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BelleHarvest to Release New PAW Patrol Branded Apple Snacks for Kids During Fall 2020

BELDING, MI - BelleHarvest is making it easier for parents to teach their children about healthy eating habits in a fun way with the release of its PAW Patrol branded fresh-cut products!

Hitting supermarket shelves in the U.S. this fall, the PAW Patrol Apple Pouch Program will see BelleHarvest launch a range of tasty apple snacks featuring PAW Patrol packaging.

This packaging is available in a 3-lb pouch bag and will be branded with the three most popular PAW Patrol pups: Chase, Marshall, and Skye, each representing a different variety of apple.

Partnering with ViacomCBS Consumer Products (VCP) to utilize its PAW Patrol intellectual property, the company hopes to create something exciting for kids and families.

“Chase is Honeycrisp, Skye is Gala, and Marshall is Fuji. PAW Patrol is the number one show on Nickelodeon with parents and kids and we know one in three preschoolers watch the series. We thought this would be a great way for kids to get a healthy snack,” Angela Sommers, Marketing Director, BelleHarvest Sales, Inc. told And Now U Know. “It's really encouraging to have a piece of fruit put in a fun, exciting bag that highlights a kid’s favorite characters from their favorite show.”

BelleHarvest's range of PAW Patrol apple snacks aims to be the "PAWFECT snack for Kids and Pups on the go".

According to Angela, Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala make up 57 percent of total U.S. market share. Additionally, there is a 67 percent likelihood of an apple purchase with the presence of children in the home and 81 percent of parents say kids influenced their CPG purchase. For these reasons, the PAW Patrol program is sure to be a hit with families.

The apple specialist will also be launching its sustainable apple carton range in the near future.

For more information on BelleHarvest, please click here.

Nickelodeon recently renewed the series for an eighth season and a theatrical film Paw Patrol: The Movie is scheduled to be released in August 2021.

From The Produce News:

BelleHarvest launches PAW Patrol partnership with Nickelodeon

Those who know a three-year old child, understand that PAW Patrol is “it” on television.

“One in three preschoolers watch PAW Patrol,” a cartoon show, on the Nick, Jr. channel, according to Angela Sommers, who herself is a mother of a three year old.

To enlighten those less-connected with the preschool set: Nick Jr. is owned by the Nickelodeon network.

PAW Patrol has a 95 percent awareness among kids, according to Sommers, whose day job is marketing director for BelleHarvest and Michigan Fresh Marketing, an apple grower-packer-shipper in west Michigan.

This fall, BelleHarvest and Michigan Fresh will launch a national PAW Patrol promotion in partnership with Nickelodeon. “We believe this program will bring young snackers into the category, as they can enjoy a healthy treat with their favorite character on the bag,” stated Sommers.

According to BelleHarvest, PAW Patrol, which, as of the fourth quarter of 2019, was the top digital property for Nick Jr., in terms of visits, streams, and time spent.

It is the top property in preschool toys, entertainment, apparel, home, health-and-beauty-aids, and grocery. A year from now, the first-ever PAW Patrol feature film will be released.

This fall, three of the rescue pups starring in PAW Patrol will grace Belleharvest’s three-pound pouch program for Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp varieties.

“We have all PAWS on deck for this exciting new partnership with Nickelodeon and Viacom.” The theme of the promotion is to “Take back the snack”; helping parents sell their kids on tasty, sweet apples.

Sommers said the Belleharvest promotion brings retailers several merchandising and marketing tools. A national press and advertising campaign will be launched, along with promotional opportunities through social media and geo-targeted advertising.

The heroic pups, who believe “no job is too big, no pup is too small,” work together to protect the community. Belleharvest graphics use three of the dogs in inspirational ways. For example, the pup Marshall is a Firefighter. He is portrayed on Belleharvest’s Fuji pouch, which promotes, “Fired up Fuji” and the notation: “sweet and tart flavor.”


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Originally published: Sunday, July 12, 2020.
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"Agua" by Tainy & J Balvin | Official Lyrics | Music From "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run"

"Agua" by Tainy & J Balvin | Official Lyrics | Music From "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run"

Listen to "Agua (Music From "Sponge On The Run" Movie)" with J Balvin:

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run follows SpongeBob SquarePants, his best friend Patrick Star and the rest of the gang from Bikini Bottom in the first-ever all CGI SpongeBob motion picture event. After SpongeBob’s beloved pet snail Gary is snail-napped, he and Patrick embark on an epic adventure to The Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary home. As they navigate the delights and dangers on this perilous and hilarious rescue mission, SpongeBob and his pals prove there’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship.

Directed by Tim Hill, voice cast of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run includes Tom Kenny, Awkwafina, Clancy Brown, Rodger Bumpass, Bill Fagerbakke, Carolyn Lawrence, and Douglas Lawrence, and guest stars including Keanu Reeves (as a tumbleweed named Sage), Awkwafina, Reggie Watts and Snoop Dog.

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run will debut digitally in the U.S via premium video on demand in early 2021 and then move exclusively to CBS All Access, ViacomCBS’ subscription video on demand (SVOD) and live-streaming service, following the premium video-on-demand window.

From Billboard:

‘The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run’ Soundtrack Features Tainy, J Balvin, Tyga, Weezer & More

Hear Tainy and J Balvin’s new song 'Agua' now.

Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon have joined forces with NEON16 to bring to life the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run movie soundtrack.

Executive produced by award-winning producer Tainy and renowned industry leader Lex Borrero, NEON16 curated the official soundtrack of the forthcoming animated film. This marks the first time the Latin multimedia company and talent incubator founded in 2019 partners with the animated franchise.

The soundtrack, set to be released via NEON16/Interscope Records, will include songs by Tyga, Swae Lee, Lil Mosey, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, The Flaming Lips, Kenny G and Cyndi Lauper, to name a few. Additionally, Hans Zimmer is expected to score the film.

Kicking off the soundtrack is Tainy and J Balvin’s “Agua” dropping Thursday, July 9. "I know that this song has good vibes and a lot of happiness, which we need during these moments," Balvin expressed on Instagram.

The uptempo track fuses the iconic SpongeBob intro with a party-starting reggaeton and bass melody. "This is an underwater party/baby, bring your umbrella / we're dancing like fish in the sea, like fish in the sea," the infectious chorus notes.

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run will debut digitally in the U.S via premium video on demand in early 2021 and then move exclusively to CBS All Access, ViacomCBS’ subscription video on demand and live-streaming service, following the premium video-on-demand window.


From AL DÍA News:

Spongebob does #ForTheCulture with J Balvin’s “Agua”

Oh Spongebob. Such a Progressive. In the new movie, J Balvin’s new song ‘Agua’ will be featured, and it is a bop.

J Balvin and Tainy dropped their new song and music video called ‘Agua’ which will be on the new Spongebob movie soundtrack.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run was set to be released in August, but will now be pushed back to 2021. (Insert crying emojis here.)

The movie takes place in none other than a magical lost city: Atlantic City. Located in the best state in the country: New Jersey. Very objectively speaking, obviously.

The song released on Thursday includes the flute sample from the original Spongebob theme. It also features some dembow beats to the cinematic cartoon, and brings cross culture to a whole new level.

The project was executive produced by Tainy and Lex Borrero and curated by NEON16 in partnership with Nickelodeon and Paramount Animation.

The 3D CGI cartoon was directed by Tim Hill and produced by Ryan Harris. Voices are by Tom Kenny as Spongebob, Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, and more.

With this epic debut song for a highly anticipated movie, it is especially exciting to see the crossover culture displayed on a different platform.

Though multiple artists have been able to pull off the crossover, J Balvin has been one to take the lead. In one of Balvin’s interviews around his 2018 album Vibras he spoke of “defining a new mainstream.”

Two years later, that is more than true.

Not only is the song #ForTheCulture, but the video is also entertaining and with vibrant color in the same vein of much of J Balvin's work.

Stay tuned for the movie premiere date in 2021! It will be available via video on demand, and run exclusively on CBS all access after that.

