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PAW Patrol Live! 'Race to the Rescue' Presented by Stan Announces New Shows for Australian Tour This April And May

PAW Patrol™ Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan Announces New Shows for Australian Tour This April And May.


Nickelodeon, TEG Life Like Touring and VStar Entertainment Group are excited to announce that the hugely popular PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan is heading to Australian shores this April and May 2021.

By popular demand, the rescheduled tour will now also include additional Sunday shows in Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth, with tickets on sale now at Ticketek!

Based on Nickelodeon’s hit animated TV series produced by Spin Master Entertainment, PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan brings everybody’s favourite pups to the stage for an action-packed, high-energy musical adventure that sees them embark on a rescue mission when Mayor Goodway goes missing the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race.

Following its sold-out inaugural Australian tour in 2017, PAW Patrol Live! "Race to the Rescue" Presented by Stan will commence its 2021 tour in Brisbane on 24 April, before making its way to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide, concluding in Newcastle on 30 May.

Featuring a cast of everybody’s favourite PAW Patrol characters, PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan shows that “no job is too big, no pup is too small”, with the characters using their unique skills and teamwork to teach kids of all ages social and problem-solving skills. The show engages audiences with Bunraku puppetry, an innovative costuming approach that brings the PAW Patrol characters to life on stage, along with their vehicles and packs. 

“After such a challenging year for theatrical shows worldwide, we are thrilled that our heroic pups will be returning to stages across Australia in 2021. PAW Patrol Live! will once again deliver a memorable family experience, as audiences work together to help Ryder and his team of pups save the day. We are thrilled to partner with TEG Life Like Touring and VStar Entertainment Group to bring PAW Patrol Live! back to families in Australia,” said Thomas Kingsley, Director, Nickelodeon Experience.

“We are excited to be bringing live family entertainment back to Australian audiences with PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan,” says Tim McGregor, Managing Director of TEG Live and TEG Life Like Touring.

PAW Patrol Live! will operate with a commitment to a COVID Safe environment under a full COVID Safe plan in consultation with performance venues and State Governments.”

PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan runs for 1 hour 20 minutes (including two acts and interval) and features up-tempo music and a clever script that provides children a great introduction to live theatre.

Classic theatrical scenery along with a high-tech LED video wall visually transports audiences to Adventure Bay and other TV series locations.

The safety of audiences, cast, crew and venue staff is top priority and this production will operate with a commitment to a COVID Safe environment under a full COVID Safe Plan.

PAW Patrol Live! patrons can take advantage of Ticketek’s world-leading partnership with Afterpay. Available via the Ticketek app or website, Afterpay is the world’s largest buy-now-pay-later service, offering fans greater flexibility to pay for tickets in four equal instalments and secure their tickets with the first payment.

PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” Presented by Stan - AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2021

Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Saturday 24 April 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 25 April 2021: Show time 10:00am NEW SHOW!

RAC Arena
Saturday 1 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 2 May 2021: Show time 10:00am NEW SHOW!

Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Saturday 8 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 9 May 2021: Show time 10:00am NEW SHOW!

Margaret Court Arena
Saturday 15 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 16 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm

Aware Super Theatre, ICC Sydney
Saturday 22 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 23 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm

Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Saturday 29 May 2021: Show times 10:00am and 1:00pm
Sunday 30 May 2021: Show time 10:00am NEW SHOW!

For more information or additional tour announcements, visit
or follow the tour on Facebook or Instagram via @PawPatrolLiveAU
or by using #PAWPatrolLiveAU to search on social media.

PAW Patrol. Stream now on Stan.

For further media information and interviews please contact:
Cinnamon Watson Publicity ~ ~ 0432 219 643

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Nickelodeon UK Ratings for Week of Monday 8th - Sunday 14th February 2021

Nickelodeon UK Network Ratings for week of Monday 8th - Sunday 14th February 2021.

