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News of Jamie Lynn Spears' Memoir Leaked Online

Originally published: July 10, 2021.

Jamie Lynn Spears, best known for her starring roles on Nickelodeon comedies All That and Zoey 101, is writing a memoir, however, the information first released was never meant to be sent to the public.

Update (1/13/22) - Jamie will be titled "Things I Should Have Said"!


Before we go any further - #FREEBRITNEY.

The news that Jamie Lynn, younger sister of Britney Spears, is preparing to speak her own truth comes as the “Toxic” singer's conservatorship takes one dramatic twist after another.

On Friday afternoon Worthy Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, released a statement to People.

However, the publisher of Jamie Lynn Spears' upcoming memoir is speaking out after "incorrect and incomplete information" about the star's book was released online — including its title that referenced a Britney Spears lyric.

"Worthy Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, became aware earlier today that premature information about Jamie Lynn Spears's still-in-development book project has been erroneously released online to book retail sites," read a statement from Worth Publishing to People on Friday, July 9.

"We deeply regret that incorrect and incomplete information about her book has appeared in the public space, particularly at this sensitive time for Jamie Lynn and her family," the statement continued.

On Friday, Worthy Publishing's website was updated with information saying that Jamie Lynn's memoir would be titled I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out — a reference to a lyric from Britney's 1998 single "…Baby One More Time".

"This was a placeholder title for internal use only," a spokesperson for Worthy Publishing told PEOPLE.

According to the publishing company, Jamie Lynn's book is "as-yet-untitled" and is scheduled for publication on Jan. 18, 2022.

"Jamie Lynn's book has been in development over the past 12 months and will allow the world to hear her inspiring story in her own words, for the first time," their statement read. "We look forward to sharing accurate and complete details about the project at the appropriate time and to celebrating the release of her memoir with Jamie Lynn and her fans next year."

According to the original synopsis shared online, the book "will reveal the details behind Jamie Lynn's highest and lowest moments" and include "never-before-heard stories that are at times funny, inspiring, messy, and uncomfortable. Like having her mom's credit card declined at Limited Too when her sister was on the radio. How it feels to have inspired 16 and Pregnant with her own life story. Why her daughter's [2017] ATV accident caused her to reevaluate and redirect her life. And why her family is just like any other family."

"She spent years escaping into different characters—on All That!, Zoey 101 and even in the role of Britney's kid sister," reads the synopsis for Jamie Lynn's memoir. "Pretending to be other people was easy, but when she decided to start a music career in Nashville, she realized she could no longer hide behind the characters she played. Soon, the real Jamie Lynn started to take center stage — a raw, blemished, and imperfect woman, standing in her own power."

Hachette Book Group’s Worthy Publishing, which specializes in Christian authors, said in its description.

The information and the internal working title have since been removed from the website.

It appears the book was originally supposed to be titled Southern Roots: Owning My Story with Love, Faith and Hope, a nod to the Spears sisters’ home state of Louisiana, but it has since been updated to I Must Confess on the publisher’s site as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. Although this title is most likely another working title.

News of Jamie Lynn's memoir comes more than a week after she spoke out about her sister Britney's conservatorship. In several videos on her Instagram Story, the Sweet Magnolias star said she has and "always will support" Britney, who made an emotional speech to a Los Angeles court late last month asking to terminate her conservatorship.

Jamie Lynn later posted a message on her Instagram Story asking for people to stop sending "death threats" to her family.

"Hi, I respect that everyone has the right to express themselves," she wrote last Friday. "But can we please stop with the death threats, especially the death threats to children."

The former Nickelodeon star also clarified on her Instagram Stories that “only loved, adored and supported” her sister over the years, saying “[m]aybe I didn’t support her the way the public would like me to with a [#FreeBritney] hashtag on a public platform, but I can assure you that I’ve supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I’ll support her long after.”

The Zoey 101 alum also jokingly called herself “broke” on her Instagram Story in response to reports that her family is on multimillionaire Britney’s payroll.

Jamie Lynn Spears first rose to fame on Nickelodeon's hit sketch comedy series All That, followed by her own Nick show, Zoey 101. The cast of Zoey 101 recently reunited on All That, in which Jamie reprised her iconic All That sketch "Thelma Stump." A Zoey 101 reboot is said to be in the works.

Jamie Lynn shares children Maddie Briann, 13, with ex Casey Aldridge and Ivey Joan, 3, with husband Jamie Watson.

The memoir is set to be released on Kindle, audio book and hardcover form in January 2022 and can currently be pre-ordered, including on

Jamie Lynn is the second member of the Spears family to release a memoir following the publication of mom Lynne Spears' book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, which was published the year Britney was put under a court-mandated conservatorship following a psychiatric hospitalization.

