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Nickelodeon South East Asia To Premiere "Rufus 2" On Friday 12th May 2017

Nickelodeon South East Asia will premiere the brand-new Nickelodeon Original Movie Rufus 2, a sequel to Nick's hit 2016 TV movie, on Friday 12th May 2017, as part of a special Jace Norman week!

Everyone’s favourite Dog-turned-dude, Rufus, is back for Rufus 2! Join Nickelodeon favourites, Jace Norman (Henry Danger, Splitting Adam), Davis Cleveland (Legendary Dudas, Shake It Up), Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) and Jade Pettyjohn (School of Rock) in the sequel movie event. After Manny wished he had more friends, his loyal Labrador, Rufus, turned into a real boy with the help of a enchanted medallion! Now that Rufus has been a human for longer, he no longer chases Squirrels, eats without utensils, asks for belly rubs, or catches flying discs with his mouth.

Canada: Treehouse To Premiere "Nella The Princess Knight" On Saturday 6th May 2017

Preschoolers will set off on thrilling adventures in a kingdom far away where there lives a... Princess Knight! Nickelodeon's brand-new animated preschool series, Nella the Princess Knight, follows Nella, an unconventional 8-year-old who possesses the royal qualities of a princess, like compassion and grace, while also embodying the courage and determination of a brave knight. Whenever a problem arises, Nella embarks on daring quests to save her kingdom through her unique ability to transform from a princess into Nella the Princess Knight. Premiering on Saturday 6th May 2017 at 11:40am ET/PT on Treehouse TV in Canada, Nella the Princess Knight (40 half-hour episodes) features a social-emotional curriculum promoting self-confidence, inclusiveness and compassion for others. Following the shows debut, new episodes will air regularly every Saturday and Sunday at 11:40am ET/PT.

Nella is a confident 8-year-old princess who likes dancing at extravagant balls just as much as she likes meeting fire-breathing dragons. She transcends traditional roles and expectations through her ability to transform into Nella the Princess Knight, protecting her kingdom with the help of her friends: Trinket, Nella’s glamorous unicorn and best friend; Sir Garrett, a loyal and adventurous knight; and Clod, Garrett’s trusty steed.

In the series premiere, "Sir Clod/Up All Knight," Clod loses his invitation to the Royal Cafe Breakfast Buffet and must find it by lunchtime or everyone misses out. Under Nella's leadership, they brave Gotcha Falls, dodge through a field of poppleberries and traverse the bubbly Sudsycano in order to find it. Also in the episode, a luminous phoenix shines brightly across the kingdom causing Blaine and the rest of Castlehaven to lose sleep. After the phoenix is locked up in the knight brigade tower, Nella must use her knightly skills to free the bird and convince everyone to come together as a group to solve their problem.

Robert Vargas (head writer, Zack and Quack) serves as an executive producer on Nella the Princess Knight and the series is created by Christine Ricci (curriculum advisor, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Dora the Explorer). It is the newest show to join Nick’s top-ranked preschool roster, airing alongside hit series like PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Shimmer and Shine.

Online at, fans can find out more about the show, watch fantastic video clips, play super games, and download fun activities.

To celebrate the launch of Nella the Princess Knight, Treehouse has digitally premiered the first episode on the channels' popular TreehouseGO mobile app.

Genius Brands Outlines Plans For "Rainbow Rangers"

Original Genius Brands International, Inc. Press Release via Marketwired:

SOURCE: Genius Brands International, Inc.

Genius Brands International, Inc. Issues Shareholder Letter

Genius Brands International's (GNUS) Rainbow Rangers, which will air on Nickelodeon's preschool channel Nick Jr., boasts a dream team of creators, including Rob Minkoff (Disney's The Lion King director), Shane Morris (Disney's Frozen co-writer), Tim Mansfield and New York Times Bestselling author and Emmy-nominated writer Elise Allen (Dinosaur Train, Lion Guard) who is serving as head writer and co-creator. Genius Brands' Chairman and CEO and Emmy Award-winning producer Andy Heyward, serves as executive producer, with legendary Disney alum Ruben Aquino (Frozen, The Lion King) creating key designs. Mattel's Fisher-Price Toys is onboard as Global Master Toy Partner.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwired - May 03, 2017) - Genius Brands International (NASDAQ: GNUS) recently released a letter to shareholders from Chairman & CEO Andy Heyward. The complete letter follows:

Dear Shareholders and Friends,

Last week, Genius Brands made an important announcement regarding our upcoming animated series RAINBOW RANGERS and the team that will now be bringing this to the global marketplace.

