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March 2022 on Nick Jr. Africa: Anna & Friends | Blaze and the Monster Machines | Blue's Clues & You | Baby Shark's Big Show

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon's programming highlights for Nick Jr. Africa for March 2022!

More Highlights:

January & February 2022 on: Nickelodeon Africa | Nick Toons Africa | Nick Jr. Africa

SATURDAY & SUNDAY | 05 MARCH - 06 MARCH 04:15 WAT / 05:15 CAT / 06:15 EAT

Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CG interactive preschool series about Blaze, the world's greatest monster truck, and his best buddy and driver, a boy named AJ.

NEW EPISODES: S3 #303- 306 | S2 #220
MONDAY TO FRIDAY 06:30 WAT / 07:30 CAT / 08:30 EAT

In Blue's Clues & You, beloved puppy Blue invites viewers to join her and Josh on a clue-led adventure to solve a puzzle. With each paw print, the viewer is inspired to interact with Josh and Blue to figure out Blue's Clues!

NEW EPISODES: S1 #112 -114
06:30 WAT / 07:30 CAT / 08:30 EAT

Visit Baby Shark and his friends in Carnivore Cove!

06:10 WAT / 07:10 CAT / 08:10 EAT

What happens when an imaginative little girl, an impatient frog, an over-confident dog, a thoughtful cat, and a naĂŻve earthworm get together? A hilarious and heartwarming preschool series featuring five inseparable friends celebrating the power of friendship, imaginative play, and backyard “grown-up” adventures!


Nick Jr. Global is available on DStv Channel 307

With a ton of original programming as well as some familiar favourites, Nick Jr. is the go-to channel in households where two to six year olds roam. The content is entertaining enough to keep young children occupied, while parents can rest assured that the viewing experience will be one of learning.

ViacomCBS creates original entertainment content for every audience, on every screen around the world. The company’s brands strive for creative excellence and cultural impact across programming, motion pictures and digital experiences that live online, on mobile and on apps.

Originally published: February 03, 2022.

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March 2022 on NickToons Africa: LEGO City Adventures S3 | The Loud House | The Casagrandes | April Fools

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon's programming highlights for Nicktoons Africa for March 2022!

More Highlights:

January & February 2022 on: Nickelodeon Africa | Nicktoons AfricaNick Jr. Africa

EPISODES: S5 #501, 503 – 506 A
MONDAY 28 FEBRUARY - FRIDAY 4 MARCH AT 14:20 WAT / 15:20 CAT / 16:20 EAT

Ever wonder what it's like to grow in a big family? ? Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters!

MONDAY 07 MARCH - FRIDAY 01 APRIL AT 13:30 WAT / 14:30 CAT / 15:30 EAT

Four weeks of take over with a two hours marathon of The Loud House and The Casagrandes episodes

MONDAY 21 MARCH - FRIDAY 01 APRIL AT 17:30 WAT / 18:30 CAT / 19:30 EAT

Welcome to LEGO City. A modern metropolis filled with the fiercest firefighters, the cream of the crop cops, and so many BLOCKHEADS. Every citizen will assemble for the most awesome adventures.


Laugh your pants off with THE BIG NICKTOONS PRANKATON! Every Day one hour of the best prank of your favourite NickToons shows: SpongeBob, The Loud House, The Casagrandes, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Adventures of Kid Danger, Sanjay & Craig and Dorg Van Dango.


Nicktoons is available to watch on DStv Channel 308.

Available in over 13 million homes, NickToons showcases the world’s best comedy animation. Launched in 2002 and part of the Nickelodeon network of channels, NickToons broadcasts the very best in funny cartoons.

ViacomCBS creates original entertainment content for every audience, on every screen around the world. The company’s brands strive for creative excellence and cultural impact across programming, motion pictures and digital experiences that live online, on mobile and on apps.

Originally published: February 03, 2022.


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Kids Discovering Star Trek: Prodigy | Roddenberry Entertainment

Kids discovering Star Trek: Prodigy | Roddenberry Entertainment

Mission Log: Engage - episode 54 - in which a listener talks about the excitement her three-year-old son has watching Star Trek: Prodigy and discovering Star Trek for the first time.

