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'The Loud House Movie' Director Reveals Film is Canon With Series; Where It Fits In

Netflix is set to premiere The Loud House Movie, the brand new animated film based on Nickelodeon's hit animated series on Friday, August 20, and one thing fans have been wondering is whether the movie will be canon with the series, and if so, where about in the series does it take place.

In Nickelodeon’s much-anticipated The Loud House Movie, based on Nickelodeon's hit animated series The Loud House, the biggest family on television goes on the biggest Loud family vacation ever! The adventure follows the Loud family to Scotland where they discover that they are descendants of Scottish royalty. The family quickly indulges in the most wish-fulfilling high-life ever when they discover their ancestral home is a castle.

Director Dave Needham (head of story, Smallfoot) and writers Kevin Sullivan and Chris Viscardi planned this hilarious family trip, which features the voices of Asher Bishop, Michelle Gomez (Morag), David Tennant, Grey Griffin, Jill Talley, Brian Stepanek, Jessica DiCicco, Liliana Mumy, Cristina Pucelli, Nika Futterman, Lara Jill Miller, Andre Robinson, Cat Taber, Katy Townsend, Carlos PenaVega and Izabella Alvarez. Produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

Replying to a fan on Instagram, Needham revealed that the crew of The Loud House Movie think that the film takes place during season 4 and season 5, so Lily will still have her younger design. In season 5, each of the characters were aged up by a year. So technically, the movie is canon with the series. Needham added that he isn't sure whether the Louds will refer back to their time in Scotland in the series, however.

Nickelodeon and Netflix first announced plans for The Loud House Movie as well as a animated movie inspired by Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in February 2019, as part of Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS' broader efforts to tap into Nickelodeon's intellectual properties (IP) to continue producing new content for digital and linear platforms. Nickelodeon and Netflix expanded on their pact to form a new, multi-year output deal to produce original animated feature films and television series - based both on the Nickelodeon library of characters as well as all-new IP - for kids and families around the world.

The Loud House debuted on Nickelodeon in May 2016 and centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters as he gives an inside look at what it takes to survive the chaos of a huge family. As one of the longest-running animated series on Nickelodeon, the series currently ranks as the number-one animated show on Nickelodeon with Kids 6-11 year-to-date. The property also has been translated into a comic book series, which continues to roll out new stories, chapter books, a digital album and a podcast, Listen Out Loud. The series is executive produced by Michael Rubiner. Kyle Marshall serves as co-executive producer and Ashley Kliment-Baker is art director. Currently in its fifth season, The Loud House was recently renewed for a sixth season.

The voice cast of The Loud House includes: Asher Bishop as Lincoln Loud; Andre Robinson as Clyde McBride; Catherine Taber as Lori; Liliana Mumy as Leni; Nika Futterman as Luna; Cristina Pucelli as Luan; Jessica DiCicco as Lynn and Lucy; Grey Griffin as Lola, Lana and Lily; and Lara Jill Miller as Lisa.

The show has also been spun-off with the successful companion series, The Casagrandes, which tells the story of 11-year-old Ronnie Anne who moves to the city with her mom and older brother to live with their big, loving family, the Casagrandes.

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Originally published: July 26, 2021.

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Nickelodeon UK Ratings for Week of July 12-18

Nickelodeon UK Network Ratings for week of Monday 12th - Sunday 18th July 2021.

Ratings across the Nickelodeon UK Network were down quite a bit compared to the previous week (July 5-11), according to BARB data, with only Nicktoons reporting an increase in viewership.

Nickelodeon Total:

1. IT'S PONY (WED 07:00) - 36,457
2. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 08:00) - 33,500
3. SIDE HUSTLE (MON 16:28) - 30,400
4. HORRID HENRY (WED 06:15) - 28,903
7. SAM & CAT (FRI 11:59) - 26,300
8. HORRID HENRY (WED 06:43) - 25,300
9. THE THUNDERMANS (WED 23:00) - 24,700
10. IT'S PONY (FRI 16:05) - 24,100
11. IT'S PONY (FRI 16:15) - 24,100
12. IT'S PONY (FRI 15:59) - 24,100
13. THE THUNDERMANS (WED 17:00) - 23,800
14. IT'S PONY (WED 07:05) - 22,900