Ratings were up across the Nickelodeon UK Network this week compared to the previous week (Feb. 1-7), according to BARB data, with only Nicktoons reporting a slight decrease.

Nickelodeon Total:

1. HORRID HENRY (TUE 07:28) - 84,600
2. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 08:31) - 74,400
3. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 07:59) - 63,700
4. DANGER FORCE (TUE 09:00) - 61,800
5. IT'S PONY (TUE 07:43) - 57,000
7. ICARLY (SAT 18:00) - 56,600
8. ICARLY (SAT 18:31) - 50,000
9. THE THUNDERMANS (THU 17:31) - 43,200
10. THE THUNDERMANS (THU 17:00) - 42,300
11. ICARLY (SUN 18:31) - 40,700
12. ICARLY (SUN 17:31) - 39,700
13. THE THUNDERMANS (FRI 10:31) - 35,900
14. THE THUNDERMANS (MON 17:31) - 32,700
15. HORRID HENRY (WED 15:43) - 32,000

NickToons Total:

1. HORRID HENRY (SAT 13:15) - 98,200
4. THE CASAGRANDES (TUE 16:30) - 61,500
6. THE LOUD HOUSE (TUE 17:15) - 61,100
7. THE LOUD HOUSE (TUE 16:44) - 60,400
10. HORRID HENRY (TUE 18:15) - 60,100
11. HORRID HENRY (TUE 17:44) - 59,600
12. THE LOUD HOUSE (TUE 17:00) - 59,100
13. HORRID HENRY (TUE 18:00) - 58,300
14. HORRID HENRY (SAT 13:30) - 58,000
15. HORRID HENRY (TUE 14:45) - 57,500

Nick Jr. Total:

1. PEPPA PIG (WED 26:50) - 227,600
2. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:05) - 205,800
3. PEPPA PIG (THU 12:46) - 178,300
4. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:44) - 158,800
5. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:00) - 155,800
6. PEPPA PIG (SUN 12:35) - 152,500
7. PEPPA PIG (THU 06:44) - 152,200
8. PEPPA PIG (SAT 13:19) - 138,200
9. PEPPA PIG (THU 06:34) - 131,400
10. PEPPA PIG (SUN 12:15) - 131,300
11. PEPPA PIG (SUN 12:44) - 129,800
12. PEPPA PIG (SAT 13:14) - 128,699
13. PEPPA PIG (SAT 13:34) - 128,100
14. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:00) - 125,300
15 PEPPA PIG (SAT 13:29) - 123,300

Nick Jr. Too:

1. PEPPA PIG (SUN 19:20) - 162,500
2. PEPPA PIG (TUE 22:30) - 148,200
3. PEPPA PIG (THU 09:45) - 132,800
4. PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:05) - 132,300
5. PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:05) - 132,300
6. PEPPA PIG (TUE 09:45) - 117,000
7. PEPPA PIG (THU 19:30) - 113,200
8. PEPPA PIG (WED 09:40) - 106,600
9. PEPPA PIG (SAT 20:15) - 105,500
10. PEPPA PIG (SUN 18:25) - 104,900
11. PEPPA PIG (THU 10:05) - 104,000
12. BEN AND HOLLY'S LITTLE KINGDOM (SUN 26:45) - 102,000
13. PEPPA PIG (WED 09:45) - 98,800
14. PEPPA PIG (THU 19:40) - 98,600
15. PEPPA PIG (THU 19:45) - 97,800

Note: Nick Jr. Too is listed as Nick Jr 2 on BARB.