Stream Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

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Was starting a TikTok house a BIG MISTAKE?! | Famous, Like Me w/ Mads Lewis SEASON FINALE | AwesomenessTV

Was starting a TikTok house a BIG MISTAKE?! | Famous, Like Me w/ Mads Lewis SEASON FINALE | AwesomenessTV

The season finale of Famous, Like Me w/ Mads Lewis is finally here and after an explosive fight between two contestants in episode 6, the aftermath is just beginning. With tensions high in the TikTok house, Mads and the winners give their takes on the situation in the hopes that the drama will come to an end, but what happens when one winner considers leaving for good? Find out in the Famous, Like Me season finale!

who else is SHOOOOK by that big announcement at the end?!?!?! 🙀🙀🙀

Are you DYING for a season 2 of Famous, Like Me? Let AwesomenessTV know in the comments on YT!!! ⬇️

#MadsLewis #FamousLikeMe #realityshow

→ Cast ←
Mads Lewis -     @Mads Lewis   @mads.yo
Indiana Massara -     @Indiana   @indiana
Christian Plourde -    @sevryn  @christianplourde
Riley Lewis -     @Riley Lewis    @rileylewiss

0:00 in this episode...
0:23 EXPLOSIVE fight aftermath
5:09 the day after the fight
9:01 mads gets involved...
13:07 plans for the final day!!
14:44 the games begin...
24:21 mads and christian make an announcement!
27:00 jordan & bella m. confrontation
29:54 the party begins!

💖 Watch more episodes of Famous, Like Me on AwesomenessTV!

Catch up on Famous, Like Me HERE:

→ about Famous, Like Me! ←
Mads Lewis is back and ready to take the next step in her career! She is going to find the best up-and-coming talent in the country and manage them by starting a... content house?! Each week, Mads will be joined by her best friend Indiana Massara and boyfriend Sevryn to audition rising TikTok influencers and see if they have what it takes to join her squad. Everyone thinks they want to be famous, but they’re about to find out what it feels like to be FAMOUS LIKE ME.

đŸ”„ Get access to the FIRST 5 EPISODES of Next Influencer Season 3 on Paramount+ HERE using PROMO CODE 'BRINGTHEDRAMA' to get a 1-month free trial!:

→ about AwesomenessTV! ←
Welcome to AwesomenessTV, the destination for Gen Z reality TV shows with your favorite TikTok and digital influencers. Featuring Brent and Lexi Rivera, Nate Wyatt, The Merrell Twins, Noah Beck, Larray, Alex Warren and more, see them in ways you’ve never seen them before! Like in Twin My Heart, a dating show where the Merrell Twins help their closest friends find love. And AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer, a reality competition show where up-and-coming TikTokers compete at the chance of becoming the next big ATV star. Also, our My Dream Quinceañera channel gives you a real look at planning the Quince of your dreams with rising LatinX influencers! Here you can feel free to express yourself, have fun and get real with us. And we’ll gossip with you daily on The Daily Report 😉. New shows everyday to have an awesome day!


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Originally published: February 03, 2022.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 3, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 3, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Stream the classic and the all new CG-animated Rugrats series on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: Paramount Plus Renews the All-New 'Rugrats' for Season 2!

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Nickelodeon Shutters NickRewind Retro Programming Block

It appears as if Nickelodeon is discontinuing NickRewind, the network's late-night retro programming block on TeenNick after over 10 years on air.

In mid-January, NickRewind removed most of its shows, opting to air the original iCarly series most evenings between 11 p.m. - 6 a.m., but keeping the NickRewind branding and BUGS/DOGS. However, starting last night (Jan. 31), TeenNick started to use its own branding and BUGS/DOGS during those hours.

TeenNick's evening programming block for Nickelodeon Classics begun life as The '90s Are All That in July 2011. The block then became known as The Splat in October 2015, followed by NickSplat in May 2017, and eventually NickRewind in March 2019.

