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Nickelodeon South East Asia Premieres "The Thundermans" Season Two Finale On Friday 17th July 2015

Nickelodeon South East Asia has announced the exciting Nickelodeon International News in a post on their official Facebook profile page,, that Nick SEA will premiere and show the brand-new super-charged one-hour second season finale episode of Nickelodeon's hit original comedy series "The Thundermans", titled "A Hero Is Born", on Friday 17th July 2015 at 3:00pm on Nickelodeon Indonesia (WIB), 4:00pm on Nickelodeon Malaysia (MY), 5:00pm on Nickelodeon Philippines (PH), and at 5:15pm on Nickelodeon Singapore (SG)!

During the special hour-long episode of "The Thundermans", Phoebe (Kira Kosarin) and Cherry's (Audrey Whitby) friendship is put to the test when the Thunderman family gets some unexpected news and must prepare for the surprise. Meanwhile, Max (Jack Griffo) goes with Dr. Colosso (Dana Snyder), who's now in human form, to accept a Villain of the Decade award.

To celebrate, Nickelodeon South East Asia has unveiled a brand-new super video on their website featuring the stars of "The Thundermans" answering some serious questions about SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star, such as 'Who is better at Math?', which Nicksters in Asia can watch here!
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Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports 2015 To Honor FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 Champions

The Associated Press is reporting the exciting news that the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports 2015 will be holding a very special tribute to America's newest soccer superstars!

In this July 5, 2015 file photo, United States goalkeeper Hope Solo hoists the trophy as she and her teammates celebrate defeating Japan to win the FIFA Women's World Cup soccer championship in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The "Kids' Choice Sports" awards show is adding a tribute to World Cup champion U.S. women's soccer team. Lloyd, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan are among the players set to appear, the Nickelodeon channel said Wednesday, July 15. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP)

Nickelodeon's second annual Kids' Choice Sports awards ceremony will open with a celebration of the World Cup champion U.S. women's soccer team, with Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan among the players set to appear.

Other athletes and guests taking part in the 90-minute show include Derek Jeter, Lindsey Vonn and Mo'Ne Davis, and Michael Strahan, plus the sports and comedy entertainment group Dude Perfect.

The awards, hosted by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, invited sports fans show their support for their favorite athletes, teams and sports moments and decide who will take home a cherished, one-of-a-kind Nickelodeon orange mohawked blimp trophy. Music and competition will also be part of the show's mix.

Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports 2015 will air live on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick and TV Land in the USA and YTV in Canada on Thursday 16th July 2015, from 8-9:30pm ET/PT (tape-delayed on the West Coast) from UCLA's Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles!

Additionally, to celebrate the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports awards, The Hollywood Reporter has unveiled fantastic interviews with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, the host of this years Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports awards, which you can read below!

From THR:
Kids' Choice Sports Awards: Host Russell Wilson Talks Foundation, Sliming Derek Jeter and Ciara (Q&A)

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback will host the second annual awards this Thursday.

After Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson held a dance-off with the young kids of his football training camp in Los Angeles, he noted his dance moves may or may not be something to expect when he hosts the Kids' Choice Sports Awards Thursday, July 16 at UCLA.

Wilson spent a hot Monday afternoon at the University of Southern California coaching kids (including NBA player Carmelo Anthony's son Kiyan Anthony) ages 8-17 in football exercises as a part of his Russell Wilson Passing Camp, a dream of his since he was in the 11th grade. Wilson provides scholarships for a large percentage of the kids to attend the day-long program that took place in California, North Carolina, Illinois, British Columbia and Wisconsin, and will wrap up on Wilson's home turf of Seattle on July 19.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Wilson on Monday during the Los Angeles camp, and the NFL star explained why hosting the Kids' Choice Sports Awards is a great fit for him. He says he's not nervous.

Why host the Kids' Choice Sports Awards?

I really really enjoy kids and I really love inspiring them. On Thursday night it's going to be a blast. We're going to have so many stars there and so many athletes. We're starting off the show with a bang with the USA women's team. We're ending the show with Derek Jeter and the Legends award and in between we've got some dancing. Marshawn Lynch, my teammate, is coming out there too so it will be fun.

What are you looking forward to the most about the show?

Just the energy of the kids and hopefully inspiring some kids to really look up to a lot of great athletes and a lot of great people. That's the goal. For me just enjoying the process of it all. Rehearsals and just learning from some of the best producers and directors in the world. To be there with some amazing people and amazing athletes it's going to be a great event for the kids.

