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Nickelodeon UK Ratings for Week of July 5-11

Nickelodeon UK Network Ratings for week of Monday 5th - Sunday 11th July 2021.

Ratings across the Nickelodeon UK Network were up this week compared to the previous week  (June 28-July 4), according to BARB data, with only Nicktoons reporting a decrease in viewership. The big winner of the week was Peppa Pig, who was watched by 256,700 viewers in a Friday (July 9) lunchtime slot.

Nickelodeon Total:

1. KNIGHT SQUAD (THU 17:31) - 51,100
2. THE THUNDERMANS (THU 17:00) - 43,500
3. ICARLY (SAT 19:31) - 39,600
4. ICARLY (SUN 17:59) - 39,400
5. THE THUNDERMANS (WED 19:00) - 38,800
7. THE THUNDERMANS (SUN 23:31) - 33,900
8. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 12:31) - 31,300
9. THE THUNDERMANS (SAT 24:31) - 29,300
10. ICARLY (SAT 16:00) - 27,100
11. ICARLY (SUN 17:32) - 26,900
12. THE THUNDERMANS (SUN 23:00) - 26,600
13. THE THUNDERMANS (FRI 10:59) - 26,200
14. ICARLY (SUN 18:30) - 26,100
15. FILM: HORRID HENRY: THE MOVIE (FRI 18:00) - 25,100

NickToons Total:

1. THE CASAGRANDES (FRI 17:45) - 41,300
2. THE LOUD HOUSE (SAT 27:59) - 39,300
3. HORRID HENRY (MON 09:15) - 35,900
9. DORG VAN DANGO (WED 17:00) - 31,900
10. THE CASAGRANDES (WED 17:44) - 30,300
11. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (THU 08:15) - 28,100
12. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (MON 16:30) - 28,100
13. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (MON 19:44) - 27,400
14. THE LOUD HOUSE (FRI 17:29) - 27,400
15. HORRID HENRY (FRI 18:00) - 25,900

Nick Jr Total:

1. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:34) - 256,700
2. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:44) - 229,000
3. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:29) - 210,400
4. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:19) - 201,600
5. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:14) - 195,600
6. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:49) - 186,300
7. PEPPA PIG (FRI 14:04) - 177,500
8. PEPPA PIG (FRI 21:05) - 171,400
9. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:59) - 170,500
10. PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:59) - 168,300
11. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:04) - 164,000
12. PEPPA PIG (FRI 13:19) - 162,600
13. PEPPA PIG (FRI 14:49) - 159,200
14. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:04) - 159,000
15. PEPPA PIG (FRI 21:00) - 156,700

Nick Jr. Too:

1. PAW PATROL (WED 16:59) - 98,300
2. PAW PATROL (WED 17:15) - 80,300
3. PAW PATROL (THU 17:14) - 75,900
4. PAW PATROL (WED 07:45) - 74,400
5. PAW PATROL (WED 08:00) - 68,700
6. PAW PATROL (WED 16:30) - 68,500
7. PAW PATROL (WED 16:14) - 68,500
8. PAW PATROL (WED 16:45) - 68,500
9. PAW PATROL (TUE 25:29) - 66,200
10. PAW PATROL (TUE 25:14) - 65,900
11. PAW PATROL (THU 12:15) - 65,600
12. PAW PATROL (THU 13:30) - 64,800
13. PAW PATROL (THU 15:45) - 64,599
14. PAW PATROL (THU 13:15) - 64,400
15. PAW PATROL (THU 13:00) - 64,400

Notes: Nick Jr. Too is listed as Nick Jr 2 on BARB.

Nickelodeon Network:

1. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:34) - 256,700
2. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:44) - 229,000
3. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:29) - 210,400
4. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:19) - 201,600
5. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:14) - 195,600
6. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:49) - 186,300
7. PEPPA PIG (FRI 14:04) - 177,500
8. PEPPA PIG (FRI 21:05) - 171,400
9. PEPPA PIG (FRI 12:59) - 170,500
10. PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:59) - 168,300
11. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:04) - 164,000
12. PEPPA PIG (FRI 13:19) - 162,600
13. PEPPA PIG (FRI 14:49) - 159,200
14. PEPPA PIG (SUN 14:04) - 159,000
15. PEPPA PIG (FRI 21:00) - 156,700

Ratings data provided by BARB.