Nickelodeon Network:

1 PEPPA PIG (WED 26:50) - Nick Jr Total - 227,600
2 PEPPA PIG (MON 16:05) - Nick Jr Total - 205,800
3 PEPPA PIG (THU 12:46) - Nick Jr Total - 178,300
4 PEPPA PIG (SUN 19:20) - Nick Jr 2 - 162,500
5 PEPPA PIG (THU 13:44) - Nick Jr Total - 158,800
6 PEPPA PIG (MON 16:00) - Nick Jr Total - 155,800
7 PEPPA PIG (SUN 12:35) - Nick Jr Total - 152,500
8 PEPPA PIG (THU 06:44) - Nick Jr Total - 152,200
9 PEPPA PIG (TUE 22:30) - Nick Jr 2 - 148,200
10 PEPPA PIG (SAT 13:19) - Nick Jr Total - 138,200
11 PEPPA PIG (THU 09:45) - Nick Jr 2 - 132,800
12 PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:05) - Nick Jr 2 - 132,300
13 PEPPA PIG (TUE 10:05) - Nick Jr 2 - 132,300
14 PEPPA PIG (THU 06:34) - Nick Jr Total - 131,400
15 PEPPA PIG (SUN 12:15) - Nick Jr Total - 131,300

Ratings data provided by BARB.

Programmes of less than 5 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.

Linear TV viewing only; Data for viewing programming on PC/laptops, Tablets and Smartphones is currently unavailable.

Originally published: Monday, February 22, 2021
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Happy Purim | Nick Jr. Israel

חג פורים שמח מניק ג'וניור! 🥳️🎉
ניק ג'וניור ישראל

חג פורים שמח מערוץ ניק ג'וניור! למה אתם מתחפשים השנה? תכתבו לנו בתגובות 👇
#ניקגוניור #פורים

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Additional sources: Time, BBC.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 21, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 21, 2021 | Nickelodeon
Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

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What's On Nick | Nickelodeon Premiere Highlights | Week 8

Your guide to What's New on Nickelodeon for the week of Monday, February 22 - Sunday, February 28, 2021!

For Nickelodeon's full highlights for February 2021, click here. For March 2021's highlights, click here.

Update - Corrected the month! Sorry for any confusion, and a huge thanks to @TVShowsFan for brining it to my attention!

Monday, February 22, 2021

4:30 p.m. - ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks - Geizmo's Day Out/Unbored: Alvin gets a lesson in parenting after he kidnaps Simon's robot / When Dave takes away Alvin's phone, the boredom Alvin experiences is enough to drive him crazy. (#425; season 4 finale)

5:00 p.m. - Tooned It - Testing Your Wits! Kalynn v Lilah v Max: Nicky, the all-knowing Nickelodeon A.I. supercomputer, brings on three contestants to answer Nicktoons questions and get slimed—all for a chance to win up to $1,000! Hosted by Rama Vallury. (#109)

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

4:30 p.m. - ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks - Deserted/The Great Snack Off: After getting detention again, Alvin's convinced Dave will drive him to the desert and abandon him there. / Alvin and Theodore play a seemingly innocent game, which leads to unexpected consequences. (#501; season 5 premiere)

5:00 p.m. - Tooned It - Riddle Me This! Joisy v Malakai v Paige: (#112)

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

4:30 p.m. - ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks - Unboxing Day/Dave's Pavilion: Alvin’s attempts to make money as an internet influencer almost drives a local toy store out of business. / When the Chipmunks accidently ruin Dave’s new pavilion, they allow Miss Miller to take the fall. (#502)

5:00 p.m. - Tooned It - Time for More Slime! Camryn v Dylan v Nicholas: (#117)

Thursday, February 25, 2021

4:30 p.m. - ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks - U-Fly/Yeti or Not: Alvin’s too short to ride an exhilarating new amusement park ride, so he devises a plan to sneak on afterhours. / On a ski trip, Alvin convinces Theodore there’s a Yeti nearby, making life miserable for the rest of the family. (#503)

5:00 p.m. - Tooned It - Slime-tastic Tests! Brooklynne v CJ v Harper: (#101)

7:00 p.m. - Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered - Aye, Aye, Trash Can!: Let’s play Captains and Cowboys! Host Jay Pharoah introduces two mystery celebs hiding behind 3D animated filters. Darci Lynne Farmer, Lex Lumpkin and Chinguun Sergelen ask questions and gather clues to unveil our two special guests. (#208)

