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Eh-Oh, The Beloved Teletubbies Return In All-New Preschool Series On Nick Jr. USA, While Classic Original Episodes Launch On The NOGGIN App

Original Nickelodeon USA Press Release via



Updated Version of Teletubbies Series Premieres on Nick Jr.,
Monday, May 30, at 8 a.m. (ET/PT)

Teletubbies Original Episode Library Available on NOGGIN Thursday, May 26

NEW YORK–May 12, 2016–Nickelodeon will transport preschoolers to the magical countryside of Teletubbyland in an all-new updated version of the iconic Teletubbies series, debuting on the Nick Jr. channel Monday, May 30, at 8 a.m. (ET/PT) with daily premieres every week day in June. NOGGIN, Nickelodeon’s video subscription service for preschoolers, will also add the classic Teletubbies library to its content slate beginning Thursday, May 26. Full of fun and exploration, Teletubbies inspires confidence and curiosity, and nurtures childhood development. Teletubbies is produced by DHX Media.

The new Teletubbies series (30 episodes) will stay true to the classic with the same beloved characters, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, but will feature subtle updates and visual enhancements. The characters now have Touch Screen Tummies, which will broadcast live-action films shot from a child’s perspective, and the series will feature new gadgets like the Tubby Phone and the twirling, whirling Tubby Custard Ride. The new Teletubbies series debuted at number-one last November in the UK on CBeebies, BBC’s dedicated preschool channel, and has since enjoyed outstanding ratings on the air and on the BBC iPlayer.

In the new Teletubbies TV series premiere, “Making Friends / Watering Can,” the Teletubbies greet the flowers, while the children in Tummy Tales make a friendship circle out of handprints. Po waters objects using a magic watering can so they grow and the Teletubbies celebrate with a splashy puddle dance.

The first two seasons (52 episodes) of the classic Teletubbies series will be available on NOGGIN beginning Thursday, May 26, with the remaining episodes in the title rolling out in the coming months. Currently available on iOS and Apple TV, Google Play, Android and Amazon, NOGGIN consistently ranks at the top of the charts in the Education and Kids categories on the Apple App Store. NOGGIN is currently the #1 Top Grossing Family and Music Video App and is in the top ten Grossing Education Apps for Google Play Rankings. To date, NOGGIN has 19 library series available including Blue’s Clues; Go, Diego, Go! and The Backyardigans, among others.

About Teletubbies
Originally created in 1997, Teletubbies is one of the most successful global children’s brands of all time. Targeted at preschool viewers, it has reached over 1 billion children to date and the original episodes have aired in over 120 territories in 45 different languages. In September 2013, DHX Media acquired all rights to Teletubbies through its purchase of Ragdoll Worldwide, a joint venture between Ragdoll Productions and BBC Worldwide that owned, managed and exploited Teletubbies programming.

Multi award-winning, Teletubbies is designed to encourage young children to watch television creatively. Full of fun and exploration, it inspires confidence and curiosity and nurtures childhood development. DHX Media has engaged award-winning UK production company Darrall Macqueen to produce Teletubbies. Together they are pioneering a 21st century version of the show for a new generation of viewers.

About DHX Media
DHX Media Ltd. ( is the world’s leading independent, pure-play kids’ content company. Owner of the world’s largest independent library of kids’ and family content, at more than 11,500 half-hours, DHX Media is recognized globally for such brands as Teletubbies, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Caillou, In the Night Garden, Inspector Gadget, Make It Pop, Slugterra and the multiple award-winning Degrassi franchise. DHX Media is comprised of four main business units: DHX Studios creates high-quality original entertainment at its Vancouver and Halifax animation studios, its Toronto live-action studio, and in working with top international producers; DHX Distribution is a major provider of content to the global market; DHX Television, home to the Family suite of channels, is dedicated to delivering best-in-class programming to Canadian families; and DHX Brands specializes in creating, building and managing high-profile global entertainment brands within the children’s and young-adult markets. DHX Media also owns the full-service international licensing agency, Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Ltd. (CPLG), which represents numerous entertainment, sport and design brands. DHX Media has offices in 15 cities worldwide, including Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Amsterdam and Beijing. The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol DHXM, and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols DHX.A and DHX.B.

About Nick Jr.
Nick Jr., the 24-hour network from Nickelodeon dedicated to preschoolers and moms, currently reaches almost 73 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite TV. For more information or artwork, visit Nick Jr. and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).

