Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis, Indonesian Voice of SpongeBob, Passes Away Aged 50

The Indonesian voice actor Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis, who voiced SpongeBob SquarePants in the Indonesian dub of the Nickelodeon series, sadly passed away on Thursday, February 17, 2022, at the age of 50.

Ahmad, also known as Iphie Lubis, was the fourth actor to voice SpongeBob in the Indonesian dub of the series, taking over the reigns in season nine.

In addition to SpongeBob SquarePants, Ahmad also provided the voices of many other popular characters in Indonesian dubs of fan-favorite animated series as well as moves, including Carl Wheezer in season one of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Gumball Watterson in The Amazing World Of Gumball, Ben Tennyson in the Ben 10 franchise, Jack Darby in Transformers: Prime, Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon franchise, and Conan Edogawa in the Detective Conan anime series, as well as a character in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1 & 2).

Ahmad died just shy of his 51st birthday, which would of been on Wednesday, February 23. The voice actor passed away just two days after being admitted to hospital.

R.I.P. Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis, 23 February 1971 – 17 February 2022.

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