Friday, July 03, 2015

Nickelodeon Australia To Hold Two SLIMEFEST 2015 Events

Nickelodeon Australia has announced the aweslime news that, following last years success, Nickelodeon will be holding TWO SLIMEFEST events again this year!

This year, Nickelodeon is going to double the music, the stars and the tonnes, and tonnes AND TONNES of Nickelodeon's world famous slime to make the BIGGEST kid-powered, star filled family slimefest of the year, Nickelodeon SLIMEFEST 2015, Australia's first music festival just for kids, tweens and teenagers, bigger, better and SLIMIER than ever before and feature the most slime of all time!

To make sure that their fourth annual SLIMEFEST is the biggest, bestest and and slimiest SLIMEFEST ever to give attendees the slime of their life, Nick AU will take over Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre in Sydney (SYD), New South Wales (NSW) on Friday 25th September 2015, then will be taking all the slimy action on the road to Melbourne (MEL) to hold a SLIMEFEST concert at the State Netball Hockey Centre in Parkville, Victoria (VIC) on Sunday 27th September 2015! Each SLIMEFEST 2015 event will feature two SLIMEFEST concerts, a morning show at 11:00am and a evening show at 6:00pm!

The Nickelodeon SLIMEFEST 2015 ticket pre-sale is now on! Simply visit Ticketmaster Australia and enter codeword: NICK to buy your tickets today! Be sure to check out the additional ticket options, including meet and greet sessions with the performers of SLIMEFEST 2015, and a fantastic SLIMEFEST 2015 Merchandise Pack, featuring the following limited edition items that won't be available on show day: Limited Edition Slimefest Pre-Sale exclusive T-Shirt; Slimefest Wristband; Souvenir post card; and a Exclusive Slimefest Sticker sheet!

Nickelodeon Australia will begin to announce who will be performing at SLIMEFEST 2015 on Monday 6th July 2015!

As with Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre SLIMEFEST 2015 event, Nickelodeon Australia and Nice Events need YOUR help and expertise to make sure their Victoria SLIMEFEST 2015 event runs smoothly!

Nickelodeon and Nice Events are looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of areas at this year's SLIMEFEST in Victoria. If you are looking for some invaluable event work experience and want join in the day of madness and mayhem, Nickelodeon WANTS YOU!

SLIMEFEST 2015 will be an amazing event filled with the stars kids love, musical performances, spectacular surprises, festival area with heaps of stuff to do and don't forget the famous Nickelodeon slime!

If you are looking for some invaluable event work experience please apply!

Nickelodeon Australia and Nice Events are looking to fill a number of positions at the event – please note you will be allocated a position on the day of your briefing, Nickelodeon Australia and Nice Events cannot guarantee which role your will be assigned.

If you fit the bill please contact requesting a registration form. Include your full name / Slimefest volunteer in the subject of your email.

The volunteering schedule will be:

INDUCTION & TRAINING: Saturday, 26th September 2015
EVENT DATE: Sunday, 27th September 2015
ADDRESS: 10 Brens Drive, Parkville, VIC, 3052 Melbourne State Netball & Hockey Centre on Sunday 27th September.

Please note that you will need to be at least 18 years of age to volunteer at SLIMEFEST 2015!

Volunteer will need to wear:

- Depending on the position you apply for either black pants or tidy black jeans/cargo pants
- you will be advised in your confirmation briefing pack.
- A Nickelodeon uniform (t-shirt) will be provided to you on event day.
- Comfortable and tidy closed toe shoes (e.g. runners).
- Keep in mind you may be exposed to slime!

Please also note that these are unpaid volunteer positions, however you will gain great experience in one of Australia's largest-scale kid productions of the year - and you get to have heaps of fun!

Nickelodeon Australia and Nice Events are also looking for volunteer to help out at this years SLIMEFEST event in Sydney! You can find out how to apply here on NickALive!.

It's Time ... For Slime!

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Nickelodeon Turkey To Premiere "Winx Club" Season 7 On Monday 6th July 2015

Nickelodeon Turkey (Türkiye) has announced the the Winx-Tastic news in a Tweet on their official Twitter profile page, ‏@NickelodeonTUR, that Nickelodeon Turkey will start to premiere and show the brand-new seventh season of the popular animated series "Winx Club" at 1:35pm on Monday 6th July 2015!

The seventh season of "Winx Club" carries on with the environmental themes of previous seasons. "Winx Club" series seven carries on the theme of recent Winx releases by carrying a strong environmental message. In this adventure the fairies discover the real importance of the rare Fairy Animals, which they must save from Kalshara, an evil shape-shifter and her clumsy brother, Brafilius. Each Fairy Animal has their own special talent, which is necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The theme of endangered animals recurs throughout the series as the Winx establish an Animal Rescue Park on Earth, where they look after vulnerable animals such as pandas and tigers. The girls also undertake missions in the Magic Dimension and Earth to raise public awareness about the animal cause. This builds to their final mission – to discover the ultimate power of the Fairy Animals, which can give control over all the animals of the Magic Universe. The Winx will also be confronted with two new terrible villains. "Winx Club" season seven is expected to premiere on Nickelodeon's global network of channels in 2015. Rainbow S.r.l. recently showcased "Winx Club" season 7 at MIPTV 2015, along with the Italian animation studios' two brand-new series, "Royal Academy" (working title) and "My American Friend".
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Nicktoons UK To Premiere Brand-New "Rabbids: Invasion" Episodes Weekends At 8am From Saturday 4th July 2015

The online British and Irish TV guide website Digiguide is reporting the Bwaah-some news that Nicktoons UK and Ireland, Nick UK's animation and action channel, will start to premiere and show more brand-new episodes of Nickelodeon and Ubisoft's popular CG-animated series "Rabbids: Invasion" every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am from Saturday 4th July 2015!

