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'Avatar Legends' RPG Introduces Princess Zeisan, Fire Lord Sozin's Sister Who Joined An Air Nomad Sect

Avatar Legends Introduces Princess Zeisan, Fire Lord Sozin's Sister Who Joined An Air Nomad Sect

Credit: Avatar News.

Avatar Legends, the new official Avatar: The Last Airbender tabletop RPG by Magpie Games and Avatar Studios, is out and contains a plethora of new info about the world of Avatar. The crown jewel – as promised with new info on Roku’s era, although there is stuff across all five time periods – is a major new figure that we never heard about before: Princess Zeisan.

Zeisan is Fire Lord Sozin’s sister, which is already huge, but it only gets crazier from there. She was born without firebending and grew up at odds with her family, learning the ways of the Air Nomads in a time when they and their teachings were widespread around the world, culminating in her joining a controversial philosophy called the Guiding Wind.

We don’t know what became of her – Roku’s era in the game is set specifically from the time he’s identified as the Avatar to his wedding to Ta Min, with Sozin’s coronation happening at some point in between, which is also the last event we can place Zeisan at.

That’s a high level overview of her, you can find all the details in the Avatar Legends book or her new page on Avatar Wiki, since this is now official info about the world of Avatar!

Whilst there are currently no official visuals to go with the info about her, Avatar News, who first reported the story, has made a mockup, which features her sibling family resemblance with Sozin, and then very unsubtly threw in the headband to represent the Air Nomad theme, basically just to representatively encapsulate the character in a single visual.

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