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Nick Jr. USA To Premiere New Series 'Rainbow Rangers' On Monday 5th November 2018 | Nickelodeon

Genius Brands International has announced the exciting news in a recent letter to shareholders that Nick Jr. USA, Nickelodeon USA top-performing preschool network, will start to premiere and show Genius Brands' brand-new CG-animated preschool series Rainbow Rangers on Monday 5th November 2018, during TV's "November sweeps" period!

Nickelodeon will launch Rainbow Rangers with 'premiere months', airing five new episodes a month, every month, beginning in November and running through March 2019, with 'Premiere Promotion' accompanying throughout.

To celebrate the launch of Rainbow Rangers, NASDAQ has invited Genius Brands International to do a Rainbow Rangers launch event concurrent with the Nickelodeon broadcast debut of the series live from New York's Times Square on November 5. The event will be live-streamed, and will generate publicity for the all-new brand. The event will have key licensees present and GNUS has special surprise guest!

Genius Brands International's (NASDAQ: GNUS) CGI-animated series, Rainbow Rangers, is slated to premiere in fall 2018 on the #1 rated kids’ network, Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. | Genius Brands International, Inc.

Click here to watch Genius Brands' Rainbow Rangers teaser trailer which was shown at the Walmart Entertainment Council for a super sneak-peek of Nickelodeon's brand-new show!

Read on for Genius Brands International's complete letter to shareholders from Chairman & CEO Andy Heyward, via Globe Newswire!:

Genius Brands International, Inc. Issues Shareholder Letter

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genius Brands International (NASDAQ:GNUS) recently released a letter to shareholders from Chairman & CEO Andy Heyward. The complete letter follows:

Dear Friends and Shareholders,

I typically write a newsletter or hold an investor conference call only when I have something newsworthy to share, and today, that is particularly the case.

As we came out of the recent Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, our upcoming property Rainbow Rangers emerged as a genuine blockbuster in the making, and we have every expectation of it to become the next billion-dollar kid’s franchise. To that end, myself and our senior licensing executive team just completed an investor conference call to share the landscape of what is now occurring.

These are bold words, so let’s now look at what they are based on.

Rainbow Rangers is an animated series targeted for preschoolers consisting of 52 (x) 11-minute episodes based on the adventures of seven diverse girls, each with different powers who live in Kaleidoscopia, a magical land on the other side of the rainbow. When problems occur on earth, the Rangers cross over the rainbow to save the day. They are Earth's first defenders. It is being described across the industry as a ‘Paw Patrol for girls’. Paw Patrol, an animated series and consumer product line, also on Nickelodeon, is a pre-school boys franchise which has heretofore grossed over a billion + dollars in retail consumer product sales.


As many of you know, Rainbow Rangers was created by ROB MINKOFF, the director of Disney's The Lion King, and SHANE MORRIS, the co-writer of Disney's Frozen…perhaps the two greatest animated hit films and consumer product merchandising programs ever to come from the Walt Disney Company. The Rainbow Rangers characters were designed by RUBEN AQUINO (designer of virtually every Disney character from The Little Mermaid through Frozen). The head writer is ELISE ALLEN, who wrote not only the hugely successful animated 'Barbie' specials, but also Disney's The Lion Guard, the new Lion King spinoff. Our Rainbow Rangers main title song and underscore music has been written by ALEX GERINGAS, who scored Dreamworks’ Trolls, Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Our Rainbow Rangers consumer product licensing program is run by Lloyd Mintz, our SVP of Licensing and Global Consumer Products, who, prior to joining Genius Brands, ran licensing and consumer products for Hasbro Toys, and previously worked inside Consumer Products at Disney.

By each and every measure, Rainbow Rangers comes from a team of champions who individually and collectively have been responsible for some of the biggest animated hits ever made and the generation of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF EARNINGS.


There is no single predictor of success more important for an animated series than the broadcaster where the series will be seen. The broadcaster partner for Rainbow Rangers is NICKELODEON, which continues as perhaps the single most successful broadcaster of kid’s animation today.