Who are you most excited to slime?

If I could slime the whole crowd I would. I probably can't do that but I'm going to get some people. I'm going to slime Derek Jeter. He's got to get some slime on him for the Legend Award. Who knows. I've got some surprises. I can't tell you all my secrets. I'm going to be the king of slime so I have to get slimed myself. Last year when I won the newcomer award I didn't get slimed. This year I'm looking forward to that because it's kind of been one a life long dream for me to get slimed so it will be cool.

Michael Strahan hosted the awards show last year. As an executive producer this year, what tips has he given you on hosting?

The thing about Michael is I have always looked up to him. He is a great NFL player but a great human being. I watching him on LIVE With Kelly and Michael sometimes and also just getting to know him over the past few years. He does it so professionally. I've been able to talk to Michael a few times now and just get to ask him how to host it and how to do it right. He said to bring your own style and have a lot of fun and keep the kids elevated. It will be awesome.

Will you be bringing Ciara?

Ciara is going to be there. She may have a nice little appearance too. I'm excited for her.

What have you learned throughout your experiences that you want to pass down to the youth?

There's nothing I wish I did over. I think the continual hard work and consistency is what has allowed me to be successful and the continual belief. I have no doubt in myself and no doubt in the people that I have around me. I think the most important thing that I can tell any kid or any person no matter how old or how young is to surround yourself around great people. If you want something great you have to surround yourself around greatness, people that are inspiring and people that want to motivate you

If there is one thing I think we can do better in our generation is get outside more and relate to different people and love more. I think that ultimately that's kind of our weakness in our generation. Especially our young generation. We're all playing video games. We're all staying inside which is great. It increases imagination, but what it does is it takes us away from networking. It takes us away from actually physically playing the games and physically going out there and learning and experiencing it all. For me, I was always challenged. I never had it easy. I've never wanted it to be easy. Anything I've ever earned or worked for I've wanted to put my hardest into it. I think that's what I can encourage kids to do.

Wilson will host the second annual Kids' Choice Sports Awards this Thursday July 16 from 8 to 9:30 p.m. ET (tape-delayed on the west coast) from UCLA's Pauley Pavillion.
In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, Russell Wilson hinted that the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2015 will kick off with a bang, and that the opening ceremony will feature him dancing!

Additionally, Nickelodeon USA has hinted on Twitter that some Dino Charge Power Rangers will be attending Kids' Choice Sports 2015!
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Nickelodeon UK To Release Second "SpongeBob QuestPants" Episode, "A Mission Through Time", On Friday 17th July 2015

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fan club members, UNITE!

Nickelodeon UK has announced the Sponge-Tastic news in a post on their official "SpongeBob SquarePants" blog that Nickelodeon UK will release the second episode in their popular "SpongeBob QuestPants" online adventure game series, called "A Mission Through Time", in which players will be able to take SpongeBob on a time-travelling adventure, on Friday 17th August 2015!

In "SpongeBob QuestPants 2 – A Mission Through Time", there's evil afoot when Plankton teams up with the infamous Man Ray to steal the Krabby Patty formula and seize world domination. Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!! Will you be able to stop them in their tracks? Find out this Friday when "SpongeBob QuestPants 2 – A Mission Through Time" will be available to play on and!

In the meantime, fans can check out the first "QuestPants" adventure, "The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch", at

Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices, "SpongeBob QuestPants" is Nickelodeon UK's most extensive game series, giving fans the opportunity to explore multiple locations within SpongeBob's world and interact with characters from across Bikini Bottom.

In chapter one of "SpongeBob QuestPants", "The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch game", released in January 2015, fans can help SpongeBob on his mission to find the lost treasure of Dead Eye Gulch in order to save the Krusty Krab and the secret Krabby Patty recipe, all before Plankton gets his hands on them. Players can explore different locations in Bikini Bottom from the Jellyfish Fields, to Goo Lagoon and the Dead Eye Gulch mine. In the race to find the treasure, players must battle against jellyfish as well as Plankton and his team of evil robots.

As they navigate through Bikini Bottom, players can collect character profiles on the 28 Bikini Bottom residents that they meet throughout the game. They can also discover 'Bikini Booty' - fun facts about the show and store them inside SpongeBob's brain. To enhance gameplay experience, there are four weapons available to players and weapon upgrades can be unlocked using special codes revealed on-air on Nicktoons UK.