NickToons Total:

3. HORRID HENRY (SUN 10:00) - 40,400
4. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 23:00) - 39,300
5. HORRID HENRY (SUN 09:30) - 36,700
6. HORRID HENRY (SUN 10:14) - 35,300
7. THE LOUD HOUSE (WED 17:30) - 31,300
9. HORRID HENRY (SUN 10:29) - 30,800
10. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 17:29) - 30,719
11. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (FRI 08:15) - 30,100
12. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (FRI 08:00) - 30,100
13. HORRID HENRY (SUN 09:00) - 27,600
14. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 07:00) - 27,200
15. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 07:14) - 27,200

Nick Jr. Total:

1. PEPPA PIG (SUN 15:05) - 251,500
2. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:50) - 245,300
3. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:45) - 220,700
4. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:00) - 219,700
5. PEPPA PIG (SUN 13:29) - 211,000
6. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:45) - 204,100
7. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:05) - 202,800
8. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:30) - 200,900
9. PEPPA PIG (SUN 15:00) - 200,700
10. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:50) - 198,100
11. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:45) - 196,300
12. PEPPA PIG (TUE 13:00) - 189,000
13. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:05) - 187,100
14. PEPPA PIG (MON 07:04) - 183,400
15. PEPPA PIG (TUE 12:30) - 182,400

Nick Jr. Too:

1. PAW PATROL (TUE 18:29) - 58,400
2. PAW PATROL (SUN 08:45) - 53,900
3. PAW PATROL (SUN 17:44) - 53,800
4. PAW PATROL (SUN 17:29) - 53,800
5. PAW PATROL (TUE 18:44) - 53,100
6. PAW PATROL (TUE 13:45) - 48,900
7. PAW PATROL (TUE 14:00) - 48,900
8. PAW PATROL (THU 18:44) - 47,200
9. PAW PATROL (WED 17:00) - 44,500
10. PAW PATROL (THU 16:45) - 43,700
11. PAW PATROL (SAT 17:29) - 43,000
12. PAW PATROL (TUE 14:15) - 42,700
13. PAW PATROL (SAT 17:59) - 42,400
14. PAW PATROL (SAT 16:59) - 42,200
15. PAW PATROL (THU 16:30) - 41,200

Notes: Nick Jr. Too is listed as Nick Jr 2 on BARB.

Nickelodeon Network:

1. PEPPA PIG (SUN 15:05) - Nick Jr Total - 251,500
2. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:50) - Nick Jr Total - 245,300
3. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:45) - Nick Jr Total - 220,700
4. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:00) - Nick Jr Total - 219,700
5. PEPPA PIG (SUN 13:29) - Nick Jr Total - 211,000
6. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:45) - Nick Jr Total - 204,100
7. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:05) - Nick Jr Total - 202,800
8. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:30) - Nick Jr Total - 200,900
9. PEPPA PIG (SUN 15:00) - Nick Jr Total - 200,700
10. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:50) - Nick Jr Total - 198,100
11. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:45) - Nick Jr Total - 196,300
12. PEPPA PIG (TUE 13:00) - Nick Jr Total - 189,000
13. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:05) - Nick Jr Total - 187,100
14. PEPPA PIG (MON 07:04) - Nick Jr Total - 183,400
15. PEPPA PIG (TUE 12:30) - Nick Jr Total - 182,400

Ratings data provided by BARB.

Programmes of less than 5 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.

Linear TV viewing only; Data for viewing programming on PC/laptops, Tablets and Smartphones is currently unavailable.

Originally published: July 26, 2021.