Rainbow Rangers will be important because:

* The #1 ranked kids network, Nickelodeon, will be the broadcaster.

* The #1 toy company in the world, Mattel, will be the master toy license.

The #1 creative team assembled for animated television series created by Rob Minkoff, the director of Disney's Lion King, Shane Morris, the co-writer of Disney's Frozen, and Show Run by Elise Allen, the Emmy nominated writer currently doing Disney Channel's Lion King spinoff, Lion Guard. (I don't make such a statement lightly, but to the best of my knowledge there has never been a team with the mega hit Disney animated motion picture pedigree of this stature, which has come together to create a new brand).

In addition to this 'winning tripod,' we have been joined by Shelly Hirsch as Co-Executive Producer. Shelly is the founder and CEO of Beacon Media, the largest children's media buying service in the U.S. Shelly will be a Co-Executive Producer of the series, along with myself. The significance of Shelly Hirsch as part of our Rainbow Rangers series is the huge strategic insight that Shelly brings to the table in successful content distribution and consumer product licensing. As the single largest spender of kids media dollars, Shelly is the foremost authority on what makes kid's programs succeed and their licensing business explode. The tactics which Shelly will help engineer to maximize the success of Rainbow Rangers cannot be overstated.

Since announcing RAINBOW RANGERS' pickup last week by Nickelodeon, we have been contacted by licensees of product across all the major categories, from publishing to apparel and all points in between. The licensing community quickly smells a hot property, and our expectations are that we will have deals written in virtually every major category with the tiffany licensees in each category by end of Licensing Show in Las Vegas at the end of this month. In October, we will be exhibiting Rainbow Rangers at Brand Licensing Europe in London, and we expect similar results from the international licensee community, for those categories where we have not already done global licenses.

I share this with you because in the kid's content business, RAINBOW RANGERS represents the 'perfect storm.'

* Best in Class, creative
* Best in Class, distribution
* Best in Class, master toy license
* Best in Class, licensee base

This means that we expect the property will be on air and on shelf with content and consumer products in virtually every major category, including toys, electronics, video games, apparel, publishing, music, stationary, party goods, school supplies, backpacks, bedding, costumes, role play, and confections to name a few. Strawberry Shortcake had over 300 licensees globally, and ultimately did $5 BILLION DOLLARS OF RETAIL SALES. Each and every licensee pays an $advance and provides a monetary guarantee for the rights to license our characters and put it on their products. With every single item of every single product sold, a percentage of the sale price is paid to Genius Brands as a royalty.

Of course nobody can guarantee what property becomes the next billion dollar brand. Nevertheless, every year there is another Power Rangers, another Strawberry Shortcake, another Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Barney, or Paw Patrol. We think that Rainbow Rangers has every chance to become such a property.

This month, for the first time, Genius Brands will begin hosting quarterly earnings conference calls as a means to explain our performance and highlight key trends and activity within the business. We are excited with what we are seeing, and we believe our shareholders will be as well. I have always said that it takes three years from the time the first property is created until it is developed, produced, and on the screen, with consumer products on shelf. Now we are just beginning to see the fruits of that process.

Adding to the excitement of RAINBOW RANGERS:

* LLAMA LLAMA will be delivered to Netflix in October, and product will begin to appear on shelf at retail this 4th quarter.

* SPACEPOP will go into its second season this 4th quarter with more product, more retail distribution and more content.