From SpongeBob SquarePants through Paw Patrol (both multi-billion-dollar brands), Nickelodeon has launched success after success after success.
Most series begin as 1/week broadcasts and as they establish themselves, they expand to 5/week, however Nickelodeon has elected to launch Rainbow Rangers on a 5 day/week rotation. This underscores a huge vote of confidence in the series. The continuous daily exposure ensures a large and immediate awareness of our property with the largest possible audience and distributed across virtually 100% penetration of the kid’s universe of U.S. TV households. In addition, Nickelodeon has elected to start broadcast on NOVEMBER 5, during the "November sweeps" period where networks schedule their strongest and most competitive programs. Based on these ratings that occur during the “November sweep period”, the advertising rates of that network for the entire year are set. It is vitally important that only shows which have the highest likelihood of top performance are placed in the ‘sweeps’. At the time of this decision by programming, they have of course, reviewed scripts, storyboards, and preliminary animation, all underscoring Nickelodeon’s belief in the series. Additionally, Nickelodeon has decided to do a 'premiere month' launching five new episodes a month, every month, beginning in November and running through March 2019, with 'Premiere Promotion' accompanying throughout. This value to Rainbow Rangers cannot be overstated.


Now, we finally come to the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow (and there is no pun intended here)! Consumer Products. As we all know, when a TV program is successful, the kids and parents extend the brand experience by purchasing the myriad products based on the TV show. As of today, we have a lineup of manufacturers covering virtually every major category of children's product. Our licensees are generally regarded as 'best in class.’ They are the most sought-after manufacturers; have the best and broadest distribution; command the most shelf space; and for the most part are Disney licensees. All of them are bringing forth multiple SKUs, and collectively we will have several hundred different Rainbow Rangers items coming to the marketplace.

Here are the licensees and their respective categories…each with many items.

· Mattel — Master Toy
· Macmillan — Publishing
· Bentex — Master Apparel
· A.M.E.— Sleepwear
· BioWorld — Bags and Backpacks
· Berkshire Fashions —- Cold Weather Accessories
· Ceaco — Puzzles
· Jakks Pacific — Halloween Costumes
· Dynacraft — Bicycles
· Gershwin Entertainment — Touring Stage Show starting Q3 2019
· H.E.R. — Jewelry & Hair Accessories
· Handcraft Manufacturing — Packaged Underwear
· Jay Franco — Bedding & Domestics
· Kid Galaxy — Bubble Toys
· Kiddieland — Ride-Ons
· Kittrich/Inkology — Stationery
· T.A.S.T.E. Beauty — Cosmetics
· Planet Sox— Hosiery

It is no overstatement to say that Rainbow Rangers was the talk of Licensing Expo(*press links from Licensing Show, below) and additional categories, following the licensing show, are now being negotiated from a variety of manufacturers who are becoming Rainbow Rangers licensees. Those additional categories, we are now negotiating with and expect to close in the coming weeks and months include:

  • Balloons
  • Coloring/Activity Books
  • Craft/Activity Kits
  • Electronic Toys
  • Eyewear (traditional and novelty sunglasses)
  • Food/Consumer Packaged Goods:
  • Juice Drinks
  • Frozen Novelties
  • Confectionery
  • Feeding (e.g. melamine plates, other serving items)
  • Footwear
  • Games
  • Health & Beauty Aids
  • Oral Care (toothbrushes, both manual and battery powered, toothpaste)
  • Bandages
  • Bath Products (including shampoos, bath soaps, and other “beauty” related items)
  • Halloween (Retail DTR)
  • Novelty Toys
  • International Publishing
  • Stickers

We are also receiving an increasing number of inquiries from international agencies eager to represent Rainbow Rangers, and despite not having launched in the U.S. yet, we have been fielding unprecedented inquiries from broadcasters around the world! We have already signed deals in a considerable number of foreign territories, and we anticipate closing more at the global Annecy Animation market in France taking place this week.


We are currently amidst high level retail presentations, which are receiving strong support across the board, and will share in specifics shortly what that means in terms of promotion, marketing, advertising, shelf space, etc.

WHAT does all this mean??!!

Every Rainbow Rangers licensee pays an advance and a guarantee to Genius Brands against royalties paid for every item sold. There will literally be hundreds of different SKUs on shelf across virtually all product categories, beginning in Q3 2019. The Rainbow Rangers minimum guarantees (some of which are of course subject to broadcast obligations) are already many millions of dollars, yet if the property hits then the guarantees will pale by comparison to the royalties that will quickly earn them out as income starts flowing, like a gushing oil well. (Product will not be placed on shelf prior to Q3, after there have been 3 quarters of broadcast and promotion to build the consumer appetite and ensure success.