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Walsall FC Football Players To Feature In This Weeks Brand-New Episode Of "Nick Kicks"

Players from Walsall FC will be appearing in this week's episode of Nickelodeon UK's kids football highlights show, Nick Kicks!

The episode will air at 8am on Saturday 14th May on Nicktoons UK & Ireland as Andy Taylor, Milan Lalkovic, James O'Connor, Adam Chambers and Paul Downing will be answering a series of quick fire football related questions.

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland announced a long-term partnership with The Football League to produce Nick Kicks, a live-action football programme covering all 72 clubs of the Football League, earlier this year.

The 22-minute long programme features match highlights covering all 72 clubs of the Football League, and will run until the end of this season as well as across 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons. In total, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland has committed to producing over 100 episodes of the series across the three seasons.

"We know that UK kids love football whether it's played in stadiums or in the back garden so it is brilliant to be producing a series that will bring families a Nickelodeon take on the nation's top sport. Nick Kicks is going to be funny and will give fans a unique look at their favourite clubs and players," said Alison Bakunowich, VP, Head of Editorial, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland.

Presented by Roman Kemp and Rachel Stringer, Nick Kicks will take viewers behind the scenes of the Football League with visits to local clubs. Kids will be given a chance to experience what it is like to be a football manager or player for the day at their favourite clubs as well as being given the opportunity to interview players and staff. SpongeBob SquarePants also plays a part as he takes on various club mascots in weekly challenges.

Shaun Harvey, chief executive of The Football League, said: "Offering a fun insight into life at clubs up and down the country, Nick Kicks will help us to engage and inspire a new generation of Football League fans. We look forward to working with Nickelodeon on Nick Kicks in what is another exciting first for The Football League."

Tune into Nick Kicks every Saturday morning at 8am on Nicktoons UK & Ireland for more Football fun!

Check out and the award-winning Nick Play app for more footie-tastic videos, behind-the-scenes content, polls, quizzes and games!

Original source: Walsall Advertiser.
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Nickelodeon UK To Premiere "Hollywood Heights" On Friday 27th May 2016

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland have announced the exciting news in a new trailer that Nickelodeon UK & Ireland/HD will start to premiere and show the popular family drama series Hollywood Heights from Friday 27th May 2016!

Nick UK & Eire/HD will premiere each brand-new episode of Hollywood Heights every Friday at 9:00pm, and will encore each all-new episode Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 9:00pm.

A popstar crush. A secret talent. Romance and deceit. Fame and heartbreak. Success and secrets. Welcome to Hollywood Heights, where they put the DRAMA in family drama!

When Loren (Brittany Underwood), a smart, shy and independent school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter, secretly sends her song lyrics to her celebrity crush, rock superstar Eddie Duran (Cody Longo). Loren's wildest dreams come true when she not only wins a songwriting competition sponsored by Eddie, but strikes up a friendship with her idol! When Loren gets thrown into the spotlight suddenly and meets her musical idol, nothing will ever be the same for anyone. Eddie sees beyond Loren's potential as a songwriter and gives her a first break as a singer, and when the truth about his less-than-faithful girlfriend Chloe (Melissa Ordway) is revealed, Eddie and Loren's friendship blossoms. However, the obstacles that come with life and fame become instantly apparent, but it's the strong bond between friends and family that help them all through.

Pictured: (standing, l-–r) Melissa (Ashley Holliday), Nora (Jama Williamson), Eddie (Cody Longo, on ledge), Chloe (Melissa Ordway), Kelly (Yara Martinez), Adam (Nick Krause) (sitting, l-r) Max (Carlos Ponce), Loren (Brittany Underwood), Tyler (Justin Wilczyniski), Traci (Shannon Kane), Jake (Brandon Bell)

Hollywood Heights stars:

Brittany Underwood as Loren Tate, an 18-year-old straight-A student with dreams of being a singer-songwriter. She is intelligent and hardworking, but struggles to decide between following her dreams or going to college. Everything changes when she wins Eddie Duran's songwriting contest.

Cody Longo as Eddie Duran, a 22-year-old rockstar who is often caught between the music and the business, but still holds onto traces of his youthful spark. He was engaged to model Chloe Carter, but he broke it off due to her constant lying. His mother, Katy Duran, was killed in a hit-and-run car accident.