Below is a list of currently announced all-new "Rabbids: Invasion" episodes set to debut on Nicktoons UK in July 2015, with episode descriptions:

Saturday 4th July 2015 - Being Rabbids; Rabbid Diet; Reflections in a Rabbid Eye: A scientist swaps brains with a Rabbid in "Being Rabbids", the Rabbids can't fit into the ship in "Rabbid Diet", and a Rabbid discovers the moon's reflection in "Reflections in a Rabbid Eye".

Sunday 5th July 2015 - Green Rabbid; Star Rabbids; Rabbid Obsession: A Rabbid plants a flower in "Green Rabbid", a Rabbid astronaut must learn to deal with being famous in "Star Rabbids", and the scientists see what's on the Rabbids' minds in "Rabbid Obsession".

Saturday 11th July 2015 - Rabbidroid; Rabbid Compression; Rabbid Fit: The scientists build a robot in "Rabbidroid", an artist gets a hold of the Rabbids' spaceship in "Rabbid Compression", and a Rabbid gets a case of the giggles in "Rabbid Fit".

Sunday 12th July 2015 - Guide-Rabbid; The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids; Rabbids Bffs: A Rabbid switches places with a guide dog in "Guide-Rabbid", the Rabbids go missing in "The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids", and two Rabbid best friends are inseparable in "Rabbids BFFs".

Saturday 18th July 2015 - The Moon Rabbid; Dreaming Rabbid; Rabbid Secrets: The Rabbids mistake one of their own as an alien in "The Moon Rabbid", a Rabbid dreams he's on the moon in "Dreaming Rabbid", and a Rabbid tries to learn a secret being discussed in "Rabbid Secrets".

Sunday 19th July 2015 - Love Rabbid; Super Inventive Rabbids; Welcome to Rabbidland: The Rabbids help Zak and his childhood crush toward romance in "Love Rabbid", four Rabbids pitch new ideas in "Super Inventive Rabbids", and a young Rabbid learns the ropes in "Welcome to Rabbidland".

Saturday 25th July 2015 - Run, Rabbid, Run!; Mafia Rabbids; Wild West Rabbid: A Rabbid is acting strangely in "Run, Rabbid, Run!", a gang of Rabbids operate a juice ring in "Mafia Rabbids", and a cowboy looks for the outlaw who destroyed his rocking horse in "Wild West Rabbid".

Sunday 26th July 2015 - Dressed Up Rabbid; Self-Conscious Rabbid; Rabbid Associates: Rabbid workers must move a heavy cement mixer in "Dressed Up Rabbid", one of the Rabbids ears get stuck in "Self-Conscious Rabbid", and a Rabbid sets out to steal a reactor in "Rabbid Associates".

Don't forget to download Ubisoft's brand-new "Rabbids Appisodes" app, now available on the Apple App Store, plus catch brand-new episodes of "Winx Club" season seven every Saturday at 7:00am and 7:30pm from Saturday 4th July 2015!
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Nickelodeon UK And SpongeBob SquarePants Partner With Jeans for Genes Day 2015

Nickelodeon UK has once again partnered with Jeans for Genes Day in order for SpongeBob SquarePants and his Bikini Bottom pals to promote the fundraising event, which this year will be held on Friday 18th September 2015! The Nickelodeon superstar along with Patrick Star, Gary the Snail and Sandy Cheeks will be appearing a range of charity keyrings and on promotional materials for the event.

Jeans for Genes raises money for Genetic Disorders UK and aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders. There are more than 6,000 genetic disorders. Individually, genetic disorders are rare but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK - that's more than 30,000 babies each year. Their associated health problems mean that genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death of children aged 14 years and under.

This year's Jeans for Genes Day takes place on Friday 18th September 2015 and is aiming to raise £2 million to provide vital care and support to children with genetic disorders. The day invites people of all ages to leave their suits and uniforms at home and wear their denim jeans to work or school in return for a donation which will help change the lives of children across the UK. It’s important that as many people as possible pitch in.

Jeans for Genes Day provides vital funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders. In 2014, 25 charities benefited from the funds raised on Jeans for Genes Day.

This year is the landmark 20th anniversary of the Jeans for Genes campaign! Since 1996, Jeans for Genes has raised over £40 million for children with genetic disorders!

To find out more about helping raise funds for Jeans for Genes Day, the work that Genetic Disorders UK performs to help families and how to register for your free fundraising pack, please visit the official website.

Are you ready, kids? Sign up at and do something extraordinary in jeans to celebrate 20 years of Jeans for Genes Day!