Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nickelodeon Greece To Premiere "Transformers Rescue Bots" On Monday 14th September 2015

Nickelodeon Greece has announced the exciting news in their latest brand-new trailer that Nickelodeon Greece will start to premiere and show the popular animated series "Transformers Rescue Bots" on Monday 14th September 2015 at 8:05am!

"Transformers Rescue Bots" is a action-packed animated series following the adventures and thrilling missions of the Rescue Bots, a team of Transformers who protect and serve the people of Griffin Rock. Each episode joins Optimus Prime and the rest of the Rescue Bots - Heatwave, Chase, Boulder and Blades - as they team up with the Burns, a family of first responders, to keep peace and safety in the city, and learn valuable lessons in teamwork and heroism. The hit series is produced by Hasbro Studios.

Check out Nickelodeon Greece's "Transformers Rescue Bots" launch promo in the super online streaming video clip here on!
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Nickelodeon Greece To Premiere "Bella and the Bulldogs" On Monday 14th September 2015

Nickelodeon Greece has announced the exciting news on their official website that Nickelodeon Greece will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's brand-new original comedy series "Bella and the Bulldogs" on Monday 14th September 2015 at 8:30pm (20:30)!

To celebrate, has unveiled the channels official "Bella and the Bulldogs" show webpage, which features information about Nick's all-new sitcom!

In Nick's new comedy ripped right out of the headlines of girls playing traditionally "boy" sports, Bella Dawson (Brec Bassinger), a confident, caring and talented teenager, suddenly finds herself fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming the star quarterback of her middle school football team but also having to navigate the world of her teammates Troy Dixon (Coy Stewart), Sawyer Higgins (Jackie Radinsky) and Newt (Buddy Handleson), without losing her two best friends, Pepper (Haley Tju) and Sophie (Lilimar Hernandez) from the cheer squad. "Bella and the Bulldogs" also stars Rio Mangini as Ace McFumbles, Annie Tedesco as Carrie Dawson and Dorien Wilson as Coach Russell.

Executive produced by Jeff Bushell, the show was created by Nickelodeon Writing Program alumni Gabriel Garza and Jonathan Butler, who also serve as co-executive producers. Garza began his writing career by being selected for the program in 2009, where he met his future writing partner and fellow program alum Jonathan Butler. Prior to selling their pitch to Nick and beginning development on "Bella and the Bulldogs", both Butler and Garza were staff writers on "The Haunted Hathaways".
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Viacom International Media Networks Announces Raft Of Deals For Popular Nickelodeon Preschool Series

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has signed a slew of deals with global broadcasters for a raft of Nickelodeon's popular preschool series!

"Paw Patrol" has ramped up sales across three continents, with season one set to launch on DR in Denmark, TSR in Switzerland, Canal Panda in Portugal and People's Video in China. Season 2 has also been acquired by Turner in Italy, Saks in Russia, Canal 7 in Costa Rica and Plus Plus/TET in Ukraine.

Plus Plus/TET has also confirmed an early deal for Nickelodeon's brand-new original animated preschool series "Shimmer & Shine", which is scheduled to premiere on Nickelodeon's international channels beginning this Autumn. The series, which debuted on Nickelodeon USA in August 2015, tells the adventures of two fraternal twin girl genies that unintentionally create chaos as they grant wishes for their human friend, Leah.

Also taking from Nickelodeon's unrivalled pre-school portfolio is TSR in Switzerland as they prepare to launch Nickelodeon action adventure series "Blaze and the Monster Machines" this Fall. Including STEM curriculum in the series, which launched on Nick USA in October 2014, captures the imaginations of boys ages 2-5 with the adventures of 8-year-old AJ and his monster-racing truck Blaze.

Wrapping up the deals is "Dora and Friends", which will launch on TF1 in France, ATB in Bolivia, ABS CBN in the Philippines, TSR in Switzerland, Canal Panda in Portugal and Peoples Video in China. Deals Nickelodeon Preschool's original "Dora the Explorer" series continues to remain popular with international broadcasters: the shows eighth season has been placed in Italy with Turner, DR in Denmark and Canal 7 in Costa Rica, while its fifth and sixth seasons have gone to Portugal’s Canal Panda.