Melissa Ordway as Chloe Carter, Eddie Duran's ex-fiancé, a model from Fresno (real name Cynthia Kowalski) who schemes to marry Eddie and get the "rockstar" lifestyle that she's always dreamed of. Eddie breaks things off when he discovers her affair with Tyler Rorke; she is determined to get Eddie back and tear down Loren Tate.

Justin Wilczynski as Tyler Rorke, an arrogant actor who's pompous attitude has gotten him kicked off every acting job he has ever landed. His unsuccessful career has left him bitter and jealous of Eddie Duran's growing fame, and wanting to upset the rockstar's seemingly perfect life.

Ashley Holliday as Melissa Sanders, Loren's ever-positive and fearless best friend and Adam's girlfriend. Although Melissa has had issues with her mother and brother for most of her life, she and her father get along well. Her mother is constantly comparing her to her brother.

Jama Williamson as Nora Tate, Loren's Mom and #1 fan. She helps guide her daughter through the struggles of high school and a budding music career. As a single mom, Nora tries to stay as close to her daughter's life as possible, without smothering her creativity and spirit. Even while dealing with her own complicated career and love life, Loren is her first priority. She has a secret love life with Max Duran.

Carlos Ponce as Max Duran, Eddie's rocker dad who struggles to move on after his wife Katy's tragic and untimely death. Most of the time he and Eddie have a great relationship, even when he doesn't see eye-to-eye with the management surrounding his son. He opened a new nightclub, hoping it could be a new beginning for himself, leaving the fandom and fame to Eddie. Nora brings out the best in him and he enjoys her company.

Nick Krause as Adam, Loren and Melissa's indie-rocker friend. As well as being a great support system for Loren and her rapidly growing fame, he is Melissa's devoted and thoughtful boyfriend who loves her with all his heart.

Daphne Ashbrook as Jackie Kowalski, Chloe's Mother who is brought to L.A by Tyler to supposedly help Chloe, but she may just be a pawn in Tyler's game.

Brandon Bell as Jake Madsen, Eddie's type-A manager and friend who has overseen his career from the very beginning. His life tends to revolve around all things Eddie and the entertainment business, which leaves him little time to spend with his wife, Traci. He continuously battles to find a balance between the Hollywood lifestyle and his family life.

Shannon Kane as Traci Madsen, a successful graphic designer and Jake's soon to be ex-wife. She constantly needs to keep her husband's Hollywood lifestyle in check, and remind him that his personal life matters too. It's sometimes a struggle to keep his focus at home, especially when his attentions become even more divided by other interests especially since her father ended up in the hospital after a heart attack. She suspects Kelly and Jake did something while she was gone.

Grayson McCouch as Don Masters, a good-looking, successful surgeon, who also happens to be the father of Loren's high school nemesis, Adriana. He owns the private clinic where Nora and Ellie work together. He tends to mix business with pleasure.

Hunter King as Adriana Masters, a girl who is considered the popular and mean girl in school, who stops at nothing to make Loren's life miserable. She dates Melissa's brother, Phil, who helps take her mind off her issues with her father, Don. She believes that Eddie's song writing contest was rigged, and thinks that Loren does not deserve any of the fame and attention she has been receiving from both Eddie and the press after winning the competition. She also has a plan to work with Chloe to take down Loren forever. She is pregnant and wants to keep the baby.

Robert Adamson as Phil Sanders, a boy who has no problem breaking rules to make things go his way. His sister, Melissa, sees right through his troublemaking, but his mother sees him as the perfect model of a child. His constant law-breaking lands him in trouble with his boss, Colorado, as well as the L.A. Police. He is dating Adriana, got her pregnant and is now engaged to her.

Yara Martinez as Kelly, a girl who travels from New York to visit her best friend Traci, but develops an interest in the music business when she arrives. After demonstrating to Jake, who becomes her new boss, that she has talent in managing young stars, she goes about taking Loren's career into her own hands.

Brian Letscher as Gus Sanders, the head of the Sanders household. As the father to Melissa and Phil, he's got his hands full trying to keep the peace between everyone, while also hanging on to a secret that could disrupt his already tense home life.

Meredith Salenger as Lisa Sanders, Melissa and Phil's Mother who often spoils her trouble-making son, while keeping close tabs on her daughter. Keeping a harmonious home life proves to be difficult – especially when a part of her past threatens to come back to haunt them all.