The news comes as Nickelodeon's parent company, ViacomCBS, is switching its focus on streaming. A vast amount of Nickelodeon's back-catalog is available on Paramount+, the company's streaming platform, with more being added regularly.

Update (2/3) - The NickRewind Twitter page has confirmed that the NickRewind programming block has been discontinued. However, programming is still available on ViacomCBS' free streaming service Pluto TV and paid-for streaming service Paramount+:

For the moment, Nickelodeon is keeping its NickRewind social media pages on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and YouTube channel open for fans, although the latter has started to concentrate on Nickelodeon shows made post-2000, such as iCarly, Victorious and Sam & Cat.

Originally published: February 01, 2022.

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'Attack of The Clones' Promo | Danger Force | Nickelodeon

Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. - Danger Force - Attack of The Clones: When Danger Force leaves for an out-of-town mission, Ray calls on the Danger Force Clones for help.  He quickly realizes that even though the clones look just like their superhero counterparts, they are very, very different. (#212) 

Watch Henry Danger and Danger Force on Paramount+! Try it FREE at

Make sure to subscribe to the brand-new Henry Danger/Danger Force YouTube channel! Up the (You)Tube!:

Originally published: January 28, 2022.

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'Space-Conflicted!' Promo | Warped! | Nickelodeon

Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. - Warped! - Space-Conflicted!: When the gang learns that a sequel to the popular sci-fi franchise “Space Conflicts” is shooting nearby, they sneak onto set as extras. Once inside, they end up causing chaos and almost derailing the production. Special guest star Josh Server. (#107)

Watch all your favorite shows on Nickelodeon and Paramount+! Try Paramount+ for FREE at

Originally published: January 28, 2022.

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Cincinnati Bengals' Evan McPherson Named NVP of 'NFL Slimetime' Week 21

Nickelodeon's NFL Slimetime has named Cincinnati Bengals' Evan McPherson as Week 21's NVP!

Join Television host Nate Burleson and Nickelodeon star Dylan Gilmer as the end zones become the “slime zones” and watch weekly NFL highlights like you’ve never seen them before. Catch NFL Slimetime, every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon, and Paramount+ the following day! Try Paramount+ for FREE at

Originally published: February 03, 2022.

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"The Northern Air Temple" with Jason Mantzoukas | Avatar: Braving the Elements Podcast

"The Northern Air Temple" with Jason Mantzoukas | Avatar: Braving the Elements

NPACT Unveils 2021 Network Survey Results

NPACT 2021 Network Survey Results

ID Emerges as Producers’ Favorite Network to work with Overall
HULU, CBS, HBO, Nickelodeon, History, HBO Max, ID, NatGeoWild, truTV, and Netflix
Lead This Year’s List Based on Overall Averages across Categories

LOS ANGELES – (Jan. 24, 2022) – NPACT, the trade association for non-fiction production companies doing business in the U.S., today announced the results of its 2021 annual network/streamer ranking survey. Traditionally, at the end of every year, NPACT canvasses producers of unscripted, documentary and reality series to gauge collectively their favorite networks and streaming platforms across numerous categories.
NPACT returned to the annual initiative after pausing in 2020 when the survey asked just a single question related to the most positive network-producer partnerships during the pandemic (in alphabetical order, Bravo, Discovery, HBO Max, and Netflix were producers’ top four responses).
This year’s survey results are based on 2021 activity and categories have been pared down to: Pitching process (this year, specific to Zoom/video conference); Development; Greenlighting process; Business Affairs; Production Oversight/Notes; Production Management; and Finance. The final category cites producers’ favorite networks/streamers to work with Overall.
Respondents were asked to rank only those networks they worked with in 2021. Forty-nine production companies rated 66 networks/platforms in eight categories.
For the first seven questions/topics, producers rated each network/platform on a scale from one to 10, with one representing the least positive response and 10 representing the most positive. Final rankings represent the average scores for each network/platform.

