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Pixelatl Festival 2021 to Host Nickelodeon Panels

This month, Mexico’s famous Pixelatl Festival will be held entirely online for its 10th edition. This popular meet-up of Ibero-American creators, executives and fans of all aspects of animation, gaming and comics is set to take place September 7 to 11. This year's festival will include several Nickelodeon and Nick-themed panels, featuring Nickelodeon staff present and past. You can find a list of Nickelodeon panels taking place during Pixelatl Festival 2021 below. To find out more information about the event, visit


Lecture: Production at Nickelodeon
Speakers: Philip Harris, Monica Rodriguez, and Sydney Kosgard
Release date and time: Tuesday, September 7, 8:30 hrs. (Mexico City)

Philip Harris, line producer on Middlemost Post, sits down with his production assistant and production coordinator to hear about their roles, what they do, how they got their start in animation, and what skills and traits they attribute to their success.

Type of activity: Prerecorded panel
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Plus, Creator or Fan Pass
Note: This activity is in English

Characters: from El Tigre to Maya and the Three
Master Class | Speker: Sandra Equihua
Date and time: Tuesday, September 7, 13:30 hrs. (Mexico City)

With a recognized and multi-award-winning career designing characters for film and television, Sandra will review the different productions in which she collaborated: the visual style, the challenges that she had to solve, and what she tried to show in the design of the protagonists of each project .

Type of activity: Live Master Class
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Creator, Plus, Fan or Amigo Pass
Note: This activity will be in Spanish

The good, the bad and the ugly: A talk on how to use it all in your creative career
Speaker: Peter Hannan
Date and time: Tuesday, September 7, 16:00 hrs. (Mexico City)

Where did CatDog come from? What else does Peter Hannan have under his hat?

In this talk he will review the use that he has given in his creative career to everything he has: the good, the bad... and the ugly.

Type of activity: Live Master Class
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Plus, or Creator Pass
Note: This activity will be in English

¡Vamos a Dibujar!
Live Drawing session hosted by Nick Jr’s Santiago of the Seas artist Nico Selma!
Date and time: Thursday 9, 14:30 hrs. (Mexico City)

Join Santiago of the Seas artist Nico Selma in a live drawing session. Artists of all proficiencies are welcome. Nico will give step by step guides on drawing characters from Santiago of the Seas in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. ¡Vamos a Dibujar! Is a Spanish-language version of Nickelodeon’s Let’s Draw! where Nickelodeon artists lead live drawing sessions with children’s hospitals across the United States.

Type of activity: Live Drawing Session
Application for the activity: Twitch
Access: Market, Plus, Creator or Fan Pass
Note: This activity will be in Spanish

How cartoons sound: Talk about Audio at Nickelodeon
Speakers: Justin Brinsfield, Director Production Technology – Audio Services, and the audio team members
Release date and time:Thursday 9, 16:00 hrs. (Mexico City)

An overview of the audio team at Nickelodeon outlining team structure, work environment, processes, and how the team adapted during COVID-19 lockdowns. Topics include talent recording at home, equipment used, and how the team kept up the same quality outside of a tradtional studio set up.

Type of activity: Prerecorded panel
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Creator, Plus , Fan or Amigo Pass
Note: This activity is in English

Showrunner Chat: Talk about the Showrunning a show
Speakers: John Trabbic, Dave Johnson. Moderated by Lianna Cohen
Release date and time: Friday 10, 11:00 hrs. (Mexico City)

Hear from Middlemost Posts co-executive producers John Trabbic III and Dave Johnson on their experience bringing to life Middlemost Post, Nickelodeon’s first original series in 5 years.

Type of activity: Prerecorded panel
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Creator, Plus or Fan Pass
Note: This activity is in English

Music for animation: Musical Panel
Speakers: Manuel Vázquez, Anne-Kathrin Dern, Mark Gordon, Rich Dickerson
Release date and time: Saturday 11, 8:30 hrs. (Mexico City)

In this year's composers panel, which is becoming a tradition, we will once again have some outstanding composers and musicians for animation, who will explain the main characteristics when working for a series or a feature film, as well as the main differences when it is a new property, or even when it comes to composing for advertising.