Programmes of less than 5 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.

Linear TV viewing only; Data for viewing programming on PC/laptops, Tablets and Smartphones is currently unavailable.

Originally published: July 19, 2021.

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Fans Recreate 'Danny Phantom' Intro Using CG-Animation

A group of fans have recreated the iconic intro of Nickelodeon's fan-favorite animated series Danny Phantom using CGI!

Danny Phantom CGI Reboot from Zachary Morawiec on Vimeo.

My friends Joshua Baum & Jack McCaffrey and I created this fan animated CG Danny Phantom animation inspired by the original series' intro!


Zachary Morawiec: asset creation, textures, rigging, layout, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, editing

Joshua Baum: asset creation, textures, lighting, layout, animation

Jack McCaffrey: VFX/2D animation

Our Websites

Zachary Morawiec:
Joshua Baum:
Jack McCaffrey:

The CG-animated Danny Phantom opening titles comes as a petition to revive or reboot the animated series gathers steam.

The video caught the attention of series creator Butch Hartman on TikTok, who couldn't help but show support for the creative remake. "Love seeing it in this style," he wrote on his duet of the TikTok. "So cool!" He's also seen grooving along to the show's catchy rap theme song, which he wrote the lyrics for. Hartman captioned his duet post saying, "ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!"

Danny Phantom first premiered on Nickelodeon in 2004, netting fifty-three episodes that followed the adventures of a teenager named Danny Fenton, who gains various superpowers like flight and invisibility after an accident in his ghost-hunting obsessed parents' laboratory. Despite his initial hesitation, Danny eventually learns to embrace his powers and commits to becoming a superhero to defend his family and hometown from the threat of malevolent ghosts. The show bears many similarities to Sony's Ghostbusters, including some of the equipment used in the series, as well as Marvel's Spider-Man series, with both protagonists forced to juggle the responsibilities of being a superhero along with the everyday mundanities of being a teenager. This timeless formula proved to be a success as Danny Phantom has retained a solid following since its finale aired well over a decade ago.

Fans of Danny Phantom started a petition on several years ago urging Nickelodeon to revive the show. The description states that the show "continues to maintain a large, passionate fan base over a decade after its cancellation, showing true dedication to the series and appreciation of its quality." Although the petition has yet to reach its goal, it has maintained a consistent stream of engagement and has just recently crossed 17,000 supporters.

With Danny Phantom trending on Twitter, David Kaufman, who voice Danny in the series, Tweeted: "Danny Phantom trending today to let the world know he’s still fighting for me & you."

Nickelodeon isn't a stranger to reviving their older IPs for a modern audience. Paramount+ recently developed a revival series for the classic Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, with all the original actors reprising their original roles, as well as a CG-animated Rugrats reboot, again with most of the show's original voice actors. Additionally, a live-action/animated hybrid reboot of Hartman's The Fairly Oddparents is set to begin filming later this year. In the midst of all these revivals, it's as opportune a time as ever for Danny Phantom to receive the same treatment.

Danny Phantom will also be a playable character in the upcoming Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl video game.

As media consumption has become more democratized in recent years, revival campaigns such as this one have become more and more common. Just last month, fans of the YA book series Eragon started a viral campaign for Disney to create a proper adaptation of the franchise as well. While the 80s and 90s nostalgia have been in vogue for the last decade, it seems that the wheel is now turning to the 2000s. Hopefully, Nickelodeon catches wind of this movement, and Danny Phantom will go ghost once again.

Do you want to see a Danny Phantom reboot/revival? Let me know in the comments!

Danny Phantom is available to stream on Paramount+. Try it FREE today at!

Additional source; ScreenRant.