-- ID was rated producers’ favorite network to work with overall, based on individual preference rankings (producers were asked to rank networks/platforms from Best to Deal With Overall to Most Difficult)

-- Based on overall averages across all survey categories, the leaders were: HULU, CBS, HBO, Nickelodeon, History, HBO Max, ID, NatGeoWild, truTV and Netflix

-- Hulu was cited in the top 10 across more categories than any other network or platform
- CBS and History tied for second place; HBO, HBO Max, and ID tied for third place

-- ID led the rankings for Zoom/Video Conference Pitching Process
- Followed by Viceland, SundanceTV, TLC, OWN, WEtv, E!, Hulu, CNN, and History in the Top 10

-- Nickelodeon was first in the category of Program Development
- Followed by Hulu, YouTube Originals, Viceland, CBS, HBO Max, HBO, USA, Peacock, and ID

-- Hulu led in Greenlighting process
- Followed by CBS, ID, Disney+, Peacock, WEtv, VH1, Magnolia, USA, and History   

-- National Geographic was #1 in Business Affairs
- Followed by Showtime, HBO Max, Apple, Hulu, Disney+, truTV, AMC, History, and NatGeoWild

-- NatGeoWild was first in Production Editorial Oversight/Notes
- Followed by YouTube Originals, HBO Max, Hulu, CBS, HBO, ID, Showtime, PBS, and OWN

-- truTV led in Production Management
- Followed by History, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Fox, CBS, HBO Max, Paramount+, Hulu, and HBO  

-- BET was #1 in Finance
- Followed by WEtv, NatGeoWild, HBO, CBS, Travel, Hulu, History, Viceland, and truTV
Survey data can be found on
Said NPACT General Manager Michelle Van Kempen, “Responding to the immense challenge of producing during the pandemic, unscripted was the first sector to come back, and come back safely. Much changed as a result of these challenges and this year’s survey is an opportunity to spotlight our network and streaming partners that have adapted in a producer-friendly way. It’s also a chance to evaluate what’s working well in the production world, and where there’s room for improvement as we work together to navigate the ‘new normal.’”
# # #
*Note to Editors:
Networks marked as “Not Applicable” (N/A) received too few responses in the respective categories to provide a statistical average and, therefore, were not ranked in those specific categories.
NPACT is the trade association for nonfiction production companies doing business in the U.S. Its members are comprised of production companies of all sizes, as well as allied services companies. NPACT serves as the voice for the nonfiction creative community, providing a forum for producers as they navigate changes in media and tackle business issues.

-- Ends --

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Redan Celebrates 15 Years of 'Fun to Learn Peppa Pig' Magazine

Redan Publishing is marking 15 years of Fun to Learn Peppa Pig magazine this February.

The popular fortnightly title hasn’t fallen outside of the top ten of all children’s magazines since it was first published and, during this time, has predominantly placed in the top three in the preschool sector.

Each issue encompasses activities for preschoolers such as storytelling, colouring, sticking, playing, making and baking, all inspired by the beloved preschool series.

When asked what her favourite issue of the title was, Fun to Learn Peppa Pig’s editor, Deb Harrison, told Licensing Source that so many issues of the magazine stand out “as there have been such a lot of fun episodes to work with and each one draws new inspiration for us”.

Deb added: “We did a Royal issue years ago and sent a copy to the Duchess of Cambridge to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday. We received a letter back from the Palace thanking us, which was a real honour. The ‘specials’ have also been great fun to work on, such as Golden Boots, Around the World and Peppa visiting Hollywood. We recently used the episode ‘Mandy Mouse’s Birthday’ where we created a ‘River of cheese’ maze from Cheese Land.”

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'Thomas & Friends' to Steam Back Onto Nick Jr. UK With 'All Engines Go'

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go Expands Globally

Mattel Television’s new Thomas & Friends animated series Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go is headed to new stations around the world!

Mattel has secured new distribution deals with Nick Jr. (U.K.), WarnerMedia (EMEA), WarnerMedia (LatAm), TF1 (France), Noga (Israel), and FPT TV (Vietnam).

The arrival of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go on Nick Jr. UK & Ireland marks a homecoming, with the Nickelodeon UK network airing the original series for many years.

