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Welcome to the Nickelodeon Culture Club

Welcome to the Nickelodeon Culture Club. It's where kids from around the globe chat about everyone's culture. Celebrate what connects us, embrace what makes us unique and learn something new with the Nickelodeon Culture Club!

Originally published: July 31, 2021.

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Stay Safe with PAW Patrol: The Movie | Nickelodeon Movies

Learn how to stay safe with PAW Patrol: The Movie, bounding into theaters and leaping onto Paramount+ August 20!

The PAW Patrol is on a roll!  When their biggest rival, Humdinger, becomes Mayor of nearby Adventure City and starts wreaking havoc, Ryder and everyone's favourite heroic pups kick into high gear to face the challenge head on.  While one pup must face his past in Adventure City, the team finds help from a new ally, the savvy dachshund Liberty.  Together, armed with exciting new gadgets and gear, the PAW Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City! Joining the PAW Patrol in their thrilling first big screen adventure are members from the original series' cast along with Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Yara Shahidi, Kim Kardashian West, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, with Tyler Perry and Jimmy Kimmel and introducing Will Brisbin.

Adam Levine, front man of multi-Grammy® Award-winning band, Maroon 5, will perform an original song. Titled "Good Mood", the new original song was written by Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Oscar Görres and Adam Levine; produced by Shellback from MXM Productions and Oscar Görres for Wolf Cousins Productions; executive produced by Savan Kotecha and performed by Adam Levine. Levine, who appears courtesy of Interscope Records, lends his characteristic falsetto to the upbeat and light-hearted track.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 30, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 30, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Stream all new CG-animated Rugrats series, exclusively on Paramount+!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: First Look: Nickelodeon's All-New Animated 'Rugrats' Reunites Members of the Original Voice Cast to Reprise Roles!

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Netflix Reveals 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' Took Inspiration From 'Legend of Korra'

Netflix's latest foray into the world of Eternia has been one of the most talked-about animated series on the streaming service since being released on the platform earlier this month, and recently, it was revealed how Masters of the Universe: Revelation took inspiration from the world of bending in The Legend of Korra. With the first five episodes of the series produced by Kevin Smith acting as a soft reboot to the original series that introduced the world to He-Man and his fellow followers of Castle Greyskull, Revelation definitely makes some big changes that had a number of fans talking.

One of the biggest changes of the series was the role given to Teela, the female warrior who has been a part of He-Man's adventures since the very beginning. Joined by warriors good and evil, including the likes of Andra and Evil-Lynn, the female fighters were apparently given new aesthetics that were modeled from not only the Nickelodeon series of The Legend of Korra, but also with the live-action designs for Warner Bros' Wonder Woman. With the first half of the series ending with a giant cliffhanger, fans are waiting to hear when the series will be making a comeback on the streaming platform.

Netflix Geeked shared the details about how Masters of the Universe: Revelation was inspired by the likes of The Legend of Korra and Wonder Woman when it came to designing its female characters, including the likes of Teela, Evil-Lynn, Andra, and more:

The controversy that has surrounded the new take on the Masters of the Universe animated series arose as a result of He-Man's role in the story, with the first episode making a drastic change to both the hero of Eternia and his number one villain in Skeletor. Though as the series progressed, all wasn't as it originally seemed and from the final episode, it seems as if "Part Two" will be drastically different from its predecessor.
Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra on Paramount+ and Netflix!

Listen to the brand new podcast, Avatar: Braving the Elements!:

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Izabella Alvarez Talks About Voicing Ronnie Anne on 'The Casagrandes'

Izabella Alvarez recently talked to HOLA! about voicing Ronnie Anne on Nickelodeon's Emmy Award winning series, The Casagrandes!

©Shane McCauley

Alvarez is a proud Latina who is honored to be leading the way for younger generations and is grateful to have opportunities to tell different stories about her community. The Irvine teen is already taking the acting world by storm with a stacked resume at only 17-years-old.

