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Nickelodeon UK Partners with Jordan Banjo, Perri Kiely Internet Matters to Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2019

To celebrate Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February 2019, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland has teamed up with Internet Matters, a nonprofit organisation set up to help parents keep their children safe online, and dynamic duo Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, members of dance group Diversity and the hosts of SLIMEFEST, to help them spread the word about staying safe online! In the video below, the duo talk about oversharing, and wow Jord, that sounds embarrassing! 馃摫馃槼馃檲 C‍heck out: for more information about Safer Internet Day 2019!

From the official Nickelodeon UK blog:



It's back! Safer Internet Day. And we've got our favourite hosts Jordan and Perri to help us spread the word about staying safe online!


Being online is fun right? But being safe online is even better! You can test how safe you are online by taking Jordan and Perri's Safer Internet quiz!

Whether you're sharing photos, blogging, playing games, watching videos or anything else, following a few basic rules can keep you safe whenever and wherever you go online! This includes when you connect with your computer, your tablet, your mobile and your games console. Check out Jordan and Perri's Oversharing video here!

Personal information is for you and only you! Check out this Privacy video with Jordan and Perri here!

Always try to keep your personal information private, be careful what you accept or share online and never arrange to meet online contacts in the real world unless you are sure that you know them. Make sure that you tell a trusted adult if things go wrong or if they make you feel uncomfortable when you are surfing the web. Join Jordan and Perri in their video about bullying here!

Under 11 years old? Check out these fun sites with story books and tips on how to stay safe online!

11 or over? Enjoy some games, quizzes and great tips on these awesome sites that ensure you stay safe and positive online!

Be sure to check out the Safer Internet Day website and for the best tips, resources and advice on how to stay safe on the internet, all year round, checkout Internet Matters.


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Additional source: Wikipedia.
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Nickelodeon UK to Make Super Slimy Announcement on Wednesday 6th February 2019

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland have released in a post on their official Instagram page that the number one network for kids will be announcing some super slimy news on Wednesday 6th February 2019!

What’s up SLIME FANS?! We’ve got a super SLIMY announcement coming in just 2 DAYS. Can you guess what it is? 馃挌

Although unconfirmed, its thought that the announcement will be for SLIMEFEST 2019, Nickelodeon's fourth annual Slimefest - the slimiest music festival for kids - to be held in the UK!

The announcement could also be for Nickelodeon's 2019 Kids' Choice Awards, set to take place in March 2019, or for the upcoming Nickelodeon Big Base Camp, a brand-new mega immersive event that will make kids stars of the show which will launch at secret London location during Summer 2019!

What do you think Nickelodeon's super slimy news will be be? Let me know in the comments!

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Nickelodeon May Be Developing New Sketch Comedy Show

On the heels of new Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins revealing that he would like to bring back Nickelodeon's landmark '90s sketch comedy series All That, it sounds like Nickelodeon may be in the midst of developing a brand-new sketch show!

Showfax is reporting that Nickelodeon held two casting sessions on Saturday, January 26, 2019, under the product name "Nickelodeon Comedy Talent Search".

The casting calls, overseen by casting director Tiffany Mak, who has previously served as a casting assistant on the Nickelodeon TV movies Gym Teacher: The Movie and Spectacular! as well as providing casting services for shows such as Kyle XY, Smallville, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, The L Word and Bionic Woman, were looking to fill four roles on the project: Jamie & Parker (Episodics) and Kelly & Kyle (Sketch Callbacks, Episodics).

Of course, it may mean something totally unrelated, as Nickelodeon seeks new talent all the time, however, what makes these casting calls stand out is that they mention "Sketch Callbacks" and "Episodics", which indicate that Nick are looking for cast members to feature in more than one episode of a show.

It also doesn't mean that the casting call is for a currently unannounced project. Kids media brand and Viacom are currently developing Skoogle, a kids sketch comedy show created by and starring Nickelodeon alum Kenan Thompson (All That, Kenan & Kel, Good Burger, Saturday Night Live), for Nickelodeon.

Following the casting calls, a raft of videos featuring the audition tapes of some of the actors hoping to become Nickelodeon's next big star have appeared on Vimeo, including the actors below:

PEYTON NOGA_Unscripted Nickelodeon_Audition_1.31.20 from Joanna Noga on Vimeo.

Nick Ziegler Nickelodeon Sketch Show Self-Tape from Cindy Ziegler on Vimeo.

