Wednesday, September 22, 2021

'Star Trek: Prodigy' Exec Producers Share New Details About New Show: 'Big Drama, Big Scope'

The Executive Producers of Star Trek: Prodigy recently shared new details about the brand new CG-animated series during Star Trek Day!

Star Trek: Prodigy Executive Producers Kevin and Dan Hageman and Co-Executive Producer/Director Ben Hibon recently shared some new details about what viewers can expect to see on the brand new Star Trek series with during a recent Star Trek Day interview!

Star Trek: Prodigy is an amalgam of influences. Everything in the franchise has seen a design change over the years. Ships, uniforms, phasers, transporter pads…everything. While we aren’t sure just what to expect from Prodigy, Hibon said the series is “kind of a blender” of the Star Trek that came before it. Dan Hageman responded to Hibon’s comment, saying, “I don’t think these kids are going on an adventure through one era. These kids are going to go through an adventure with dabs of a lot of it.”

That’s when Kevin Hageman revealed that Star Trek: Prodigy will be set in Prime Universe.

The style and feel of the series, according to Kevin Hageman, will be similar to the films in the Star Trek franchise. “For Dan and I, our introduction to Star Trek was through the movies,” he said. “Wrath of Khan was our first way in. And so I think you’ll see big drama, big scope in our animated series. I would say it’s very influenced by the movies, if anything.”

When it comes to finding an audience, it might appear that Prodigy is directed only toward children. That’s not exactly true. Kevin Hageman explained the difference, telling TrekMovie the show is for “people who are new to Trek. That is what we’re trying to do. While these are kids in our show, they’re in the adult world of Trek. And they’re gonna slowly discover it, and have their falls, [...] and their victories [...] It really is a show for people who have not experienced Trek before. And it’s an entry point in, and hopefully, people find the wonder and the magic of it all.”

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy will air together, serving as a 44 minute pilot for the series. Prodigy will premiere first on Paramount+ October 28th, before being made available on Nickelodeon.

Original source: Daily Star Trek News.

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