* THOMAS EDISON'S SECRET LAB will debut licensed product through a direct-to-retail license with a soon to be announced national retailer introducing 14 items across science, activity kits and compounds. Products will be in nearly 1,000 stores nationally in time for the all important Q4.

KID GENIUS CARTOON CHANNEL: we expect to be in 80 million US TV Households this year, a hugely valuable benchmark, putting us in three out of four households in America.

We are grateful for the confidence our investors have placed in Genius Brands and look forward to that being reflected in our revenue forecasts later this month.

Andy Heyward
Chairman & CEO
Genius Brands International, Inc.

Image Available:
Image Available:


About Genius Brands International
Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Genius Brands International, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNUS) is a leading media company that creates, produces and licenses children's multimedia entertainment content and products for global broadcast, digital and retail distribution. For additional information please visit


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How Animated Series Are Tackling Diversity Issues Impacting Young Audiences

When it comes to presenting diverse characters in children’s programming, the latest buzz surrounds Sesame Street, which for the first time in its 47-year history features a character with autism. But a closer look reveals that children's animated shows have been leaders in addressing issues related to race, gender and disabilities. The GLAAD Media Awards this year even recognized two animated programs with nominations: Nickelodeon’s The Loud House and Cartoon Networks’ Steven Universe.

“To honor kids’ programming was a big deal,” The Loud House creator Chris Savino, whose show includes an African-American boy with two dads, told Variety. “We’re making headway. Hopefully in the future this will be something that doesn’t need an award.”

Clyde McBride and his two fathers, Harold and Howard, in Nickelodeon's The Loud House.

Nickelodeon Group president Cyma Zarghami points to the channel’s history, which features Mexican-American adventuress Dora the Explorer.

“Inclusivity and diversity have been our DNA since day one. The best way to be relevant is to mirror what kids see in their everyday lives.”

This season, The Loud House is introducing a character with Down syndrome, while Nick’s new series Pinky Malinky stars a girl whose African-American mother owns her own business and Caucasian dad is “mister mom.” And Nick Jr.'s Nella the Princess Knight stars a bi-racial character.

Nella the Princess Knight

It’s a sign of the times, given that demographers expect school-age cartoon viewers to be majority non-white by 2020.

Cartoon Network president Christina Miller says the increasing diversity in programming owes a lot to the growing influence of female creatives. Of Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Miller notes: “Rebecca is the first female doing what she’s doing leading this show. Steven is being raised by three female role models. It’s not a traditional family. Along with gender fluidity, the show is about body positivity. It is coming of age with our audience.”

Today’s programs are also bucking the conventional wisdom that characters should appeal primarily to boys or girls. Zarghami recalls, “Back in the ’80s, with Clarissa Explains It All, the norm was that boys wouldn’t watch a show with a girl in the lead. Yet Clarissa was a runaway hit.”

That’s the case with Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, about a 6-year-old African-American girl.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted the character to be a girl,” says creator Chris Nee. “It never occurred to me that he wouldn’t watch it because Doc was a girl.”

Over five seasons, Doc McStuffins became a phenomenon, earning a Peabody Award among scores of honors.

Former first lady Michelle Obama guested on the show; visitors to Disney Parks can meet the Doc character in person; and toy sales are soaring. Female physicians even formed a We Are Doc McStuffins association to support African-American medical students. As Nee marvels, “You don’t imagine that would happen because you work in cartoons!”

Her next Disney Junior series, Vampirina, follows a “very different” family relocating from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. While she started it before immigration issues became so newsworthy, Nee says, “We have to keep chipping away at issues any way we can.”

Which is not to say it’s always easy.

At a time when social media triggers nonstop audience responses, Savino says The Loud House has received thanks from bi-racial and LGBTQ kids, and parents of autistic kids who relate to the show. “But one gentleman also wrote and said he was not going to let his daughter watch it. It’s his right as a parent to do that. But I felt it was a shame that she wouldn’t be exposed to a show that has a good heart. I’m hoping that she’s sneaking out to watch it!”
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Nickelodeon Italy To Premiere "Hunter Street" On Saturday 13th May 2017

Nickelodeon Italy (Italia) enters the world of mystery and adventure in the brand-new live-action comedy adventure series Hunter Street, premiering Saturday 13th May 2017 at 17:50! The new 20-episode series follows the journey of five foster kids on a quest to find their missing parents, Erik and Kate Hunter, after they mysteriously disappear.