Type of activity: Prerecorded panel
Application for the activity:
Access: Market, Creator, Plus, Fan, or Amigo Pass
Note: This activity is in English


Philip Harris
Line Producer for Middlemost Post at Nickelodeon

Philip Harris is currently Line Producer of Middlemost Post, Nickelodeon’s first new original series in five years. Previously, he held numerous management positions on the SpongeBob SquarePants Universe while at Nickelodeon and Paramount Animation.

Based in Los Angeles for over 15 years, Philip grew up in Utica, New York and loves being part of the animation community. He enjoys schooling his two young daughters in Mario Kart, running, reading books, and writing un-interesting bio’s about himself.

Mónica G. Rodríguez
Production assistant

Mónica G. Rodríguez is a proud Puerto Rican, born and raised, from Bayamón.

She attended the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus and later transferred to Temple University after a series of life-changing events.

Mónica started her career in News as an intern while in college. However, by the end of her academic journey, she realized her true passion lies in Children’s Media and Animation. After graduating mid-pandemic, she focused her energy in getting that first job in the industry. She started out as a Production Intern for Encantos, PBC and later landed her first full-time role in Animation as a PA for Nickelodeon’s Middlemost Post. This became a true, full-circle moment for her, as she she grew up watching Nick cartoons, embracing a long-lasting love for SpongeBob and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sydney Kosgard
Design Coordinator on Middlemost Post at Nickelodeon

Sydney Kosgard is a Midwest-native who attended DePaul University for Animation and Illustration in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles in 2018. During her years in Chicago, she assisted on a handful of indie productions, the majority of which were in stop-motion animation.

She currently works as the Design Coordinator on Nickelodeon’s Middlemost Post, after being hired as a PA on the show back in mid-2020.

Prior to her career at Nickelodeon, she worked as a freelance designer and animator for several studios in LA, including Team Coco and DreamworksTV

Sandra Equihua
Illustrator, painter and character designer

Sandra is a renowned artist, Emmy and Annie winner for her character designs. She is also the co-creator of El Tigre: The Adventures of Many Rivera (Nickelodeon) and co-founder of Mexópolis.

She was born and raised in Tijuana. As an illustrator she has worked for McGrawHill, Sony Pictures, Disney, among many others. As an artist, her work has been exhibited in galleries in both Mexico and the United States.

As an illustrator and character designer she has worked for shows like Sony's El Macho, Warner Bros.'s Mucha Lucha, Nick Jr’s Wow Wow Wubzy!, in addition to her work on “El Tigre…” for which she won an Emmy Award, and The Book of Life (ReelFX and 20 Century Fox) for which she won an Annie Award.

She is also a character designer for the new Netflix series Maya and the Three, which will be released soon.

Peter Hannan
Writer, producer, creator, author/illustrator, and artist

PETER HANNAN is a writer, producer, creator, author/illustrator, and artist.

He is the creator and executive producer of the Nickelodeon animated series CATDOG. He wrote and sang the CatDog theme song. He is currently working on a variety of film, TV, game, and book projects, including a new animated comedy TV series.

He has contributed words and pictures to other peoples’ TV shows too, currently as a story editor and writer on the PBS animated series, Let’s Go Luna. Other hats he wears on Luna include writing songs and writing-producing dozens of animated interstitials in a variety of styles by independent animators.

He writes and illustrates children’s books: My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed; Petlandia; The Greatest Snowman in the World; Super Goofballs; and Escape From Camp Wannabarf. He has done tons of illustrations and cartoons for magazines, newspapers, and advertising. His work has been transformed into everything from toys to t-shirts to cheese crackers.

He lives in Los Angeles and has the best wife and kids ever.

Nico Selma
Storyboard Director at Nickelodeon

Nico Selma is a Storyboard Director, currently working at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Previously, he's worked at DreamWorks, WB, Disney, Universal, and Dark Horse Comics.

Nico is living in Los Angeles, but he was born and raised in Argentina where he started his career and had the opportunity to be a 2D animator at feature films such as "The Ark" and "Una Pelicula de Huevos".

Justin Brinsfield
Director of Audio Services; Production Technology - West at Nickelodeon

Justin Brinsfield has been NICKELODEON ANIMATION STUDIOS Recording Engineer for the past 23 years and is currently the Director of Audio Production at NICKELODEON.