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Tensions Erupt into SCREAMING MATCH in TikTok House | Next Influencer Season 2 Ep. 8 | AwesomenessTV

Tensions Erupt into SCREAMING MATCH in TikTok House | Next Influencer Season 2 Ep. 8 | AwesomenessTV

After a WILD unboxing challenge, the Next Influencer housemates are given the day to cool off, relax, and take it easy... but in the summer heat, tensions come to a boil as drama ERUPTS in the TikTok House like you've never seen before 🤯 Watch Next Influencer Season 2 every Saturday at 7am PST/10am EST on AwesomenessTV's YouTube Channel! This episode of AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer is presented in partnership with HP. For more information visit

“I Feel Like Everyone’s FAKE” (WALK OUT) | VIBE ROOM: Next Influencer Season 2 Ep. 8 | AwesomenessTV

Today in the Vibe Room, Ace B. King and Colie DO 👏NOT 👏 HOLD 👏 BACK as they relive the drama from episode 8 of Next Influencer! We're spilling tea in the Vibe Room every Sunday at 7AM PST/10AM EST on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel w/ special guest host Markell Washington! This episode of Vibe Room is presented in partnership with HP. For more information visit

0:00 - Today in the Vibe Room…
1:06 - Next Influencer S2 E7 Recap
6:44 - Check Out This REPLAYABLE MOMENT
7:12 - You're FAKE (the game)
10:23 - Trending on TikTok
13:27 - The Whisper Challenge

Next Influencer Season 2 Ep. 9 TEASER: DISS TRACK BATTLE | AwesomenessTV

The influencers are GOING HARD 🔥🔥🔥 You DO NOT want to miss this week's diss track battle. New episode this Saturday at 7am PST / 10am EST right here on AwesomenessTV! CATCH UP on Next Influencer Season NOW! -

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Hosted by season one winner and TikTok star Owen Holt, AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer Season 2 follows a group of content creators competing in a series of challenges to prove they have what it takes to become the next big influencer. One contestant will win a prize package that includes a talent contract with AwesomenessTV! Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #NextInfluencer!

→ about the VIBE ROOM! ←
Secrets, scandals, and all the TikTok drama you can handle — it all goes down in the Vibe Room as Owen Holt & Markell Washington spill the tea on on your favorite content creators and get the inside scoop on what really went down behind the scenes of the most popular AwesomenessTV shows from the cast members themselves! 


Watch more AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer! -

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Eddie Preciado - @eddiepreciado
Ace B. King - @acebking
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Supervising Producer: Tara Cole @itstarajayne
Producer: Ian Midura @lowkeygrandpa
Director: Vitaly Kibenko @ownthelight
Assistant Director : Candace Stephens @candaceleestephens 
Producer: Omid Afshar @omidafshar
Development Producer: Nick Haddad
Director of Photography: Dima Kovalchuk @dimakovalchuk
COVID Safety Officer: Paige Borninkhof 
Line Producer: Lauren Brookes, Allison Drye
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
Camera Operators: 
Valentin Sevostyanchuk @valentinsevo 
David Yanez @misteryanez 
Leo Akagi @officialkeisuke
Sound Ops: @soundninjas 
Set Medic: Brandon Peltier
Post Production Supervisor: Dima Kovalchuk @dimakovalchuk
Editor: Trever Jones @treverjones
Editor: Leo Akagi @officialkeisuke
Assistant Editor: Frank Felipe @frankfelipe
Assistant Editor: Christian Acosta @chrisdnlacosta
Assistant Editor: Claire Chung @claireguagua

→ Vibe Room Cast and Crew Credits ←

Owen Holt - @itsowenholt
Markell Washington - @markellwashington
Ace B. King - @acebking
Colie Nuanez - @colie.nuanez
Eileen Padilla - @bbyeileen

Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Director/Producer: Omid Afshar 
Development/Creative Producer: Alex Hoffman 
Talent & Development: RJ Larese, Erin Browne, Melissa Nicolai 
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis 
Line Producer: Lena Bubenechik 
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
COVID Safety Officer: Leanna Tallmeister 
Camera Operator: Andrew Davis , Carol Kim 
Sound Mixer: Eric Bucklin 
Gaffer: Mark Chase
Production Designer: Laura Lahti
Art Director: Xavier Mozejewski 
Art PA: Martin "Johnny" Baez 
Set PA: Jennelle Williams
Editor: Zack Wilson

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Originally published: July 24, 2021.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 25, 2021 | Nickelodeon

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Meet The Mercado! | The Casagrandes Short | Nickelodeon

Meet The Mercado! | The Casagrandes Short | Nickelodeon

Take a sneak peek into the Casagrandes' mercado in this brand new short, "Meet The Mercado"!
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