When HOLA! asked Alvarez about what it's like working on the series and doing voice work, the actor, who has been named as a "rising Latina star and promising young actress in Hollywood", revealed:

"It’s been really great, I just stumbled into it when I was 15. Part of my agency had a voice over department and I got sent one day, this character that is a strong Latina 12-year-old girl. I was like ‘This is great, I’d love to do something like this.’ And then I booked it and I’ve never done voiceover work before. It’s such a different world, it’s completely different. You have to know all of the little techniques from just being in front of a mic and it’s obviously not what I normally do. So it was so fun and I learned so much. I’ve been doing the show for three years now which is insane to me. Then we won a daytime Emmy for the theme song which I got to rap in. It’s just been such a cool experience and really inspiring too that we’re one of the first multigenerational Mexican-American Latino families in animation for kids which is insane because it’s so overdue but I’m also so happy that I get to be a part of making history even on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon even allowing us to do something like this. We have some of the people from Coco a part of the show, and Miguel Puga, who is the creator of it and everyone a part of it has been so incredible. They just want to tell really important stories and I love that."

Alvarez also revealed that she's currently busy working on the third season of The Casagrandes!:

"I have a couple of things that I’m trying to develop. Stories that I just want to tell, I’m working on The Casagrandes season three currently. I’ve been doing that and just trying to be as hands on as possible and I’m reoccurring on Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network so I’ve been doing that as well. And just reading a lot of content, I’ve just been getting sent scripts that have incredible stories. There’s a lot of great material out right now and so much to watch. It’s just a matter of getting the right opportunity and right story I want to do. I would love to dabble into directing. I’ve always wanted to do that since I was little. So slowly but surely I would love to shadow some directors and just get into that world as well. It’s hard but it’s incredible."

You can read Alvarez's fantastic interview with HOLA! in full on!

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Nickelodeon India Launches #ToastYourDost Initiative to Celebrate Friendship Day

With Friendship Day just around the corner, Nickelodeon, India’s pioneering kids’ entertainment brand and an undisputed category leader entertaining millions of young fans across India, has bigger celebration plans with its latest initiative, #ToastYourDost!

Represented by Nicktoons, #ToastYourDost will give its young viewers a chance to celebrate the entire month of August as a massive ode to friendship with banter between friends, pranks, and a whole lot of fun.

Kick starting the month-long celebration from 1st August on Friendship Day and going all the way till 3rd September, Nickelodeon will premiere a fun initiative that will see a hilarious and first of its kind #ToastYourDost online awards come to life.

The fun awards fueling the friendly and cheeky banter between friends will include categories like Chindi Friend, Selfie Obsessed Soul, Lazy Daizy, Late Lateef, Biggest Bhukkad, Biggest Ditcher and many more.  The 12 award categories will give an opportunity to its young viewers to choose a toasting template and add the name of the friend and a reason to toast that dost. All one must do is login onto and go on to “Toast Your Dost”.

In addition to that Nickelodeon will also bring to life a fun on-air campaign where millions of kids can watch episodes of their favorite toon BFFs like Rudra, Motu Patlu and Golmaal Jr., and participate in a contest giving them a fabulous opportunity to win cool and coveted gaming consoles.  The console is ideal for kids to spend time with their friends and enjoy many fun moments of toasting their dost’s along the way.

Speaking on the initiative, Sonali Bhattacharya, Head – Marketing Kids TV Network, Viacom18, said, “At Nickelodeon, we celebrate kids and all that is of importance to them. Friendship and all the wonderful emotions that friendship sparks, forms a very pivotal part of kids’ lives.

“Keeping this in mind, we have curated our initiative, #ToastYourDost that will allow kids to toast their friends all month long and make some fun memories. The unique initiative spans all screens and is full of quirky digital innovations sure to keep kids happy and positive,” Bhattacharya said.

To keep the kids intrigued and burgeon the initiative further, the campaign will leave no stone unturned in reaching out to the kids by running tickers on the channel as well as billboards and digital screens across Mumbai with toast your dost messages from their young viewers.

Keeping up with the enthusiasm surrounding the occasion, to drive the attention towards the campaign, the channel has devised a robust digital plan across social media platforms with swipe up games, AR filters, mash-up reels, gamified stories etc. along with promotions on Voot, Voot Kids, social media platforms and YouTube channels.

As an extension to the campaign, the channel will bring to life specially curated music playlists on friendship across popular music streaming apps. The channel will also host watch parties for kids from across the city showcasing new episodes of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows and characters.

With numerous other brand partnerships, the kids’ category leader aims to redefine the meaning of friendship once again in this season of Friendship.