“Rant Boy” character by Logan Hagene from Aysha Hagene on Vimeo.
Sketch comedy character created by Logan Hagene for Comedy Talent Search, Nickelodeon

Role: Jamie/ Nickelodeon from Aysha Hagene on Vimeo.
Comedy Talent Search for Nickelodeon
Logan Hagene, represented by Paonessa Talent

Nickelodeon: Maximillian Krumme - Scene from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon: Maximillian Krumme - Sketch 3 from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon: Maximillian Krumme - Sketch 2 from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon: Maximillian Krumme - Sketch 1 from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon: Maximillian Krumme - Slate from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon Comedy Talent Search from Samantha Krumme on Vimeo.

Nickelodeon - Sketch Comedy - Drake Alexander from Drake Alexander on Vimeo.

Would you like to see a new sketch show on Nickelodeon? Sound off in the comments below!

Good luck to all the auditionees who auditioned! :)

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Originally published: Monday, February 4, 2019.

H/T: Nickandmore!, Anime Superhero Forum /@kanc.
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Super Bowl SpongeBob SquarePants Half-time 馃張Show Moment | Nickelodeon

Super Bowl SpongeBob SquarePants Half-time 馃張Show Moment | Nick

Did you catch SpongeBob at the Super Bowl Half-time Show?! Watch it now to relive the awesome moment, plus SpongeBob's classic performance of "Sweet Victory" at The Bubble Bowl, and an exclusive recap of "Band Geeks". What did you think of the performance? Let me know in the comments below!


Watch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon!

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Valentine’s Day ‘Ship’ Machine 馃拺 Pt. 2 ft. Alex Hook, Jace Norman & More! | Nickelodeon

Valentine’s Day ‘Ship’ Machine 馃拺 Pt. 2 ft. Alex Hook, Jace Norman & More! | Nick

Nickelodeon has some pretty iconic ships—Nick gave you a Valentine’s Day ship video last year, and now they're back with part 2: juicier, crush-ier, and 100% more gush-worthy! Offended that Nickelodeon left School of Rock’s Fremmer out of the video last year? Now they have their own section! Desperate to weigh in on the Frankie/Cole/Andrew love triangle from I Am Frankie? Check out the video, then let me know in the comments if you’re team Frole or team Frandrew 馃槇馃槈 You can catch I Am Frankie, Henry Danger, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House and so much more—only on Nickelodeon!

Watch Nickelodeon's Valentine’s Day ‘Ship’ Machine 馃拺 Pt. 1 here!:

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How to Create a Majesty Top Poof Hairstyle 馃惄 Style Files DIY Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

How to Create a Majesty Top Poof Hairstyle 馃惄 Style Files DIY Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

Here’s a hairstyle that’s fit for royalty! 馃惄 Get stylin’ to keep you smiling. Find more Sunny Day hair inspiration and full episodes in the free Nick Jr. App and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

It’s time to get stylin’ with Sunny Day’s Style Files! Even an amateur hairstylist can complete this poofy hair look at home. It’s perfect for crazy hair day at school or for dress-up play dates at home. Grab a comb, hair gel, hairpins, and pink hair extensions before you start this hair tutorial video. This includes DIY instructions on how to roll your hair to form a giant poof. While in the styling chair, your Sunny Day fan may remember that Sunny, Blair, Rox, and Doodle’s friend Dame the opera singer brings her pup (Her Majesty) into the salon for a makeover fit for a pet princess. Want more hair inspiration as well as tips and tricks on how to create fun girl and boy hairstyles? Visit the FREE Nick Jr. App to find full episodes of Sunny Day!

Kids can watch their favorite Nick Jr. shows weekdays on Nickelodeon and all week long on the Nick Jr. channel:

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Preschoolers can watch full episodes online, play games, and discover silly surprises in the free Nick Jr. App and at Stream Nick Jr. for free in the Nick Jr. App on Roku and Apple TV or download full episodes for offline viewing on iTunes or Google Play.

You can also download premium apps featuring your child's favorite Nick Jr. shows on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, including Nick Jr. Draw and Play and Nick Jr. Let’s Learn!

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I Am Frankie | I am Eliza | Nickelodeon UK

I Am Frankie | I am Eliza | Nickelodeon UK

Frankie or Eliza? Dayton quizzes the two, to find who the real Frankie is!

Power up for I Am Frankie season two, premiering this February to Nickelodeon UK & Ireland! Visit for more I Am Frankie, and catch up on season one weekdays at 6:30pm from Monday 28th January 2019 and via Nickelodeon On Demand!

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Kally´s Mashup 2 | Allegro vs. Evoluci贸n | Nickelodeon Latinoam茅rica

Kally's Mashup 2 | Allegro vs. Evoluci贸n | Latinoam茅rica | Nickelodeon en Espa帽ol

¿Eres team Allegro o team Evoluci贸n? ¡No podr谩s decidirte en esta segunda temporada de Kally's Mashup! Mira el estreno el pr贸ximo 18 de febrero. #KallysMashup2

Kally's Mashup 2:

M谩s Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America to Premiere 'Kally's Mashup' Season 2 on Monday 18th February 2019!
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'Peppa Pig' Lights Up the Globe with Chinese New Year Specials

Peppa is celebrating the Lunar New Year with all of her friends!

The Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday, February 5 this year, and people all over the world will celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig. And if you're making a list of the best pigs of all time, there is one whose pluck and love of muddy puddles makes her rise to the top: Peppa Pig! Which is why it's so exciting that Nickelodeon has announced that, this year, it will debut a brand-new episode of Peppa Pig about Lunar New Year.

It's the Year of the Pig, and Madame Gazelle teaches the children in Peppa's playgroup about Chinese New Year! The group celebrates with lanterns, fireworks and dragon dances, and makes a wonderful dragon costume. Together they enjoy celebrating the traditions of a different culture as they work together to create the decorations. And a new 'The Panda Twins' story, airing in conjunction with the Chinese New Year premiere, introduces two new characters - Peggi and Pandora, the twin daughters of Police Officer Panda.

Official episode description for "Chinese New Year":

"For the Chinese New Year, Madame Gazelle teaches the children about Chinese traditions - sweeping out the old year and the lucky colour red - before getting them to make a dragon costume to parade up the hill to watch the firework display." (S6 Ep 2)

Official episode description for "The Panda Twins":

"PC Panda brings his twin daughters Peggi and Pandora to the playgroup. Peppa discovers that they love puzzles and solving mysteries just like their dad." (S6 Ep 1)

In addition to these timely and festive new stories, Peppa and Suzy Sheep decide to start a Secret Club, where they will go on secret missions together; Madame Gazelle hosts Talent Day in playgroup; and Peppa and her little brother George get to gaze at the shining stars with Mummy and Daddy Pig through a telescope!

Check out a oink-tastic sneak-peek from the all-new episode here on! In the super preview, the kids take up musical instruments and decide which adult will lead the dragon dance.

The new episode of Peppa Pig will premiere on Nickelodeon USA on Monday, February 4 at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT. The special will encore on Tuesday, February 5 at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT.

International airdates:

Nick Jr. UK & Ireland: Tuesday 5th February 2019
Channel 5 Milkshake (UK): Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 7:30am
Nickelodeon South East Asia: Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 8:00am (as part of the channels Luna New Year highlights)
CLAN Spain - Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 9:05 and 17:00.
Rai Yoyo Italy - Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 13:55, 16;40 & 18:00.

This isn't Peppa Pig's only experience with the Chinese New Year. She'll also be starring in a feature-length movie about the holiday that will be released in China on February 5, co-produced Entertainment One (eOne) and China’s Alibaba Pictures. This makes sense, because Peppa has a huge fan base in China, and, well, it is the Year of the Pig. The full-length movie, which contains live action and brand new animated content, will see Peppa Pig kick off the Year of the Pig in China, and marks her big screen debut in cinemas throughout China. Limited-edition panda-themed merchandise will be released exclusively through Ali Fish, the licensing and entertainment business unit under Alibaba Pictures. Fun fact: The Panda twins in China will be named "Jiaozi," or "dumpling," and "Tang yuan," or "glutinous rice ball," after some popular Chinese New Year treats. Yum!

Update (2/1) - STXfilms is reteaming with Alibaba Pictures for U.S. distribution rights to Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year, a feature film based on the beloved cartoon franchise! The film opens in China on February 5, in time for the first day of Chinese New Year and the first day of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Pig. At the same time, STX is planning to release the English-subtitled version in 65 theaters across 32 U.S. markets! Click here for full info!

Peppa Pig made a strong broadcast debut in China in June 2015 on national broadcaster, CCTV and is now available on multiple leading VOD platforms including Youku, IQIYi and Tencent, where the series has accumulated over 45 billion cumulative views.

Peppa Pig airs on Nick Jr. and Viacom’s Channel 5 Milkshake in the U.K., and on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels globally.

Peppa Pig is created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker and produced by Astley Baker Davies Ltd and Entertainment One (eOne). The animated preschool show is one of eOne’s key properties. In 2017, it announced that 117 new episodes were entering production, which will start airing in 2019 and take the total episode count to 381.

Starring a family of animated pigs who play and learn together, Peppa Pig has been translated into more than 40 languages and broadcast in 180-plus territories. In 2017, it made US$1.2 billion in licensing and merchandising revenue.

Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Takes the Gridiron at Super Bowl LIII

Update (2/1): Click here for photos from Nickelodeon's Double Dare Takes The Gridiron At Super Bowl LIII at Georgia World Congress Center on January 31, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia!