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Nickelodeon Celebrates 'The Patrick Star Show' Series Launch with Ice Cream Truck Activation in Los Angeles and New York

Nickelodeon Celebrates The Patrick Star Show Series Launch with Ice Cream Truck Activation in Los Angeles and New York

The Patrick Star Show Branded Ice Cream Trucks to Hand Out Complimentary Ice Cream Friday, July 2 - Friday, July 23

Longtime Voice of Patrick Star, Bill Fagerbakke, Unveils Custom Truck in Los Angeles

Share it: @Nickelodeon @OfficialPatrickStar @NickAnimation @SpongeBob

Nickelodeon is celebrating the upcoming series debut of The Patrick Star Show with an activation surrounding one of Patrick Star's favorite treats, ice cream. From Friday, July 2 through Friday, July 23, two Nickelodeon The Patrick Star Show branded ice cream trucks will hit the streets of Los Angeles and New York City where brand ambassadors will pass out complimentary custom pink popsicles to patrons while supplies last.

All popsicles flavors will be pink including; strawberry, strawberry lemonade, pineapple mango, watermelon, root beer float, Florida orange, frozen hot chocolate, key lime coconut, and coffee roast.

The Patrick Star Show Ice Cream Truck! | EGO PLUM

The Patrick Star Show Ice Cream drives around Los Angeles playing Ego Plum's Theme Song. Captured July 18th, 2021 in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA.

The trucks will also feature an augmented reality (AR) experience where fans can aim their mobile device's camera at QR codes included on the truck wraps. Once engaged, these QR codes trigger animations of Patrick getting prepped and pampered for his new show! In addition to the trucks, posters with the AR experience will be in locations throughout Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, DC.

The Patrick Star Show is the second spinoff of the number-one animated series SpongeBob SquarePants and follows a younger Patrick Star living at home with his family, where he hosts his own variety show for the neighborhood from his television-turned-bedroom. The original series debuts Friday, July 9, at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. In the premiere episode, "Late for Breakfast," Patrick presents a show about food after missing out on a hearty breakfast. Then in "Bummer Jobs," Patrick and SpongeBob experience the wonders of the workforce.

Longtime voice of Patrick Star, Bill Fagerbakke lends his voice as the young adult Patrick alongside new cast members: Tom Wilson (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Cecil Star, Patrick's fun-loving, happy-go-lucky dad who always puts his family first; Cree Summer (Rugrats) as Bunny Star, Patrick's loving, sea star mom who is a kooky oddball; Jill Talley (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Squidina Star, Patrick's 8-year-old little sister who drinks her coffee from a sippy cup; and Dana Snyder (The Penguins of Madagascar, The Thundermans, Welcome to the Wayne) as GrandPat, Patrick's genius grandpa, and the most intelligent member of the Star family. Summer also voices Grandma Tentacles, Squidward's grandma.

Additional cast members include veteran actors Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward Tentacles), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy Cheeks), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), and Mr. Lawrence (Plankton).

Marc Ceccarelli (SpongeBob SquarePants), Vincent Waller (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jennie Monica (SpongeBob SquarePants) are co-executive producers of the series. The Patrick Star Show is developed for television by Claudia Spinelli, SVP of Animation Development, Nickelodeon, with production overseen by Kelley Gardner, Vice President, Current Series, Animation, Nickelodeon.


Originally published: July 03, 2021.

Press release via

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Paramount Plus to Premiere 'iCarly' Revival in Latin America and Brazil on July 30

"P+ quando lança o Revival?" | Paramount Plus BR

Aproveitem para maratonar e reviver todas as temporadas de #iCarly no meu app pois, o que posso dizer agora e APENAS é: #ICarly VEM AÍ!

Até lá, quero os amantes de plantão pra gente comentar cada pedacinho da nossa maior saudade, ok? 💅✨ Grato!

Nickelodeon UK to Premiere New Episodes of 'Side Hustle' and 'Unfiltered' from Monday 19th July 2021

It's time to get hustling, as Nickelodeon's hit comedy Side Hustle is back with brand new episodes, Monday to Thursday at 4:30pm starting 19th July 2021, only on Nick UK & Ireland! Fans can also catch brand new episodes of Unfiltered weekdays at 10:00am!

🔴Side Hustle and Unfiltered LIVE FULL EPISODES! | DOUBLE Jules and Jayden! | Nickelodeon UK

Enjoy a double dose of Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, in these LIVE episodes of Side Hustle and Unfiltered! Catch brand new episodes of Side Hustle, Monday to Thursday at 4:30pm, and brand new episodes of Unfiltered weekdays at 10am, only on Nickelodeon!