Originally published: July 31, 2021.

Source: MediaBrief; Additional source: AdGully.

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Miranda Cosgrove Talks About Returning to 'iCarly' After Nine Years; Reveals She Didn't Think Original Series Would Be a Success

iCarly is back! The revival series premiered on Paramount+ in June and premiered July 30 on Paramount+ services in Latin America, Brazil and the Nordics, the latter of which a couple of months earlier than planned thanks to the revival's success in the U.S.

To celebrate the international launch of the iCarly revival, Miranda Cosgrove recently talked to Norwegian publication VG about the series, including about its original run.

Cosgrove compares returning to the iCarly after nine years as to returning to a childhood home. But when the series was first launched, Cosgrove did not think it would be a success.

VG: How did you prepare to enter the role again, after all these years?

MC: One of the most important things I did was to watch a whole bunch of episodes from the original. I had not seen it in many years. [...] I was only thirteen years old when we recorded them. I remember very little of some of the episodes. When I watched it felt a bit like just being a viewer enjoying the show.

Cosgrove added that the first seasons were especially strange to watch again, however, watching the episodes again became important to remember all the features of iCarly.

Doubted the concept

The original series was about Carly and friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress), who together make a web show from the attic of Carly and her brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor).

"I remember when I was told the concept for the first time, I really wondered what a web show really was. I thought, "Are people going to like this?" Cosgrove said. But when the series started, it was a great success. "It was at the same time that young people started making their own YouTube channels. In many ways, I think iCarly led a wave of children who created their own content for their own channels.

A lot has happened on the internet since then.

"We have a lot more to work with now. Everyone creates creative content online in 2021. For example, we made an entire episode about memes, and how they can completely take off and have their own life on the internet. It was very fun," said Cosgrove.

VG: What was it like for you to play Carly at the same time as you became more and more adult yourself?

MC: I was thirteen years old when we started filming, and twenty towards the end. During that period, I had all my "firsts". My first kiss, and so on. Coming back reminds me very much of all those things.

Miranda Cosgrove compares coming back to coming back to a childhood home after nine years.

"Taking back the show felt very overwhelming at first. We were afraid of ruining someone's memories of the original, Cosgrove told VG. "But at the same time: The original will always exist. Anyone can go back and watch it whenever they want.

"Now we have made a kind of continuation of the original, where we can explore the characters as adults and thus play with a little different stories than we could last."

Hoping for more reunions

VG: What can we look forward to in the iCarly universe?

MC: One of the things I like best myself is to bring people back from the original. We got many back in the first season, and I hope we can get back even more in the next.

Cosgrove highlighted characters such as the doorman Lewbert, and T-Bo from the smoothie place Groovy Smoothie.

"I also hope we get to see more of Freddie's mother", Cosgrove adds.

VG: Since the last time we saw iCarly, the fans have also gotten older. What do you hope they get out of iCarly now?

MC: When we started this project, we agreed, Nathan (Freddie), Jerry (Spencer) and I, that the most important thing for us is that the core of the fans - those who really loved iCarly as children - think it's fun with a reunion. I hope it can remind them [of] when they were young, as it has done for us.

Seeing the set again for the first time in nine years was a very strange experience, Cosgrove added. "I was really just looking forward to going back, but when I got there all the memories flowed on and it became very emotional."

Before the filming of a more adult version of iCarly, Cosgrove revealed that the actors were nervous.

Talking about the new series, Cosgrove revealed:

"Carly is now in her mid-twenties, and must learn to stand on her own two feet. [...] In the season she dates, among other things. She is pretty bad at dating, and ends up on many strange dates. [...]".

Cosgrove also revealed that she can recognize herself a lot in Carly. "She is very positive, but she is also a little small. It's not that different from me in reality. Therefore, it was not so difficult to get back into the role."

The all new iCarly is streaming now, exclusively on Paramount+!

More Nick: Paramount Plus Renews Hit Series 'iCarly' for a Second Season!

