Friday, August 03, 2018

Thomas & Friends | Video Compilation | Friday 3rd August 2018

Check out a selection of Thomas & Friends video clips!

Space Chase! | Big Galaxy Big Adventures #2 | Thomas & Friends

Trembling Tracks! Thomas dreams of his biggest adventure ever in a galaxy far far away. Thomas is a quarry engine working on Planet Ffarquhar and wants to see the galaxy. Percy landed on his planet with secret plans to the Super Station chased by devious Diesel and his fleet of no-good space pirate diesels!

Later, Thomas, Edward and James made the jump to hypersteam on the way to Planet Vicarstown with the plans when suddenly they were pulled into the Super Station by a tractor beam! Can our heroes escape the Super Station and save the galaxy from Diesel?

Big Galaxy Big Adventures is an all-new two-part adventure from the Thomas Creator Collective! Tune in next Friday, to see the Thomas Creator Collective go around the world with the all-new TCC Big World Big Adventures standalone Thomas and Nia Busy Going Backwards!

The Thomas Creator Collective has new episodes every Friday with Thomas the Tank Engine, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Nia and more! Keep watching for a whole world of big adventures!

Executive Producer: Eric De Cordova
Directed by: Tines Sensathe, SudrianRwyModeler, Lucas Cull, Thomas TnP Productions,
& Alejandro Acosta
Lead Director/Animator: SudrianRwyModeler
Story by: Eric De Cordova, Trent Stanley & EnterprisingEngine93
Screenplay by: Trent Stanley
TCC Operations: Eric De Cordova, Lucas Cull, Trent Stanley, EnterprisingEngine93, ThomasFan247, SudrianRwyModeler & Michelle Hurtado
Assistant Producer: Michelle Hurtado
Edited by: Daniel Coffey (SmurfyDan), SudrianRwyModeler, Tines Sensathe, & Lucas Cull
Production Assistance: OneThomasFan99
Animation by: SudrianRwyModeler, Aaron Cooper (TramEngineStudios), Jack Willett, Thomas the TnP Engine, Jadan DiStefano & Isaiah Ferguson (The Tuggster Intensifies)
Special Visual FX by: Jack Willet & SudrianRwyModeler
Score by: Nathan Tiemeyer ( UpsideNow) & Ben Goldman
Vocal Director: Joel Hunter
Translator: Alejandro Acosta
Thomas/Paxton/Gordon: Trent Stanley
Percy: EnterprisingEngine93
Nia: Janice Njiru
Emily: Lizproductions5784
Diesel: Tines Sensathe
Stephen: ElectroGamer
Pirate Diesel Shunters/Ferdinand: Will (MOAB)
Edward/Iron 'Arry/Iron Bert/James/Cranky/Flying Scotsman/The Minis/Merlin: Joel Hunter (GeebMachine)
Special Thanks: John Edson

About TCC:
Join Thomas & Friends as they journey through Sodor and beyond in these all-new original adventures from the Thomas Creator Collective!

Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie 🎵 Sing Along Compilation 🎤| Songs for Kids | Thomas & Friends UK

Sing Along to all your favourite songs from Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie with Thomas & Friends! 🎵🎤

Thomas & Friends: "Big World! Big Adventures!" is in cinemas across the UK NOW and will premiere on Nickelodeon USA later this year!

Thomas' Green Engine Friends | Videos for Kids | Thomas & Friends UK

Featuring 4 green engines, including Whiff, Daisy, Oliver and Gator.

Yong Bao and the Monster in the Tunnel | Great Race Friends Near and Far | Thomas & Friends UK

Yong Bao stops by the Alpine Station on his way back to China. There's confusion and delay because the trains are afraid of the monster in the tunnel. Yong Bao needs to pass this tunnel in order to get home! How will he do it?

More Thomas: Peter Andre Voices Mischievous Australian Rally Car 'Ace' in 'Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie'!
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