Following "The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch" and "A Mission Through Time", additional games and features will be released as part of the "SpongeBob QuestPants" series throughout year, featuring over 85 interactive characters by the end of 2015. Characters will range from the main "SpongeBob SquarePants" cast to those that have only appeared in one episode of the show.

"SpongeBob QuestPants" is developed by Nickelodeon UK and digital producers Fish in a Bottle.

Nickelodeon Germany To Premiere New Game Show "Cool Factor" On Sunday 16th August 2015

Nickelodeon Germany has announced the exciting Nickelodeon International news in the following press release, from Nick Germany's "Nick Pressecenter", that Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) will start to premiere and show "Cool Factor", a brand-new adventure game show for real daredevils, on Sunday 16th August 2015 at 4:10pm! Following the series premiere, Nick Germany will continue to air all-new episodes every Sunday at 4:10pm!

In "Cool Factor", four teams of kids from four countries - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France - compete against each other in a true Battle of the Nations.

Each contestant must have the right amount of skill, ambition, perseverance and the courage whilst participating in crazy and daring Nickelodeon-style mini-games, to help their country's team to win. Who can climb the fastest, can hold their balance in the giant inflatable ball, and who can find the mysterious code whilst diving? Candidates are challenged to make the best out of themselves, to overcome their fears and to exceed their limits. Climbing, rafting, abseiling, diving... all this and much more awaits the contestants of "Cool Factor"!

The team with the most points at the end of all the games will win the show and will be able to say they have the ultimate "Cool Factor"!

The German version of "Cool Factor" will be hosted by Sascha Quade (Nickelodeon "Alaaarm", "Quizalaaarm", Nickelodeon "Kids' Choice Awards").

In this exciting game show participants to come from four countries against each other:. Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France!

NickHeads can visit Nickelodeon Germany's official show website,, to find out more information about "Cool Factor".

"Cool Factor" is produced by Nickelodeon Productions & Development, and is the first show produced for Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. "Cool Factor" consists of six 20-minute episodes. Filming for "Cool Factor" took place in the Netherlands in June 2015.

Original Nickelodeon Deutschland Press Release:

Neues Game Show-Format mit Nickelodeon Moderator Sascha Quade: 'Cool Factor' startet am 16. August

Vier Länder, vier Teams, ein Ziel: der ultimative 'Cool Factor' // Start der neuen Game-Show am Sonntag, den 16. August um 16:10 Uhr bei Nickelodeon

Berlin, 15. Juli 2015 – Diese Show ist etwas für richtige Draufgänger. Mit 'Cool Factor' startet Nickelodeon am 16. August ein Game-Show Format, in dem es auf Geschick, Ehrgeiz und die richtige Portion Mut ankommt. Die Moderation übernimmt Sascha Quade (Nickelodeon 'Alaaarm', 'Quizalaaarm', Nickelodeon 'Kids‘ Choice Awards').

Vier Länder-Teams treten bei 'Cool Factor' gegeneinander an. Die Kids-Teams kommen aus Belgien, Frankreich, den Niederlanden und Deutschland – ein Battle der Nationen. Wer klettert schneller, kann in der riesigen aufblasbaren Kugel besser die Balance halten und wer findet am schnellsten den geheimnisvollen Code beim Tauchen? In waghalsigen, Nickelodeon typisch-verrückten Mini-Spielen, steigt jeweils ein Kind aus jedem Team „in den Ring“. Das Nationen-Team, das am Ende aller Spiele die meisten Punkte auf sich verbuchen kann, gewinnt die Show und darf von sich behaupten, den ultimativen 'Cool Factor' zu haben.

Nickelodeon strahlt 'Cool Factor' ab dem 16. August immer sonntags um 16:10 Uhr aus.

'Cool Factor' ist eine Eigenproduktion von Nickelodeon Productions & Development. Die erste für Deutschland, Belgien, Frankreich und den Niederlanden produzierte Staffel der Show umfasst sechs 20-minütige Episoden, die jeweils am Wochenende ausgestrahlt werden. Moderiert wird die Sendung in Deutschland von Sascha Quade, der bereits die Dayparts Nickelodeon 'Alaaarm', die Quiz-Show 'Quizalaaarm' und die jährlich in L.A. stattfindenden Nickelodeon 'Kids‘ Choice Awards' moderiert.