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Paramount Plus Brazil to Add 'Club 57' Season 2, 'Blaze' Season 5, 'SpongeBob' Season 12 and New Episodes of 'Danger Force' in August 2021

Paramount+ Brazil (Brasil), the streaming service from ViacomCBS Networks Americas, will be adding more Nickelodeon programming to its content library in August 2021! New content will include Club 57 season two, new episodes of Danger Force, Blaze and the Monster Machines season five, SpongeBob SquarePants season 12, the latter of which will be added on Sunday 1st August 2021.

Cast of Club 57 season two.

Novidades no Paramount Plus: veja o que chega ao catálogo em agosto de 2021

Pra fechar a semana com chave de ouro, a Paramount Plus divulgou a lista de novidades que chegam ao catálogo da plataforma de streaming em agosto de 2021. As produções incluem desde dramas com histórias únicas até séries para toda a família, que garantem boas risadas e momentos de descontração.

Os títulos do serviço abrangem criações em vários formatos de grandes emissoras, como MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures e Nickelodeon. Ao todo, são 15 novas produções, divididas entre séries, filmes e produções para crianças e adolescentes.

O Paramount Plus chegou ao Brasil no começo de março deste ano, com a promessa de oferecer uma “montanha de entretenimento”, pelo preço mensal de R$ 19,90 em sua assinatura.

Sem mais delongas, chegou o momento de conferir todos os lançamentos da plataforma para este mês de agosto. Aproveite ainda para deixar o seu comentário sobre os novos títulos da plataforma para este mês.


100 Code


Entre Armas e Brinquedos
Invasão ao Serviço Secreto
De Amor e Trevas
Me Chame Pelo Seu Nome
Amantes Eternos

Teen + Kids

Club 57 (2ª Temporada)
Danger Force (2ª Temporada
Blaze e os Monster Machines (5ª Temporada)
Um Monstro em Paris
Bob Esponja (12ª Temporada)


From O Vício:

Com ‘Infinite’, Paramount+ anuncia lançamentos de agosto

O Paramount+ inicia agosto com novos conteúdos exclusivos para todos os públicos. Desde filmes que vão mergulhar em histórias avassaladoras, passando por aqueles baseados em histórias reais de grandes personalidades, até conteúdos de ação, suspense e amor.

Chega também ao serviço uma variedade de séries para toda a família que garante boas risadas e momentos de descontração.

Todas essas estreias se somam à montanha de entretenimento já oferecida pela plataforma premium de streaming, como: iCarly, The Handmaid’s Tale, House of Lies, No Activity, Acapulco Shore, Dexter e muitos outros formatos e títulos mundiais da MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures e Nickelodeon.

Infinite (disponível a partir de 11 de agosto) – Estrelado por Mark Wahlberg, Infinite é um filme de ação e ficção científica que aborda o conceito de reencarnação, por meio de imagens espetaculares e personagens profundos que usam memórias e habilidades de vidas passadas para garantir o futuro. O thriller apresenta personagens surpreendentes que usam esses aprendizados de outras vidas para garantir que o futuro da humanidade seja protegido daqueles que buscam acabar com a vida no planeta.

Entre Armas e Brinquedos (disponível a partir de 1º de agosto) – Esta é uma comédia ácida de Natal estrelada por Mel Gibson, que interpreta o Papai Noel, Chris Cringle, um homem barulhento e pouco ortodoxo que está lutando para salvar seu negócio falido. Enquanto isso, Billy, um menino precoce e descuidado de 12 anos, contrata um assassino para matar o Papai Noel depois de receber de presente um pedaço de carvão.

Invasão ao Serviço Secreto (disponível a partir de 1º de agosto) – Em uma tentativa de assassinato contra Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), Presidente dos Estados Unidos, seu confidente, o agente do serviço secreto Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), é injustamente acusado e preso após escapar de ser capturado. Mike se torna um fugitivo e deve escapar de sua própria agência e ser mais esperto que eles. O FBI se envolve na busca pela ameaça real ao presidente. Desesperado para descobrir a verdade, Banning recorre a aliados improváveis ​​para ajudar a descobrir o que realmente aconteceu, manter sua família fora de perigo e salvar o país de um perigo iminente.

Além desses filmes inéditos, o Paramount+ traz uma lista de séries aclamadas. O acervo já oferecido é acrescido por novas séries com histórias envolventes: 100 Code, Mirage e Chosen. Para os fãs mais saudosistas, o famoso agente secreto MacGyver chega ao Paramount+ por completo em sete temporadas, sendo lançadas duas delas por semana.