The cumulative sales can become very large, and we only need to see the list of select properties to recognize a success of such an animated kids brand is measured not in millions, but in billions. Whether it is Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles, or Care Bears or Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie or Barney, or Star Wars or Spider-Man, or Paw Patrol or Pokemon, among many others, a hit in kid’s content is huge, huge business and transformational.

NASDAQ is now aware of what is going on with the seeds of Rainbow Rangers and has invited us to do a Rainbow Rangers launch event concurrent with the Nickelodeon broadcast launch of the series live from Times Square on November 5. It will be live streamed and carry a great deal of publicity. It’s not just an honor, but a vote of confidence in what Rainbow Rangers can become. We will have key licensees present and a special surprise guest! In fact, we are saving a few spots for key shareholders, so if you will be in New York at this time and would like to come, please contact Pam Vincent ( in my office right away.

I have always said that it takes 3 - 4 years to develop, produce, license, and bring a kid’s brand to the marketplace. Mindful of that, we began work on Rainbow Rangers almost 4 years ago. Notwithstanding, it is rare that so many pieces of the puzzle fall into place so perfectly. As we prepare to deliver the series to Nickelodeon for its November 5 launch, I feel like we are on the eve of the Normandy Invasion. Indeed, we have already begun story development for the anticipated second season!

Lastly, not to diminish the excitement around events of Genius’ other brands, we will have an important release out next Tuesday regarding our business with Netflix and Amazon.

Here is a tease for everyone to feel the excitement of what is coming. It’s the series trailer that was shown to the Walmart Entertainment Council a couple of days ago, and which was so well received.

As the girls say before they go into action, “RIDE RANGERS, RIDE!”


Andy Heyward
Chairman & CEO
Genius Brands International, Inc.

*links from Licensing Show

Forward-Looking Statements:
Forward-Looking Statements: Certain statements in this press release constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Words such as "may," "might," "will," "should," "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "continue," "predict," "forecast," "project," "plan," "intend" or similar expressions, or statements regarding intent, belief, or current expectations, are forward-looking statements. While the Company believes these forward-looking statements are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on any such forward-looking statements, which are based on information available to us on the date of this release. These forward-looking statements are based upon current estimates and assumptions and are subject to various risks and uncertainties, including without limitation those set forth in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016, under the heading "Risk Factors," and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), not limited to risk factors relating to its patent business contained therein. Thus, actual results could be materially different. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation to update or alter statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

Investor Relations
Porter, LeVay and Rose
Michael Porter
T: 212-564-4700

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


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Paramount Animation And Nickelodeon Movies' ‘Wonder Park’ Makes A Splash At Annecy 2018

Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria drilled down on her philosophy, Ilion Animation Studios filmmakers on their craft at an Annecy presentation Wednesday

ANNECY, France — Paramount Animation’s presentation of Wonder Park at the 2018 Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market (MIFA) packed a large interest. reports Variety. It was the first Annecy for DreamWorks Animation veteran Mireille Soria since she was appointed president of Paramount Animation by Jim Gianapaolos in July 2017. People were keen to know what she’d say about where she wanted to take the division.

After several years absent from most international events, Spain animation made an impressive splash at March’s Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux. The big film missing there was Paramont Animation’s Wonder Park, whose animation vendor and co-producer – along with Nickelodeon Movies – was Madrid’s Ilion Animation Studios. Clips of Wonder Park and a song featured at CinemaCon 2018. But Annecy’s sneak peek promised a far deeper drill down.

Production on Wonder Park, formally titled Amusement Park, was initiated in September 2014, nearly three years before Mireille Soria took over at Paramount Animation. As it turned out, however, the first question – its corporate direction – and the second – Wonder Park itself – proved to be intimately connected.

