Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Nickelodeon UK Announces Plans To Start To Premiere Brand New Episodes Of "Alien Surf Girls" In January 2013!

According to the official Sky Media Ireland websites' 'Sky TV's Children's Television Highlights In January 2013' webpage, Nickelodeon UK has announced the Nickelodeon UK News that Nickelodeon UK will premiere and show the five remaining brand new episodes from season one of the brand new Australian live action television series "Alien Surf Girls" (also known as "Lightning Point") on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK in January 2013, as part of "January on Nickelodeon UK 2013"!:
Alien Surf Girls

When Zoey and Kiki, two irrepressible girls from another galaxy become castaways in the quiet, Australian seaside town of Lightning Point, they recruit local girl Amber to keep them undercover. But the whole town is abuzz with the sighting of aliens and the girls soon realise that they may not be the first intergalactic visitors. Join them for BRAND NEW eps this January.
The five remaining episodes of "Alien Surf Girls" season one which Nickelodeon UK is expected to show in January are:

Episode #22 - "Connections"
Episode #23 - "Surf's Up"
Episode #24 - "Meltdown"
Episode #25 - "Investigation"
Episode #26 (season finale) - "Flight"

[Source: NickUKHub]

A second season (season two) of "Alien Surf Girls", which will comprise of twenty-six brand new episodes, is currently in progress.