Some of his favorite shows he’s recorded include but are not limited to, SpongeBob SquarePants, Avatar the Last Airbender, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kung Fu Panda-Legends of Awesomeness, The Penguins of Madagascar, Invader Zim, El Tigre, and Avatar – the Legend of Korra.

He’s worked on over 150 Titles and has been nominated for 12 Emmys and won 5.

John Trabbic III
Creator and Co-Executive Producer of Middlemost Post on Nickelodeon

John Trabbic III is the creator and co-executive producer on Nickelodeon’s new animated series, Middlemost Post.

He has lived in Bikini Bottom for the last four years having boarded over 30 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. Coming off of his role as storyboard director on the show, he was recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

Before Nickelodeon, John Trabbic III worked for multiple studios including Fox, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation Studio on such shows as Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Pig Goat Banana Cricket. His roles have included Animator, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and all-around swell guy with an extensive shoe collection.

Dave Johnson
Story Editor and Co-Executive Producer, Middlemost Post on Nickelodeon

Dave Johnson is the story editor and co-executive producer on Nickelodeon’s new animated series, Middlemost Post.

He is a screenwriter with over 15 years of experience working in both film and television. He has developed and sold feature films for Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, New Regency, Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Fox Animation, Sony Animation and more.

Dave Johnson most recently finished an overall deal at Nickelodeon Animation where he worked closely with a number of artists and creators, helping them write and develop their projects to further their chances of success. It’s here where he developed Middlemost Post with storyboard director John Trabbic III.

Manuel Vázquez Terry
Musician for films and TV shows

Manuel Vázquez Terry is a Mexican musician, record producer and film score composer.

Since 2000 he has composed music for several films, his works include El ángel en el reloj , Locas por el cambio, Un disfraz para Nicolás; and TV series such as La usurpadora, El chavo animado.

He is also a guitar player and founding member of AGORA , one of the most important metal bands in the Latin American rock scene.

Anne-Kathrin Dern
Film Composer and CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC

Anne-Kathrin Elisabeth Dern (*July 30, 1987) is a German film composer and CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She is mostly known for her scores to the animated Netflix Original Fearless (2020), the Netflix Christmas movie The Claus Family (2020), Disney's Four Enchanted Sisters (2020), and SONY's Help I Shrunk My Parents (2018), as well as her collaborations with Klaus Badelt, most notably on the animated movie Leap! (2016).

Dern also contributed music to both seasons of ABC's musical comedy series Galavant (2015-2016), as well as Microsoft's HALO V: Guardians (2015). She has collaborated with and assisted composers such as Christopher Lennertz, Alan Menken, Steve Jablonsky, Ryan Shore, William Ross, and Pinar Toprak. Additionally, she has interned at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions and was a selected participant of the 2016 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis.

Dern just completed her work on the comedy-adventure sequel Help, I Shrunk My Friends (2021) and the Hallmark romance Her Pen Pal (2021). She is currently working on the horror movies Devil (2021) and Have.Hold.Take (2021), and has been signed to write the score for the WWI drama The Last Front (2021), and the Netflix sequel The Claus Family 2.

Mark Gordon
Founder Score Draw Music

Mark Gordon is a multi award-winning composer who runs the music production team Score Draw Music - a company with studios in the UK and Ireland who specialise in writing music for children’s media.

His current work includes writing underscore, titles music and songs for children’s shows broadcasting on Channel 5/Milkshake, Sky Kids and CITV in the UK, Nick Jr. and PBS Kids in the USA and ongoing work for Nickelodeon/Viacom in China.

His composition work includes co-writing music for Dolly Parton to sing in an Emmy nominated children’s animation series, a co-write in the 2018 Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water, and outside of the company, Mark is a member of the Ivors Academy Media Committee Board - celebrating and advocating on behalf of work created by media composers in the UK.

Rich Dickerson
Music Composer

Rich Dickerson is an Emmy award and Cynopsis award winning music composer and songwriter.

He has studios in Los Angeles USA and Dublin IRE.

A short list of projects he has scored and written songs for are: What's New Scooby Doo?, Club Penguin, P.King Duckling, Rainbow Rangers, Lala-Oopsy, FriendZSpace, Alva's World, Urban Tails, and many more. His most recent work was the music for the series Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers.

