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Nickelodeon to Release New TMNT Video Game in 2023

Hot on the heels of the critically-acclaimed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge from Dotemu & Tribute Games and TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection from Konami, it looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gaming universe is about to get even bigger in 2023!

Paramount Consumer Products & Experiences has revealed in the September 2022 edition of Toy World Magazine that they plan to release a brand new "Triple-A" TMNT game in 2023!

In the video-game industry, AAA (or triple-A) is an informal classification used to categorise games produced and distributed by a mid-sized or major publisher, which typically have higher development and marketing budgets than other tiers of games.

The news comes as 2023 looks set to be an epic year for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Nickelodeon and Paramount will be releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, a all new movie based on the iconic property in theaters in August 2023, and Paramount+ is slated to debut the first of a series of all new TMNT films that center on one of the property’s storied villains in never-before-told tales. Playmates will also be releasing a new range of TMNT toys during summer 2023.

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New Paramount+ With Showtime Bundle Experience Launches


New Offering Brings Paramount+ and SHOWTIME in One Place for the First Time in the U.S.

Special Pricing Available for Just $7.99/Month for the Essential Plan and $12.99/Month for the Premium Plan

NEW YORK – August 31, 2022 – Starting today, Paramount+ is offering a new bundle that brings the service’s expansive library of original series, hit shows and popular movies for the whole family together with the SHOWTIME service’s premium portfolio of critically acclaimed and boundary-pushing programming, all within the Paramount+ app. The Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle is available to U.S. subscribers at a special, limited time price of $7.99 per month for the Essential Plan and $12.99 per month for the Premium Plan.

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This all-new product experience, which is available for purchase across platforms, allows for seamless sign-up and easier discovery of programming from Paramount+ and SHOWTIME, all within the Paramount+ app. Subscribers who opt into the new bundle will have access to the full SHOWTIME service featuring award-winning original series, provocative documentaries, box-office hit films, comedy and music specials and live hard-hitting combat sports.

“The Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle offers consumers unprecedented value by providing one of the broadest content libraries in streaming at one of the lowest prices in the marketplace,” said Tom Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Paramount Global Streaming. “This singular user experience streamlines sign-up and enhances discovery, and this lower price will allow more households to enjoy this exceptional combined entertainment offering.”

Available as a simple in-app upgrade, bundle subscribers can now effortlessly curate their watch list to include both Paramount+ and SHOWTIME programming, from Paramount+ favorites like 1883, HALO, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and SECRET HEADQUARTERS to SHOWTIME hits like BILLIONS, YELLOWJACKETS, THE CHI, DEXTER: NEW BLOOD and more. This fall, bundle subscribers will also be treated to new Paramount+ originals, such as TULSA KING, ON THE COME UP, CRIMINAL MINDS, WOLF PACK, 1923 and the return of THE GOOD FIGHT, SEAL TEAM and THE NFL ON CBS, as well as highly anticipated SHOWTIME series AMERICAN GIGOLO, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and the return of YOUR HONOR and THE L WORD: GENERATION Q.

Following the special introductory pricing, which is available through Oct. 2, the bundle will be available for $11.99 for the Essential tier or $14.99 for the ad-free Premium tier. The ad-supported Essential Plan combines marquee sports, including NFL games and more than 2,000 soccer matches each year, with on-demand entertainment options spanning the full suite of current and upcoming shows and movies, as well as breaking news through CBS News Network. The Premium Plan features commercial-free, on-demand entertainment with 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision and mobile downloads; an extended roster of must-watch sports; and live streams of local affiliates in over 200 markets across the U.S. The SHOWTIME service with its unparalleled roster of hit original content, live sports and theatrical films, will be commercial-free for both Paramount+ plans.

The new Paramount+ with SHOWTIME experience will begin rolling out across platforms today. In addition to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle, SHOWTIME will continue to be available separately for $10.99 as a standalone service and through other third-party distributors.