View this post on Instagram

Agua 💦 ya está afuera !! #agua @tainy 🙏

A post shared by J Balvin (@jbalvin) on


From The Music Universe:



Boundary-pushing producer and artist, Tainy, and globally renowned artist J Balvin release “Agua,” the first single off of the official soundtrack from the upcoming animated film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run. The song is out on NEON16/Interscope Records and available on all streaming platforms.

The multiple Latin GRAMMY winning producer collaborated with J Balvin to create a song that captures the true essence of the beloved animated children show’s new feature film. The video which is set to release in the coming weeks, was directed by 36 Grados and filmed using the same cutting-edge animation seen in the film to help further bring to life the infectious beat created by Tainy that perfectly pairs with J Balvin’s signature silky smooth flow.

The song further showcases Tainy’s incredibly skillful ability and talent as a producer and artist as he uses SpongeBob’s signature flute sound as the base for the beat of the track. Tainy then adds his unique style of sound to the track, cementing it as a certified summer anthem. In the lyric video that is accompanying the song release today, we get a glimpse of SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick Star embarking on a journey to the Lost City of Atlantic City as J Balvin’s lyrics take us through the deep sea celebration.

Both Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon partnered with Tainy and Lex Borrero of NEON16 and Interscope Records to help them create a soundtrack that was innovative, bubbly and lively much like the title character of the animated film. The album is executive produced by the award-winning producing duo and was especially curated to help bring the film to life. The soundtrack will feature a strong collection of global artists from across different genres like Tyga, Swae Lee, Lil Mosey, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, The Flaming Lips, Kenny G., Cyndi Lauper and more.


From Billboard:

J Balvin & Tainy’s ‘Agua’ Is an Underwater Party For the Whole Family: English Lyric Translation

Who would have ever thought that a timeless children’s song fused with reggaeton would make sense? Tainy and J Balvin made it work.

“Agua,” released in July by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon, and NEON16, laces the iconic SpongeBob intro with a party-starting reggaeton, bass, and flute melody, making it the go-to summer song for the entire family. In the playful lyrics, Balvin gives a shout out to some of the iconic characters of the franchise.

The collaboration is the lead single off the forthcoming SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run movie soundtrack, which was executive produced by award-winning producer Tainy and renowned industry leader Lex Borrero.

On the Billboard charts, “Agua” enters the top 10 for the first time at No. 7 on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated Aug. 8. It also hits the top 10 on Latin Airplay.

Check out the complete lyrics translated to English below:

This is a party that’s underwater
Baby, get your umbrella
We’re dancing like fish in the sea
Like fish in the sea
Nighttime doesn’t exist, neither does daytime
Keep the party going here
Every time she passes, she winks at me
Sweet like a pineapple
This is a party that’s underwater
Baby, get your umbrella
We’re dancing like fish in the sea
Like fish in the sea

That’s how it is, under the sun
Let’s go to the water because it’s hot
She said she saw me on TV
She recognized me, she wasn’t wrong
And I know you, Squidward
C’mon, smile, we’re having a good time
We’re with Gary
Having a party
We’re at Bikini with all the ladies

I can be under the ocean
And under the ocean, you will find me
I see you’ve been wanting to dance for a while
Don’t change the subject

This is a party that’s underwater
Baby, get your umbrella
We’re dancing like fish in the sea
Like fish in the sea
Nighttime doesn’t exist, neither does daytime
Keep the party going here
Every time she passes, she winks at me
Sweet like a pineapple

Very strong without exercise
But you can tell when I’m dancing
It’s so hot that I suffocate
I’m a star but I’m not Patrick, no
Shake off the sand, Sandy Cheeks
And smile because you look beautiful, wow, picture-perfect
Dance happy on the dance floor
Under the sun, so you get tanned, there’s a party

I can be under the ocean
And under the ocean, you will find me
I see you’ve been wanting to dance for a while
Don’t change the subject

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob SquarePants, you know what I mean?
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob SquarePants, you know what I mean?

(No hay party, party
No hay party
Baby, look for your umbrella
I like it, I like it as if it were water
as if it were water)
J Balvin, man
Mosty, ma'


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Originally published: Friday, July 10, 2020.

H/T: Anime Superhero Forum /@ProtoGentIsDead.
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Jay Pharoah Hosts 'Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered' on Nick


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HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—June 26, 2020—Comedian and actor Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night Live, 2 Minutes of Fame), will host Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered (previously Game Face). The remotely produced six-episode game show features panelists Darci Lynne and All That’s Lex Lumpkin and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, who must guess the identities of virtually disguised celebrity guests. Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered premieres Saturday, July 11, at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon.

Said Pharoah, “As a person who likes to transform and play multiple characters, I always love a good disguise and I can’t wait to see which panelist will be able to figure out our guests’ identities. Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered is going to be an outrageously good time, and we have some big names and surprises that you really won’t want to miss!”

Each episode of Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered will feature celebrity guests whose true identities are hidden behind an animated 3D filter and voice changer, while the panel deciphers the mystery through rounds of Q&A, wacky trivia and hilarious game competitions. The first panelist to guess the star hiding behind the filter wins the round. Viewers can get in on the fun by downloading the show’s filters to transform into the same digital characters as their favorite celebrities.

Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered follows the success of the remotely produced series Group Chat with Annie and Jayden, hosted by Side Hustle co-stars Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels.

Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered is executive produced by Pharoah and Shaina Farrow (Special Skills). Ben Pluimer (Legendary Dudas) also serves as executive producer. Production for Nickelodeon is overseen by Ashley Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Digital Studios; Luke Wahl, Vice President, Digital Studios; and Paul J Medford, Vice President, Unscripted Current Series.

Pharoah was a regular on Saturday Night Live for six seasons from 2010-16, where he was known for impressions of Barack Obama, Kanye West and others. His recent credits include feature films 2 Minutes of Fame and Bad Hair and the IMDB series Special Skills.

Nickelodeon, now in its 41st year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The brand includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, location-based experiences, publishing and feature films. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of ViacomCBS Inc. (Nasdaq: VIACA, VIAC).

Update (7/14) - YTV in Canada will premiere Unfiltered on Friday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT)!

From IndyStar:

14-year-old Indiana 'All That' star is now on a Nickelodeon game show filmed at home

Fishers teenager Lex Lumpkin is working with one of his role models, “Saturday Night Live” alum Jay Pharoah, on new TV game show “Unfiltered.” But Lumpkin and Pharoah have yet to be in the same room together.

So far, episodes of "Unfiltered" have been made during the coronavirus pandemic, with on-camera participants recorded remotely. Pharoah serves as host for the show, and Lumpkin is one of three panelists who try to guess the identities of mystery celebrities.

Comedic actor Lumpkin, 14, can be seen in back-to-back shows that air Saturdays on Nickelodeon. "Unfiltered" debuted July 11 at 8:30 p.m. on the "SpongeBob SquarePants" network. New episodes of "All That," featuring Lumpkin in its ensemble cast, were recorded before the pandemic and air at 9 p.m. Saturdays.

Working from home is a new experience for Lumpkin, who moved to California after landing the "All That" job in 2019.

"It’s pretty weird," Lumpkin said of sitting between a camera and a green screen in his living room. "I’ve never really done anything like this before."

The former Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate & Junior High School student said it's helpful to have earpiece guidance from "Unfiltered" staff members.

"We’re actually learning how to run the equipment, which is another big part," Lumpkin said. "It’s definitely a learning curve and something we’ll have to get used to."

Lumpkin described the chance to work with master impressionist Pharoah as a dream come true. Among Pharoah's dozens of celebrity impressions, Barack Obama and Denzel Washington are two signature personalities who are in Lumpkin's repertoire, as well.

Lumpkin recalled "running around screaming" when he received an Instagram follow from Pharoah.

"He reposted my Denzel Washington sketch," Lumpkin said of an "All That" clip in which Washington supervises a Chuck E. Cheese-style restaurant.

