Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nickelodeon USA Unveils Working Preview Of The All-New Nick.com

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA relaunching their official website, Nick.com, with a brand-new design based on the networks Emmy Award-winning Nick App very soon, Nick USA has unveiled a special Beta version of the networks brand-new website which offers NickHeads a special sneak-peek preview of Nickelodeon's all-new official site, which NickHeads can visit here at beta14.nick.com!

Nickelodeon's revamped official website will bring all the fun in the Nick App to Nick.com, allowing visitors to play more games, watch tons of videos and see the Nickelodeon stars and characters they love in Nick's brand new look. Soon, Nick's official website will have a brand new look with an endless stream of totally awesome stuff. There will be MORE games, MORE videos and even a giant Do Not Touch button. Just watch out for surprises!

All of your favorite Nickelodeon characters, games and videos are sticking around, with even more fun to discover. But now, visitors will get to see them in a totally new way! There will be endless games and videos, old and new, to play. Plus, Nick will be giving visitors a BIGGER and BETTER way to watch online videos! The possibilities are endless on Nickelodeon's all-new website! The brand-new look Nick.com will go live very soon!

The new Nick.com will also give NickHeads a whole new way to connect with their friends. Soon, visitors will be able to chat with their pals in the all-new Message Boards! But there's still time for users to save all the stuff they've made in The Nickelodeon Club and the current Nick.com Message Boards. You can find some important steps on how you can save your fan fiction, posts, Club avatars and more here on NickALive! Make sure that you save now, so that you don't lose all of your great work later!

Get started now by checking out the all-new Nick.com, plus check out the aweslime pictures from Nickelodeon's brand-new Nick.com below!:

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Nickelodeon Australia And New Zealand Announces Winning Team Of "Camp Orange: Force 10"

Please Note - This NickALive! blog post contains a spoiler about which team won the aweslime title of "Champ Orange" as voted by Aussie and Kiwi Nickheads in the 2014 series (season 10) of Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand's adventure reality series for best friends, "Camp Orange", called "Camp Orange: Force 10", that some NickALive! readers may prefer to avoid. Please scroll down the page if you wish to continue.

This year, ten daring kids take on ten epic challenges for an adventure of a life-slime that's been ten years in the making for "Camp Orange: FORCE 10!"!

Over the past couple of months, Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand viewers and "Camp Orange" fans have been watching the five teams of this years (2014) series of "Camp Orange", Nickelodeon's adventure reality show for best friends, called "Camp Orange: Force 10" - the Mighty Mermaids, the girls in pink, featuring Millie and Sammy from New South Wales (NSW); the M Tastics, the wacky besties in purple, featuring Mika and Marian from Australian Capital Territory (ACT); the Kiwi Cuzzies, the boys in green, featuring Zion and Kaha from Bay of Plenty in New Zealand (NZ); the Twisted Twins, the bright brothers in yellow, featuring Luke and Josh from New South Wales (NSW), and the Joco Locos, the adventurous amigos in blue, featuring Coco and Josh from Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - experiencing the ultimate adventure of a lifetime, through a sea of super soaked adrenaline surging challenges, playing some of the toughest "Camp Orange" games ever invented, such as Squid Marks, Clam Dunk, Hop, Skip, Splat!, Grabby Patty Razor Rally, Hurly Burly, Puffer Fish Bubble Blast, Room Service Rampage, Flying Fish Frenzy, Ice Berg Bash, and Peng-tathlon, and The Mega Challenge, a challenge this year devised by Nickelodeon Star Matt Bennett ("Victorious"), battling it out in an effort to win the votes of viewers and fans' at home in the hope of being crowned the ultimate winners of "Camp Orange" - "Champ Orange" - the team which Nick AU & NZ viewers thought showed the best teamwork, were the most honorable, played the fairest, and helped everybody else out. Proving they've got guts (and possibly gills), Nickelodeon's Campers braved depths, speeds, slime and heights as they played for money-can't-buy rewards.

Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand then counted up all the viewers' votes, and at the end of the exciting finale of "Camp Orange: Force 10", which Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand premiered on Tuesday 15th July 2014, Nickelodeon Australia & New Zealand's ASTRA Award winning hosts Luke & Wyatt (Luke Ryan & Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd) gathered the CO campers around the campfire to announce which team received the most votes and has been voted the winner of "Champ Orange". Only one lucky Camp Orange team can win the title of "Champ Orange", and that team is...

The boys in green, the Kiwi Cuzzies - Zion and Kaha from Bay of Plenty in New Zealand (NZ)!


After Luke, Wyatt and Matt unveiled the winners of "Camp Orange: Force 10", there was only ONE way to end another epic, force-tastic and aweslime series of "Camp Orange" – SLIME FIGHT!!:

Kids at home can also check out behind the scenes and other exclusive added content online, including special online streaming video clips, at camporange.com.au!

Missed the series finale episode of "Camp Orange: FORCE 10!" or want to watch all the thrilling and slimy action again? Catch the repeats of the epic conclusion of "Camp Orange: FORCE 10!" on:

Wednesday 16th July 2014 at 9:00am
Thursday 17th July 2014 at 4:00pm
Friday 18th July 2014 at 5:00pm
Saturday 19th July 2014 at 8:00am
Sunday 20th July 2014 at 4:30pm.

For the second time in Camp Orange history, Champ Orange Australia and New Zealand has been decided by Aussie and Kiwi kids who have been watching all the action at home. This year, viewers chose the team that they deemed the best and fairest to take the honour by casting their vote on camporange.com.au.

As part of "Camp Orange" 2014, Nickelodeon (Nick) celebrated a milestone ten years of its multi-awarded, local production, now classed as the longest running kids' reality series in Australia, by turning up the slime to give campers the adventure of a life-slime!

For the second consecutive year, the series was set at Sea World on the Gold Coast - the perfect location for the messy, festy challenges Nickelodeon had in store for the five teams ahead. This year, a record 7,000 kids entered to be a part of this year's CO adventure, all wanting the chance to be crowned "Champ Orange" – the best and fairest team of the series, voted by NickHeads watching at home.

For "Camp Orange: Force 10", Nickelodeon Star Matt Bennett, who plays Robbie Shapiro in Nick's hit live-action musical comedy series "Victorious", made his very first ever trip down under to guest host "Camp Orange: Force 10" alongside Logie nominated and ASTRA award winning "Camp Orange" hosts, Luke Ryan & Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd!

The Australian actor and television presenter Luke Jacobz and the Australian singer-songwriter and dancer Timomatic (Tim Omaji) were also amongst the string of celebrities to tackle the most twisted, gut wrenching and gross challenges in the show's history - making surprise cameos to either help or hinder teams. Adding to the star power, this year's Wrong Town Dinner recipes (foul feasts that nominated teams must chow down each night) were concocted by U.S. stars from Nickelodeon's brand-new live-action comedy series' "The Haunted Hathaways" and "The Thundermans"!

After arriving at Sea World, hosts, Luke and Wyatt turned Nick's "Camp Orange 2014" campers into walking calamari in the very first challenge, Squid Marks. In a Camp Orange 10th birthday surprise, and the first of many twists, Matt Bennett surprises the campers (and Luke and Wyatt!) as a guest host, before joining a mega aweslime slime fight! At "Wrong Town Dinner", the Human Dinner Spinner was unveiled and spun to select the team deemed to gorge on Tastebud Torment, a recipe made by celebrity guest chef, Nickelodeon Star Amber Montana, who plays Taylor Hathaway in "Haunted Hathaways"!

Nickelodeon Australia is available to watch via Foxtel on Channel 701 and Fetch TV on Channel 146.

Roll on Camp Orange 2015!
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