Merrin Dungey as Ellie Moss, Nora's colleague at the clinic where she works. She's pleasant and funny when things are going well for her, but can become high strung and needy when she feels threatened or used.

Hollywood Heights is loosely based on the Mexican telenovela Alcanzar una estrella (To Reach a Star), executive produced by six-time Emmy Award-winner Jill Farren-Phelps, and is co-executive produced by Hisham Abed and Josh Griffith, who also served as head writer. The series is a co-production between Sony Pictures Television and Televisa, the Mexican production company which owns the rights to the original telenovela, and airs on Nick at Nite and TeenNick in the USA.

Additional sources: Digiguide, IMDb, Wikipedia, Galen Hooks, (via
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Nickelodeon UK To Premiere "Rufus" On Friday 27th May 2016

The online British and Irish TV guide website Digiguide is reporting the PAWsome news that Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK, the number one commercial kids TV network in the UK, will premiere the brand-new Nickelodeon Original Movie Rufus on Friday 27th May 2016 at 6:00pm!

Following the films debut, Nick UK & Eire/HD will encore the all-new Nick Flick Rufus on Monday 30th May 2016 at 11:00am and on Friday 3rd June 2016 at 11:00am, 4:31pm and 10:00pm.

Ever wondered what would happen if your Dog became a dude? Manny lives the tail in Rufus! In Nickelodeon's brand-new original television movie, Manny has moved to a new school, and is finding it hard to fit in. After wishing he had more friends, Manny finds a mysterious collar and puts it on his loyal dog, Rufus. Suddenly, Rufus is magically transformed into a real boy!

Manny's not sure what to do, so he enrolls Rufus in school. Quickly, Manny learns that having a dog-turned-dude by your side is pretty awesome, but it's no walk in the park, either. When the other students notice Rufus's silly dog antics - chasing squirrels, eating without utensils, asking for belly rubs, and catching soccer balls and flying discs with his mouth - he immediately earns school-wide pup-ularity. Manny's jealousy soon gets the better of him when his crush, Paige, takes a special interest in Rufus, but he eventually learns that a Dog's loyalty to his owner always comes first.

Rufus stars Jace Norman (Henry Danger, Splitting Adam) as Rufus, Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) as Paige, and Davis Cleveland (Shake It Up!) as Manny.

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Nickelodeon And Kam Sang Co. Partner To Build New Orange County Nickelodeon Hotel In Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove in Orange County, California may soon become home to the next brand-new Nickelodeon Hotel in the USA, continuing the city's efforts to link its stretch of Harbor Boulevard with the Anaheim Resort District, reports The Orange County Register!

Earlier this week, the City Council unanimously agreed to enter into negotiations with developer Kam Sang Co. to build the Nickelodeon Resort Hotel - a 600-room, four-diamond resort on 10 acres with an expanded pool area.

Lagoon Pool at Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Details are still in the works, but both Kam Sang and city officials said it will be in the ballpark of the recently opened Great Wolf Lodge, in terms of construction costs, north of $100 million, and potential tax revenue, from $6 million to $8 million annually to the city.

Construction of the hotel could begin within 24 months, according to Kam Sang officials.

"We are actively looking at numerous opportunities to develop Nickelodeon Resorts and Hotels in the U.S. and abroad, such as the new property we have opening in Punta Cana in Dominican Republic this summer through a partnership with Karisma Hotels & Resorts," Nickelodeon officials said in a statement.

Nickelodeon currently has a hotel in Orlando, Florida called the Nickelodeon Suites Resort which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. However, the Nick-branded hotel will be closing on Tuesday 31st May 2016 to become the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites & Waterpark following Nickelodeon and Urban Commons mutually agreeing to not extend the partnership.

Nickelodeon Jacuzzi Pad at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana

The Garden Grove hotel would incorporate the Nickelodeon-brand to lure tourists while also being luxurious enough to bring in Anaheim Convention Center business people.

"We want to balance corporate travelers with Disney tourist travelers," said Phil Wolfgramm, the Senior Vice President (SVP) for Kam Sang Co. "It won't slap you in the face."

Kam Sang has tried to develop the property on Harbor Boulevard, next to the Sheraton Hotel, for about a decade, Wolfgramm said. It has gone through several iterations, including a water park scrapped once Great Wolf opened down the street.