He's thrilled: A teen from Fishers is starring in Nickelodeon's 'All That' remake

Before moving to California, Lumpkin portrayed the lead character in an Indiana Repertory Theatre production of "Stuart Little" and he appeared with Peyton Manning in a DirecTV commercial.

To mimic Washington's acting, Lumpkin studied "Training Day" – the R-rated film that earned Washington an Academy Award for portraying a corrupt Los Angeles police officer.

"My parents fast-forwarded through some parts," Lex said of TiJuan and Tommalisa Lumpkin. "They were very hesitant. But I said, 'Mom, Dad, it's for a sketch.' "

About 'Unfiltered'
The format of "Unfiltered" mixes elements of modern sensation "The Masked Singer" and "What's My Line," a game show that premiered 56 years before Lumpkin was born.

Lumpkin and fellow panelists Gabrielle Nevaeh Green (one of his "All That" cast mates) and Darci Lynne Farmer (a ventriloquist and "America's Got Talent" champion) pose yes-or-no questions to mystery celebrities. The guests' voices are altered and their faces are covered by graphic effects.

On the series premiere, Lumpkin made correct guesses for both celebrities: pro wrestler The Big Show and “Young Sheldon” star Iain Armitage.

“I’m pretty good at picking up clues,” Lumpkin said. “I am pretty up to date with pop culture.”

Lumpkin said he keeps up with trends on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. His profile name is “MrLexLumpkin” on all four social media platforms.

Acting on 'All That'
To land his spot on "All That," Lumpkin advanced through seven callbacks during the audition process.

"I had to bring back new characters each time,” Lumpkin said. “It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

The reboot of the '90s sketch show boasts strong connections to the original, thanks to Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell serving as executive producers.

Lumpkin said he values his predecessors' support and advice.

"I remember going over to Kel after one table read," Lumpkin said. "One of my characters wasn’t working for me. I asked, ‘How can I make this character pop? What can I do to make this character work?’

"He said, ‘Think about the background of the character. The way they talk, the way they walk, how they react to other characters and how other characters react to them.' "

Lumpkin portrayed a time-traveling science fair contestant in one of his standout "All That" performances, and original cast member Josh Server made a cameo appearance as the science teacher. Lumpkin recently hosted an Instagram Live conversation with Lisa Foiles, who acted on "All That" from 2002 to 2005.

Comedy stylings
Lumpkin performs a mix of celebrity impressions and original characters sometimes inspired by people he knows.

One of his characters, "Uncle Velvet," is an older gentleman who believes he's "smooth as a whistle" despite evidence to the contrary.

Counting "Saturday Night Live" cast members Pharoah and Thompson as mentors, Lumpkin said he might pursue a spot on the iconic NBC show in the future.

But he doesn't want to be restricted to one lane of entertainment. Lumpkin said he admires the career path of Jamie Foxx, who worked as a cast member of '90s sketch show "In Living Color" before winning an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles and a Grammy Award for the song “Blame It.”

“Jamie Foxx is one person I look up to,” Lumpkin said. “Not only is he a comedian, he does impressions and he’s a musician. He’s also a really good actor.”


From TigerBeat:


Get ready, get set, get unfiltered!

Nickelodeon’s latest and greatest gameshow “Unfiltered” brings the fun, tons of surprises, and some major OMG moments. Each episode, the show’s three panelists — “America’s Got Talent” winner Darci Lynne and Nickelodeon’s “All That” stars Gabrielle Nevaeh and Lex Lumpkin — must guess the true identity of a virtually disguised “Mystery Celeb” behind 3D face transforming, voice-changing filters, and more!

Oh, and did we mention the entire series was filmed from the comfort of their own homes?! We’re I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D! Keep scrolling to catch behind-the-scenes secrets from Darci, Gabrielle and Lex…

What’s been the easiest and hardest part about filming “Unfiltered” from home?

Darci: The funny thing about working remotely is that every time we film, we’re all learning new things. It’s such a new atmosphere! It’s fun having to learn about the tech things that go on in production.

Gabrielle: Filming at home is extremely different than being at the studio. Now, my parents and I have become the production team! It’s been an extraordinary family bonding experience because now we have to depend on each other to pull off our at-home production! My mom is usually in charge of hair and makeup, and my dad is lighting and tech support! I absolutely have a deeper appreciation for the people that do all of those things for a living, because it can get kind of tricky!

Lex: The easiest part about filming “Unfiltered” remotely has been that everything required in the past to shoot a scene has been carved down significantly. Now, it’s just a small camera, a teleprompter kit, a mic, my parents and some lights. This is also the hardest part about filming remotely. We are operating in a “do the best you can” environment and not one of us really knows what we’re doing!

What’s one thing you think fans would be surprised to know goes on behind the scenes of a series like this?

Darci: I think one thing fans would be surprised about production is how many things are “makeshift.” For example, we couldn’t find a chair high enough for me, so we had to stack a bunch of pillows on top of a chair so I fit right in the frame!

Gabrielle: My favorite part of filming from the comfort of my house has to be that we don’t have to wear “work pants.” I usually wear pajama pants with a normal top and jacket and viewers would never know the difference, which I think is super funny!

Lex: My mom is wardrobe and makeup and she holds her breath to see how it all looks on camera when the next episode airs. My dad is literally having to work and make sure that the technology is working properly before we shoot. It’s different, challenging, and extremely exciting!

Were there any surprising moments while filming that completely made you LOL?

Darci: Things do get a little chaotic while filming sometimes. One day I was filming, and my parents and brothers were sitting off to the side trying to figure out who the mystery celeb was alongside me. I would hear them brainstorming and tossing out names, almost giving it away!

Gabrielle: Yes! I remember we were filming an episode, and I got really into it. I was just screaming “Who is it?! Who is it?!” and one of our neighbors screamed back “Just tell her who it is already!” That was such a funny moment, I felt like it was straight out of a movie.

Lex: Yes, one moment that was particularly funny to me was when my mom spilled one of the props all over the floor while trying to help me adjust my lapel microphone right before we went live. The contents of the prop went everywhere! I’d share more specifics, but that show hasn’t aired yet!

Which celebrity would you totally fangirl (or fanboy!) over if they made an appearance as the Mystery Celeb?

Darci: I would totally hard-core fangirl if Millie Bobby Brown was one of the mystery guests on the show. I’ve always looked up to her and have been inspired by her. She is insanely talented in her work, and her acting skills are out of this world. I just love the way she presents herself and I think she’d be the coolest person to talk to!

Gabrielle: Well, I’ve already had one fangirl moment. We had Asher Angel on the show a couple of weeks ago and I was totally blushing. Someone else that I would absolutely love to have on the show would probably be Zendaya or Tracee Ellis Ross. I’ve looked up to both of them for a really long time and I would freak out if they were one of our guests! I also really admire Yara Shahidi and how she uses her platform to promote social change and inspire others to leave a positive mark on the world!

Lex: It is so hard to choose just one Mystery Celeb because there are many people I look up to and wish to see on the show! If I had to choose a few, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry would be my choices. They inspire me and all three of them have noted achievements. They are pioneers and have paved the way for many!


From J-14:

Exclusive: Cast Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Unfiltered’ Spills Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From On Set Of New Show

If it isn’t already, get ready for Nickelodeon’s new show, Unfiltered, to become your new obsession, you guys! Yep, J-14 got a chance to chat with the cast about the series, and they spilled so many behind-the-scenes secrets and stories from on set!

For those who don’t know, the show, which follows panelists Darci Lynne, Lex Lumpkin and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green as they try to guess the identities of virtually-disguised celebrity guests, premiered on July 11, 2020. Hosted by Jay Pharoah, each episode features a secret star whose true identities are hidden behind an animated 3D filter and voice changer. The judges have to decipher the mystery through rounds of questions, wacky trivia and hilarious game competitions. The first panelist to guess the star hiding behind the filter wins! New episodes of the show air on Saturdays at 8:30 P.M. (EST/PST) on Nickelodeon.