7:30 p.m. - The Substitute - Juanpa Zurita: Craig Robinson, Asher & Avi Angel, and Darci Lynne Farmer surprise our host and super influencer Juanpa Zurita by making him The Substitute! He’ll find magic in meteorology, get glitter-ific, and fight the crime of grime. (#211; season two finale)

Friday, February 26, 2021

11:00 a.m. - Bubble Guppies - It's a Lizard!: When showman Gil’s “real live dragon” (actually a Komodo Dragon) gets loose in the small town of Bubbleville, it’s up to Pet Finders Oona and Zooli to track the lizard down and return it to its home on Komodo Island. (#516)

11:30 a.m. - Ryan's Mystery Playdate - Ryan's Underwater Playdate/Ryan's Ballin' Playdate: Ryan is under the sea? Not quite! Ryan must dive under his challenges in order to play with his aquatic playdate. / Ryan must score through his challenges in order to get to his free throwin' playdate. (#318; season 3 finale)

12:00 p.m. - PAW Patrol - Pups Save the Whale Pod/Ultimate Rescue: Pups Stop the Junk-Monster: When Francois accidentally crashes his diving bell, the PAW Patrol must rescue him, a Pupfish, and a pod of whales. / When Wingnut's junk pile and Oscar go missing at the same time, Chase and team are called in to solve the mystery. (#725)

12:30 p.m. - Baby Shark Shorts - Operation Cool Quest: It’s hot out, and William has a hankering for ice cream. Baby takes his best friend’s craving with the utmost seriousness. It’s code red! Sink or swim! He takes them on a wild ride through a water warp to get to Iceberg Ice Cream, pronto. (#103)

12:36 p.m. - Baby Shark Shorts - Crumb of a Clue: When Grampa’s glasses go missing, it’s a case for Detective Baby Shark and William Watson. Like a hardboiled noir detective, they decipher the clues, interview suspects, and conclude… they’ve been on Grampa’s head the whole time! (#101)

12:42 p.m. - Baby Shark Shorts - No Time for Time Out: Baby has “the time of his life” when he uses his imagination to turn his time-out into an iconic dance routine. (#104)

12:48 p.m. - Baby Shark Shorts - The Bunny Slug: Grandma has taken Baby to a serene location to practice meditating. Baby is doing his best... then a cute little bunny slug hops up to him. Baby wants to focus and meditate, but he keeps getting distracted because tiny cute things are his weakness! (#102)

12:54 p.m. - Baby Shark Shorts - Knock it Off: Baby is waiting for a package to be delivered, but friends and other colorful characters keep coming to the door. Finally, the huge delivery whale lifts up the roof of the Shark house and delivers the package right into the living room! (#105)

5:00 p.m. - Tooned It - Your Royal Slime-ness! Elijah v Mara v Martha: (#103)

8:00 p.m. - Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows - The Tale of the Phantom Light: The Midnight Society seeks help from an unlikely source - the ghost of someone who may how the curse was created a generation earlier. (#203)

8:30 p.m. on the NICK JR. CHANNEL - The Adventures of Paddington - Paddington's Squirrel Surprise: (#202A)

Saturday, February 27, 2021

8:00 a.m. - Power Rangers Dino Fury - Sporix Unleashed: Ollie carries out a plan to catch Sporix without his teammates' knowledge. When monsters take advantage of his idea, Ollie realizes the benefit of working as a team. (#1102)

8:00 p.m. - Danger Force - Twin It to Win It: Captain Man makes ShoutOut and AWOL compete over who can catch more criminals using their own ways of crime-fighting. (#117) [promo]

8:30 p.m. - Side Hustle - Karaoke Kick Off: Presley, Lex and Munchy are excited when they buy a karaoke machine from the "Karaoke Kickoff" show; when the machine breaks, the kids head to the studio to get their money back. (#111) [promo]

Sunday, February 28, 2021

(no new episodes scheduled for this day)

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Billy Campbell to Reprise His Role of the Outrageous Thadiun Okona for 'Star Trek: Prodigy'

The Outrageous Thadiun Okona is heading back to the final frontier in Star Trek: ProdigyDaily Star Trek News reports.