Über Nickelodeon:

Nickelodeon ist ein weltweit ausstrahlender Kindersender und die Heimat einiger der beliebtesten Kinderserien derzeit, darunter 'SpongeBob Schwammkopf', 'iCarly', 'Die Pinguine aus Madagascar', 'Victorious', 'Kung Fu Panda', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' und 'Dora'. Besonderes Programm-Highlight sind die jährlich stattfindenden 'Nickelodeon Kids‘ Choice Awards', eine starbesetzte Show, in der Kinder weltweit über die Preisträger abstimmen. Nickelodeon gehört zu der Viacom International Media Networks GmbH. Zum Nickelodeon Unternehmen gehören neben dem abwechslungsreichen Fernsehangebot für Kinder außerdem der Bereich Consumer Products, Online- und Freizeitangebote sowie Publishing Produkte. Nickelodeon Northern Europe, mit Hauptsitz in Berlin, strahlt die Nickelodeon Inhalte in 14 Länder Nordeuropas auf seinen Kanälen Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick Hits, Teen Nick und Kindernet aus. Die Eigenproduktionen 'Het Huis Anubis' / 'Das Haus Anubis', 'Hotel 13', 'Nickelodeon Alaaarm' und 'Nick Battle' runden das Angebot von Nickelodeon in Nordeuropa ab.

Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe
Kontakt: Sarah Prill
Fon: 49 30 700 100-426, Fax: 49 30 700 100-9426
E-Mail: [...], Info: //
Folgen Sie uns auf Facebook und Twitter: /

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12-Year-Old Dancer Alexandra "Sparkles" Lund To Perform On Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2015

Original Dancer Sparkles Lund Press Release via Marketwired:

12-Year-Old Dancer to Perform on Nickelodeon "Kids' Choice Sports Awards"

Alexandra "Sparkles" Lund Featured in Young Dancer Ensemble

ARROYO GRANDE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 14, 2015) - Twelve-year-old Alexandra "Sparkles" Lund will be making her first Awards Show appearance on Nickelodeon "Kids' Choice Sports Awards," which broadcasts this Thursday evening, July 16, 2015.

12-year-old award-winning dancer "Sparkles" Lund to appear on "Kids' Choice Sports Awards" on July 16, 2015

This is not Sparkles Lund's first network television appearance. In November of last year, she appeared on the "Dancing with the Stars" finale with a talented young dancers ensemble that promoted the new "Annie" movie along with the youngest performer to ever be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award®, Quvenzhané Wallis, as Annie. Sparkles Lund was also featured on "The Voice" this year singing and dancing to Tina Turner's hit "We Don't Need Another Hero," performed by Top 8 Team Blake star, Hannah Kirby.

In addition to her burgeoning commercial career, on July 2nd, the Hollywood Vibe Dance named Sparkles the "2015 National Dancer of the Year." Ms. Lund won this award not only for her dance acumen, but her work ethic, focus on improvement, focus on excellence and her ability to lead a team of Hollywood Vibe Company dancers.

Hollywood Vibe Creative Director Liz Imperio, a leading director and choreographer in the entertainment industry, says, "Sparkles is a great representation of the future dancer/artist Breaking Barriers is looking to build for this ever growing industry."

Imperio's high compliment comes from a creative artist of high standing. Her accolades include the staging and choreography for Jennifer Lopez's "Live From Puerto Rico" concert; director/choreographer of Gloria Estefan's most recent concert tour; and three numbers for Madonna's "Re-invention Tour 2004."

Imperio was joined by an A-list of choreographers who selected Sparkles Lund to be the 2015-16 Hollywood Vibe "National Dancer of the Year" and the Vibe Dance Company member. Imperio also founded Breaking Barriers. Breaking Barriers is an educational/motivational program created for young dancers such as Sparkles. Breaking Barriers is designed to change the way dancers think, work, and perform.

Imperio added this insight about Ms. Lund. "'Sparkles' is a delightful child. She has great dance skills, but her real talents lie in her ability to work hard, learn choreography quickly and maintain a sense of humor and humility even though her competitive and professional career is exploding. Bottomline, she's just a great kid and we love to have her around at each of our conventions across the country!"

An award winning featured dancer, actor and model, Sparkles Lund is fast becoming one of the entertainment industry's hottest young commercial dancers. Her dance styles include jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary and pointe.

About Sparkles Lund
Sparkles Lund is a 12-year-old dancer, actor, blogger and YouTube personality. A resident of California's Central Coast living in Arroyo Grande outside of San Luis Obispo, she started dancing at the age of 3 and began her professional dancing career at age 8. As a 9-year-old, Sparkles Lund received her first national dance title "Icon of the Year" from Hollywood Connection. As a 12-year-old, Lund received her second national title "Dancer of the Year" from Hollywood Vibe. She has recently performed on The Voice, Dance Moms, and Dancing With The Stars. Sparkles Lund is part of the renowned Hip Hop crew, immaBEAST, with the highly talented choreographer and director Will Adams "Willdabeast."