Paramount has a celebrated history in animation, Soria said appearing on stage to a burst of applause at Annecy, and citing, among many other shows, Betty Boop and Popeye. “Now we are focused on carrying on and advancing our legacy in a big way,” she added. Paramount Animation’s goal is to make “at least” two animated tentpole movies a year. She has already greenlit three, announced late April at CinemaCon 2018: a new SpongeBob SquarePants movie, “It’s a Wonderful Sponge,” from writer-director Tim Hill (Muppets from Space), a SpongeBob SquarePants executive; Monster on the Hill, directed by Bradley Raymond (The Hunchback of Notre Dame II); and Luck, directed by Alessandro Carloni. It’s a Wonderful Sponge and Monster on the Hill are scheduled for release in 2020, whilst Luck is slated for release in 2021.

Greenlighting three movies since July “shows how ambitious we are,” Soria said. They also re-unite her with some tried-and-tested DreamWorks Animation talent, such as Ramsey Naito, present at the Annecy sneak-peek, who produced DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar-nominated The Boss Baby, and joined Paramount Animation as Executive Vice President (EVP) in April.

“Together our team is working to identity, acquire and develop properties that will become must-see events with global appeal,” Soria said on stage. Aiming for “a diverse slate” and “a variety of genres: Comedy, musicals, adventure at varying budget levels,” Paramount Animation’s current game-plan is “to have front end on our lot in Hollywood and partner with vendors globally to make the movies,” she added. Here, Wonder Park, whose animation was produced by Ilion in Madrid, is a case in point, and seems to encapsulate her philosophy.

“We won’t have a house style: Each film will have a unique look and direction dictated by the filmmakers,” Soria explained. One large question is whether working with different outhouse vendors in and outside the U.S. can actually enhance movies’ distinctiveness. Made by Ilion Animation Studios director Javier Abad, VFX supervisor Javier Romero and Juan Garcia González, its head of layout, the main part of the Wonder Park’s Annecy presentation certainly sought to pinpoint the originality and experimentation in the animated feature, which was received enthusiastically by the Annecy audience.

The film’s screenplay was written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, Wonder Park’s voice cast stars Sofia Mali and Brianna Denski as June, Jennifer Garner as Mom, Ken Hudson Campbell as Boomer, a narcoleptic blue bear.

The first two sequences shown at Annecy maybe captured this drive for originality best. A tribute to creativity, Wonder Park tells the story of 10-year-old June, a wildly imaginative young girl who builds models of amusements parks with her mother. Then her mother falls sick and has to go away for treatment. June packs away her models, and loses her sense of wonder.

But one day in the woods, in a magical moment, she discovers a roller coaster car buried under ivy. It transports her to a fantasy wonder park, like the ones she used to build, populated by animals who were its past employees. But the park is broken down, abandoned and in a state of decay. With the park’s animals, June sets out to fix it and rediscover her sense of confidence and imagination, overcoming her fears.

“The biggest challenge in Wonder Park was to achieve a stylized look to a movie that could be considered more realistic. We tried to use conventions of real cinematography but in a stylized world,” Romero said.

The first sequence showcased featured when June discovery of the rollercoaster car, when she chases a blue piece of paper into a forest. With notable energy and a variety of shot set-ups far more usual in live-action cinema, the camera energetically tracks June as she runs after the fluttering paper down a forest path, cuts to an aerial shot, a close-up detail, seemingly dollies in and out on June.

Another key creative choice was the film’s sense package, said García González. Confessing they were big fans of Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubeski (Gravity, The Revenant), Ilion’s filmmakers chose extreme wide lenses to create the “sensation of a majestic environment and immersion, that audiences feel like they are in this world with our protagonist,” García González commented. The magical forest sequence was shot with 14mm lenses, for instance.

Another defining decision was Wonder Park’s color palette. The magical forest scene was shot in gorgeously warm fall forest colors – deep browns, green ivy, a blue sky. The second sequence shown, a montage, proved very different, recording June and Mom building a miniature amusement park in the living room, via short vignettes: June and Mum playing with some flower decorations; June creating rides as her Mum looks on admiringly – and lovingly; June demonstrating one amusement with young friends.

“Instead of a conventional drama sequence, Ilion experimented with a near-documentary style. “It’s very raw footage of normal people in normal situations,” said García Gonzalez.

“We are showing the loving relationship between a mother and a daughter, which is really cool for an animator. Given it’s a montage sequence, we could be very selective building the animation and creating that emotion,” Abad added.