After spending his first night in his new home, Max, along with new siblings Tess, Anika, Sal and Daniel wake up to find their foster parents, Erik (Ronald Top) and Kate Hunter (Tooske Ragas) have vanished. In order to crack the case, the Hunter siblings set out on the challenge of a lifetime whilst searching for clues, leading them on an epic and suspenseful family adventure, including boat racing through canals, exploring secret tunnels and uncovering lost treasures. To uncover the truth they will have to dig up secrets in their old Amsterdam canal home. With obstacles at every turn, they must also fight off old family rivals and duplicitous heirs in order to solve the mystery - all while running the family home!

In the series premiere of Hunter Street, "The New Hunter" (#101), Max wakes up in his new foster home to discover his foster parents have vanished. Max and his new brothers and sisters embark on an adventure to find them! Then, in "Saganash" (#102), the Hunters stay home from school to search for their missing parents and find more than they were expecting in the Hunter House Library. Anika leads a museum tour. In episode three, "The Secret Room" (#103), the Hunters siblings discover a secret room in the house, and a clue sends Tess on the trail of a mysterious figure!

To celebrate the Italian debut of Hunter Street, Nickelodeon Italia has unveiled a super sneak-peek from the shows first episode, "The New Hunter", which you can watch in the fantastic video below!:

Hunter Street | Una nuova casa per Max | Nickelodeon Italia
Da sabato 13 maggio alle 17:50 su Nickelodeon (SKY 605) arriva la nuova serie Hunter Street!

Watch the mystery unfold as the siblings piece together evidence and discover shocking stuff they never knew about their parents! The mystery begins Saturday 13th May 2017 on Nickelodeon Italia (SKY 605)!

Hunter Street stars Stony Blyden as street-smart Max; MaeMae Renfrow as the independent and resourceful sister Tess; Kyra Smith as the free-spirited youngest Hunter sister Anika; Daan Creyghton as Sal, the genius of the bunch; and Thomas Jansen as the fiercely protective eldest brother Daniel.

Hunter Street is produced by Blooming Media. Hunter Street was co-developed with the Nickelodeon Netherlands series, De Ludwigs and will air on Nickelodeon international channels this spring.

Following the success of Hunter Street and De Ludwigs, Nickelodeon has commissioned second seasons of both shows.

Fans can follow @HunterStreetTV on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the series and its characters.

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SpongeBob SquarePants | Life Insurance | Rough Storyboard | Vincent Waller

Vincent Waller, the Creative Director on Nickelodeon's hit original animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, has unveiled a Sponge-Tastic video on his official YouTube channel featuring a rough storyboard for the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Life Insurance"! Check it out below!:

The SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Life Insurance" (210a) was written by Kaz, with the storyboard drawn by artist Brian Morante.

More Nick: Ben Giroux Announces "Bunsen Is A Beast" Christmas Special!

Additional source: Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.
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Ben Giroux Announces "Bunsen Is A Beast" Christmas Special

Nickelodeon Star Ben Giroux, who voices Mikey in Nickelodeon's brand-new original animated series Bunsen is a Beast, has announced in a post on his official Instagram profile page, @bengiroux, that the voice cast of the brand-new Nicktoon recently recorded their lines for a Bunsen is a Beast Christmas special! To celebrate, Ben unveiled a fantastic behind-the-scenes photo from the recording at the Nickelodeon Animation!:

We voiced the Bunsen Christmas Special today! Nothing says Yuletide, merriment, and jingling bells quite like... April.