Longstanding Thomas content partners that have signed on to distribute the show include Milkshake (U.K.), Nickelodeon (Greece), Televisa (Mexico), TV Cultura (Brazil), Puls (Poland), NHK (Japan), and Tooniverse (South Korea).

The series is currently available in the U.S. on Cartoon Network and in Canada on Treehouse; it will also launch on Netflix in the U.S. starting October 29 and on Milkshake! in the U.K. on November 8.

Produced by Mattel in partnership with Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go is a reimagining of the Thomas & Friends property with stories told from Thomas’ point of view. It features new art direction, more physical comedy and music, and a greater range of character expressiveness.

“In addition to Thomas being more playful and relatable than ever before, the stories in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go resonate with kids everywhere today,” said Mattel Television senior vice president and general manager Frederic Soulie. We are pleased to introduce our all-new vibrant Thomas & Friends content to a global audience with our distribution partners.”


Fred Soulie Talks Mattel’s Content Strategy

Fred Soulie, senior VP and general manager of Mattel Television, participated in a keynote conversation with TV Kids’ Anna Carugati at the TV Kids Festival today, discussing how the toy giant is expanding its content slate.

“2021 was the biggest year on record for Mattel and Mattel Television on the content side,” Soulie said in the session, which you can view in its entirety here. “We debuted more than nine series and specials based on our iconic IPs.” This included the relaunch of the Masters of the Universe franchise with two series, two Barbie animated movies and the relaunch of Thomas & Friends with an all-new look in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.

“What we saw in 2021 were the results of the seeds we planted a couple of years prior,” Soulie said. “We have one of the largest libraries of IP at Mattel. Creating compelling content takes time. But we’ve been very busy the last few years, focused on becoming a high-performing, IP-driven toy company. 2022 will be even bigger.”

The Mattel library “is a living, breathing thing,” Soulie noted. “At Mattel Television, we feel it’s part of our responsibility to nurture it and make it grow, whether it’s creating new IP internally or sometimes optioning or acquiring from other studios. One great example of that is Deepa & Anoop, which will stream later this year on Netflix. It’s a great illustration of Mattel going beyond what we already own in our library. This is a growing slice of our development slate.”

Deepa & Anoop also reflects Mattel Television’s commitment to “telling authentic stories from diverse voices in all areas of production. The goal is to represent the world kids see around them. This is our first Mattel Television original project, and there are more coming. And a call to action to the industry: we’re always looking for more.”

Mattel Television is also at work on reimagining the Monster High franchise. “We’ve partnered with Nickelodeon. It’s a terrific IP, truly evergreen. We’re doing an animated series, a complete reboot. It’s the first time Nickelodeon and Mattel are partnering on the production side—everything from scripting to design to music. At its core, the animated series will embrace inclusion and diversity. And then, for the first time ever, we’re bringing Monster High in live action, through a movie musical, again in partnership with Nickelodeon.”

Diversity and inclusion are also at the heart of new Barbie content, Soulie said. Mattel Television is working on an episodic series based on the special Barbie Big City, Big Dreams, plus more animated movies.

Soulie then talked about the enduring appeal of Thomas & Friends. “In the DNA of Thomas, the value of friendship resonates with kids, but also with parents and caregivers. These are important messages. We now have 25 seasons. All have stayed true to the core of the DNA. What we did a couple of years ago, though, was try to rethink Thomas. Where do we want to take Thomas next? Historically, it’s always been CG. We thought, what would it look like if we went more cartoony in a 2D animated way? We loved what we could do with it. A lot more physical comedy, the expressions on the faces of Thomas and the other engines, we could take them to a different place. So there was a lot more we could do with the content while keeping it very simple. The 2D aspect lets us do crazy things. Thomas doesn’t have to stay on the rails all the time.”

The show incorporates 26 life lessons, Soulie said. “We took these life lessons from The Railway Series books first introduced in 1945. We went back and looked at the DNA, focusing on three pillars of early childhood development: social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills. And we wanted to broaden the reach of Thomas. We expanded the distribution. We are airing Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go in 150 countries and adding more every day.” In the U.S., the show is on both Cartoon Network and Netflix.