But as the sequence progresses, June’s Mum retreats into the background., seen on the phone, gesticulating, talking, one deduces, to medical specialists. The montage progressively drains of color. Its last shot is June running after a car taking her Mom away, against a wane grey sky.

Further sequences illustrated character design, via the figure of the giant but often hapless Boomer; and a dramatic action sequence as June surfs down a fireworks waterfall rollercoaster, thought amazing by Annecy spectators.

But the big impression left by Wonder Park has already been made. Planet 51, Ilion’s first feature, was animated much more by the rulebook. It was an achievement just to get it made. Wonder Park’s documentary-style collage was built up semi-intuitively, said Romero. Now far more experienced, judging from what was seen at Annecy, the Ilion filmmakers are doing just what Soria wants: Unleashing their imaginations.

Currently scheduled to be released in theaters by Paramount Pictures on Friday 15th March 2019, the CG-animated feature film will feature the voices of Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off), Jennifer Garner (Nine Lives), Jeffrey Tambor (Mr. Popper's Penguins), Kenan Thompson (All That, Kenan & Kel, Good Burger, SNL), Ken Jeong (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness), Mila Kunis (Family Guy), John Oliver (The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, live-action Lion King), and Brianna Denski (Momsters: When Moms Go Bad). The movie is being produced by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies and Ilion Animation Studios.

Following the release of the film, Nickelodeon will also launch a brand-new television series inspired by the movie in 2019. Funrise, Inc. will serve as the worldwide master toy partner for the franchise.

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'Moving Bubble Bass' Rough + Final Storyboards | SpongeBob SquarePants | Vincent Waller

Vincent Waller, the Creative Director on Nickelodeon's hit original animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, has unveiled two Sponge-Tastic videos on his official YouTube channel featuring the Rough and Final storyboard for the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Moving Bubble Bass"! Check them out below, and watch the finished episodes in full on Nickelodeon, and the Nick App! Click play below for some Snark Chat with Bubble Bass!

Moving Bubble Bass Rough

Mr. Lawrence, Fred Osmond, Adam Paloian, Estella Capin

Moving Bubble Bass (Final)

Mr. Lawrence, Fred Osmond, Adam Paloian, Alan Smart and Tom Yasumi, Estella Capin

Watch SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons, and get your tickets for Nickelodeon's critically acclaimed SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical at!

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Celebrate Father’s Day w/ the Ultimate Nickelodeon Dad Trivia Game 🧢 | #KnowYourNick

Which Nick dad danced in his underwear at the airport? Where did SpongeBob and his dad go on vacation? Test your knowledge in Know Your Nick – Father’s Day Edition - featuring Nickelodeon dads from The Loud House, Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and more! 🧢

How did you do on the Father’s Day quiz?! Let me know your results below! 👨 And make sure to catch SpongeBob SquarePants and more of your favorite shows on Nickelodeon!

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What’s Wrong w/ Henry Hart’s Voice?! 🗣️ | Henry Danger | Nickelodeon

Can you count how many times Henry Hart’s (Jace Norman) voice changes in this Henry Danger clip?? Comment your answer below! Watch full episodes of Henry Danger on Nickelodeon!

❗BONUS CHALLENGE ❗ How many times was the word “CORNDOG” said?

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‘Super Sunny Summer’ ☀️ Music Video w/ Sunny Day, PAW Patrol, Blaze, Top Wing & More | Nick Jr.

Sing and dance to the new ‘Super Sunny Summer’ music video featuring Sunny, Rox, Blair, Chase, Rubble, Shimmer, Shine, Blaze, and Penny as everyone gears up for the summer sun! ☀️ Kids can express their sunniest style all summer long with their friends from animated TV series like Sunny Day, PAW Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Top Wing! Whether you’re at the beach or in the park this summer, always remember to bring your Sunny spark! For more original music videos that kids can sing along to, plus full episodes and games, visit the FREE Nick Jr. App or go to!

Watch Sunny Day, weekdays on Nickelodeon:

Preschoolers can watch full episodes online, play games, and discover silly surprises at and in the free Nick Jr. App: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon.