Bunsen is a Beast tells the story of Bunsen and Mikey, two new friends who embark on endless fun and adventures in their town of Muckledunk. As the first beast ever to attend a middle school for human kids, Bunsen feels the pressure to succeed and prove to the world that monsters can live among humans…and they won't eat everyone for lunch. With help from Mikey, Bunsen will learn how to accomplish human world tasks, like, doing homework, eating ice cream, and riding the bus. In turn, Mikey will learn to navigate the Beast World and meet all the weird and wonderful beasts that reside there.

Bunsen and Mikey in Nickelodeon’s Bunsen is a Beast.

The Bunsen is a Beast voice cast includes: Jeremy Rowley (iCarly) as Bunsen, the first beast ever to attend a middle school for human kids; Ben Giroux (Henry Danger) as Mikey, a sweet and quirky kid and Bunsen’s best friend; Cristina Milizia (Monster High) as Darcy, Bunsen and Mikey's homeschooled friend; Kari Wahlgren (The Fairly OddParents) as Amanda Killman, the rigid and rule bound beast hater; comedy legend Cheri Oteri (Saturday Night Live) as Miss Flap, Mikey and Bunsen’s eccentric teacher; Jeff Bennett (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) as Bunsen's Dad; and Jennifer Hale (The Powerpuff Girls) as Bunsen's Mom. Additionally, Wahlgren and Rowley also voice Mikey's Mom and Dad.

Visit Facebook and Instagram to learn more about Bunsen is a Beast.

Created by Nickelodeon veteran Butch Hartman, Bunsen is a Beast is produced by Nickelodeon in Burbank, California.

Bunsen is a Beast premiered on Nickelodeon USA in February 2017, and will be rolling out on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons channels worldwide this spring.

More Nick: Episode 36: Bunsen Is a Beast Cast & Creator | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast!

H/T ToonZone Forums member Candy Randy.
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Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Mitchell Kriegman In Talks To Revive Nickelodeon Classic "Clarissa Explains it All"

Melissa Joan Hart has revealed in super interview with Yahoo!'s Superfan TV that Clarissa Explains it All might make a comeback!

In the interview, when asked about the possibility of a Clarissa Explains It All revival, the sitcom star revealed that “there is a little talk about Clarissa right now, possibly doing a special or something,” and that she knows Mitchell Kriegman​, the creator of Clarissa Explains It All, is actively pursuing plans to revive the '90s Nickelodeon favorite, which ran from 1991 to 1994 and last year celebrated its 25th anniversary!

However, Melissa also mentioned that for the actor to reprise her role as the shows heroine, 'Clarissa Darling', a reboot would have to be really smart and really well done.

In 2016, to celebrate the comedy show's landmark anniversary, three-time Emmy Award-winner Kriegman released the book Things I Can't Explain: A Clarissa Novel, a complete re-imagining of the 1990s television hit starring a 20-something Clarissa who tries to navigate the unemployment line, mompreneurs and the collision of two people in love.

Last year, Melissa revealed that there was some talk about reviving Clarissa, and that Mitchell was in talks with Nickelodeon and working on trying to come up with an idea to revive Clarissa Explains it All.

What about a reboot of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch? In the interview, Hart says fans might just might see Sabrina pop up in the CW’s hit series Riverdale in the near future!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch ran from 1996 to 2000 on ABC, followed by The WB, and spanned a total of seven seasons. Both Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch were firm fan favourites on Nickelodeon UK, regularly winning Watch Your Own Wednesday, Watch Your Own Week, and Head-To-Head battles.

In the same interview, Melissa's close friend and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch co-star Soleil Moon Frye [Roxie King] also talks about reviving her hit '80s comedy series Punky Brewster!

From 1984 to 1988, Punky Brewster was an icon to little girls everywhere. Nearly 30 years after the finale, that still holds true for women who grew up with the hit sitcom, as well as a new generation of young girls — one of them being Soleil's daughter, Jagger, who bears a striking resemblance to Punky, played by her mother.

It seems Frye is all in for a Punky reboot, and she even has some ideas about who could play the part.

“My daughter, who is 9, thinks that she is Punky Brewster,” says Frye, adding, “I look at my little Punky in my daughter, and I’m like, you want to do it? Sure, I’d be totally into helping. She loves it.”

