Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nickelodeon's Northern European Channels To Start To Show "The Legend of Korra" "Book Two: Spirits" (Season 2) From Wednesday 19th February 2014

Nickelodeon channels across Northern Europe have announced on their official websites the exciting Nickelodeon International news that they will start to premiere and show brand-episodes from season two of Nickelodeon's hit original animated series (Nicktoon) "The Legend of Korra", called "Book Two: Spirits" every weekday from Wednesday 19th February 2014!

Are you wondering how the Legend of Korra will continue? You do not have to wait any longer! Korra is back in brand-new episodes of "Legend of Korra", in which she will continue to fight for equality.

In season two, while Korra is developing into a true Avatar, she breaks traditions and customs in order to assist with the Spiritual World. In "Book Two: Spirits", Korra will continue on her spiritual path, however, this will not always be easy. Korra's parents are arrested by mistake and the president of Republic City refuses to help. Does he have a hidden agenda...?

Below are the days and TX (transmission) times each local Nickelodeon channel within Nickelodeon Northern Europe will air all-new episodes from the second season of "The Legend of Korra", "Book 2: Spirits":

Nickelodeon Benelux:

Nickelodeon Netherlands (Nederland) - Weekdays at 4:00pm from 4:00pm (16:00; locally titled "De legende van Korra")

Nickelodeon Belgium (België; Flanders) - Weekdays at 3:35pm (15.35; locally titled "De legende van Korra")

Nickelodeon Scandinavia:

Nickelodeon Denmark (Danmark) - Monday to Friday at 4:45pm (16.45; locally titled "Legenden om Korra")

Nickelodeon Sweden (Sverige) - Weekdays at 4:45pm (16.45)

Nickelodeon Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) - Monday to Friday at 1:00pm (13 Uhr; locally titled "Die Legende von Korra")

Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich) - Monday to Friday at 1:00pm (13 Uhr; locally titled "Die Legende von Korra")

Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz) - Weekdays at 1:20pm (13.20; locally titled "Die Legende von Korra")

Nickelodeon Poland (Polska) - Monday to Friday at 3:30pm (15:30; locally titled "Legenda Korry")
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Threadless Launches Classic Nickelodeon T-Shirt Design Challenge

Nickelodeon has teamed up with the apparel company Threadless to unveil a brand-new T-shirt challenge inspired by Classic Nickelodeon shows from the 1990's!

Today's critically acclaimed dramas and edgy comedies may have launched a new golden age of television, but when it comes to shows and cartoons, everybody knows the '90s were all that!

Nickelodeon's '90s lineup was chock-full of awesome and adorable characters, from the squeaky voiced Rugrats, Arnold with his football-shaped head, real life 'toons come to life on "The Adventures of Pete & Pete", the feline/canine CatDog, the mild-mannered wallaby Rocko, beaver bros Daggett and Norbert Beaver, and Nick's original best buds, Ren & Stimpy.

In celebration of Nickelodeon's hit retro shows, Threadless has launched the "Nickelodeon Design Challenge", a brand-new tee design challenge which is asking Classic Nickelodeon fans to design and submit a tee inspired by a '90s Nickelodeon show!

As part of the challenge, designers can pick from a range of hit classic Nick shows - the Nickelodeon original animated series (Nicktoons) "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters", "Angry Beavers", "CatDog", "Hey Arnold!", "The Ren & Stimpy Show", "Rocko's Modern Life" & "Rugrats" and the live-action Nickelodeon series "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete" - to design their Nickelodeon T-shirt on.

However, to be eligible to enter, artists need to use their original artwork, not use adult references, not use any logos in their design, and not use any actor likenesses in designs based on "The Adventures of Pete & Pete".

Everyone who enters Threadless' Classic Nickelodeon-inspired tee shirt design challenge has the chance to win a TON of aweslime prizes:

* $2500 cash

* A $500 Threadless gift certificate

* A chance to choose an episode to air on TeenNick's Mixtape Monday

* A Nickelodeon prize pack including original animation cels and other swag

* Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on & the quantity printed.

You can submit your Classic Nick-inspired T-shirt design, plus find more information, terms and conditions and a submission kit featuring downloadable T-shirt templates here on the contests official webpage on threadless.com!

Threadless's Nickelodeon Design Challenge is open from Thursday 6th February 2014 through to Thursday 27th February 2014. Good luck to everyone who enters!