Stream Nick Jr. for free in the Nick Jr. App on Roku and Apple TV or download full episodes for offline viewing on iTunes or Google Play

You can also download premium apps featuring your child's favorite Nick Jr. shows on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Draw and Play: iPhone | iPad | Google Play: Phone / Tablet | Amazon

Nick Jr. Let’s Learn: iPhone | iPad

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School of Rock | Oatmeal Joe | Nickelodeon UK

Mr Finn (Tony Cavalero) has an unfortunate journey to work, and Tomika (Breanna Yde) is reluctant to accept an apology. Make sure to catch the epic series finale of School of Rock, "I Love Rock and Roll", premiering Fridays 15th and 22nd June 2018 at 4:00pm, only on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland!

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How to Make Teddy Bear Buns Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr. Global (RU)

Let’s get styling with Sunny Day’s Style Files! Preschool kids can watch this DIY hair tutorial video clip to learn how to create the cutest teddy bear buns. Help kids give it a try so your little cub can look just like Sunny, Rox, and Blair from the brand-new animated cartoon series, Sunny Day! It’s easy—all you’ll need is a comb, hair elastics, hairpins, and a teasing comb. Then for tips and pointers on how to make this awesome new look, follow along with Sunny’s hairstyling instructions. To find more Sunny Day videos, games, and a collection of kids songs, visit the FREE Nick Jr. Play App or go to!

Альбом стилиста | Пучки-ушки | Nick Jr. Россия

Возьми расческу, резинки для волос, шпильки и расческу для пробора. Мы будем делать пучки-ушки! Веселись и красиво причешись!

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L'actualité Fresh | Semaine du 11 au 17 juin 2018 | Nickelodeon France

Cette semaine dans Fresh on vous parle de la sortie du films Ocean's 8 et Love, Simon, et du jeu vidéo Moss.

Fresh, c'est LE rendez-vous de NICKELODEON qui te dit tout de l'actu et des tendances du moment ! Retrouve plein de vidéos de Fresh sur

Plus Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon Teen France Premieres 'Star Falls'!

Additional source: Google Translate.
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Nickelodeon Releases New 'Dora’s Worldwide Adventure' and 'Nick Football Champions' Apps Globally [Updated With PR]

Update (13/6) - Below is Nickelodeon International's official Press Release announcing the exciting news:



Both apps are available in 12 languages and join a mobile library of 50+ international

Nickelodeon apps

LOS ANGELES (June 12, 2018) – Nickelodeon International today launched two apps for international audiences: Dora’s Worldwide Adventure, an educational geography app, and Nick Football Champions, a pop culture-driven celebration of global football season that invites kids to team up with Nickelodeon’s beloved characters to pursue ultimate victory. Available in 12 languages, both apps are available to download in markets outside of the US via the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon stores.

“Both of these new games tap into what’s important to our audience. Our research shows 89% of kids ages 6-8 are curious about the world. We created Dora’s Worldwide Adventure with that global interest and curiosity in mind,” said Kate Sils, Vice President, Multiplatform and Brand Engagement, Nickelodeon International. “Similarly, we know that the majority of parents with children ages 6-11 report doing everything with their kids1 and that football is the most watched sport of parents with children in this demo. So we’re excited to connect our iconic characters with such a globally beloved sport in Football Champions – the ultimate Nick style football tournament.”

Drawing on Dora the Explorer’s legacy of exploration, Dora’s Worldwide Adventure introduces preschoolers to geography, inviting them to learn and celebrate different cultures with Dora, Boots, Swiper and more. At launch, players can explore seven different countries via the app: Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US.

In Dora’s Worldwide Adventure, players can:

  • TAKE PHOTOS – Help Dora take pictures of landmarks, animals and objects as she explores different countries.
  • RECORD MEMORIES IN DORA’S PHOTO BOOK – Fill up Dora's travel photobook with pictures, stickers and more. Parents can play along with their preschoolers while they learn about the places that they have visited.
  • DRESS UP DORA – Players can unlock shirts, dresses, hats and more as they explore different countries.

And in a timely celebration of football season, Nick Football Champions invites kids to score goals as one of their favorite Nickelodeon characters in this fast, fun and wacky football game. Each character is portrayed in a blocky, 8-bit pixel style.