The deal struck with Garden Grove on Tuesday requires Kam Sang, which is also developing the city's long-awaited Brookhurst Triangle mixed-use project, to pay the city for any environmental studies and for acquiring the Tamerlane Apartments that occupy the future hotel property.

Even though the apartments are privately owned, the city has for years had a deal allowing it to buy the land whenever it wants, said Greg Blodgett, Garden Grove's Senior Project Manager working on the Nickelodeon hotel.

The city can transfer that right to Kam Sang, Blodgett said.

Blodgett estimated that getting the land ready for construction - including buying the property, relocating tenants, demolishing buildings and performing environmental studies - could cost the developer upward of $25 million.

"It's a unique project and something we've been working on for a while," Blodgett said. "It has worldwide recognition that will help Garden Grove."

The hotel's conceptual plans are still in development and must be approved by Viacom before going public, Wolfgramm said.

The hotel would offer 15,000 to 30,000 square feet of meeting, retail and dining space, and 5,000 to 15,000 square feet of entertainment, according to city documents.

Nickelodeon Jacuzzi Pad at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana

There would be an outdoor theater, and some recognition of the Nickelodeon brand - Disney hotels, for example, have mouse ears as door knobs.

Most of the rooms, though, would not be themed, unlike the Great Wolf, which themes all but its most basic rooms.

The family suites would likely have separate, themed children's areas, Wolfgramm said. A children's area could be designed after the iconic Nickelodeon original animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

The pool area would include a lazy river.

If successful, the hotel would continue Garden Grove's attempt to charm visitors visiting nearby Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The Great Wolf, a 600-suite resort and water park, opened earlier this year. The city is expected to soon announce another major hotel, with a convention center, across the street from where the Nickelodeon Resort Hotel would go.

"It's exciting," said Wolfgramm. "The city has done a good job positioning itself for their needs in the future."
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Nickelodeon's "The Halo Effect" Honors Detroit Teen Christina Li In "Hello World", Premiering Friday 20th May At 8:30pm (ET/PT) On Nick USA

Original Nickelodeon USA Press Release:


Li Recognized for Exemplary Work to Increase Girls’ Participation in Computer Science

Nickelodeon Partners with Girls Who Code,, MIT Scratch and Afterschool Alliance
for Multi-Platform STEM and Coding Initiatives

Follow The HALO Effect on Twitter @NickelodeonHALO and Facebook #HALOEffectChallenge

NEW YORK-MAY 13, 2016-Extraordinary teen Christina Li uses her passion for technology to increase female participation in the field of computer science in an all-new episode of The HALO Effect, “Hello World,” premiering Friday, May 20, at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. The episode follows Li as she organizes and instructs a computer science camp for middle school girls in her Michigan school district. Airing monthly, The HALO Effect highlights teens who “help and lead others” (HALO) in their community and inspire others to do the same. “Hello World” will encore Monday, May 23, at 8:00pm (ET/PT) on Nicktoons and Sunday, May 29, at 9:30pm (ET/PT) on TeenNick.

Li’s interest in coding started in the third grade when she picked up a copy of HTML for Dummies and began building websites for fun. Falling in love with tech and being a natural, Li joined her school’s Robotics Club and participated in numerous summer tech programs to advance her learning. During a computer science summer class, she noticed that most of the students were males and there was only one other girl besides herself. Looking to close the gender gap in the tech world, Li created Hello World, a computer science day camp specifically for young girls. The camp aims to teach programing code, web development, app and game design and robotics through fun and immersive workshops. In recognition of her outstanding leadership and encouragement, Nickelodeon will award a $10,000 grant to Li’s camp.

In each episode of The HALO Effect, the profiled teen will issue a HALO Effect Challenge,” a call-to-action encouraging inspired viewers to participate in their cause and join the HALO movement. As part of Li’s “HALO Effect Challenge,” she is encouraging everyone to post a photo of their best emoji face or share a screenshot of them completing three levels of a coding game using #HALOEffectChallenge. For more information on Li and her challenge, viewers can visit

Continuing its commitment to build awareness around STEM education and coding with kids, Nickelodeon is working with organizations like Girls Who Code,, MIT Scratch and Afterschool Alliance. Along with the coding-themed HALO Effect premiere, the network is supporting its efforts with a brand-new hour-long episode of Game Shakers “Revenge @ Tech Fest,” airing Saturday, May 21, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Produced in partnership with Girls Who Code, the Game Shakers enlist the help of Girls Who Code to defeat a mysterious creature seeking vengeance at Tech Fest. The special features two members of an LA-based Girls Who Code club as extras. Additionally, Nickelodeon is launching a new game, “Code a Character,” (May 16) on, a new site where kids can play Nickelodeon-themed coding games and learn more about the importance of computer science.