J-14: Tell us about Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered? What’s it about? What can fans expect?

Darci Lynne: Unfiltered is a game show on Nickelodeon where us panelists including me, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Lex Lumpkin get to ask rapid-fire questions and unravel clues to figure out who the mystery celebrity behind the filter is! Fans can expect a variety of funny filters, along with Jay Pharoah’s crazy impressions, and being on the edge of their seat the whole show!

Lex Lumpkin: Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered is a remotely produced game show hosted by Jay Pharoah. The show features panelists Darci Lynne, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and I. It’s a lot of fun because we get to guess the identities of virtually disguised celebrity guests. Fans can expect to get in on the fun by guessing who’s behind the filter as well. They will also get a chance to see some of their favorite stars interacting with us from their own living rooms.

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green: Unfiltered is Nickelodeon’s newest game show that features three panelists, including myself, that have to figure out who the mystery celebrity is behind the face filter through a series of questions and clues! In addition, we also have an amazing host, Jay Pharoah, who always brings the laughs! When watching the show, fans can expect lots of surprises, fun, and excitement!

J-14: Has it been hard for you to guess the stars? Or do you find it easy?

Darci: For me it’s really different every show! Sometimes I’ll get it from earlier clues, or I won’t get it until the more obvious clues at the end. Then there the times I was so lost I had to guess while completely not knowing!

Lex: Guessing the stars can be tricky. In some cases it’s been easy, but in others it has been difficult. The first week I won both challenges but the second week I lost one. The trick is all in the types of questions we ask to gain clues.

Gabrielle: I would say a little bit of both, but it really depends on who the person is. I tend to be pretty good when it comes to musicians and actors, but I do not watch a lot of sports, so athletes are a little trickier to decipher!

J-14: What types of questions do you like to ask to help identify the secret celebrity guest?

Darci: The type of questions we ask really apply to the clues we get to see because usually the clues get our brains working more!

Lex: I will ask a variety of questions to help identify the secret celebrity guest. If I get to go first or second, I will typically ask if it’s a male or female to try to narrow down their profession. I also like to ask open-ended questions to get them to talk more. Sometimes we can get extra clues when we get them to talk more about themselves. [insert evil laugh here!]

Gabrielle: I love asking the basic questions. Once I find out what the person does for a living, how old they are, and where they are from, I can hunt them down a little easier!

J-14: Can you share some funny behind-the-scenes moments or stories from filming remotely?

Darci: With having to film everything at our own home with complicated technology there’s bound to be “makeshift” equipment! The chair I was using to film had a back on it and you could see it, so we got a shorter chair, but we had to stack like four pillows on it for me to be tall enough!

Lex: There are many behind-the-scenes moments from filming remotely. My parents are basically tech support now that we are filming from home so you can just imagine some of the pit falls there. Once we had to have a bowl of candy ready to go for a recording, and between the three of us, all my props including the candy separation was not ready. In an effort to hurry candy fell all over the floor. It was a mess and I had to continue the recording stepping on candy.

Gabrielle: Since we are filming from home, there are times that I can get a little carried away. One time during filming, I was screaming at the monitor “Who is it?” and my neighbor shouted back “Just tell her already!” I don’t think that would’ve happened at the studio!

J-14: Do you and the other panelists get along when cameras stopped rolling?

Darci: Me and the other panelists were already friends because we filmed stuff together before! So, we were all so, so excited to be doing this show with each other. It is such a blast!

Lex: When the cameras stop rolling, we absolutely get along. It’s like a party. Darci, Gabrielle and I are good friends and Jay is freakin’ fire. He keeps us laughing while we wait and we all tease and joke with each other which is my favorite part.

Gabrielle: We love each other! Lex and I work together on All That and we have a brother and sister relationship. We can crack jokes on each other and just have a good time! Darci and I are always joking around and ranking on each other, but in a fun way! We have been really good friends ever since Darci made her first appearance on All That!

J-14: Is there any competitiveness going on on set between you and the other panelists?

Darci: Of course, we have to be competitive but in a playful way! We all definitely want to guess it right in the end, but I wouldn’t call any of us cutthroat!

Lex: There is always some friendly competition going on on the set. I grew up playing competitive football and basketball, so you know I’m always looking for the W. The girls are pretty formidable components and they are really smart, so I have to stay on my “A” game with them.

Gabrielle: We are all a little competitive but it’s all just for fun! It is actually kind of hard because there have been times where we’ve wanted to help each other out because we’re such good buds but we can’t because it’s against the rules!

J-14: Who has been the most successful in figuring out the celebrity guests?

Darci: I think we all have been equally successful! We all have stronger efforts in different parts of the game in my opinion!

Lex: It’s still early in the season so I’d have to say we all have been pretty successful in figuring out the celebrity guests so far. But if you’re asking that I narrow it down as best I can, I’d have to say ME!

Gabrielle: Of course, I’d like to say me but I feel like we’ve all been pretty good at figuring out the mystery celebrities! It can be a little tricky at times, but that’s all a part of the fun!


More Nick: Nickelodeon’s Nick News Returns With Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special, Hosted by Global Superstar Alicia Keys!

Originally published: Friday, June 26, 2020 at 18:58 BST.

Additional source: The Hollywood Reporter.
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Nickelodeon Launches Nick Music Channel in Australia and New Zealand

Nickelodeon Australia & New Zealand will launch Nick Music - Australia’s first music channel for kids - on Foxtel on Wednesday 1st July 2020! Following its Australian launch, Nick will launch Nick Music in New Zealand on Sky in Australia on July 1 and in New Zealand on Monday 6th July 2020!

Update (9/8) - New information about Nick Music Australia & New Zealand has emerged since its launch. Instead of using its own feed or the U.S. channel's feed, Nick Music AU/NZ is a direct simulcast of the Dutch version of the channel - even airing Dutch-language music videos. In turn, it seems like the Dutch version of NickMusic is now being re-positioned as NickMusic Global.

Official ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand announcement:

The countdown is on to the launch of Australia’s first kid-safe and family-friendly music TV channel, Nick Music, by Nickelodeon.

From Wednesday, 1 July, Nickelodeon will be providing Aussie kids with a dedicated 24-hour channel, Nick Music, which will feature chart-topping hits by the world’s most popular artists.

From Ariana Grande and The Weeknd to Sia and Taylor Swift, the new channel on Foxtel (#802) will house a safe and kid-friendly Nickelodeon-curated line-up of music videos and Top 40 hits.

A research study conducted by Nickelodeon in 2019, identified music and music clips as two of the top three most commonly consumed content on YouTube by kids, with 36% of respondents confirming they watch music clips on the platform*. These insights paved the way for the implementation of Australia’s first music channel for kids.

Nick Music not only delivers kids content they want, and are actively seeking out, it also offers parents the reassurance that they are consuming their favourite music in a safe and secure space.

“At Nickelodeon kids come first, which is why we invest time and resources into understanding today’s generation of kids,” says Ben Cox, GM of Nickelodeon ANZ.

“We know kids love music, especially here in Australia, but there are limited kid-friendly platforms available for them to consume this content. Nick Music fills this void, providing a new channel that kids will love and parents will trust.”

* Nickelodeon Brand Tracker, 2019


Nickelodeon UK to Premiere 'Dorg Van Dango' in August 2020

DHX Media lands the extraordinary world of Dorg Van Dango on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland

Hilarious new original kids' series, co-produced with Cartoon Saloon, expected to roll out on Nickelodeon across 170+ territories in 2020

London - Nickelodeon UK & Ireland is bringing the weird and wild world of Dorg Van Dango to viewers in the brand new animated series, premiering this August!

Dorg Van Dango is a Canada-Ireland co-production from WildBrain Ltd. (formally DHX Media) and Cartoon Saloon, in association with Family Channel in Canada and RTE in Ireland.

Dorg Van Dango will premiere on Nicktoons on Monday 24th August 2020 at 11:45am. Following its Nicktoons launch, Dorg Van Dango will air on Nickelodeon from Monday 31st August 2020.