In Nickelodeon Football Champions, players can:

  • Dodge defenders, compete in matches, win tournaments and take their shot in penalty shootouts to see how many trophies they can win.
  • Earn keys to unlock new characters and Nickelodeon worlds, such as SpongeBob SquarePants’ Bikini Bottom, The Loud House’s Royal Woods and a new iteration of Manhattan portrayed in the upcoming new series, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Interact with others as players collect stickers that can be sent to friends via iOS.

Dora’s Worldwide Adventure is available for download for $3.99 USD. Nick Football Champions is available for free download.

Both apps follow ongoing international app successes for Nickelodeon, including Nella the Princess Knight: Kingdom Adventures, which has amassed nearly 2 million downloads worldwide and the international launch of Nickelodeon’s global Sky Whale app, which offers augmented reality capabilities and has amassed more than 10 million downloads outside of the US. Dora’s Worldwide Adventure and Nick Football Champions join Nickelodeon’s portfolio of 50+ international apps with more than 100 million collective downloads.

1 Viacom Global Insights, 2017, 28,620 respondents aged 6-54 in 30 Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, US.

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About Nickelodeon International
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Nickelodeon International has today launched two brand-new apps for global users, one inspired by Dora the Explorer and the other football-themed!

'The Loud House' Wins Rockie Award At 2018 Banff World Media Festival

BANFF has announced the announced the very exciting news that Nickelodeon's hit animated series The Loud House has won the best "Animation Program" Rockie Award in the Children & Youth category of the 2018 Rockie Awards!

The Rockie Awards is BANFF’s flagship program celebrating excellence in television and digital content from around the world. Each year, hundreds of television and digital programs compete for a coveted Rockie Award, presented at a ceremony at BANFF. With participation from more than 40 countries annually, including an international industry jury of over 100 professionals working in entertainment and media around the world, the Rockie Awards is one of the world’s largest program competitions of its kind.

The 2018 Rockie Awards were handed out at the 2018 Banff World Media Festival, which runs from Sunday 10th - Wednesday 13th June 2018 at the Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta in Canada.

A full list of 2018 Rockie Awards winners can be found at For more information about the 2018 Banff World Media Festival, visit

A huge congratulations to Nickelodeon and the cast and production crew of The Loud House! :)

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Source: Jam Filled; H/T: ToonZone Forums /@jaylop97; Additional source:, ToonZone Forums /@Nick Mick.
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Fizzwick's Funniest Moments | Knight Squad | Nickelodeon

Fizzwick (Seth Carr) with the funnies! 😂 Catch more Knight Squad on Nickelodeon!

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Planet Nickelodeon Video Round-Up | NickTube | Wednesday 13th June 2018

Check out a selection of video clips featuring your favourite Nickelodeon shows and stars from Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Dora’s Worldwide Adventure App 🗺️ | EXCLUSIVE Dora the Explorer Gameplay | Nick Jr. Global

Explore the world with Dora the Explorer in this brand-new geography adventure app! Dora’s Worldwide Adventure introduces preschoolers to the world of geography, allowing them to learn and celebrate different cultures around the world with Dora, Boots, Swiper and more characters!

Let’s get exploring! Download Dora’s Worldwide Adventure app for Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Amazon (Android) today!

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Kally's Mashup | "She's Gone" (Clipe com letras) | Nickelodeon Brasil

Acompanhe a letra e aprenda a canção!


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'Blaze and the Monster Machines' Theme Song | Russian Version | Karaoke Edition | Nickelodeon Russia

Вспыш и чудо-машинки | Поём в караоке | Nick Jr. Россия

Watch more Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.!

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Nick Football Champions | Brand-New Football Game | Available Now For iOS & Android | Nickelodeon (IT, NL, PT, FR, DE, EU-ES, RU)

Download Nick Football Champions and play as your favourite Nickelodeon characters in the ultimate football tournament! Available for free for iOS and Android devices from iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Store today!

Remember When | Avatar on Stage | Avatar: The Last Airbender | Nickelodeon

Remember when Team Avatar saw a play about themselves in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Ember Island Players"?

Avatar: The Last Airbender is available on Blu-ray today!

Check out Nickelodeon's On This Day and Remember When Facebook pages to find out awesome Nick moments from every era throughout Nickelodeon history!

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Additional source: Avatar Wiki.
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