Sources: License! Global, World Screen.
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Nickelodeon Reveals Upcoming "Sanjay And Craig" Season Three Guest Stars

Following recent news that Nickelodeon is looking to revamp and relaunch classic shows such as "Hey Arnold!", "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" and "Rugrats" sending the nostalgia machine into overdrive, The A.V. Club is reporting the very exciting news that Nickelodeon has announced that season three of Nickelodeon's Emmy-nominated original animated series (NickToon) "Sanjay and Craig" will feature some amazing guest stars, including Mike O'Malley and Moira "Mo" Quirk, the hosts of "Nickelodeon Guts"!

For one brand-new "Sanjay and Craig" episode, the network has cooked up an intergenerational crossover: Mike and Mo will guest star as themselves in an upcoming episode of Sanjay And Craig.

In one brand-new episode, the dude-snake compete in the Extreme Arena on a road-show version of the temporarily revived action-sports competition show, which will see Mike and Mo will take up their "Guts" hosting duties once more as Sanjay and Craig work their way through a series of Aggro Crags.

Additionally, Dolph Lundgren will guest star as himself in the shows upcoming winter holiday special. "The Expendables" actor will help Sanjay and Craig travel through the town he founded (called Lundgren, naturally) and learn the true meaning of "Huggle Day".

"Orange Is The New Black" star Natasha Lyonne is also set to guest star as Chido, a negligent bike owner who tussles with Sanjay and Craig.

Check out a exclusive clip of "Bike-o Psycho", which Nickelodeon USA will premiere on Friday 18th September 2015, here on!

Mike O'Malley, Moira Quirk, Dolph Lundgren and Natasha Lyonne are the latest in a long line of stars to make appearances in "Sanjay and Craig", joining the ranks of Snoop Dogg, Adam DeVine, Anthony Bourdain, Tony Hale, Marc Summers and John Harvey ("Double Dare").
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Nickelodeon Announces "The Splat" To Be Classic Nickelodeon Programming Block

UPDATE - Nickelodeon has announced "The Splat" will be a programming block that will launch in October 2015!

MTV News is reporting the very exciting news that Nickelodeon USA has announced that "The Splat" will be a brand new television channel dedicated to classic Nicktoons, including "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters", "The Ren & Stimpy Show", "Rugrats", "The Angry Beavers", "Hey Arnold!", "Rocko's Modern Life", "Rocket Power", "CatDog", "The Wild Thornberrys", and many many more!

News of The Splat broke during Brooklyn's 90s Fest, which featured throwback performances from '90s superstars like Smash Mouth and "slimings" of kings and queens of the decade like Pauly Shore and Salt N Pepa!

No word has been released on when "The Splat" will make a splash, or whether the channel will also air classic live-action Nickelodeon series in addition to Nicktoons, but in the meantime, relive the nostalgia and follow "The Splat" online at, Nickelodeon's official "The Splat" social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest, and via #TheSplatIsComing!

Checkout these aweslime photos and videos of Nickelodeon at 90s Fest below!:

Nickelodeon UK Launches Range Of STEM-Inspired Products

RMS International has extended its partnership with Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) UK & Ireland to launch a fantastic Nickelodeon-branded range of inventive, creative and imaginative arts, crafts and activity sets inspired by the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum at The Entertainer!

Products range from play sets to introduce viewers to the exciting world of STEM to play sets to inspire children's creativity.

The range currently features:

Nickelodeon Exploding Boomz Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Sweet Perfume Fab Formulas Kit
Nickelodeon So Lush Soap Bomb Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Horrid Fungus Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Luscious Lip Balm Fab Formulas Kit
Nickelodeon Explore The Body Discovery Set
Nickelodeon Mind Blowing Magic Set
Nickelodeon Joke Factory Box
Nickelodeon Glamourous Bracelets Set
Nickelodeon Sock Puppet Set
Nickelodeon Tattoo Transfer Set
Nickelodeon Gemstone Mosaics Set
Nickelodeon Target Band Shooter
Nickelodeon Make Your Own Puppy Set
Nickelodeon Gunge 'N' Glow Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Crazy Scientist Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Totally Gross Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Smelly Stink Bombs Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Crazy Kitchen Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Star Gazer Telescope
Nickelodeon Volcano Eruption Experiment Kit
Nickelodeon Jingle Chain Set
Nickelodeon Aqua Colouring Set
Nickelodeon Bugle Bead Set

Nickelodeon showcased their brand-new STEM toy range at FunFest Blogger Summit 2015 on Saturday 12th September 2015.

Photo: Rebecca Rees ‏/ @becs_rees

Nickelodeon's all-new product range is now available to purchase at The Entertainer!
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