Side Hustle - Vitamin D-isaster: After testing a vitamin that makes kids like vegetables, Lex and Presley book a job as birthday party princesses. Once there, they realise the vitamin worked, they now love veggies, and they'll be playing princess next to an amazing vegetable garden

Unfiltered - Wordy Worms and Legal Eagles: The early eagle gets the worm! Host Jay Pharoah introduces two mystery celebs hiding behind 3D animated filters. Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels ask questions and gather clues to unveil our two special guests.

Originally published: July 07, 2021.

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Popping Balloons Challenge with Daniela Haack | Summer Happiness Lab | Nickelodeon Spain

@Ladypecas y su reto explotando globos | Summer Happiness Lab | España | Nickelodeon en Español

¡Hemos retado a Daniela a explotar globos en nuestro laboratorio de la felicidad de este verano! ¿Conseguirá conseguir el challenge? ¿Y tú?, ¿eres capaz de hacerlo?


Originally published: July 15, 2021.

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Danielle Arciniegas and Maia Refico Talk About Their Characters | Kally’s Mashup: A Very Kally's Birthday | Nickelodeon Brazil

Danielle Arciniegas e Maia Refico falam sobre suas personagens | Nickelodeon em Português

O filme de Kally's Mashup vem api entçao confira Danielle e Maia conversando sobre suas personagens femininas. Não perca Kally's Mashup: O Filme, estreia 30 de julho, na Nick.

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First Script Reading | Kally’s Mashup: A Very Kally's Birthday | Nickelodeon Brazil

Primeira leitura de roteiro! | Kally's Mashup: O Filme | Nickelodeon em Português

Que emoção ter o elenco de Kally's Mashup juntinho de novo! Não perca Kally's Mashup: O Filme, estreia 30 de julho, na Nick.

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Nickelodeon GSA to Air 'Kamp Koral' Sneak Peek in July; To Fully Premiere 'SpongeBob' Spin-Off in Autumn 2021

Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland), Switzerland (Schweiz) and Austria (Österreich) will be premiering Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years in Germany (Deutschland), Switzerland (Schweiz) and Austria (Österreich) later this year as part of their autumn programming highlights, however, Nick GSA will be treating viewers to a super sneak peek of the brand new spin-off from the network's iconic animated series SpongeBob SquarePants this summer by airing the first six episodes weekdays at 17:20 Uhr between Monday 19th - Friday 23rd July 2021!

Additionally, fans can enjoy more brand new episodes of SpongeBob Schwammkopf season 12 on Nick GSA (the German airings will mark their FTA debuts)!

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years is the first-ever SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff. The CG-animated prequel series follows 10-year-old SpongeBob SquarePants and his pals during summer sleepaway camp where they spend their time building underwater campfires, catching wild jellyfish and swimming in Lake Yuckymuck at the craziest camp in the kelp forest, Kamp Koral. Season one will have 26 episodes.

The U.S.-English dub of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years features Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy) and Mr. Lawrence (Plankton) reprising their iconic roles. Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko's Modern Life, The Casagrandes) and Kate Higgins (Blaze and the Monster Machines) join as new characters Nobby and Narlene, narwhal siblings who live in the woods surrounding the camp.

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years made its world premiere on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America and Brazil in March 2021.

Marc Ceccarelli (SpongeBob SquarePants), Vincent Waller (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jennie Monica (SpongeBob SquarePants) are co-executive producers of the series. Production of KAMP KORAL: SPONGEBOB’S UNDER YEARS is overseen by Kelley Gardner, Vice President, Current Series Animation, Nickelodeon. The series is produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, Calif.

In addition to Kamp Koral, Nickelodeon is working on a second SpongeBob spin-off, The Patrick Star Show (Die Patrick Star Show), set to premiere on Nickelodeon USA this July.

KAMP KORAL: SPONGEBOBS KINDERJAHRE – exklusive Vorschau | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Schau die neue Serie mit unserem Lieblungsschwamm ab Montag, den 19. Juli um 17:20 exklusiv bei Nick im TV. Ganze Folgen findest du auf!