Outside of the Monster High musical, there is more live action in the works at Mattel Television, Soulie said. “We see live action as a big growth driver for Mattel Television. We’ve grown our team with a new hire. There are a lot of opportunities, in scripted and unscripted.” Projects include a Pictionary game show, and other games in the Mattel slate could serve as inspiration for further shows.

Amid shifts caused by the pandemic, Soulie noted that “physical play is here to stay—we saw that as families spent more time together at home. On the content side, there was a captive audience, and co-viewing went up. We saw the value of trusted brands. We take a franchise approach. We couldn’t reach as many kids through live events, but we did other things, whether on YouTube or Netflix, sometimes accelerated releases of content.”

Mattel Television has 20 shows and specials currently in production, Soulie said, with another 25 in development. “It’s a big pipeline, including animation and live action, short-form, scripted and unscripted. We have a large library and lots of opportunities to create great television. As an IP owner, it’s a great time to be in the industry when you have strong, well-known brands and franchises.”


Originally published: October 07, 2021.

Original source: aNb Media.

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Nickelodeon Junior France to Premiere New Episodes of 'Baby Shark's Big Show!' from Jan. 8

Nickelodeon Junior France will start to premiere brand new episodes of Baby Shark's Big Show! (Baby Shark : L'Aventure Sous L'Eau) every Saturday at 09:05 starting Saturday 8th January 2022!

Below is Nickelodeon France's official press release announcing the fin-tastic news!:


Paris, le 4 janvier - AprÚs avoir lancé la série en novembre dernier, dÚs le 8 janvier, NICKELODEON JUNIOR donne rendez-vous aux petits téléspectateurs avec les épisodes inédits de BABY SHARK : L'AVENTURE SOUS L'EAU. De quoi débuter la nouvelle année dans la bonne humeur et en musique !
C'est reparti pour l'aventure en compagnie du plus célÚbre des petits requins ! Véritable phénomÚne qui a fait danser les enfants du monde entier, Baby Shark plonge les petits téléspectateurs dans la suite de ses drÎles de péripéties sous-marine. Entouré de sa famille et de son meilleur ami William, chaque nouvelle escapade est l'occasion pour lui de se faire de nouveaux amis et surtout d'imaginer de nouvelles chansons originales et entraßnantes qui ne manqueront pas de faire bouger les fans.
Co-produite par les Studios Nickelodeon et la sociĂ©tĂ© SmartStudy, BABY SHARK : L'AVENTURE SOUS L'EAU est adaptĂ©e de la chanson dĂ©sormais culte qui cumule, depuis sa sortie, plus de 9 milliards de vues sur YouTube devenant la vidĂ©o la plus regardĂ©e de l'histoire de la plateforme. Avec un tout nouveau monde de personnages amusants et attachants, ce nouveau programme cĂ©lĂšbre la famille, les amis et l'aventure Ă  travers la musique. 
Tous en piste avec les nouveaux épisodes de BABY SHARK : L'AVENTURE SOUS L'EAU, à découvrir sur NICKELODEON JUNIOR !

BABY SHARK : L'AVENTURE SOUS L'EAU - Les épisodes inédits
DĂšs le 8 janvier, tous les samedis Ă  9h05
ViacomCBS France

ViacomCBS (NASDAQ : VIAC ; VIACA) est un groupe mondial leader dans le domaine des médias de divertissement proposant des contenus et des expériences de qualité à des publics variés dans le monde entier. VicacomCBS regroupe des marques emblématiques et mondialement connues comme Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Showtime, Paramount Picture, Paramount Network, Network 10, Channel 5, Telefe, Viacom 18, ViacomCBS International Studios et Pluto TV. En plus d'offrir des services de streaming et des produits vidéo innovants, ViacomCBS dispose de solides capacités de production, de distribution et de solutions publicitaires pour des partenaires sur les cinq continents et dans plus de 180 pays. En France, ViacomCBS Networks France est présent via de grandes marques de divertissement dont MTV, MTV HITS, MY MTV, BET, PARAMOUNT CHANNEL, COMEDY CENTRAL, GAME ONE, J-ONE, NICKELODEON JUNIOR, NICKELODEON, NICKELODEON TEEN et MON NICKELODEON JUNIOR avec leurs plateformes numériques et sociales associées. Les chaßnes de ViacomCBS Networks France sont distribuées chez tous les opérateurs.