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About Paramount+

Paramount+, a direct-to-consumer digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, combines live sports, breaking news and a mountain of entertainment. The premium streaming service features an expansive library of original series, hit shows and popular movies across every genre from world-renowned brands and production studios, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and the Smithsonian Channel. The service is also the streaming home to unmatched sports programming, including every CBS Sports event, from golf to football to basketball and more, plus exclusive streaming rights for major sports properties, including some of the world’s biggest and most popular soccer leagues. Paramount+ also enables subscribers to stream local CBS stations live across the U.S. in addition to the ability to stream CBS News Streaming Network for 24/7 news, CBS Sports HQ for sports news and analysis and ET Live for entertainment coverage.

For more information about Paramount+, please visit and follow @ParamountPlus on social platforms.

About Showtime Networks

Showtime Networks Inc. (SNI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Paramount, owns and operates the premium service SHOWTIME®, which features critically acclaimed original series, provocative documentaries, box-office hit films, comedy and music specials and hard-hitting sports. SHOWTIME is available as a stand-alone streaming service across all major streaming devices and, as well as via cable, DBS, telco and streaming video providers. SNI also operates the premium services THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ and FLIX®, as well as on demand versions of all three brands. SNI markets and distributes sports and entertainment events for exhibition to subscribers on a pay-per-view basis through SHOWTIME PPV®. For more information, go to


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Originally published: September 01, 2022 at 01:02 BST.

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KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS MÉXICO 2022: COMPLETE SHOW! | Nickelodeon Latin America

¡KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS MÉXICO 2022: Show COMPLETO! | Nickelodeon En Español

Mira en exclusiva el show completo de los KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS MÉXICO 2022, con la conducción de Luis de la Rosa, Alex Hoyer y Danna Paola, y las asombrosas presentaciones musicales en vivo de Big Time Rush, Kenia Os, Ha*Ash y Danna Paola.

No te pierdas los mejores baños de slime y las entregas de premios más épicos a tus artistas favoritos como BTS, Joaquín Bondoni, Fede Vigevani, los Skabeche, Kevsho, ¡y muchos más!

¡Estos son los #KCAMexico2022!

Originally published: September 01, 2022.

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'Big Nate' Exec Producers Dish on the Glowing Reception, Nickelodeon & Season 2

Big Nate's Executive Producers Mitch Watson and John Cohen delve into Season 2 and the biggest surprises of the show, coming soon to Nickelodeon.

Big Nate debuted earlier this year on the Paramount+ streaming service. For years, an adaptation of Lincoln Peirce's beloved series of the same name had been in the works, with various producers taking shots at the concept that never came to fruition. The latest attempt didn't just succeed in producing the story but did so with gusto -- quickly becoming a hit for the streaming service. Focusing on the titular Nate and his friends as they attend sixth grade at P.S. 38, the series plays with a unique form of animation, giving its CGI models a stop-motion quality that adds dimension to the filming, all while mixing in plenty of medium-busting gags and tricks.

Coupled with the tight writing and consistently hilarious voice acting, Big Nate has been a big enough success to be renewed for a second season -- and is making the leap to Nickelodeon proper, where it'll debut over Labor Day weekend. During an interview with CBR ahead of Big Nate debuting on Nickelodeon on Sept. 5, Executive Producers Mitch Watson and John Cohen delved into their favorite surprises throughout Season 1 and the overwhelmingly positive reception the series has gotten across the globe. The pair also looked ahead to the upcoming Season 2.

CBR: First off, congrats on the new episodes and the recent announcement of Season 2!

Mitch Watson: Yeah, thank you very much. Yeah, it was great... The response is so positive. It's been overwhelming. I mean, we've been really bowled over by it. Last time we talked to you, I don't know if the show had aired yet, and we didn't know how it was gonna be received. It was received, I think, better than we even expected. So we're really happy with it, and Nick's really happy, and Paramount+ is super happy with it, too. So we got more!

Now that there's been some distance between the start of this process and seeing how the audiences have been embracing the series, what's been the biggest surprise from your perspectives?