Update (1/28) - Original Nickelodeon USA Press Release via Business Wire:

Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Takes the Gridiron at Super Bowl LIII

New Orleans Saints’ Quarterback Drew Brees and Seattle Seahawks’ Quarterback Russell Wilson to “Take the Physical Challenge”

Double Dare at Super Bowl Special, Hosted by Liza Koshy And Featuring Marc Summers, Premieres Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3

Share it: @Nickelodeon @OfficialDoubleDare #NickSB53 #SBLIII

Double Dare at Super Bowl premieres on Sunday, Feb. 3, at 12 p.m. ET/PT, simulcast across Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and TeenNick

January 28, 2019 01:52 PM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nickelodeon and the National Football League (NFL) are teaming up to get kids and families pumped up for the big game, with Double Dare at Super Bowl, a brand-new Super Bowl-themed episode of the net’s iconic game show, premiering Sunday, Feb. 3, at 12 p.m. ET/PT, simulcast across Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and TeenNick. Nickelodeon will kick off its week-long coverage of all the festivities at Super Bowl LIII today, by giving kids behind-the-scenes access to Opening Night, interviews with players from both Super Bowl teams, and a sneak peek at Super Bowl Live and all of the excitement taking place in downtown Atlanta, GA.

Double Dare at Super Bowl is a 45-minute competition special, pitting two teams of NFL athletes, Nickelodeon stars and real kids against one another in a series of exciting, football-themed trivia questions and messy physical challenges. Hosted by Liza Koshy and featuring color commentary from Marc Summers, the teams will include NFL athletes Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, as well as Nickelodeon stars Scarlett Spencer and Dallas Dupree Young (Cousins for Life). The special will be taped on the PLAY FOOTBALL field at the Super Bowl Experience.

In addition to bragging rights, each Double Dare at Super Bowl team will be competing for a $10,000 donation to one of Nickelodeon and the NFL’s pro-social partners, PLAYWORKS and Special Olympics, respectively. PLAYWORKS is the leading national nonprofit leveraging the power of play to improve children’s social and emotional health by increasing opportunities for physical activity at schools. Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Double Dare is produced for Nickelodeon by FremantleMedia North America. Marc Summers is Executive Producer. Liza Koshy is Executive Producer. Peter Herschko and Josh Silberman also serve as Executive Producers.

Fans with tickets to the Super Bowl Experience can register to attend the taping of Double Dare at Super Bowl on NFL Fan Mobile Pass ( For tickets to Super Bowl Experience, and for additional information on related events visit Fans may also follow @SuperBowl and tag their posts and photos using hashtag #SBLIII.

The National Football League is America's most popular sports league, comprised of 32 franchises that compete each year to win the Super Bowl, the world's biggest annual sporting event. Founded in 1920, the NFL developed the model for the successful modern sports league, including national and international distribution, extensive revenue sharing, competitive excellence, and strong franchises across the country.

Nickelodeon, now in its 39th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in more than 90 million households and has been the number-one-rated kids’ basic cable network for 23 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).


Update (1/30) - Nickelodeon at Super Bowl LIII Opening Night:

From Atlanta Magazine:

The most interesting things we saw at Super Bowl LIII Opening Night

Clowns, scorpions, and goats, oh my!


Double Dare!

Photograph by Myrydd Wells

If you don’t recognize the man in the above photo, you are likely not a millennial. That would be Marc Summers, the host of 1990s Nickelodeon game show Double Dare (and also the host of Food Network’s Unwrapped). Nickelodeon is doing a Double Dare at the Super Bowl special, which will tape at the Super Bowl Experience on Thursday and air on Sunday and features Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. During Opening Night, the Double Dare team roamed the floor, with a kid correspondent who had players throw mini footballs into a helmet perched on top of his head or at a Velcro sandwich board.


Also, from the Associated Press via the Chicago Sun-Times:

Many Rams were able to break away from the throngs of onlookers and pretend media on the floor to return to their childhoods. Marcus Peters and Dante Fowler Jr., walked onto a makeshift stage Monday night and played a tossing game for the Nickelodeon show “Double Dare.”

It was a quick respite for the Los Angeles Rams defensive duo, and cornerback Peters appeared to beat linebacker Fowler in the game. Then they were back into the scrum of microphones and TV cameras.

As for the Patriots, well, the lineup was short.

“We’re having them do physical challenges,” said Marc Summers, the long-time host of the program. “But we’re not getting the Patriots to come over. New England has been here many times and they are confident and are a little over this (scene). The Rams are having the time of their lives and enjoying participating in everything.”

A few minutes later, Patriots placekicker Stephen Gostkowski might have invited the wrath of his coach by actually taking part in one of Summers’ activities, a mini-basketball challenge. Talk about being unafraid of a double dare.


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