Nickelodeon France | Continuité - Continuity | Janvier 2022

Nickeldoeon FRANCE đŸ‡«đŸ‡· Continuity January 2022 
đŸŽ„ Recorded 01/12/2022 
EnregistrĂ© 12/01/2022 

Ne manquez pas les nouveaux Ă©pisodes de votre sĂ©rie prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e sur Nickelodeon! đŸ“ș #NickelodeonFrance #KampKoral  #BienvenueChezLesLoud #BienvenueChezLesCasagrandes

Bienvenue chez les Loud Tome 14

Agé de 11 ans, Lincoln Loud sait que pour survivre à son quotidien familial chaotique, tous les coups sont permis... Les nouvelles péripéties toujours aussi drÎles et décalées d'un jeune garçon dont la cohabitation avec 10 soeurs demande autant de patience que d'ingéniosité...

Originally published: January 05, 2022.

Additional source: ActuaLittĂ©.com,

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North Sumatran Police Chief Gifts Blind Young Girl a SpongeBob Bed

Sumatra, Indonesian - A North Sumatran Police Chief has help grant the wish of a blind young girl by gifting her a bed featuring Nickelodeon's beloved SpongeBob SquarePants!

Kapolda Sumut Kabulkan Impian Anak Penderita Tunanetra Tidur di Kasur SpongeBob

Selly Selly Br Hutapea anak penderita kasus bergambar SpongeBob SquarePants yang ia impikan dari Kapolda Sumut Irjen Pol Panca Putra

garudaonline – Medan | Kapolda Sumut Irjen Panca Putra Simanjuntak mewujudkan impian anak penderita tunanetra, Selly Selly Br Hutapea (8). Impian Selly ingin tidur di atas kasus bergambar SpongeBob SquarePants.

Impian Selly itu terwujud setelah Kapolda Irjen Panca Putra memberikan apa yang menjadi keinginkannya yakni kasur bermotif serial animasi terpopuler di Nickelodeon itu.

Rasa haru dan bangga pun menyelimuti Selly dan orang tua atas kasih sayang Kapolda Sumut untuk anaknya. Bantuan tersebut berupa tempat tidur yang diserahkan kepada salah satu murid SDLB Jalan Proklamasi, Kecamatan Stabat, Kabupaten Langkat, Rabu (31/1/2022).

Murid yang mendapat bantuan yakni bernama Selly, warga Gang Pepaya, Simpang Lorong Murni, Kelurahan Perdamaian, Kecamatan Stabat, Kabupaten Langkat yang saat ini duduk di bangku kelas 2 SDLB.

Bantuan tersebut diserahkan oleh Kapolres Langkat yang diterima langsung oleh Selly bersama Orang tuanya dan Kepala Sekolah SDLB.

Mendapat bantuan dari Kapolda Sumut, Selly sangat senang dan mengucapkan terimakasih.

“Terimakasih, Pak Kapolda. Saya sangat senang sekali,” ujarnya.

Orang tua Selly turut mengucapkan terimakasih atas bantuan yang diberikan Kapolda Sumut, Kapolres Langkat dan jajaran.

“Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas kepedulian dan kasih sayang bapak-bapak. Bantuan ini sangat bermanfaat sekali. Semoga Tuhan YME membalas kebaikan bapak,” harapnya.

Diketahui, Selly meminta tempat tidur bergambar SpongeBob kepada Kapolda Sumut Irjen Pol Panca Putra Simanjuntak saat meninjau pelaksanaan vaksinasi anak usia-6-11 yang digelar Polres Langkat, pada Rabu (19/1/2022) lalu.

Mendengar permintaan itu, Kapolda Sumut kepada Selly berjanji akan memberikan tempat tidur bergambar Spongebob kepada Selly.


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