Alexandra Lund was given the stage name "Sparkles" by choreographer Tahirih Ellison, as a tribute to both her taste in outfits and her personality. She is a dancer with Dellos Performing Arts Center in Arroyo Grande, which is recognized as among the top studios in America, where she is under the guidance of Johnna Clark. Sparkles Lund is represented by Clear Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

Instagram sparkleslund -
Twitter: @SparklesLund

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Nickelodeon Latin America Commissions New Telenovela "Yo soy Franky"

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) has announced the exciting news that they have commissioned a brand-new original telenovela titled "Yo soy Franky"!

The announcement was made by Tatiana Rodríguez, the Senior Vice President of Programming and Creative Strategy for Nickelodeon Latin America at LA Screenings.

"Yo soy Franky" ("I am Franky") follows the story of a teenage girl robot called Franky who has been designed to be just like a real teenage girl. Designed by a scientist named Sofia, who Franky calls her Mother, Franky looks like any other girl, but functions just like the latest computer technology, complete with WiFi access, extensive memory and a hard disk. No-one but the members of her human family know Franky's secret.

Nickelodeon Latin America will host the pan-regional premiere "Yo soy Franky" in the last quarter of 2015.

"Yo soy Franky" will star Venezuelan actress María Gabriela de Faría, better known for her role as Isa in Nickelodeon's "Isa TKM" and Mia in seasons three and four of Nickelodeon's "Grachi", and Mexican actor Martín Barba, best known for his character Benjamín Casanegra in the series "Último año". De Faria returns to Nickelodeon after starring in the film "El paseo", considered the number one in Colombia with John Leguizamo.

The new original series, picked up for 60 hour-long episodes (60 x 60'), will be produced in Colombia by Televideo and will be distributed Viacom International Media Networks The Americas through its Division of International Sales Programming (IPS), the division responsible for the international distribution of programs, formats and activities produced by the brands of the company.

"After the incredible success of local productions [by] Nickelodeon, both regionally and internationally, [we] are really excited to announce the start of production [of] "Yo soy Franky"," said Rodriguez. "This series clearly demonstrates our experience in producing quality content and strengthens our leadership position in the pay TV industry in the segment of children and families."

"Yo soy Franky" is written by Argentinian author Marcela Citterrio, whose previous projects include "Patito feo" and "Chica vampiro".

To celebrate their brand-new series, Nickelodeon Latin America recently held a live Periscope interview with the entire cast of "Yo soy Franky"!

Sources: Anime, Manga y TV, TTVNews.

Sneak Peeks Of New "Sanjay and Craig" Episodes "Serpentco", "Snake Parts Unknown" And "And Justice For Durdle"

Dudes, what's up? To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere more brand-new episodes of "Sanjay and Craig" every Saturday at 11:30am ET/PT from Saturday 18th July 2015, Nick USA have unveiled fantastic super top secret sneak peek previews from three upcoming brand-new "Sanjay and Craig" episodes, which you can watch in the fantastic online streaming video clips from Nickelodeon's official YouTube channel below! Check it!:

Sanjay and Craig | 'Serpentco' Official Sneak Peek (including Animatic) | Nick

The Dude-Snake duo go undercover with Tufflips to investigate a crime ring that is pirating movies. Check out brand new episodes of "Sanjay and Craig", premiering Saturdays at 11:30am/10:30c!

Sanjay and Craig | 'Snake Parts Unknown' Official Sneak Peek | Nick

Sanjay and Craig show Anthony Gourmand (guest star Anthony Bourdain), the rad host of the TV series "Foodventure", around Lundgren in search of the ultimate food. However, Craig ends up being on the menu! TO HECTOR'S HOOUUUSEE!! Catch the premiere of "Snake Parts Unknown" on Saturday 25th July 2015 at 11:30am ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA! Missed the first sneak peek? Watch it here on NickALive!.

Sanjay and Craig | 'And Justice For Durdle' Official Sneak Peek | Nick

Learn how to make your very own Blueberry Smoobbie in the brand new episode of "Sanjay and Craig", "And Justice For Durdle", premiering soon on Nickelodeon USA! Can't a man admire another man's Bloobies?

Bonus video: Ever wondered what the "Sanjay and Craig" theme song sounded like in Italian? Watch the clip below to find out!:

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