Kamp Koral: SpongeBobs Kinderjahre Vorschau | Ab 19. Juli 2021 (Nick Deutschland)

Update (18/6) - Official Nickelodeon Deutschland presse release:

KAMP KORAL – SpongeBobs Kinderjahre: Die neue Serie mit dem zehnjährigen SpongeBob ab dem 19. Juli bei Nick

Den 19. Juli sollten sich Fans der bunten Unterwasserwelt Bikini Bottom schon jetzt rot markieren: Kamp Koral – SpongeBobs Kinderjahre, der erste Ableger der Kultserie “SpongeBob Schwammkopf”, feiert Premiere bei Nick. Vom 19. bis 23. Juli um 17:20 Uhr zeigt der Kinder- und Jugendsender die ersten sechs Folgen der neuen CGI-animierten Serie um den zehnjährigen fröhlichen SpongeBob. Gemeinsam mit seinen Freund*innen Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Thaddäus Q. Tentakel, Mr. Krabs und Plankton verbringt er den Sommer im verrücktesten Camp im Seetangwald, Kamp Koral. Dort erleben sie die lustigsten Abenteuer, machen Unterwasser-Lagerfeuer, fangen wilde Quallen und gehen im Yuckymuck-See schwimmen.Die

Zuschauer*innen dürfen sich bei „Kamp Koral: SpongeBobs Kinderjahre“ auf die ikonischen Stimmen der Original-Serie freuen. Neben Santiago Ziesmer (SpongeBob), Fritz Rott (Patrick), Joachim Kaps (Thaddäus), Jürgen Kluckert (Mr. Krabs) und Cathlen Gawlich (Sandy) ist auch Sebastian Christoph Jacob (Plankton) wieder mit an Bord.

Zudem werden neue Charaktere eingeführt, Nobby und Narlene, die Narwal-Geschwister, die in den Wäldern rund um das Camp leben.

“Kamp Koral – SpongeBobs Kinderjahre” ist eine Produktion des Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Marc Ceccarelli (“SpongeBob Schwammkopf”), Vincent Waller (“SpongeBob Schwammkopf”) und Jennie Monica (“SpongeBob Schwammkopf”) sind die ausführenden Produzent*innen der Serie, die unter Aufsicht von Kelley Gardner, Vizepräsidentin Aktuelle Serien Animation bei Nickelodeon, entstanden ist.

Über SpongeBob Schwammkopf

Tief unten im Pazifischen Ozean, in der Stadt Bikini Bottom, lebt ein quadratischer, gelber Schwamm namens SpongeBob Schwammkopf. SpongeBob wohnt zusammen mit seiner miauenden Haustierschnecke Gary in einer 2-Zimmer-Ananas, liebt seinen Job als Koch im Fast-Food-Lokal „Krosse Krabbe“ und hat ein absolutes Talent dafür, ständig in Schwierigkeiten zu geraten – ohne es wirklich darauf anzulegen. Wenn er also nicht gerade Krabbenburger brät oder seinem nörgelnden Nachbarn Thaddäus auf die Nerven geht, steckt SpongeBob meistens zusammen mit seinem besten Seestern-Freund Patrick oder seiner Eichhörnchen-Freundin Sandy mitten in einem schrägen Abenteuer.


"Auf Nickelodeon kommen vor allem Fans von "SpongeBob Schwammkopf" auf ihre Kosten. Im Herbst zeigt der Sender das lange erwartete neue Spin-Off "Kamp Koral". Doch bereits im Juli gibt es vorab die ersten sechs Folgen der Serie über SpongeBobs Kinderjahre als exklusive Sneak Peek zu sehen - vom 19. bis 23. Juli jeweils um 17.20 Uhr. In "Kamp Koral" werden der zehnjährige SpongeBob und seine Freunde bei ihren lustigen Abenteuern im Kamp Koral begleitet, dem verrücktesten Camp im Seetangwald. Es gibt ein Wiedersehen mit Patrick, Sandy, Thaddäus, Mr. Krabs, und Plankton. Darüber hinaus kündigt Nickelodeon neue Folgen aus der zwölften Staffel der Mutterserie "SpongeBob Schwammkopf" als Free-TV Premieren an."