The HALO Effect launched in 2013 as a year-round initiative recognizing one deserving teen every month for their work to help and lead others in their community. The initiative was built upon Nickelodeon’s HALO Awards, an annual concert event honoring young community leaders with a grant for their organization and scholarship funds. To date, more than 50 teens across the country have been honored and have received more than $400,000 in grants to fund their non-profit organizations.

The HALO Effect series expands Nickelodeon’s ongoing commitment to the HALO movement by giving an in-depth look into the inspirational stories of teens who are eager to share the issues and projects important to them and excited to engage others to achieve an impact. The monthly series is hosted by Sydney Park (Instant Mom) and executive produced by Nick Cannon and NCredible Entertainment, as well as Morgan Spurlock, Richard Arlook, Jeremy Chilnick, Matthew Galkin and Ethan Goldman of Warrior Poets.

Nickelodeon, now in its 37th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in more than 90 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for 20 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).

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Nick Animation Podcast - Episode 1: Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino

Bryan likes to talk. A lot. Not Mike. Luckily for the rest of us, they both like to make cartoons in the exact same way. Hector talks to the geniuses and best friends behind two of the most awesome cartoons in TV history - Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra!:

Nickelodeon talks cartoons all the time on the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast. Hosted by Hector Navarro, the podcast gives voice to creators and talent from inside and outside of Nickelodeon who brought to life some of the most innovative, hilarious, and heart-tugging animation in the history of television.

This episode of the Nick Animation Podcast is brought to you by Cabbage Merchant Cabbage, the best Cabbage in all the Earth Kingdom! If you're going to buy cabbage, why not purchase cabbage from the surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage, The Cabbage Merchant? And now, totally free of cabbage Slugs! Only available in the Earth Kingdom. Cabbage Merchant Cabbage.
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Nickelodeon Reveals Plans For "Rocko's Modern Life" TV Movie

Nickelodeon Animation Studio has revealed on the studios' official Career Opportunities website that they are currently looking for Storyboard Artist to work on a brand-new TV movie based on the networks classic original animated series Rocko's Modern Life!

Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of Rocko, also recently tweeted out the following:

"At Home restaurant and who should walk in?Rocko news is pending#modernlife @fuzzyimagemedia @SMShow @voiceroy"

The news follows Nickelodeon recently greenlighting a live-action TV movie inspired by its iconic game show Legends of the Hidden Temple and a two-part animated Hey Arnold! TV movie, written and executive produced by the series' original creator Craig Bartlett, as part of the networks plans to revive some of their iconic properties.

Rocko's Modern Life centerd on the surreal life of a Australian wallaby named Rocko and his friends: the gluttonous steer Heffer, the neurotic turtle Filburt, and Rocko's faithful dog Spunky. The series was set in the town of O-Town.

Created by Joe Murray, Rocko's Modern Life premiered on Nick USA on September 18, 1993 as the networks fourth Nicktoon and ran for 4 seasons. The series launched the careers of SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg, as well as the voice of SpongeBob/Heffer, Tom Kenny. The shows theme tune was performed by Kate Pierson and Fred Schneider from new wave band The B-52's.

Watch all your '90s Nickelodeon favorites on The Splat, your late-night destination for your favorite childhood Nickelodeon cartoons and live-action shows! The Splat doesn't question football-shaped heads, but embrace them - along with Reptar bars, a Big Ear of Corn, orange soda, and even slime for Pete (and Pete's) sake. Make your slime-covered Nickelodeon childhood dreams come true every night at 10pm ET/PT, only on TeenNick USA! #TheSplat!