O Paramount+ ainda estreia neste mês longas românticos em contextos totalmente diferentes: De Amor e Trevas, estrelado por Natalie Portman, o aclamado Me Chame Pelo Seu Nome, com Timothée Chalamet e Amantes Eternos, estrelado por Tilda Swinton e Tom Hiddleston.

O Paramount+ se destaca também por seu extenso catálogo de conteúdo infantil: filmes de fantasia, séries de monstros e super-heróis e também produções com viagens no tempo e aventuras onde a ciência é mais divertida do que nunca. Entram na plataforma a tão esperada segunda temporada do Club 57, Danger Force, as novas aventuras na quinta temporada de Blaze e os Monster Machines e o filme Um Monstro em Paris. Além disso, a partir de 1º de agosto, novos episódios da Temporada 12 de Bob Esponja estarão disponíveis.


Originally published: July 31, 2021.

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'PAW Patrol: The Movie' Trailer | Croatian Version | Nickelodeon Movies

Below is the Croatian (Hrvatski) version of of the PAW Patrol: The Movie trailer! To watch the English version of the trailer, click here.

PSIĆI U OPHODNJI FILM | Službeni trailer | 2021

Niti jedan psić nije premalen za ovako veliku avanturu!  Pogledaj novi trailer za film PSIĆI U OPHODNJI! 

#PsićiUOphodnji #PawPatrol

From SEEbiz:

Sinkroniziran na hrvatski
Kanada, SAD, 2021.
Redatelj: Cal Brunker
Žanr: animirani, avantura, komedija, obiteljski
Trajanje: 88 minuta
Producentske tvrtke/Distributer: Spin Master Entertainment/Nickelodeon Movies/Paramount Animation/Paramount Pictures/Blitz Film & Video Distribution
Službena web stranica:

Naša sudbina je u njihovim šapama.

Psići prvi puta napuštaju Adventure Bay vodeći nas u novi svijet Adventure Cityja. Kada psići saznaju da je Humdinger postao gradonačelnik prometne metropole, kreću u akciju kako bi spasili grad od njegove sebičnosti. Uz nove lokacije, smiješne nove likove, ludu akciju, ova poznata CG animacija je savršeni film za zajedničko uživanje najmlađih i cijele obitelji.

Psići sele svoju avanturu na velike ekrane.

U kinima od 19. kolovoza, u Zagrebu u multipleksima „CineStar“ ( i u multipleksu „Cineplexx“ (


Originally published: July 31, 2021.

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July 2021 on Nickelodeon Russia: Kamp Koral | The Loud House | Danger Force | Goldie's Oldies | Deer Squad + More

--- This July (июле), Nickelodeon Russia (Россия) will be airing:

Смотри в июле | Nickelodeon Россия

Brand New Show
Premieres: Monday 12th July 2021
Airs: Weekdays at 08:50 MCK until Friday 16th July 2021

Brand New Episodes
Airs: Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30 MCK between Monday 5th and Tuesday 27th July 2021

Brand New Episodes
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:30 MCK between Wednesday 7th and Wednesday 28th July 2021

Brand New Episodes
Airs: Thursdays at 10:30 MCK between Thursday 8th and Thursday 29th July 2021

Brand New Episodes
Airs: tba

Summer Happiness Lab

Featuring the funniest episodes of The Loud House, SpongeBob SquarePants (Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны), It's Pony (Это Пони) and The Casagrandes (Касагранде)!

'Billy On The Street' Showrunner Doug Brady Working on New Show for Nickelodeon

Nick News Brief: Emmy-Nominated Showrunner, Executive Producer, and Writer Doug Brady is currently working on a new, as yet untitled series for Nickelodeon! Details on the new series are currently unwraps. Brady previously served as the showrunner on Billy On The Street with Billy Eichner, an executive producer on Last Night's Late Night, a freelance writer on Late Show with David Letterman, a field producer on The Jack McBrayer & Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Show, and recently as a consulting producer and writer on Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove, starring iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove. Brady is set to marry Courtney Gaughan Bowman in Hamburg, New York on July 31, 2021. A huge congratulations to Courtney and Doug!

Originally published: July 31, 2021.

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