Jamie Lynn Spears Details Alleged ‘Zoey 101’ Drama in New Book, Former Costar Alexa Nikolas Claps Back

Two sides of the story. Alexa Nikolas wasn’t exactly thrilled with what Jamie Lynn Spears had to say about their feud in leaked pages from Things I Should Have Said — and The Walking Dead alum didn’t hold back in response.

“I was pretty surprised to see her lying up a storm in there,” Nikolas, 29, who starred on Zoey 101 from 2005 to 2006, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, January 13. “I recently thought we were fine after she tried to use me in her Zoey 101 music video to make herself look better after I finally came out about what happened to me while on set/being left out once again during the reunion reboot ploy.”

The Mad Men alum noted that it took Spears, 30, “awhile” to reach out, adding, “I’m guessing the pressure from others made her address the issue. I declined her offer. Why now? But I was happy to get an apology finally. So I forgave her.”

Nikolas later unfollowed the singer when news of Britney Spears‘ conservatorship battle made headlines. The Illinois native revealed that Jamie Lynn attempted to reach out to her earlier this month, a move she found to be “super bizarre” at the time.

“I have no idea what is going on over there with her but I want absolute nothing to do with it,” Nikolas continued. “Typical move for a bully to play the victim card/gaslight others while straight up lying. I responded to her and said ‘Please do not send me anything and please stop contacting me.'”

The Criminal Minds alum also responded to the leaked pages from Jamie Lynn’s memoir that recently surfaced online.

“She never addressed anything that she mentioned in the book to me personally because she knows everything she is saying is a total lie and I would have called her out on that. One on one,” she said. “It’s sad to see someone not change after all these years. Nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened.”

Nikolas concluded her post: “I wish I could go back in time and tell my 12-year-old self that you are actually extremely lucky to not have a friend like her. You are way better off without her. You don’t need toxic people in your life like that and you deserve better. And that’s the truth on that. I don’t mind saying all the things I should say for free.”

The former Nickelodeon star’s claims come after social media users shared excerpts from the Netflix personality’s new book. In the leaked passages, Jamie Lynn recalled never being on the same page with Nikolas when they worked together on Zoey 101.

The Mississippi native claimed that after hearing rumors about herself, she was allegedly told that Nikolas was the one behind the comments. After Jamie Lynn took her concerns to producers, she felt as if the gossip “took on a more sinister feel.” One example was Nikolas allegedly claiming that Jamie Lynn “smelled bad,” which led the Sweet Magnolias actress to leave the set “humiliated and sad.”

With a cast shakeup in 2005, Jamie Lynn thought that her costars “realized changes could be made at any time” and some of the behavior got better. When the All That alum caught wind of extras being told she had lice, Jamie Lynn claimed she went to Britney, 40, for support.

In her memoir, the “Follow Me” performer detailed how “a very pregnant Britney” visited the set of Zoey 101 to have a conversation with Nikolas about the tension on set. According to Jamie Lynn, the cruel comment ceased after that and eventually, the Revelations alum exited the show.

Nikolas, for her part, shared in an Instagram story on Thursday that she “stand[s] with Britney” amid her struggles with her family, writing, “Just wanted to make it clear that I do. I stand with her. I hear her words loud and clear.”

Shortly after Nikolas shared her Instagram statement about her former costar, Jamie Lynn “liked” the lengthy post.

The Red State star later shared a meme of a gas lighter with the caption, “Gonna tell my kids this was Jamie Lynn Spears.” She also posted scenes of her character, Nicole, from Zoey 101, in which she says, “No tears are coming out. I cried myself dry. That’s so sad.”


From TMZ:

Now Watch Me Squash Jamie Lynn's Beef With Alexa

Chris Massey is ready and willing to help smooth things over between Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas ... but he wants some help from the rest of the "Zoey 101" cast.

We got Chris at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood and asked if he wants to step in and help Jamie Lynn and Alexa squash their beef.

Chris says he's definitely down to arrange a meeting between his former Nickelodeon peers ... and wants all of the OG "Zoey 101" cast there so everyone can get on the same page.

As you know ... Jamie Lynn and Alexa are beefing over Jamie Lynn's new book, "Things I Should Have Said," where she claims she had a falling out with Alexa back in the day after Alexa became jealous of her friendship with Kristin Herrera and started spreading rumors about her on set.

Jamie Lynn claims big sister Britney Spears even came to the set one day and exchanged harsh words with Alexa.