Original source: ToonZone Forums member Toon Master; Additional sources: Wikipedia (II), Carl Jones, Junkie Monkeys.
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Nicksclusive: Chris Adler On Ickis | Aaahh!!! Real Monsters | The Splat

5..4..3..2..1.. From his screechy voice to rabbit ears, and apparent neurosis, the anatomy of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters' Ickis is deconstructed by the humans who know him best!:

Watch all your '90s Nickelodeon favorites on The Splat, your late-night destination for your favorite childhood Nickelodeon cartoons and live-action shows! The Splat doesn't question football-shaped heads, but embrace them - along with Reptar bars, a Big Ear of Corn, orange soda, and even slime for Pete (and Pete's) sake. Make your slime-covered Nickelodeon childhood dreams come true every night at 10pm ET/PT, only on TeenNick USA! #TheSplat!
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Old Man Cooper - Cooper Barnes - Henry Danger - Ox Pox

Watch Cooper Barnes' transformation into Old Ray Manchester from the Henry Danger episode, "Ox Pox." Movie magic by Michael Johnston, Patrick Denver, Joe Matke, Kris Dangl, Tricia Bercsi and Katie Kavin. Edited by Phil Mangano:

Watch more Henry Danger and Game Shakers, only on Nickelodeon and TeenNick!
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Game Shakers - A Day in the Life of OctoPie & Sky Whale - Nickelodeon

What happens when a donut-loving narwhal and a pizza-delivering octopus hang out? Magic. Pure, sweet, magic. Sky Whale welcomes OctoPie to the Game Shakers family by sharing the perfect day... and a milkshake! Download OctoPie, the newest Game Shakers game, for free on Apple and Android devices! Download NOW!

Watch more Henry Danger and Game Shakers, only on Nickelodeon and TeenNick!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | National Limerick Day | Nickelodeon

Celebrate National Limerick Day Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style! Since these bros are green to the bone, let's pay tribute with some Irish rhymes!:

Watch more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons!
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All In with Cam Newton | Dab Hotmix; BTS: Candid Cam; Official Trailer | Nickelodeon

Don't miss Nickelodeon's brand-new show, All in with Cam Newton, premiering Friday June 3rd at 8pm ET/PT, only on Nick USA!:

All In with Cam Newton | Dab Hotmix | Nick

NFL superstar Cam Newton's signature dance is the Dab and he's getting everyone Dabbing! Check out his moves in this All In remix and don't miss the premiere, Friday June 3rd at 8pm!

All In with Cam Newton | BTS: Candid Cam | Nick

See NFL superstar Cam Newton like you've never seen him before - behind the scenes of his brand new show! Get ready to go All In and don't miss the premiere, Friday June 3rd at 8pm!

All In with Cam Newton | Official Trailer | Nick

NFL superstar Cam Newton is helping amazing kids up their game! Do they have what it takes? Get ready to go All In – and don’t miss the premiere, Friday June 3rd at 8pm!

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Yo Soy Franky Season 2 Premiere Trailers - Nickelodeon Latin America

Catch the thrilling premiere of Yo soy Franky season two on Monday 30th May 2016 at 7pm on Nickelodeon Mexico and Nickelodeon Colombia and at 8pm on Nickelodeon Argentina and Nickelodeon Venezuela!:

Trailer - Segunda Temporada - Yo Soy Franky - Mundonick Latinoamérica

¡No te pierdas en gran estreno de #YSF2!

Gran Estreno: 30 de mayo - Yo Soy Franky - Mundonick Latinoamérica

¡El 30 de mayo llega la segunda temporada de Yo Soy Franky! #YSF2
No te lo puedes perder: 7PM MEX-COL // 8PM ARG-VEN

Segunda Temporada de Yo Soy Franky: Estreno 30 de Mayo - Mundonick Latinoamérica

¿Listo para el estreno más robótico de todos?
Yo Soy Franky 2: el 30 de mayo, 7PM MEX-COL // 8PM ARG-VEN

Yo Soy Franky 2: Estreno 30 de Mayo - Mundonick Latinoamérica

¡El 30 de mayo es el gran estreno de #YSF2!
No te lo pierdas: 7PM MEX-COL // 8PM ARG-VEN

Trece Is Alive - Yo Soy Franky - Mundonick Latinoamérica

Did you know? - Nickelodeon are making a English version of Yo Soy Franky, titled I Am Frankie!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows | Pesto | Paramount Pictures UK

The Turtles return for a crazy adventure, this time out of the shadows! Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, in cinemas across the UK from Monday 30th May 2016!:

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