new music that channels his eclectic musical tastes, including Latin-infused tracks geared towards his Spanish-speaking fans, as well as trap-heavy songs that stem from his work with hip-hop moguls like Tank God, who produced "Rockstar" for Post Malone, and Cassius Clay, who produced Rich the Kid's album.

Bell is also pals with Lil Pump, and recently created an acoustic cover for the rapper's hit song "Gucci Gang." What started out as a joke track quickly became a fan-favorite song for Bell at his concerts.

"I started playing it at concerts just as a joke, then people started requesting it," Bell says. "People were showing up with signs that would say 'Play Gucci Gang,' and 'You're the Gucci god.' It was so funny."

As for what's next for Bell on the stage or screen, you never know. Bell hopes to try even more new things with his work, even if it's just to stave off his boredom.

"I call it evolving. I think it's just boredom," Bell says. "I'm always trying to work on new projects, new sounds."


Update (11/19): There have been rumors swirling around social media in recent days that Nickelodeon is perhaps gearing up to bring back its highly acclaimed sitcom, Drake & Josh!

Until now, while the network still airs reruns of Drake & Josh on TeenNick, there has rarely ever been any indication of the network’s plan to bring back its hit sitcom. But now, as the actors have buried the hatchet and moved on following last years spat, Nickelodeon has itself hinted towards a potential comeback of the wildly popular show. While some people believe that the hint has more to do with Victoria justice and Hulu, it could mean that a comeback season of Drake and Josh is in the works on the network.

Nickelodeon recently tweeted “I think we ALL love Drake and Josh”. Retweets began to pour in the very next seconds. There was an overwhelming from the ardent fans of the show and they all came up with various reactions about the news. The initial reactions expressed surprise, where fans replied the network with phrases like ‘no you just didn’t’, or simply shared GIFs to express their astonishment; albeit all in delight. Nickelodeon; however, did not give any concrete intimation to fans. Instead, it just backed up the retweets ironically, leaving only subtle hints about its plans. Someone even asked Nickelodeon in a retweet if whether they were bringing back Drake and Josh, and without revealing any significant information the net replied with a "maybe".

However, Nickelodeon confirmed in a separate tweet that Nickelodeon confirmed that they have no current plans to bring back the beloved series, saying "We're not I'm just saying I miss the show".

Although a Drake & Josh reunion or reboot would not be impossible, it's now highly unlikely, as the show's creator, Dan Schneider has now left the network, and Bell recently revealed in a interview with Out In Jersey that he'd love Schneider to be part of the project:

There has been a lot of chatter as of late as to a Drake & Josh reboot. Have you spoken to Josh Peck about this? What are the odds?

DB: I would love for a reboot to be launched. If we are going to come back, there has to be a solid form of creativity present. I do not want to do something cliché ala Drake & Josh: College Years. There has to be some more thought to it. Fortunately, I have actually spoken to Josh about this, and he has come up with some very clever ideas and concepts, which I think are genius. Our schedules just need to sync up, not to mention I would really love to have Dan Schneider, who executive produced the series, to be involved in the writing and creation of the reboot. I am always into getting The Beatles back together if the timing is right (laughs).


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Originally published: Saturday, August 11, 2018.

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