Billy Campbell as Thadiun Okona in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Outrageous Okona”.

Actor Billy Campbell made the announcement in a recent episode of the Comic Book Central podcast , along with a few more details about the upcoming series, and a story about how he nearly landed a much bigger role in the Star Trek franchise.

“The Outrageous Okona” was an episode in the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Campbell played the title character, Thadiun Okona, a lovable rogue who charmed the female crew and ended up helping broker peace between two warring houses on twin planets in the Omega Sagitta system. And now he’ll have his chance to get up to more shenanigans in the new CG-animated series for Nickelodeon.

After host Joe Stuber asked Campbell a question about sci-fi and superheroes, he mentioned Star Trek: Prodigy (which he referred to as a “comedy” animated series) and said, “they're bringing back some characters from the Star Trek universe that are like [...] legacy characters. So my guy is coming back.” Host Stuber then asked him to confirm that he meant “The Outrageous Okona”, to which Campbell replied, “Yes! And it’s hilarious.”

Later on, Campbell gave some more details about his part, saying that in it, the show’s female lead “goes over the moon” for him, much to the chagrin of the male lead. At the time the podcast episode was recorded, Campbell said his recording was imminent.

Campbell says he wishes he could remember more about the script but offered some details about his return:

"It’s super funny. I come on basically to—and I’m kind of schleppy and roguish, but just kind of disgusting in a way. And whoever the female character is just sort of goes over the moon for me. Much to the chagrin of the lead male character."

Redeeming Okona

Something else surprising that came from the discussion with Comic Book Central: While Campbell seemed thrilled about reprising his role, he did also mention that he wishes he could take back his original performance, and sees this return to the character as a bit of a second chance.

"I’m super excited about that, too. Because… the thing I have to admit about “The Outrageous Okona” is: if I could eradicate that performance, I would. I was so uncomfortable. The dialogue was so bad. It really was bad dialogue. And, to be honest, I was not experienced enough to make bad dialogue good. I was a bad actor and I’m terribly self-conscious the whole time. And Patrick [Stewart] tried to help– bless him – but I think I was beyond redemption…"

According to Campbell, Stewart gave him some great advice that included how to laugh in a scene convincingly, then made sure he was doing well from that point on and even got directors to give him extra takes. Billy went on to say Prodigy will be a do-over for him:

"I can’t watch it… I am so thrilled now that I can redeem myself just with this little Nickelodeon cartoon."

Bombing Riker

Later in the podcast, Campbell gave a detailed oral history of how he almost was cast as Riker that included his fateful final audition and how that all led up to him getting that one guest spot:

"My pal [casting director] Junie Lowry – who has cast me in more things than anyone else in town over the years – and she called me up and said, 'Do you like Star Trek?' And I said, “I love Star Trek!” She said, 'You are Riker!' And I was like, 'What?' And I read the thing, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I could be on Star Trek!’… And we got along in the process, and I have to tell you, I so badly got the jitters. And we went into this final meeting. It was me, and it was Jonathan [Frakes]. We were the only two actors. There were like 15 studio executives in the room, and the director and, and the writers and Junie sitting in the back.

"Jonathan went in first and I sat out in the lobby and I was just getting so nervous. And I realized that the thing that was really, really making me nervous was that I was going to do the very thing that I had successfully not done since I got to town which was not get stuck in one place. And it just filled me with this kind of dread. And Jonathan came out and, ever the gentlemen, shook my hand and said, 'Good luck in there.' I walked in and I turned into a block of wood. I was paralyzed, and I was only a few lines into the first scene and happen to look at Junie and she was looking at me like her face was like a bowl of curdled milk. She just was so – she couldn’t believe it! And I and I felt horrible because it was like, ‘Oh my god, I am making her look so bad.’ Because I hadn’t done any reading, really, before then. And I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god.’ I just bombed. I bombed I, bombed I, bombed.