But, Alexa's calling BS on Jamie Lynn's narrative ... claiming JLS is "lying up a storm" in her memoir and calling her the real bully.

Chris says neither side should be hurling nasty accusations in these times ... and thinks a reunion with the "Zoey 101" stars will do everyone some good and mend fences.

There's long been rumors of a "Zoey 101" reboot, though it's unclear if Alexa would be involved. It sounds like she'd be welcomed by the rest of the cast ... at least that's what Chris seems to think.


Alexa Nikolas Says Britney Spears Apologized To Her -- As The Zoey 101 Feud Continues!

Somehow, this decade-old drama is still heating up!

Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoir put salt in a lot of old wounds, particularly for her sister Britney Spears and former co-star Alexa Nikolas. The two of them actually had their own drama back in the day, because the pop star reportedly came down to the Zoey 101 set and threatened Alexa’s career on her sister’s behalf when the young actresses weren’t getting along. But now that they both have beef with Jamie Lynn, the pair have become unlikely allies.

For instance, in a scathing (since-deleted) Instagram post in which the Toxic artist called her little sister “scum,” Britney wrote:

“The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s**t but your [sic] f**king lying just like you lied about Alexa Nikolas !!!!”

Following this social media solidarity, the Nickelodeon alum posted on her own IG:

“Thank you Britney Spears! You are an inspiration.”

In the caption, she added:

“brought tears to my eyes. You inspire me and so many others.”

But it wasn’t just the public support that Alexa was thanking the singer for — apparently, Brit had reached out to her behind the scenes. When a follower commented that “You deserve an apology from her,” the momma replied:

“She did apologize  childhood wound fully healed.”

Aww! We love this full-circle closure moment!

Unfortunately, that olive branch didn’t put an end to the Zoey 101 drama. Another co-star, Chris Massey, spoke with TMZ about squashing the beef between the two TV roomies. He mused:

“I think maybe if I arrange like a sit-down, maybe, I could do it. I wouldn’t mind having everyone, not just them, I feel like everyone sit down together and just reminisce and talk about old times and just kind of see where all of this is coming from.”

However, when asked about the accounts of bullying behind the scenes of the show, he said there was “never anything unwelcoming” about the Zoey set, stating:

“I don’t know what that is. Bullying was not a thing and I think with people right now and bullying stuff going on… it’s a touchy subject to just throw that word out there on people, but [there was] definitely no bullying going on on set.”

So, Jamie Lynn says she was “a little on the friendship fringe” of the Zoey cast and that she was bullied by Alexa. Alexa says she was bullied by Jamie Lynn. And Chris says everyone was welcoming and no one was bullied at all. SOMEBODY has to be lying here!

Of course, Alexa was quick to take her ex-castmate to task, posting on her Instagram Story:

“Oh God. Chris Massey do not speak on my behalf. What I experienced was real. Don’t gaslight me.I would never sit down with people that consistently try to convince me that what happened to me was not real. Yesterday I got an apology. This beautiful human did not deny my reality and instead [apologized] and now my childhood wound is healed. You saying it never happened is no longer needed nor is it the truth.”

She added:

“Also, your mom knew ALL about it and was actually very nice to me during that sad time. Your comment about those days is just feigning ignorance. You don’t have the power to discredit my truth. I’m asking you to stop now. Kindly. Take care. Is TMZ on your call log?”


In a follow-up post, she shared text from a DM she supposedly sent to Chris, after he allegedly asked her “to let people know he didn’t bully me even though I legit never said that.” Her response:

“You don’t actually care. You are just trying to clear your name. You will do only that which makes you feel better about yourself.
I spent years having my truth walked on and stepped on. Denied. Thrown aside. Ignored.
I’ve been gaslit on too many occasions to count.

I don’t need you to validate my truth anymore. I’m okay. I know what happened. I’m secure.”

The 29-year-old continued:

“You didn’t bully me Chris. You watched it happen and didn’t do anything about it. You didn’t mediate when it was actually needed. You didn’t care. Really…

But what I don’t appreciate is you lying and then lying in my DM’s.
I don’t trust that kind of person. I’m seeing a lot of red flags.

I also don’t trust anyone that blindly supports anything. That’s pretty scary.

It’s funny that now you remember that particular day but didn’t care to mention it when it actually mattered.

You weren’t a friend after all. Take care.”

Phew! Also, what “particular day” is she referring to, hmm??? There’s more twists and turns to this drama than an episode of Zoey 101! Oh, and as for the prospect of participating in a reunion, Alexa said:

Britney and Alexa mending fences after all this time is huge, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen with the rest of the cast any time soon!


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