John Cohen: You know, it's been amazing. Like Mitch was saying, the reactions we've heard have been incredible. They've been from around the world, which has been super exciting as it's unrolled -- not just in the US, but everywhere over the last few months. It's been such an enormous success. We're not allowed to share the specifics yet, but it's been a huge, huge hit for Paramount+ and classic Nickelodeon. We're thrilled. We get a lot of feedback from people, whether it's people that are reaching out on social media or people that we talk to or run into in our daily lives, and you just hear who their favorite characters are [and] what elements of the show they love the most. It's always exciting to hear.

Watson: I'm always surprised by some of the little elements that people pick up on... One of the big comments we've gotten is a lot about the music that we've been using in the show. We use a lot of era-specific needle drops on the show, which we love doing it, but you never know how people are gonna react. That has been really great. The fact that people really took to the style of animation that we were using, shooting the thing to make it look like stop-motion, as opposed to the super fluid stuff. Then additionally, the sort of cut-and-paste stuff that we've been doing, the Terry Gilliam kind of stuff.

These... were all our attempts to try to push the envelope and do something different, and you never quite know if it's going to work or not, and even if it does work, how people are going to receive it. What's been great is that people, they sort of tapped into exactly what we were trying to do with all of that. John and I talked about it in the first time we met with you -- we wanted to evoke a sort of sense of nostalgia with the show, and somehow it worked.

The other nice thing that I will say, beyond the reception to the characters, [the positive reception] especially to Dee Dee's storyline and where that storyline ends up going -- and it goes to even more interesting places as we continue on in the series... The big worry was that Nate would be regarded as a jerk, that he would come off as an unlikable character. That's been just the opposite. I think people really have been able to... They don't see him as the jerk. They see the insecurities, which is what we'd hoped.

We put a lot of care and detail into the sets and the visual look of the world -- the kind of run-down [nature of the school], how we're sort of talking about what's been going on with public schools and stuff like that, how they've been defunded and everything. It was something we wanted to do. We didn't know people would also ultimately pick up on it, and they all picked up on it. I mean, that's been the nicest thing. We've gotten comments and feedback of like, "Thank you for somebody finally pointing out in a kid's cartoon what we're doing to the public school system." So that's been very gratifying for me.

The series has been employing a very unique animation style that allows it to be CGI but also have a weight to it that other projects in this form can lack. Last time we spoke, you mentioned how it's almost a stop-motion vibe. How do you approach physical beats in this form?

Watson: I mean, we tend to really try to make it -- oddly enough, and as weird as this is going to sound -- as realistic as possible within the parameters of what you can do on the show for kids... We tend to actually try to go as far as we can to make it not realistic because none of it's really realistic, but to make it look like, "Okay, if we're going to do something scary, let's try to be scary, and let's make it as painful-looking as we possibly can in terms of how we animate it." We do a lot of fiddling around with speeding up the timing and slowing down the timing.

It's something that I learned, probably, watching Monty Python when I was a kid. If you watch Time Bandits, which is always my favorite, when there are some punches that they throw, you can see they pull frames between when the punch started and when it landed, and we do a lot of that. We pull frames, we speed certain things up, we slow certain things down -- anything we can do to sort of make it look more [like] it's weird because, to me, it looks more graphic here...

Coming into this next batch of episodes and then Season 2, which characters are you most excited for audiences to see more of?

Watson: There's a particular character -- I don't know how much we're allowed to say, but there is a particular character that's going to be coming up soon that we're super excited about for a lot of different reasons. I think the character adds a lot to the show. It's also a character you wouldn't normally see in these kinds of television shows. So there's that... The further we get to go into the series -- we were focused primarily in these first episodes on Nate, but as we go farther, we have episodes that are more about Francis and more about Teddy and more about Dee Dee, so that's a lot of fun.

We also get to go into Martin, Nate's dad. We get to know more about his family as well... We also get to meet the families of our various kids, which I don't even know has been explored that much in the books. The great part about getting to do a second season is that a lot of stories that we weren't able to do the first season -- we were sort of setting things up still, and the studio really wanted us to [focus]. It's primarily about the four kids, but now we're able, we can open the world up even more.