More Nick: 'Little Questions' Garner Big Answers in Nickelodeon Germany and Mit Vergnügen's New Podcast Season!

Originally published: June 14, 2021.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 18, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 18, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Stream all new CG-animated Rugrats series, exclusively on Paramount+!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: First Look: Nickelodeon's All-New Animated 'Rugrats' Reunites Members of the Original Voice Cast to Reprise Roles!

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I'm Back | 12 Is Midnight Music Video | The Casagrandes

Swooning over the new 12 Is Midnight music video 😍 Check out the new The Casagrandes short, "I'm Back"!

Watch The Loud House & The Casagrandes on Nickelodeon and Paramount+!

Subscribe to the official The Loud House & The Casagrandes YouTube channel!:

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Could Big Time Rush Be on the Verge of a Big Time Comeback?

Could Big Time Rush be making a comeback? The band's official Twitter account has updated to using a red layout, whilst each member of Big Time Rush - Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow and Logan Henderson - also updating their Instagram avatars to a solid red circle. The news follows reports that the band recently recorded new songs, including "Echoes", "How You Like Me Now", "Stars Align" and "Something Bout Your Love".

Credit: @PopBase

None of the members have yet commented on the meaning of the red profile photos, but they have in the past expressed interest in a formal reunion.

Update (7/17) - All will reportedly be revealed on Monday, July 19!:

On social media, Rushers theorized that a new single was coming, while others hoped for a reunion tour or concert special.

The Los Angeles–based boy band was formed in 2009 and starred in a Nickelodeon series, also called Big Time Rush, until 2013. The group released three albums and staged their final tour in 2014.

In Big Time Rush, four best friends from Minnesota trade in their hockey sticks and high-school life for the opportunity of a lifetime: pursue pop music stardom in Los Angeles as a boy band. Discovered as a solo singer, Kendall has no interest in leaving his Midwest life behind, so he agrees to take part in "pop group" training in exchange for the record company allowing his three buddies -- James, Logan and Carlos -- a chance to make it with him as a group. They live in a swanky housing development, but the boys soon find life in Hollywood is not all about the parties and girls, and if they are to make it in the big time, it will only come from hard work, dedication -- and the support of one another.

Big Time Rush. Berenice Bautista/AP/Shutterstock

Big Time Rush stars Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight, Carlos PenaVega as Carlos Garcia, James Maslow as James Diamond, Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell, Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight, Stephen Kramer Glickman as Gustavo Rocque, Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright, Challen Cates as Jennifer Knight, Erin Sanders as Camille Roberts, Katelyn Tarver as Jo Taylor, and Malese Jow as Lucy Stone.

Over the course of its four-season run, the actors’ lives mimicked that of their onscreen characters. Both on- and off-screen, multiple Big Time Rush albums were released, sold-out tours were embarked on, and millions of fans, also known as Rushers, were made.

The news follows Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos hosting a series of virtual reunions during the COVID-19 pandemic, which included releasing new renditions of two of their hit songs, "Worldwide" and "Beautiful Christmas" - and it's speculated that the boys will be treating fans to new music later this year.

Earlier this year, Maslow, 30, admitted that the guys talked more in 2020 than they had in a while. “This last year, we’ve definitely been in touch more than previous years and wanted to do several things just to bring some levity and some ‘stay positive’ nostalgia to our fans in such trying times,” he told Smashing Interviews in January. “The reaction’s been pretty fantastic. So what that means, I’m not certain. I think we need to get past [COVID-19] before any of us are touring individually or collectively. But something may be on the table. We’ll see how things turn out this year.”

Big Time Rush is available to stream on Paramount+ and Netflix.


Carlos PenaVega Teases Possible Return of a Hit TV Series


PenaVega Wore a Red Hat in a Video This Week & Answered Questions About It

In an Instagram video with his wife Alexa PenaVega, Carlos was wearing a red baseball cap with the word “OBEY” on it. Fans wondered if there was a secret message behind it. During the Q&A, Carlos brought up the question a couple of times.

At one point he teased:

So many people asking me what’s up with the red dot… Can’t a guy just like the color red? … How often do I wear this red hat? I lost this red hat on a rollercoaster and you (Alexa) bought me a new one. That’s how much I love this red hat. So why can’t a guy like red guys?