The news follows Nickelodeon International signing a exclusive agreement with WildBrain to air the series on more than 100+ locally programmed Nickelodeon channels and branded block in over 500 million households across 170+ countries and territories worldwide, including in the UK, Australia, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, Central Eastern Europe, Poland, Israel, Latin America, Asia (excluding China), India, the Middle East and North Africa. The series will roll out onto Nickelodeon channels and blocks globally throughout 2020. Commissioning broadcaster Family Channel will air the new series in Canada.

A brand new 2D-animated comedy for six to 11-year-olds, Dorg Van Dango (52 x 11') follows the adventures of Dorg, a regular teenager growing up in the town of Normill. But life takes a wild turn when four magical beings - THE MAGICALS - escape from Area 52 and crash-land in his back yard! Dorg takes them under his wing and disguises them as normal teenagers—but his new gang of best friends are anything but normal. Jet the cool unicorn, RD the goofy alien, Yooki the spooky ghost, and Patronella the weird witch all try to help Dorg navigate teenage life. Whenever he has a problem or chore, they’re always quick to offer a magical shortcut, but it’s not long before their magic gets out of control and things escalate in unexpected and hilarious ways. When the gang try to use their powers to undo the chaos, they only make more magical mayhem, leaving it up to Dorg to figure out a solution and save the day - often learning a thing or two about life and friendship along the way.

"The world of Dorg Van Dango is really hilarious and quirky," said Josh Scherba, President, DHX Media. "What kid wouldn't want a super-cool unicorn, a curious alien, an ancient witch and an eerie ghost as his secret, new best friends? When these escapees from Area 51 look to 'normal kid' Dorg Van Dango for help, things get crazy. Alongside the team at Cartoon Saloon, we've created something really fun and special here, and we're confident Nickelodeon's international audience is going to love following the adventures of Dorg and his unusual new friends."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with DHX and Cartoon Saloon on Dorg Van Dango. The vibrant, fun, fresh look of the series and unique stories of friendship, are a perfect fit for Nickelodeon and we look forward to introducing Dorg and the Magicals to our audience internationally," said Layla Lewis, SVP Global Acquisitions and Partnerships, Nickelodeon.

"I want to thank the very clever people at Nickelodeon for joining Cartoon Saloon and our wonderful colleagues at DHX Media on this journey to bring Dorg and his friends to an international audience," said Paul Young, CEO of Cartoon Saloon. "Our Emmy-winning comedy writer, Nick Murphy, has been leading a team of Irish and Canadian writers to create scripts that have left me crying laughing. Our creative team of Fabian Erlinghauser, from Cartoon Saloon, and Matt Ferguson, from DHX Media, are preparing a show that has a very colourful, original look. Something fresh for a new generation of kids out there. We're all very excited!"

Dorg Van Dango is based on an original idea by Fabian Erlinghäuser (Song of the Sea, Moone Boy) and Nora Twomey (The Breadwinner, The Secret of Kells) and is developed and produced with assistance from Fís Éirean/Screen Ireland and Creative Europe. Cartoon Saloon handles writing, designs, storyboards and post-production as well as distribution in Ireland and the UK, and DHX Media handles voice records, character and background builds, animation, and distribution rest-of-world.

Dorg Van Dango was originally scheduled to premiere on Nicktoons UK & Ireland on Monday 6th April 2020, but was pushed back until a later date.

Fans can visit and to find out more about the show and it's characters, as well as watch the show's theme tune and play games. Fans can also like the official Nickelodeon UK Facebook page, follow Nickelodeon on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to the official Nickelodeon UK YouTube channel for the latest Nick news, highlights, The Scoop about their favourite stars, and videos.

More Nick: Nickelodeon UK to Host 'It's Pony But Where?' Competition in August 2020!

About WildBrain
At WildBrain we make great content for kids and families. With over 13,000 half-hours of filmed entertainment in our library – one of the world’s most extensive – we are home to such brands as Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, Inspector Gadget and Degrassi. Our shows are seen in more than 150 countries on over 500 telecasters and streaming platforms. Our AVOD business – WildBrain Spark – offers one of the largest networks of kids’ channels on YouTube, with over 109 million subscribers. We also license consumer products and location-based entertainment in every major territory for our own properties as well for our clients and content partners. Our television group owns and operates four family entertainment channels that are among the most-viewed in Canada. WildBrain is headquartered in Canada with offices worldwide and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (DHX) and the NASDAQ (DHXM). Visit us at

On September 23, 2019, DHX Media Ltd. announced it is rebranding as “WildBrain”.

About Cartoon Saloon
Cartoon Saloon is a four-time Academy Award® and BAFTA nominated animation studio formed by Paul Young, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey in 1999. From award-winning shorts to Feature Films and TV series, Cartoon Saloon has carved a special place in the international Animation industry.

In 2010 the studio's first feature film, The Secret of Kells, was nominated for an Academy Award® and in 2015 Tomm Moore's follow up feature, Song of the Sea, garnered Moore a second Oscar® Nomination and the first nomination for Producer Paul Young and won the IFTA for Best Film in Ireland. In 2018 Nora Twomey received an Oscar® Nomination for The Breadwinner, their third feature film, which had the help of Angelina Jolie as an executive Producer. Writer/Director Louise Bagnall and Producer Nuria Blanco (also an Associate Producer on Dorg) received Cartoon Saloon's 4th Oscar® Nomination in January 2019, for the short film Late Afternoon. Concentrating the artistic skills and experience of the company's core creative founders, Cartoon Saloon continues to tell stories for the screen, aligning with artists and partners with whom they can grow and learn.

About Nickelodeon

The home of SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, PAW Patrol and Nella the Princess Knight, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland Network is available in over 13 million cable and satellite homes and now reaches more than 10 million viewers a month. Launched in 1993, the top-performing Nickelodeon network comprises seven dedicated entertainment channels for kids aged 4-15 and their families: Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon HD, Nickelodeon +1, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. +1 and Nick Jr. Too. The entertainment company has built a diverse multi-platform business by putting kids first in everything it does – Kids Rule! Content is at the core of the business with critically-acclaimed and hugely-popular television programming from the UK and around the world. In addition to the quality television programmes, Nickelodeon also produces bespoke content available online and on Nick Play, as well as consumer product and recreation opportunities such as the UK’s first-ever Nick theme park, Nickelodeon Land and the slimiest music festival for kids, SLIMEFEST UK.

Originally published: Tuesday, March 17, 2020.
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Nick Jr. Spain to Premiere New Episodes of 'Blaze and the Monster Machines' From Monday 10th August 2020

Nick Jr. Spain (España) will start to premiere brand new episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines (Blaze y los Monster Machines) season five weekdays at 17:00 from Monday 10th August 2020! New episodes include: "Toy Trouble!", "Ice Cream Monster Machine", "The Great Space Race", "Deep Sea Grand Prix" and "Recycling Power!".

From neeo:

Blaze y los Monster Machines estrenan nuevos episodios en Nick Jr.

¡Cuidado, Blaze y los Monster Machines llegan derrapando! En agosto, Ciudad Axle vuelve a quedar en manos de AJ, Blaze y todo el equipo con el estreno de cinco episodios nuevos de Blaze y los Monster Machines. El lunes 10 de agosto a las 17:00h, Nick Jr. da el pistoletazo de salida a estas nuevas aventuras con Crusher como protagonista, quien empieza a fabricar por error juguetes gigantes que se vuelven, ¡completamente locos! ¿Podrán Blaze y Watts evitar el tremendo desastre que se avecina?

Parece que Ciudad Axle tampoco estará tranquila en verano, pues en los nuevos episodios, el valiente AJ y su mejor amigo Blaze se enfrentarán a inesperados desafíos que irán desde evitar una posible catástrofe provocada por un juguete con vida, hasta participar por primera vez en una carrera bajo el agua.