"It was horrible. I walked out of the room and that was that. The best man got the job… And I was so torn. I didn’t want to get stuck on something. And if you’re going to get stuck on something and known for something, my God, what more iconic thing could you get known for then Star Trek… And I so much loved Star Trek, and I so much love science fiction. Sometime later… a year or so, I called up Junie. I said I wanted to apologize. And she’s the sweetest person in the world. She’s got this wonderful Southern accent. And she said, 'Oh, honey, honey, everything is fine. Everything turned out wonderfully. Jonathan is terrific, much better than I even dreamed he would be. And everybody’s so happy.' And I said, 'So you’re not mad at me?' And she said, 'No.' And I said, 'Does that mean I could maybe do a guest spot?' [laughs] I said, 'I so badly want to be in Star Trek.' And she said, “I’ll call you back.” And sure enough, then she came back with the “Okona”

And the rest is Star Trek history… with more history to come.

To listen to the entire Comic Book Central interview, which covers not only Star Trek, but The Rocketeer, and a whole host of other topics, look for Comic Book Central wherever you get your podcasts.

The news follows Nickelodeon announcing that Kate Mulgrew will be reprising her Star Trek: Voyager role of Captain Kathryn Janeway for Star Trek: Prodigy.

Developed by Emmy® Award winners Kevin and Dan Hageman (Trollhunters and Ninjago) and overseen for Nickelodeon by Naito, Star Trek: Prodigy follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation. The CG-animated series will debut exclusively on Nickelodeon in 2021 for a new generation of fans.

Star Trek: Prodigy is from CBS’ Eye Animation Productions, CBS Studios’ new animation arm; Secret Hideout; and Roddenberry Entertainment. Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Katie Krentz, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth will serve as executive producers alongside co-showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman. Ben Hibon will direct, co-executive produce and serve as the creative lead of the all-new animated series. Aaron Baiers will also serve as co-executive producer with Mac Middleton as a producer. Production of Star Trek: Prodigy is overseen for Nickelodeon by Claudia Spinelli, Senior Vice President, Animation Development and Kelley Gardner, Vice President, Current Series Animation.

Star Trek: Prodigy joins the expanding “Star Trek” franchise for ViacomCBS as the first Star Trek series aimed at younger audiences for Nickelodeon. The Star Trek Universe on CBS All Access currently includes hit original series Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the development of a Section 31-based series with Michelle Yeoh.

The title for the Trek series targeting a new generation of fans was revealed during virtual Comic-Con@Home last summer, which also confirmed a 2021 release for the first season. Mulgrew’s inclusion on the show was revealed last October during the virtual NYCC.

Mulgrew said, “I have invested every scintilla of my being in Captain Janeway, and I can’t wait to endow her with nuance that I never did before in Star Trek: Prodigy. How thrilling to be able to introduce to these young minds an idea that has elevated the world for decades. To be at the helm again is going to be deeply gratifying in a new way for me.”

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman said, “Captain Janeway was held to a different standard than her predecessors. She was asked to embody an inhuman level of perfection in order to be accepted as ‘good enough’ by the doubters, but showed them all what it means to be truly outstanding. We can think of no better captain to inspire the next generation of dreamers on Nickelodeon, than she.”

“Kate’s portrayal of Captain Janeway is truly iconic, and has resonated with a global audience for many years,” said Ramsey Naito, President, Nickelodeon Animation. “We can’t wait to see her bring this character to life in a whole new way, while continuing to be an inspiration for both new and loyal fans.”

In case you missed it, you can watch that announcement video with Mulgrew below.

Originally published: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 18:13 GMT.

H/T: Anime Superhero Forum /@The Overlord; Additional source:

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