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Behind-The-Scenes Of The "Breadwinners" Episode "Thug Loaf"

Go deep behind-the-scenes of Nickelodeon's quazy original animated buddy comedy series (Nicktoon) "Breadwinners" and marvel at how much work goes into every episode the Nickelodeon Animation Studio make! The episode featured in the video, "Thug Loaf", is synced up to the original storyboard animatic and filled with fun facts from the creators, artists and production team!:

Bun Facts about the "Breadwinners" episode "Thug Loaf":

The episode title card for the "Breadwinners" episode "Thug Loaf" is inspired by the Tupac Shakur album "Thug Life".

Every time Buhdeuce uses his laptop, he has a different silly way of typing.

The Lower Yeast Side is named after the Lower East Side in New York City.

The Ducks in Duck Town are designed with actual photos of real Ducks. Because these Duck's don't speak, they're known as "Mindless Ducks".

The sequence When SwaySway and Buhdeuce walk down the stoop steps after delivering bread is known as "PARTY MODE!"

In the original script for "Thug Loaf", the rocket van transformed into a giant robot monster. The scene was cut because it was too complicated to produce.

The "Level Up" was inspired by video games and anime.

The Biker Duck is drinking "Pond Juice." Yum!

Buhdeuce's thought bubble was illustrated in the style of a crayon drawing because he has a child-like mind.

The special move when Buhdeuce punches the acceleration button is known as the "six-pack punch".

"Thug Loaf" is the first time Buhdeuce ever says "Bubble Nuggets"!
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"Breadwinners" - "Best Breadwinner" Official Music Video

Check out SwaySway and Buhdeuce's official music video for "Best Breadwinner" from the "Breadwinners" episode "Employee of the Month"!:

Lyrics By: Steve Borst, Gary Doodles, Tommy Sica.

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Nickelodeon Latin America And Nick Brazil To Premiere "One Crazy Cruise" On Thursday 24th September 2015

Nickelodeon Latin America and Nickelodeon Brazil will premiere the brand-new Nickelodeon Original Movie "One Crazy Cruise" on Thursday 24th September 2015!

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) will debut "Un Crucero Alocado" at 6:30pm (18h30) on Nickelodeon Mexico, 7:00pm (19h) on Nickelodeon Colombia, 7:30pm (19:30) on Nickelodeon Venezuela and at 8:00pm (20h) on Nickelodeon Argentina.

Additionally, Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) will premiere "Um Cruzeiro Muito Louco" at 7:30pm (19h30).

In the all-new Nick Flick "One Crazy Cruise", the Jensens and the Bauers are now the Jensen-Bauers, and they're going on a cruise to bring the family together! However, the stylish Jensen kids, Piper and Nate, and the geeky Bauer kids, Ellie and Cameron, aren't thrilled about the mandatory quality time.

On the first night of the cruise, the kids attend a magic show and are hypnotized into thinking they're a crazy band of pirates. The crazy night leads to an even crazier next day when the next morning, they wake up to a cabin in shambles, with no recollection of what happened the night before. The newly formed siblings must figure out what happened to them and how to put things back to normal before Mom and Dad find out. The kids have no choice but to work together and find answers to some super wacky questions. It'll take a family trip at sea to come together and have an adventure they will never remember.

ONE CRAZY CRUISE GALLERY: Pictured: Nate (Benjamin Flores Jr.), Cameron (Rio Mangini), Ellie (Kira Kosarin), Piper (Sydney Park) in One Crazy Cruise on Nickelodeon. Photo: Matthias Clamer/Nickelodeon. © 2015 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
"One Crazy Cruise" stars Kira Kosarin ("The Thundermans") as Ellie Bauer, Sydney Park ("Instant Mom") as Piper Jensen, Rio Mangini ("Bella and the Bulldogs") as Cameron Bauer, Benjamin Flores Jr. ("The Haunted Hathaways") as Nate Jensen, Sedona James/Cohen ("Henry Danger") as Melina, Ken Tremblett ("Caitlin's Way") as Dad, Karen Holness ("Make It Pop") as Mom, Erika Forest ("A Fairly Odd Christmas") and "House of Anubis" star Burkely Duffield! Watch out for a musical cameo from Cody Simpson!