El lunes 10 de agosto a las 17:00h llega a Nick Jr. una tanda nueva de episodios de Blaze y los Monster Machines. En uno de ellos, Gasquatch invita a Blaze y AJ a su fiesta de helados, pero de repente se da cuenta de que se ha olvidado lo más esencial: ¡el helado! Así que Blaze se transforma en un camión de helados y corre para llegar a casa de Gasquatch a tiempo.

En otra ocasión, Blaze y AJ despegan hacia el espacio para una carrera ¡de otro planeta! En el camino a Planeta Victoria se encuentran con agradables alienígenas, esquivan asteroides y se enfrentan a la nave espacial de Crusher.

Y esto no acaba aquí, porque en otro de los nuevos episodios Blaze y AJ participan por primera vez en una carrera bajo el océano. ¿Cómo? ¡Muy fácil! Blaze se transforma en un submarino y acelera atravesando barcos hundidos y arrecifes de coral para intentar llegar al castillo de arena gigante que le espera en la línea de meta.

Lunes 10 a las 17.00h
Lunes a viernes a las 17.00h


Más Nick: Nick Jr. Spain to Premiere 'The Adventures of Paddington' on Monday 17th August 2020
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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for Sunday, August 9, 2020 | NickRewind

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for Sunday, August 9, 2020 | NickRewind

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: Nickelodeon and Paramount to Bring 'Rugrats' Back for the Next Generation of Kids!
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September 2020 on Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe: PAW Patrol | Bubble Guppies | Rusty Rivets | Top Wing + More

Below is a round-up of Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe's (CEE) programming highlights for September 2020!

More Highlights:

August 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEE | Nick Jr. CEE | Nicktoons CEE

September 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEE | Nicktoons CEE

All times CET; Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

--- This September, Nick Junior Central and Eastern Europe will be airing:

-- Brand-new episodes of PAW Patrol:

- 2020-09-05 12:15 Ready, Race, Rescue - new special, channel premiere
- 2020-09-12 12:15 7x01 Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde / Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Save a Mighty Lighthouse - season 7 premiere
- 2020-09-19 12:15 7x06 Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs
- 2020-09-26 13:10 7x07 Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Pterodactyl / Dino Rescue: Pups and the Big Rumble

"PAW Patrol" is locally titled "A mancs őrjárat" in Hungary and "Patrula căţeluşilor" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of Bubble Guppies season five!:

- 2020-09-21 12:45 5x06 Zúzás (Rockin' Out!)
- 2020-09-21 13:15 5x08 Bundás mese (A Furry Tale!)
- 2020-09-22 12:45 5x10 Sárkányok és rózsák (Dragons N' Roses!)
- 2020-09-23 12:45 5x07 Buborékba zárt szellem (Genie in a Bubble!)
- 2020-09-24 12:45 5x13 Elrontott moziest (Too Bright for Movie Night!)
- 2020-09-25 12:45 5x12 Hegyi mentők bevetésen (Snow Squad to the Rescue!)
- 2020-09-26 12:45 5x11 Nindzsa évszak (Ninja Season!)
- 2020-09-27 12:45 5x09 Szuperbaba (Super Baby!)

"Bubble Guppies" is locally titled "Bubi guppik" in Hungary and "Baloane şi Gupi" in Romania.

-- Brand-new episodes of Rusty Rivets season three:

- 2020-09-07 15:30 3x13 A sztegoszaurusz (Rusty's Stego-Bot)
- 2020-09-08 15:30 3x15 A Franken szörnyautó / Kisállatmegőrzés (Rusty's Franken Monster Truck / Rusty Adventures in Blobbo Sitting)
- 2020-09-09 15:30 3x16 A raptor-fogócska / Havas nap a Dinó-szigeten (Rusty's Raptor Crossing / Rusty's Dinosaur Snow Day)
- 2020-09-10 15:30 3x17 Ralph hajókalandja / A békanap (Rusty's Floating Adventure / Rusty's Hoppy Day)
- 2020-09-11 15:30 3x18 A bosszantó horkolás / Az elveszett gyémántok (Ozzy's Snooze Cruise / Rusty's Diamond Drama)
- 2020-09-12 15:40 3x19 Repülő kalózmajmok / Csomagszállítás (Rusty and the Flying Pirate Monkeys / Rusty's Delivery Day)
- 2020-09-13 15:40 3x20 Az alapítók napja / Giga Bájt (Rusty's Founders Day Frenzy / Rusty's Giga-Bytes)
- 2020-09-14 15:30 3x21 A triceratopsz bébi / Az elveszett medál (Rusty's Triceratops Trouble / Rusty's Pendant Problem)
- 2020-09-15 15:30 3x22 A baseballmasina / Az óriás játékok (Rusty's Baseball Bot / Rusty's Giant Toy Trouble)
- 2020-09-16 15:30 3x23 A Fritz-robi zűrzavar / Fagylaltkatasztrófa (Frankie's Fritz Bits / Rusty's Ice Cream Day Disaster)
- 2020-09-17 15:30 3x24 A zsiráfok nyomában / Mókusfutam (Rusty's Giraffe Journey / Rusty's Construction Chaos)
- 2020-09-18 15:30 3x25 A nagy lávakatasztrófa / Anyai ölelés (Whole Lava Trouble / Rusty's Missing Mom Adventure)
- 2020-09-19 15:30 3x26 Dinoszaurusz Invázió (Rusty vs. The Dino Invasion) - series finale

"Rusty Rivets" is locally titled "Rusty rendbehozza" in Hungary and "Rusty repară tot" in Romania.

-- Brand-new episodes of Top Wing:

- 2020-09-14 16:30 2x08 A Fürge család ász pilótája / Timmy kalózkalandja (Swift's Family Flying Ace / Timmy's Pirate Adventure)
- 2020-09-15 16:30 2x09 Nagy Örvény vízimentői / Túlélő Medve kalandtúrája (Big Swirl Beach Watch / Survivor Bear's Adventure Tour)
- 2020-09-16 16:30 2x14 Arrrgh, a plüssöm! / Earl, a kütyü mókus (Arrgh Me Snugglies / Earl the Gadget Squirrel)
- 2020-09-17 16:30 2x15 Sasszem felügyelő visszatér / A nagy Citrombár rablás (Inspector Eagle Eye Returns / Lemon Shack Hijack)
- 2020-09-18 16:30 2x16 Csobbanás Kanyontúra / Nagy Örvény 500 (Ker-Splash Canyon Tour / Big Swirl 500)
- 2020-09-19 16:20 2x17 A nagy áramszünet / Brenda ajándéka (Big Swirl Blackout / Brenda's Gift)
- 2020-09-20 16:20 2x13 Az elszabadult kabin / Hassel-röff úszólecke (Gone Gondola Gone / Hassllehawg Swim Lesson)
- 2020-09-21 16:30 2x10 Kalózöböl kísértése / Penny és Bea mentőcsapat (The Haunting of Pirate Cove / Penny and Bea Rescue Team)
- 2020-09-22 16:30 2x18 A hőlégballon verseny / A hínár finom (The Big Swirl Balloon Race / Kelp is on the Way)
- 2020-09-23 16:30 2x19 Csobb-anás kanyon megmentése (Top Wing Rescues Ker-Splash Canyon)
- 2020-09-24 16:30 2x20 Szörfi pilóta órákat vesz / A lila gyöngyök megmentése (Brody's Flying Lesson / Brody's Purple Pear Rescue)
- 2020-09-25 16:30 2x21 A kalóz-zóna / A dodók királya (Pirate Playzone / King of the Dodos)
- 2020-09-26 16:25 2x22 A vízesés ugrás / Az idegenvezetők (Waterfall Jump / Top Wing Tour Guides)
- 2020-09-27 16:20 2x23a Survivor Bear and the Secret of Ker-Splash Canyon
- 2020-09-28 16:30 2x23b Great Ker-Splash Race
- 2020-09-29 16:30 2x24a Earl's Nutty Invention
- 2020-09-30 16:30 2x24b Big Swirl Break-Up

"Top Wing" is locally titled "Szuper szárny" in Hungary.