Cohen: For me, the character that I am most excited for people to see where they're headed is Dee Dee. She is such a fantastic character. She is so wonderfully performed and wonderfully written, and these characters are so fleshed out, and as we've now seen... So many of the episodes of season two -- which are in animation at the moment and won't be released for a while now -- the characters are just getting deeper and more rich and so beautifully brought to life. That's been a lot of fun to get to experience from our side of things, and we're so excited for the audience to be able to see these.

We're super excited about the fact that the show is premiering on Nickelodeon on September 5 -- the fact that it's launching on Labor Day, which is great. Then it's going to be running every week on Fridays at 7:30. It's just a whole new audience that is being opened up, beyond these subscribers of Paramount+, and so we're just excited for all the new reactions that we're going to get. The thing that has been so much fun that we talked about a little in the beginning is seeing all the user-generated content.

The stuff on YouTube, the stuff and the fan art on social media -- it's amazing to see how people have not only embraced these characters, but they've adopted them, and they've started to create for them. They've started to use all of the very cool animation style that we have in this show, and they've expanded on it, and they've recorded, and they've done so many amazing things with it. That's been a thrill. It's just been a real joy and a privilege to get to experience. So we're happy.

Big Nate is now streaming on Paramount+ and will debut on Nickelodeon on Sept. 5. Try Paramount+ for FREE at

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Viral TikTok Sees Parent Teach Child About Famous Movies Using ‘PAW Patrol’ Characters

Introducing children to classic films can be tough, but one parent has found a creative way to start their kid on the path to becoming a true movie expert. Their solution? Change all the characters and settings to make them fit into the PAW Patrol universe.

Credits: Fox, Paramount

TikTok user topherharless’ video of him doing this recently viral and has now received over 1.4 million views over six days. The TikTok sees him retelling the story of James Cameron’s Titanic, though with the characters changed to the PAW Patrol crew and the story slightly changed to make it age-appropriate for kids.

Turns out kids love hearing a canine-focused version of the most famous maritime disaster in history, despite constantly asking what happened to Chase (aka Jack).

Dan Schneider Wrote Sexualized 'Victorious' Scenes, New Report Says

Last month, iCarly star Jennette McCurdy’s bombshell memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, detailed alleged abuse she experienced while working at Nickelodeon.

Now, several former child actors and Nickelodeon staffers are speaking out against Dan Schneider, creator of Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly and Drake & Josh, among others, who reshaped the network and kids’ television at large.

According to a report from Insider, Schneider was known to push the boundaries of children’s TV, often “thumbing his nose” at Nickelodeon’s standards department and ramping up the series’ sexual innuendos, including scenes in which goo was squirted on young actors’ faces. When it came to picking costumes, Schneider “signed off on all outfits” and “campaign[ed] for the skimpier options,” the report states.

In her recent memoir McCurdy said that she was pressured to wear a bikini on iCarly, recounting a wardrobe fitting for the teen comedy, writing, "I asked if I could please just try on one-pieces with board shorts, the way that I feel most comfortable in a bathing suit. Being covered up."

But, McCurdy says, that was not enough to appease an intimidating man known only as "The Creator." She continued, "Our wardrobe designer said that The Creator explicitly asked for bikinis, and so she had to at least have me try on one or two of them so he had the option."

Extra scenes from Victorious for its online portal The Slap involving Ariana Grande have also raised eyebrows after viewers pointed out the questionable nature of the online clips, some of which feature Grande putting her toe in her mouth and pouring water on herself while hanging upside down on her bed.

Other instances included goo pop shot on Zoey 101 that mimicked a sex act and involved a young Jamie Lynn Spears, a teenage Victoria Justice having food rubbed on her bare stomach in Victorious online extras.

One writer told Insider that they “largely avoided set when the web shows were being shot because they were largely very cringe.”

Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon’s former president of content development and production, told Insider that standards and practices read all the scripts for Schneider’s shows, programming executives watched every episode, and parents and guardians were always present on set. “Every single thing that Dan ever did on any of his shows was carefully scrutinized and approved,” Hicks wrote in a statement to the outlet.

A source also said that Schneider “never fired a 6-year-old on set”, and that he would “include some jokes intended for the parents”.

