Monday, February 07, 2022

What If Azula Killed Aang? | Channel Frederator

What If Azula Killed Aang? | Channel Frederator

"We all remember that scene that made us think that the Kazuka ship was setting sail. In the final episode of the Book of Earth, Zuko is thrown in prison with Katara. After some talking, Katara begins to believe Zuko to be as much a victim as anyone else, and she is just about to heal the scar on his eye with the Spirit Water, but before she does, Team Avatar arrives. It’s at around this time that Azula appears and offers Zuko the one thing he has always desired: His honor. In the end, his weakness and inability to let go of his own desires forces him to accept her offer, and the two of them face off against Aang and Katara. Aang enters his Avatar State to fight against them, but is wounded in the back by Azula’s lightning and falls to the ground, dying. Uncle Iroh steps between his niece and nephew to protect Katara and Aang as they get away. And while escaping on Appa’s back, she uses this Spirit Water to heal and revive Aang. Unable to reach the Avatar State, but alive, the story continues as you know. But a question that has crossed all of our minds as we watched this episode was a simple one. “What if Aang really HAD died? What would have happened then?” Well, I hope to answer this question today with logic as well as a healthy amount of headcanon. So make sure to grab your cactus juice as we quench your thirst for answers with the quenchiest of what-Ifs. I’m Jeremy and this is What if Azula Killed Aang?"


Producer: @Ethan Schulteis 
Narrator: @Jeremyafreed
Writer: @Noah Barkley
Editor: @Imubi5

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