-- A selection of Nickelodeon Preschool movies and specials every Sunday at 08:20, encored the following Saturday at 08:20:

Sunday 6th September 2020 - Dora and Friends: Into The City: Dragon in the School (Dóra és barátai: Sárkány az iskolában)
Sunday 13th September 2020 - Shimmer and Shine: The First Wish (Shimmer és Shine, a dzsinn testvérek: Az első kívánság)
Sunday 20th September 2020 - Dora the Explorer: Dora in Wonderland (Dóra, a felfedező: Dóra Csodaországban)
Sunday 27th September 2020 - Bubble Guppies: Guppy Style! (Bubi guppik: Guppi stílus)

More Nick: ViacomCBS Launches NickToons in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

szeptemberi; új évad; új különkiadás, csatornapremier; évadnyitó; sorozatzáró; Filmek, különkiadások szeptemberben: - minden vasárnap 008:20-kor, ismétlés szombatonként 08:20-kor

Originally published: Sunday, August 9, 2020.

Original source: Mentrum.

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"Rise" 💥 Animatic | Rise of the TMNT | Nickelodeon Animation

"Rise" 💥 Animatic | Rise of the TMNT | Nickelodeon Animation

Meet Hamato 2.0 (Stronger, Faster, Turtlier) in this side-by-side animatic from the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Rise"!

What did you think of the Rise of the TMNT series finale, "Rise"? Vote in the poll here!:

Directed by:
Kevin Molina-Ortiz

Supervising Producer:
Alan Wan

Storyboard Artists:
Jake Castorena
Alicia Chan
Max Collins
JJ Conway
Morgan Hillebrand
Cassey Kuo
Sebastian Montes

Storyboard Revisionists:
Gladyfaith Abcede
Andrew Kim

Animatic Editors
Meghan Burleson
Melissa Lugo

Watch lots more animatics here!:

Check out the Nickelodeon Animation Studio online: Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

More Nick: Nickelodeon Readies Next Chapter of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with All-New CG-Animated Theatrical Release Produced By Point Grey Pictures!
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Baby Nick Jr. Friends Song w/ Baby Shark! | Nick Jr.

Baby Nick Jr. Friends Song w/ Baby Shark! | Nick Jr.

Baby Shark is here along with all of your favorite characters to sing the Baby Nick Jr. Friends song! Sing and dance along to the song with your Nick Jr. Friends from Blue's Clues, Bubble Guppies and Blaze and the Monster Machines as babies!

It's Baby Shark's Big Week on Nickelodeon!

Kids can watch their favorite Nick Jr. shows weekdays on Nickelodeon and all week long on the Nick Jr. channel:

More Nick: Nickelodeon Dives In With All-New 'Baby Shark' Animated Preschool Series 'Baby Shark’s Big Show!'!
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Spin Master Gives Updates About 'PAW Patrol' Movie, Specials and Toys During Q2 2020 Earnings Call

Spin Master, the company which produces PAW Patrol, revealed some pawsome updates about Nickelodeon's beloved CG-animated preschool series during the company's Q2 2020 earnings call with investors!

Talking about the show's latest theme, "Dino Rescue" and the upcoming PAW Patrol: The Movie, Spin Master told investors:

"In late June, the first episode of the new PAW Patrol theme for 2020, Dino Rescue premieres. In the 2 to 5 age category, we garnered strong ratings and with boy specifically, we saw the highest ratings since the Mighty Pups Special in January. We're very pleased to see that premier also attracted older audiences in the 6 to 11 age category, which bodes well for our movie release next year. Overall, PAW Patrol's Dino Rescue ranked as the number one show on television in Q2 amongst preschoolers. We remain on track to deliver the PAW Patrol movie in August '21, as planned.


The toy line from a new PAW Patrol Dino Rescue theme, including Dino Controller, our first ever motorized preschool vehicle has been very well received by retailers. This innovation complements our existing strong and diversified lineup, including Bakugan, Kinetic Sand, Games & Puzzles, Monster Jam, DC, Outdoors and many others."

Talking to investors, the company also revealed that themed episodes of PAW Patrol, such as Dino Rescue and Ultimate Rescue attract older viewers:

"Brian Morrison, TD Securities

Excellent. One last small one. In terms of the strong ratings at PAW Patrol, are you seeing any shift in the demographics of your audience with the new theme? Are you seeing expansion of it with the Dino added?

Ronnen Harary, Co-Founder, Co-CEO & Director, Spin Master

It's interesting. It's I think that the answer is yes. I think that the themes, if you watch, and I encourage everybody on the call to watch the latest theme because it's amazing. It's slightly aged up versus the traditional PAW Patrol show that we make. And I think that, that actually enables us to get a wide breadth of audience where we can still capture some 6 and 7-year-olds. It's funny the themes, I think the themes give the older kids some cover over their younger siblings, where they're watching a themed pup version of PAW Patrol versus watching the traditional PAW Patrol. So I think the themes at the end of the day and things like the movie are enabling us to keep the fans into the franchise longer. So I think the answer is yes."

The company also revealed that production on the movie has not been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, due to staff working from home, however, the company acknowledges that, due to the on-going pandemic, there is a slight chance that PAW Patrol: The Movie may have to be released on subscription on-demand (SVOD) services rather than theatrically, as originally planned:

"Luke Hannan, Canaccord Genuity

Understood. Last one for me and then I'll pass the line. I appreciate the commentary that you guys gave about how the PAW Patrol movie is still on schedule to be introduced a year from now in August 2021. I'm just curious if you've had any discussions internally or with your partners about maybe changing the distribution method for that movie just given what's happened with COVID-19, maybe going straight to SVOD or something of that nature.

Ronnen Harary

Yes. We're still early. The production fortunately because it is animation is on track and has not been affected by COVID. That being said, it is not easy on any of the animation studios that produce content for us. So we really appreciate the hard effort that everybody is making by a work-from-home environment. But things are on track, and currently, right now, we're still on plans to deliver the movie theatrically in fall of 2021. If we get closer to the time, we'll evaluate some other options if the COVID is still persisting at this high level.


Gerrick Johnson, BMO Capital Markets

That's very helpful. I appreciate it. And yes, on Etch A Sketch, we've been seeing the big programs out there. They look excellent. And one more for me. Similar to Luke's question. It looks like your DC movies for next year, Batman, I guess, are still on schedule, so is PAW Patrol. How are you thinking about entertainment next year? Because it looks like we're going to have a huge log jam with everything moved into 2021. Minions moved. You still have Jurassic World. You still have Ghostbusters moved. You have all the Marvel movies moved. So how are you thinking about those programs next year? Does that give you some pause with all the other stuff cluttering the landscape?

Ronnen Harary

It's a good question, Gerrick. How are you doing?

Gerrick Johnson

I'm fine.

Ronnen Harary

I'd say with PAW Patrol, I mean, there really is not a lot of offerings in the feature film area for the younger set. So I think we're really stand-alone in that space. And then when you look at things like the Batman and DC movies, it's going to be interesting. They're going to be tackling -- they're going to be fighting it out for audience share and stuff like that. But I think that when you look at the strength of the franchise itself, when you look at Batman, it is such a strong franchise that it's holding up right now, not even in a movie year quite well. I also put a lot of, what's called, emphasis on the product line itself. I mean, our team has put an incredible program together, and you see the results in the sales themselves with the product.

And I think they'll do the same with an exceptional product line that will match the movie at -- in the theater. So I think at the end of the day, the underlying property is extremely strong, and the product will match it very well. And I don't know whether or not the sale -- if the theater receipts will be down a little bit, whether or not that will affect the overall sell-through of the line. But it's yet to be determined, and you don't know whether or not -- there's a lot of uncertainty. So things may move -- continue to move and people may move their movies to 2022, and we don't know. So we'll see. I think it's something we should drill down a little bit more probably on the next call or the call after that.