Watch Melissa and Soleil's magical interview in the super video below:

Power Rangers | First Ever Ranger Morph!

Watch the first ever Morph from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era! It's Morphin Time!:

Catch up with the first half of the brand-new season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, on!

Connect with Power Rangers:
Web -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

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Dia de Brincar e se divertir! | Nickelodeon Brasil

No dia 27/05, não perca o Dia de Brincar da Nickelodeon!:

Centro Esportivo Tietê (perto da estação Armênia do Metrô)
Av. Santos Dumont, 843 - São Paulo
Das 10h às 17h

É proibida a entrada de animais, skate e bicicleta.


Más info:

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Toro, o Músico; Clipe "Pienso" (Com Letras) | Heidi, Bem-Vinda À Casa | Nickelodeon Brasil

Toro, o Músico - Heidi, Bem-Vinda À Casa - Nickelodeon Brasil:

Heidi apresenta Toro para Clara.

Clipe "Pienso" (Com Letras) - Heidi, Bem-Vinda À Casa - Nickelodeon Brasil:

Acompanhe a letra e aprenda a cantar esta canção!

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Game Shakers | Creating w/ Crenji: DIY Vegetable Woman Craft | Nickelodeon

Wanna buy random stuff? How about the Vegetable Woman Craft Kit from Cree and Benji? Available now on the Game Shakers Shopping Network!! Watch the Game Shakers become Game 'Makers'!!:

Watch Game Shakers on Nickelodeon and Nick!

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iCarly bei Jimmy Fallon zu Gast | Nicknight | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Die Gang von iCarly ist zu Gast bei Late Night Talker Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)!:

Scene from iCarly special "iShock America"/"iShock The World".

Abonniere uns für mehr coole Videos:

Watch more iCarly on Nickelodeon, TeenNick and Nicknight!

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Dia de Brincar na Preparação | Nickelodeon Brasil

No dia 27/05, não perca o Dia de Brincar da Nickelodeon Brasil!:

Centro Esportivo Tietê (perto da estação Armênia do Metrô)
Av. Santos Dumont, 843 - São Paulo
Das 10h às 17h

É proibida a entrada de animais, skate e bicicleta.


Más info:

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Together We Rock | Come fare del bene col rock | School of Rock | Nickelodeon Italia

Scopri come aiutare gli altri a tempo di rock nella maratona Together We Rock, sabato 6 maggio alle 13:30 su Nickelodeon (SKY 605)!:

Di Più Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon Italy To Premiere "Rufus 2" On Wednesday 3rd May 2017!
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Regal Academy | One in a million [KARAOKE]

From the First Season of Regal Academy, sing and dance to the rhythm of the fairy-tale song "One in a million"!:

Connect with Regal Academy online:
Official Site:

More Nick: Rainbow Announces "Regal Academy" Season Two; Showcases Second Season At MIPTV 2017!

Additional source: Screener TV Listings.
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DIY Bento Box w/ The Loud House | Nickelodeon

It's time to get LOUD! Learn how to make your lunches The Loud House way with this awesome DIY bento box so you can hang with Lincoln all summer long. And catch more of The Loud House on Nickelodeon!:

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School of Rock | Hat Life | Nickelodeon UK

Summer (Jade Pettyjohn) takes her anger out on the band's instruments, and Zack (Lance Lim) is rockin' a brand new hat in this hilarious video clip from School of Rock episode "Is She Really Going Out with Him"!:

Watch more School of Rock on Nickelodeon, and play the brand-new game "Together We Rock" on!

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Additional source: School of Rock Wiki.
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ToonMarty | Intro In French | NICKELODEON FRANCE

Watch the theme song and opening titles to the brand-new animated series ToonMarty in French in the super video below!:

ToonMarty | Générique | NICKELODEON FRANCE
Retrouve plein de vidéos de ToonMarty sur !

Watch ToonMarty on Nickelodeon channels worldwide!

Plus Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon 4Teen France Premieres "Hunter Street"!
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