Later when someone asked again, he said: “What’s up with the red? I like the color red. That’s it. I love you guys.”

So it appeared that he was playing coy, but fans weren’t buying it. One fan replied, “Need that reunion tour announcement!!”

Another wrote: “why cant a guy like red?? OK CARLOS I SEE U 😑😭😂”

Another fan replied: “a guy can like red but c’mon…what’s the real reason behind the red profile pictures?”


Alex and Carlos also answered questions about whether they were returning to Hallmark. When asked when their next Hallmark movie is, Carlos said they don’t know but they would love to do another one. Alexa added that they also don’t know when their next “Picture Perfect Mysteries” movie is going to be either.

“We don’t know if it’s coming back (‘Picture Perfect Mysteries’), we don’t know if we’re coming back to Hallmark, we don’t know anything,” Carlos admitted.

They also briefly mentioned that they’re working on a book, but didn’t go into details on what it’s about.

“We were in the middle of brainstorming for this one chapter, and I was talking about Alexa, and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t think … I’ve had sleepless nights because of the baby, but never because I was actually the one feeding the baby,'” Carlos admitted. “…My wife is so incredible, she knows that I need my sleep, so she’s like, ‘I will take care of the baby all night long so you never have to do it.’ And I just want you (Alexa) to know that I love you, and your efforts do not go unnoticed.”

Alexa joked back, “When I’m extra-aged because of all these sleepless nights, you just have to still love me the same.”

Carlos joked back: “Sweetheart, it’s a balance because living with me, I keep you young.”

They added that they plan to make YouTube videos again, and they have something special planned for next year.

“We have some really cool stuff planned for next year,” Alexa said.


Originally published: July 13, 2021.

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'Jimmy Neutron' Fans Want Hugh Neutron in 'Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl'

The Fight for HUGH NEUTRON in Nick All-Star Brawl | Vailskibum94

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is on the way. With characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, Nigel Thornberry, and many others joining the party, one cartoon dad is missing: Hugh Neutron. Was he even planned at all? Hugh's voice actor chimes in.

So far, Jimmy Neutron isn't getting much representation in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Considering it was one of the most beloved Nicktoons of the classic era, the decision is questionable. Could we ever get Hugh Neutron in the game?

Originally published: July 15, 2021.

Additional source: Game Rant.

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Nickelodeon Super Smash Bros.

'The Adventures of Paddington' Brings Home the Marmalade at the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has announced that Nickelodeon has received a 13 nominations in the Children’s Programming and Animation portion of the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards!

Update (7/18) - The Adventures of Paddington won the Outstanding Writing Team for a Preschool Animated Program and Outstanding Preschool Children's Animated Series awards!

SpongeBob voice actor Tom Kenny also served as a presenter during the awards!

The Adventures of Paddington has received nominations in the Outstanding Preschool Children's Animated Series, Outstanding Writing Team for a Preschool Animated Program, and Outstanding Directing Team for a Preschool Animated Program categories of the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Voice actor Tom Kenny has received a nomination in the Outstanding Performer in a Daytime Animated Program for his portrayal of SpongeBob in Nickelodeon's beloved animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob has also received a nomination in the Outstanding Voice Directing for a Daytime Animated Series category.

Nickelodeon's hit All That revival has been nominated in the Outstanding Special Effects Costumes, Makeup and Hairstyling category.

Blue’s Clues & You! and Nick News both earned nominations in the Outstanding Writing Team for a Preschool, Children's or Family Viewing Program category. Blue’s Clues & You! also received a nomination in the Outstanding Directing Team for a Preschool, Children's or Family Viewing Program category.

All That and The Astronauts both earned a spot in the Outstanding Casting for a Live-Action Children's Program category.

Finally, Baby Shark's Big Show! and Bubble Guppies both received a nomination in the Outstanding Casting for a Daytime Animated Program award!

This year’s awards honor content from more than 3,000 submissions that originally premiered in calendar-year 2020. The submissions were judged by a pool of more than 1,000 peer professionals from across the television industry whose confidential ballots were then tabulated by the independent accounting firm of Lutz & Carr, LLP.