When it came to costuming, Schneider reportedly had to sign off on all outfits, with the executive producer often "repeatedly campaign[ing]" for skimpier options.

Daniella Monet, who played Trina Vega on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, told Insider that some of the actors’ outfits on the show were “not age appropriate,” and that she “wouldn’t even wear some of that today as an adult.”

Costumers who spoke with Insider also expressed concern about Schneider’s behavior. Kerry Mellin and an unnamed writer recalled that Schneider once fought with the network over the length of Victoria Justice’s skirt. He apparently compromised with the network by making it “3 inches longer.”

Monet also recalled a time when she contacted Nickelodeon about a Victorious scene in which she ate a pickle while applying lip gloss. Monet expressed concern to the network that it was too sexual to air, but Nickelodeon aired it anyway.

Monet noted that most of Victorious was “very PC, funny, silly, friendly, chill,” but once in a while, there would be questionable scenes. “Do I wish certain things, like, didn’t have to be so sexualized?” she said. “Yeah. A hundred percent.”

Some Insider sources also expressed misgivings about the closeness Schneider shared with many of the young actors, allegedly inviting some to sit on his lap and texting them outside of the workplace. (A Schneider source told Insider: “Dan always had a rule for himself when texting anyone under age 18. That rule was text like their parents and the whole world are reading, too.”) The producer is also accused of requesting massages from adult female employees, including a writer and costumer. The source close to him said that Schneider “regrets ever asking anyone [for a massage] and agrees it was not appropriate, even though it only happened in public settings.”

Reps for Schneider and Nickelodeon have yet to comment on the accusations.

Monet also mentioned the male-dominance of Schneider’s writers’ rooms, a claim which has been backed up by several female writers who also spoke to Insider about the lack of gender parity amongst Schneider’s sets. As the outlet points out, none of his shows credited more than two female writers over the course of their runs. Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh listed zero. Former All That writer Kayla Alpert said that on her first day writing for the show, Schneider stated that “women were not funny and dared her to name a single funny woman,” Insider reports. (The person close to Schneider said that this was “untrue.”)

In a statement provided to E! News from Schneider's team, Russell Hicks said that Schneider "cared about the kids on his shows even when sometimes their own families unfortunately did not. He was the shoulder they cried on when something happened to them. He understood what they were going through. Dan was like the great high school counselor you could always turn to for help and guidance. And he was their biggest champion."

The statement continued, "Nickelodeon's reputation as the best in kids' television required that nothing went on without the company knowing. There is a standards and practices group that reads every script and programming executives looking at every episode. Add to that everyday on every set, were the parents and caregivers and their friends watching every single frame of footage and listening to every joke. They had a billion dollar brand to protect. Every single thing that Dan ever did on any of his shows was carefully scrutinized and approved by executives at Nickelodeon."

When contacted directly for comment, Hicks told E! News, "I think Jeanette's book is really a beautiful tribute to getting the help she needed to get through the trauma she experienced with balancing her family and high pressured work life. Hopefully it'll help others get the help that they need."

The Insider report described Schneider as fostering an extremely competitive set, particularly among young actors. And though it pointed out that many of the 15 former actors they spoke with maintained good relationships with the showrunner, a few spoke about being brought to tears on set. All That’s Angelique Bates claimed that Schneider once yelled at her after a sketch and was so aggressive, she ran away crying. (A “person close to Schneider” said that he “never screamed at anyone.”) Alexa Nikolas recalled a similar “traumatizing” incident when, at 13, she was brought into a meeting to discuss her discord with Spears. Nikolas claimed that Schneider yelled at her in front of executives, bringing her to tears. Soon after, she was released from her contract. “I was so happy to get out of there,” she said. “It was the best day of my f*cking life.”

Nikolas, who starred in the first two seasons of Zoey 101, has been outspoken about her experience at the network for years. Last week, Nikolas protested outside of Nickelodeon’s Burbank offices with her organization, Eat Predators, which aims to expose abuse in Hollywood, and most notably the music industry.