David McFadgen, Cormark Securities

A couple of questions. So there's been a few questions asked about the PAW Patrol feature film. I was just wondering if you could tell us what the level of capital is at rescue. Or if you can't get specific, is there anything to be worried about? Just given what we're seeing in the theatrical market here with people pulling films and so on. And then secondly, you gave us an outlook on the gross margin you expect for the second half of 2020. And I was wondering, can you give us something similar for the selling, marketing, distribution and product development expenses as a percentage of revenue.

Ronnen Harary

Yes. So in terms of PAW Patrol, maybe, I think that we're on track right now to finish the film and have the film ready to go to a wider audience. We'll see closer to the time if the theatrical is the right option for it. But what we're seeing in the marketplace, if you look at things like trolls that changed their strategy last minute as a result of COVID, they were still able to garner huge audience share and also garner a lot of revenue as a result of it.

So other options have emerged as a result of COVID that give optionality for us for PAW Patrol. And we'll look at the optionality closer to the time. But right now, we're on track for the theatrical, and if COVID persists, we'll look at all options, but the fans are going to, the fans are there and the fans are excited to see something like a theatrical and the context is very different from a traditional TV show."

Additionally, Spin Master also revealed its partnership dynamic with Nickelodeon:

"[It's] really an amazing partnership with Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon handles all the licensing and merchandising. They do all the style guides, they vet all the partners. They work with the partners. They do all the retail meetings for PAW Patrol. They help promote the franchise itself."

Spin Master also revealed that, although sales of PAW Patrol toys were strong, sales have been down, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

"Offsetting the strong performance from these brands were declines in Dragons, Hatchimals, Bakugan, PAW Patrol and Gund. In Europe, gross product sales declined 21.6% to just under $50 million. And in the rest of the world, gross product sales declined 42.4% to $28.5 million. Many of these markets saw a larger negative impact on consumer activity as a result of COVID in North America for 2 reasons. Firstly, many do not have sufficiently broad e-commerce adoption to offset store closures. Secondly, many of these markets have a much larger specialty toy component compared to North America, where mass retailers are more dominant.

Although product lines, including Bakugan, Dragons and PAW Patrol were most significantly affected, our newly launched DC line partially offset this weakness. In the quarter, international gross product sales represented approximately 28% of total gross product sales, down from 36% in 2019. The relative strength in North America during COVID was the key driver. The Activities, Games & Puzzles and Plush segment led our gross product sales growth for the quarter, increasing 19.2%. According to NPD, the U.S. Games & Puzzles market was up 46% year-over-year.

We benefited from this with particular strength in our Cardinal Games & Puzzles portfolio. In Activities, we are seeing exceptional growth in Kinetic Sand, which doubled this quarter over last year. Plush, which comprises Guns, has, however, been disproportionately affected by COVID, since its business is largely driven by U.S. specialty stores, most of whom were not open in Q2.

Gross product sales in Pre-school and Girls declined by 22.9%. PAW Patrol, which was down for the quarter, remains among the top 10 properties in the toy industry but was under pressure from the COVID-driven reduction in birthday parties and other events-driven sales. We are currently seeing this start to shift, and I will provide details on PAW Patrol POS performance shortly.

We saw a significant decline in gross product sales in the Boys Action and Construction segment, which was down 30.5%. As Ronnen noted and as we called out in May, the industry-wide shift towards stay-at-home games, Puzzles & Activities, came at the expense of other categories, most notably, Action Figures and Collectibles, which rely on social interaction. The decline was driven by Dragons, which was expected as it's in a post firm year as well as Bakugan, partially offset by sales of DC licensed products and Tech Deck. The Remote Control and Interactive Characters segment continued to decline and was down 25.4%, driven by lower sales of Hatchimals, Juno and Luvabella. These declines were partially offset by increases in Monster Jam RC and PAW Patrol RC. Monster Jam RC was up despite large-scale live event cancellations. Gross product sales in our Outdoor segment rose by 9.1% as parents looked to get the kids active outside and in pools and on beaches as the weather warmed up.


In the second half of 2020, as is typically the case, we expect to see a rebalancing between shipments and POS as retailers replenish channel inventory. The scale of this replenishment will likely be affected by macro factors, including global back-to-school decisions, which could emphasize stay at home and educational play categories, especially if online or hybrid school models emerge. In the U.S., PAW Patrol POS recovered in Q2 to negative 1% from negative 17% year-over-year in Q1 and reducing the year-to-date decline to negative 10% year-over-year. The Ultimate Fire Truck performed well with Q2 POS growing 12% year-over-year. In-store displays at Walmart and Target supported the recovery in Q2 as more customers returned to stores.

Outside of the U.S. PAW showed POS growth in Q2 in markets such as France, Benelux and Australia. PAW Patrol is currently rebounding strongly with high-teen POS growth in most markets. Kinetic Sand continues to show triple-digit year-over-year POS growth, and we're starting to see an overall strong rebound in European POS, especially in France, the U.K. and Germany, driven by growth in PAW Patrol and other core brands.

We are fortunate to have strong retail partners such as Walmart, Target and Amazon, which remained open during the worst of the lockdown and have picked up a larger share of consumer spending. Target and Walmart comprised approximately 50% of our global volume in Q2. Including Amazon, our next largest customer globally, our top three represented 60% of global volume in Q2.

Mark Segal, CFO & Executive VP, Spin Master


Obviously, our POS results are significantly higher than shipments right now. And so that means retail inventories are being drawn down. Every week that goes by, retailers are getting a better line of sight to Christmas, more data points. And at some point, they're going to have to step in, offset by the macro cautions that Ronnen just described. But overall, we feel optimistic about that.

In terms of other revenue, other revenue, as you know, comprises licensing and merchandising income, TV distribution income and app revenue from Toca and Sago. So I think for the second half of the year, as we see a rebound in PAW Patrol and other franchises, which we generate a lot of licensing and merchandising income from, we should see a pickup in that. I think it's going to be tempered to some extent by the environment in which we're operating.

So we're not expecting to see a significant increase. And certainly, overall, I think other revenue will be down relative to prior years. But we are seeing a strong increase in app revenue and revenue related to our subscription activities in Toca and Sago. So there's a nice balance there.


Gerrick Johnson

Yes. And definitely, the NPD numbers are overstated because you don't have the small specialty retailers included that are obviously being closed and backlogged. But moving on, the massive declines in international kind of masked real performance of some of your brands. And I know, Mark, you talked about a couple, but you went a little quickly, and I might have missed. But can we talk maybe in terms of North America only your performance of some of your key brands that are most interested in like PAW Patrol, Bakugan, Hatchimals and then games and activities, how they perform both shipments and retail in North America only?

Mark Segal

Sure. In North America, are you talking about for the quarter?

Gerrick Johnson


Mark Segal

Okay. Let me just refer you back to what we said. So overall, POS in the U.S. was up 23%, okay? And in the U.S., PAW Patrol was actually down 1% in Q2 from minus 17% in Q1. And overall, the year-to-date decline in POS is 10%. Currently, we're seeing that POS even grow further. Kinetic Sand POS is up triple digits. And really, if you actually look what's happening right now in the U.S., current POS continues to accelerate. We're seeing continued strength driven by features at Walmart and Target, and the Dino SKUs are beginning to set. So that's driving POS up at PAW Patrol. Kinetic Sand remains a triple-digit POS growth.

Cardinal and Board Games & Puzzles are showing high double-digit growth POS. Bakugan POS has picked up to mid-teens. It was actually lower than that in the quarter. Bakugan, as you know, was affected by COVID in Q2 itself. Monster Jam is showing consistent 20% plus POS growth and POS for Batman and DC is solid. The negatives from a POS perspective are Hatchimals and Dragons, which are both down double digits from a POS perspective. And just one interesting data point. It's not material in dollars. But Etch A Sketch is showing very strong mid-double-digits POS growth due to the introduction of our licensed lines. So that's an interesting data point on one of our acquisitions. So hopefully, that helps."

Spin Master's Q2 2020 financial results can be found here. A transcript of the company's Q2 2020 earnings call can be read in full at Seeking Alpha.

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