Pixelatl: cómic, stop motion y videojuegos

Entre las actividades principales que se desarrollaron en el segundo día del Festival Pixelatl, se destacaron paneles, masterclasses y presentaciones de nuevos productos. Además, se debatió sobre los contenidos digitales y la diferenciación, la creación de personajes y estrategias en la narrativa, entre otros temas. El encuentro sigue hasta el 11 de este mes.

En el panel "Production at Nickelodeon", Philip Harris, Monica Rodriguez y Sydney Kosgard compartieron cómo es el pipeline de una serie, los distintos roles y las tareas que cumplen y también abordaron cómo se iniciaron en la animación, así como las habilidades y rasgos que atribuyen a su éxito.  

Otro de los paneles clave fue "No soy yo, eres tú. El algoritmo no siempre tiene la culpa" donde Will Turner compartió ideas para navegar y destacar entre los contenidos digitales; la masterclass con el legendario Peter Lord, director creativo de Aardman Animations, quien recibió El Chinelo de la animación de parte del Director del Festival José Iñesta, como reconocimiento a su trayectoria de más de 50 años haciendo stop motion para cine y para televisión. Como cofundador del estudio británico, describió los inicios de la compañía, la historia del cine animado en plastilina y otros materiales y la magia de la animación cuadro por cuadro.  

En Pixelatl se mostraron las series españolas más importantes del momento, como Yo, Elvis Riboldi, Los Zurf y Hero Dad, nominadas en la pasada edición de los Premios Quirino de la Animación. Sus productores hablaron de su trayectoria, cómo acabaron en el mundo de la animación, de su serie así como de sus futuros proyectos.
Una de las conferencias más esperadas fue la de Sandra Equihua sobre "Personajes: del Tigre hasta Maya y los Tres", donde repasó las distintas producciones en las que ha colaborado, el estilo visual de cada una, los retos que debía resolver y las cosas que buscaba proyectar en los protagonistas de cada proyecto. Pepe Arean impartió la clase "Stress-free Storyboarding" que presentó varias formas de abordar las diferentes etapas del guión gráfico con soluciones creativas.
También "Desarrollo de Videojuegos en estudios AAA" por Luis Ángel, y dos masterclasess: una con Peter Hannan y otra presentada por SAE México impartida por Fraser MacLean. Aminder Dhaliwal compartió en "Nuevas Narrativas para Cómic" cómo tras trabajar haciendo storyboard y dirigiendo series animadas como The Owl House y Los Padrinos Mágicos, tuvo que recrear sus propios estándares narrativos para poder desarrollar la que hoy es reconocida como una de las voces más innovadoras en las novelas gráficas por su punto de vista desarrollando nuevas narrativas para el cómic.

Ya viene la Catrina es un show próximo a estrenarse y sus creadores transmitieron a la audiencia sus experiencias al realizar el proyecto y los retos de trabajar a distancia y ayudarse unos a otros. Se llevaron a cabo los primeros “Café con.. y Chela con..” del Festival con Kyle Balda y Sofía Alexander, respectivamente. Y Byron Howard, director ganador del Oscar, dio una charla en vivo sobre su carrera en la animación, sus películas pasadas y su próximo proyecto: Encanto. Finalmente, para cerrar el día se transmitió el largometraje Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas.

Las sesiones de Mercado continúan esta semana con reuniones que incluyen productores e invitados para establecer relaciones que puedan derivar en negocios. 


From Proceso:

Festival de animación, videojuegos y cómics “Pixelatl”

El festival de animación, videojuegos y cómics Pixelatl, que se ha posicionado como el más importante de su tipo en América Latina, tiene actividades este fin de semana, en su décimo aniversario y por segundo año consecutivo en edición virtual. Durante el encuentro que inició este 7 de septiembre, y con actividades hasta este domingo 11, se presentan 50 cortometrajes y dos largometrajes, además de diálogos con profesionales de compañías como Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Roku y Disney Kids, y conferencias, paneles de discusión, talleres, clases maestras y actividades enfocadas a reclutamiento laboral. El encuentro que este año tiene el lema de “Nos necesitamos”, busca compartir conocimiento a través de invitados y especialistas internacionales en el sector de animación, para que artistas, ilustradores, programadores, desarrolladores y talento latinoamericano exponga su trabajo. La programación está disponible en


Originally published: September 06, 2021.

Original source: Animation Magazine.

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