The Daytime Emmy Awards Children’s Programming and Animation ceremony will be presented in a stand-alone show streaming on the Emmy OTT platform on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 8p.m ET.

Awards for individual achievement in animation are selected by a juried panel of peers which selects winners in each of six craft areas without a nomination stage. Accordingly, these winners will be announced at the ceremony on July 17.

A full list of nominees in the Children’s Programming and Animation portion of the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards can be found at

Congratulations and good luck to Nickelodeon and to everyone involved in each production!

Originally published: June 28, 2021.

Original source: Animation Magazine; Update H/T: Special thanks to @RegularTweetsUK for the news!

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‘Gullah Gullah Island’ Stars Ron and Natalie Talk About the Show’s Creation and Overall Success

CHARLESTON, S.C. – It’s a tune those who grew up in the mid-90s know all too well; “come and let’s play together in the bright sunny weather…” Gullah Gullah Island was a popular preschool series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994-98.

It follows an African American family as they learn about life with friends, neighbors, and their big yellow pet pollywog Binya Binya.

What makes it special – especially to those who grew up in South Carolina's Lowcountry – was its setting on South Carolina’s sea islands.

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk, News 2 anchor and podcast host Carolyn Murray talks to Ron and Natalie Daise, co-creators and stars of the show based on Gullah-Geechee people and culture.

Ron was born and raised on St. Helena Island. He met his wife, Natalie, when she moved to the Lowcountry from New York and created the sing-along series together.

They turned everyday activities into teachable moments through storytelling, songs, and gameplay.

“The network did not know that it would become as popular as it did,” said Ron. “I think it was ‘okay, we’ve done this now we can move on,’ but then it went – at that time – four years in production, and until that time Nick Jr. shows had gone a total of three.”

“In terms of success, I remember one day the executive director of Nickelodeon said something like ‘do you know how many million people watch this every day,’” Natalie recalled.

But how did it all come together? Natalie said she was working for the Town of Hilton Head Island and left her job so they could both hit the road full-time as storytellers and performers.

Ron Daise, along with Binyan Binyan Pollywog, performs a ’60s dance along with youngsters of Gullah Gullah Island, May 1, 1996, on the beach at St. Helena Island, SC. Gullah Gullah Island is the first pre-school show centered around a black family. Child cast members are, left to right, Venessa Baden, Sona Daise and Shaina Freeman. (AP Photo/Lou Krasky)

“I had been doing community performances, doing readings and dramatizations, said Ron. “And Natalie said, around that time, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could be like Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis?”

They would perform skits and presentations for schools and community organizations. “We grew and developed over time, but there was always a sense, to me at least, that this is what we’re doing that is going to lead to something. I’m not sure what it’s going to lead to, but it’s going to lead to something,” said Ron.

Natalie said Gullah, Gullah Island came about by grace. “We had been traveling, doing performances. At that time, we had a baby – she was a wonderful road baby – and then she was pregnant again and we began to talk, it’s one thing to have one baby on the road.”

While Natalie was pregnant, they began to look for something else. “We went to some folks we respected and said what do you think is next for us? They said ‘well, you’ve been playing around long enough it’s time for you to get a job with benefits and just try to be grownups now.’ We were like that doesn’t feel like what’s next…”

It was during a dinner with a friend, who was a novelist when they began discussing television for children and how there was no diversity. The friend stated, “well, you know Nickelodeon is going to diversify.” She and her partner had already pitched shows that were not picked up when they introduced Ron and Natalie to the network.

The then Nickelodeon CEO, said, “wow, I always wanted to do a show about an island, maybe I can do a show about you,” said Natalie. “The production company, the network, was very open to being respectful and to incorporating the culture into the show – not just letting it be the backdrop, but sort of saturating it. Things just came in naturally.”

Cast members work a scene for Gullah Gullah Island, during filming of the show for the Nickelodeon TV cable network May 1, 1996, on St. Helena Island, S.C. Gullah Gullah Island is the first pre-school show centered around a black family. (AP Photo/Lou Krasky)

You can listen to more about their journey in creating the special show and the Gullah-Geechee culture by listening to the podcast in the player below.

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