Sources: Anime, Manga y TV, Anime, Mangá e TV. Huge thanks to matteu21 for the news!
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Nickelodeon Latin America To Premiere "Yo soy Franky" On Monday 28th September 2015

The Latin American entertainment news blog Anime, Manga y TV is reporting the exciting news that Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) will premiere the networks brand-new original telenovela titled "Yo soy Franky" in September 2015!

Nick LatAm will start to show "Yo soy Franky" every Monday to Friday at 18h30 on Nickelodeon Mexico, 19h on Nickelodeon Colombia and at 19h30 on Nickelodeon Venezuela from Monday 28th September 2015!

"Yo soy Franky" ("I am Franky") follows the story of a teenage girl robot called Franky who has been designed to be just like a real teenage girl. Designed by a scientist named Sofia, who Franky calls her Mother, Franky looks like any other girl, but functions just like the latest computer technology, complete with WiFi access, extensive memory and a hard disk. No-one but the members of her human family know Franky's secret.

"Yo soy Franky" will star Venezuelan actress María Gabriela de Faría ("Isa TKM", "Grachi") as Franky Andrade, Martín Barba ("Último año") as Christian Montero, Eduardo Pérez as Roby Mejía, Daniela Arciniegas as Tamara Franco, Jorge López as Wilson Andrade, Paula Barreto as Sofía Andrade, María José Pescador as Clara Andrade, Alejandra Chamorro as Delfina Montero, Jimena Duran as Margarita Montero, Brandon Figueredo as Benjamín Franco, George Slebi as Paul Mejia, Luis Duarte as Iván Villamil, Emmanuel Restrepo as Mariano Puentes and Isabella Cristina Restrepo as Loli Rivas.

The new original series, picked up for 60 hour-long episodes (60 x 60'), is produced in Colombia by Televideo and will be distributed Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) The Americas through its Division of International Sales Programming (IPS), the division responsible for the international distribution of programs, formats and activities produced by the brands of the company.

To celebrate the debut of "Yo soy Franky", is expected to launch Nickelodeon Latin America's official "Yo soy Franky" soon to accompany the brand-new series.

Additionally, Daniela Arciniegas will be hosting Nickelodeon's orange carpet coverage of Kids Choice Awards Colombia 2015 on Periscope!

Danielle Arciniegas of ' I'm Franky ' will bring to you the best of your favorite artists on the carpet of the orange ‪#‎kcacolombia‬

"Yo soy Franky" is written by Argentinian author Marcela Citterrio, whose previous projects include "Patito feo" and "Chica vampiro".

Check out a selection of Nickelodeon Latinoamérica's "Yo soy Franky" teaser promos/trailers below!:

Butch Hartman Announces Kari Wahlgren To Voice Chloe Carmichael In "The Fairly OddParents" Season 10

Butch Hartman, the creator of Nick's Emmy Award-winning original animated series (Nicktoon) "The Fairly OddParents", has announced the magical news in a fantastic Vine video that voice actress Kari Wahlgren will be providing the voice of Chloe Carmichael, a brand-new character who'll be appearing in "The Fairly OddParents" season 10!:

Bryan Konietzko Announces Plans 'The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series' DVD/Blu-ray Collection

Bryan Konietzko, a co-creator of Nickelodeon's epic original animated series (Nicktoons) "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra", has announced on his official Tumblr blog the very exciting news that Nickelodeon Home Entertainment is planning to release all 52 episodes of "The Legend of Korra" in one DVD/Blu-ray collection! To celebrate, Bryan has unveiled his final cover art for 'The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series' DVD/Blu-ray set!:

It is currently unknown when 'The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series' will be released or what extras it will contain, but be sure to make room for it on the shelf next to the massive "Avatar: The Last Airbender" box set, which collects all 61 episodes on 16 discs. "Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Complete Series" will be released on Tuesday 6th October 2015!

Additionally, Bryan has also announced that the fourth and final "The Legend of Korra: Art of the Animated Series" book from Dark Horse Comics will be released very soon. The book, for "Book Four: Balance", will be published on Wednesday 2nd September 2015!

Bryan did the cover with help from Lauren Montgomery, Melissa King, and William Nanqing Niu. (Plush Naga unfortunately not included, although those are available from Dark Horse too.)

Original source: Comic Book Resources.
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