Nikolas told Variety: “It shouldn’t be a woman having to trail blaze, it should be on the industry itself. … Because a predator’s gonna come and go — there’s always going to be a predator. But if they don’t have a safe haven, then they can’t really perpetuate that abuse.”

Nikolas, who called the on-set environment on Zoey 101 “traumatising,” recalled a scene in which a syringe of goo was squirted onto Jamie Lynn Spears. During the take that made it into the final episode, the substance dripped down her face. According to Nikolas, Schneider began laughing before a male teenage castmate remarked, “It’s like a c*m shot.” (A source close to Schneider told Insider that “the ‘goo’ was green, just like Nickelodeon’s famous slime,” adding, “This episode aired and was seen by millions of people and (to our knowledge) not one viewer ever had a concern.”)

Schneider, A former child actor joined Nickelodeon in 1993 as a writer on the hit series All That, a Saturday Night Live-style sketch comedy that starred Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes. Bynes went on to star in Schneider’s first series, The Amanda Show, which cemented his brand of slapstick comedy that kids loved.

He followed it with the hits Zoey 101, Drake & JoshiCarly and Victorious and turned Nickelodeon into “a $10 billion-plus powerhouse,” Insider's report said. Rising as the cable network’s breadwinner, Nickelodeon allegedly gave him immense power that enticed actors, child actors and their families to win him over because it could lead to better career prospects for his favorite cast or crew members, even their own series, the report said.

Schneider’s cast and crew described him as an obsessively hands-on creator, executive producer and writer and that he maintained a constant presence on the set.

The Insider reported that McCurdy and her Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande made complaints about a producer on their show, which launched a 2013 investigation into inappropriate behavior on the set of the iCarly and Victorious spin-off. The investigation concluded that Schneider had contributed to the “toxicity,” but McCurdy wrote in her book that at the time, “the Creator” was “no longer allowed to be on set with any actors.”

The show was canceled in 2014 after one season, but Schneider remained at Nickelodeon and created two more shows: Henry Danger and Game Shakers. Nickelodeon’s parent company, Paramount Global (then named ViacomCBS), launched another investigation in late 2017 and early 2018 into Schneider’s “alleged sexual behavior,” the report said. Although it found no evidence of sexual misconduct, it concluded that Schneider could be verbally abusive.

Schneider, who left Nickelodeon in 2018 as a result of an investigation by parent company Paramount Global, denied the claims against him in a piece for The New York Times back in June 2021, where he said that he never acted inappropriately toward co-workers. The piece was met with some backlash. He’s also retreated from social media since the publication of McCurdy’s memoir this month.

Liz Feldman–the Dead To Me showrunner who wrote for All That as a teen–declined to comment to Insider but tweeted after Schneider’s exit in 2018, “I worked for Schneider 25 yrs ago. I can confirm inappropriate behavior was happening even then. #metoo.”

Original source: Variety; Additional sources: PopBuzz, Parade, Los Angeles Times, MovieWeb, Glamour, The Cut, Vanity Fair, The A.V. Club

South Park the 25th Anniversary Concert (Full Broadcast Version) | South Park Studios

South Park the 25th Anniversary Concert (Full Broadcast Version) | South Park Studios

South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert features co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone taking the stage to perform songs from the show’s 25-year history. They’re also joined by Primus, Ween, and other special guests.

Celebrating 25 years of South Park live on stage. South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert is now streaming on Paramount+ in the US. Use promo code SOUTHPARK for one month free.

It will also be available in international territories where the service is available.

Get the official South Park 25 merch:

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Robin Hoek Is Jokes | The Ren & Stimpy Show | Comedy Central UK

Robin Hoek Is Jokes | The Ren & Stimpy Show | Comedy Central UK

Stimpy tells his own version of the story of the Robin Hood legend with Ren as "Robin Hoek" and Stimpy as... everyone else

Paramount+ UK & Ireland is HERE! Stream a Mountain of Entertainment, including your Nickelodeon favourites! Try it FREE at!

Watch more FULL EPISODES of NickRetro Hits!:

#ComedyCentralUK #renandstimpy #robinhood

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