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Nickelodeon UK Ratings for Week of Monday 7th - Sunday 13th February 2022

Nickelodeon UK Network Ratings for week of Monday 7th - Sunday 13th February 2022.

Ratings were down across the Nickelodeon network this week compared to the previous week (Jan. 30-Feb. 6), with only Nickelodeon reporting an uplift in viewership.

Nickelodeon Total:

1. DANGER FORCE (SAT 19:00) - 35,700
2. HENRY DANGER (SAT 18:30) - 35,700
3. DANGER FORCE (SAT 19:31) - 32,500
4. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 18:59) - 31,005
5. HORRID HENRY (TUE 06:14) - 28,200
6. HENRY DANGER (SAT 17:59) - 26,755
7. VICTORIOUS (TUE 20:30) - 25,216
8. HORRID HENRY (SAT 06:31) - 24,006
9. ICARLY (TUE 17:31) - 22,300
10. DRAMA CLUB (SUN 17:31) - 21,108
11. HORRID HENRY (SAT 06:46) - 20,700
12. SIDE HUSTLE (TUE 16:30) - 18,600
13. TYLER PERRY'S YOUNG DYLAN (TUE 15:59) - 18,600
14. DANGER FORCE (TUE 17:00) - 18,600
15. ICARLY (TUE 17:59) - 17,800

NickToons Total:

1. HORRID HENRY (SUN 17:00) - 36,400
2. THE CASAGRANDES (MON 17:44) - 28,700
3. THE PATRICK STAR SHOW (THU 19:31) - 28,400
4. HORRID HENRY (THU 18:45) - 28,400
5. HORRID HENRY (THU 18:30) - 28,400
8. HORRID HENRY (MON 29:15) - 28,212
10. HORRID HENRY (SUN 16:00) - 24,010
11. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (MON 12:14) - 23,800
12. HORRID HENRY (WED 17:15) - 23,800
13. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (THU 19:45) - 23,700
14. THE PATRICK STAR SHOW (WED 19:31) - 23,600
15. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (WED 19:45) - 23,600

Nick Jr. Total:

1. PEPPA PIG (SAT 24:35) - 103,300
2. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:45) - 102,800
3. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:15) - 97,300
4. PEPPA PIG (MON 13:29) - 95,200
5. PEPPA PIG (MON 13:45) - 92,600
6. PEPPA PIG (SAT 14:45) - 90,300
7. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:20) - 88,700
9. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:59) - 73,800
10. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:50) - 72,100
11. BLUE'S CLUES & YOU (MON 16:31) - 71,800
12. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:50) - 71,500
13. PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:35) - 70,500
14. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:34) - 70,200
15. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:59) - 69,500

Nick Jr. Too:

1. PAW PATROL (TUE 06:14) - 70,400
2. PAW PATROL (TUE 06:59) - 70,100
3. PAW PATROL (TUE 07:14) - 68,300
4. PAW PATROL (MON 17:44) - 56,100
5. PAW PATROL (TUE 06:30) - 53,900
6. PAW PATROL (WED 19:30) - 40,400
7. PAW PATROL (WED 19:45) - 40,100
8. PAW PATROL (WED 19:15) - 40,000
9. PAW PATROL (MON 19:14) - 39,200
10. PAW PATROL (FRI 16:59) - 39,000
11. PAW PATROL (WED 18:44) - 38,500
12. PAW PATROL (MON 18:29) - 36,400
13. PAW PATROL (WED 17:30) - 36,300
14. PAW PATROL (MON 18:59) - 36,100
15. PAW PATROL (TUE 16:14) - 35,900

Note: Nick Jr. Too is listed as Nick Jr 2 on BARB.

Nickelodeon Network:

1. PEPPA PIG (SAT 24:35) - Nick Jr Total - 103,300
2. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:45 - Nick Jr Total - 102,800
3. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:15) - Nick Jr Total - 97,300
4. PEPPA PIG (MON 13:29) - Nick Jr Total - 95,200
5. PEPPA PIG (MON 13:45) - Nick Jr Total - 92,600
6. PEPPA PIG (SAT 14:45) - Nick Jr Total - 90,300
7. PEPPA PIG (MON 16:20) - Nick Jr Total - 88,700
8. THE ADVENTURES OF PADDINGTON (MON 16:59) - Nick Jr Total - 82,300
9. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:59) - Nick Jr Total - 73,800
10. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:50) - Nick Jr Total - 72,100
11. BLUE'S CLUES & YOU (MON 16:31) - Nick Jr Total - 71,800
12. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:50) - Nick Jr Total - 71,500
13. PEPPA PIG (FRI 10:35) - Nick Jr Total - 70,500
14. PAW PATROL (TUE 06:14) - Nick Jr 2 - 70,400
15. PEPPA PIG (MON 15:34) - Nick Jr Total - 70,200

Ratings data provided by BARB.

Programmes of less than 5 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.

Linear TV viewing only; Data for viewing programming on PC/laptops, Tablets and Smartphones is currently unavailable.

Originally published: February 21, 2022.

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Big Nate | The Butt Cheeks Song (Short) | Paramount+

Big Nate | The Butt Cheeks Song (Short) | Paramount+

When Nate has trouble falling asleep, he asks Martin to sing him a special lullaby. We dare you NOT to sing along with this toe-tapping ode to a certain rounded part of the posterior. Stream full episodes of Big Nate exclusively on Paramount+. Click HERE for more info about the show and visit for a free trial!

Big Nate Butt Cheeks Song | Ben Giroux

Originally published: January 25, 2022.

H/T: ASF /@SweetShop209.

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Nickelodeon UK to Premiere 'Side Hustle' Season 2 on Feb. 21

Side Hustle Season 2 FULL EPISODE! | Model Employee | Nickelodeon UK

Don't miss season 2 of Side Hustle, starts 21st February, only on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland! 📺 

Model Employee: It’s fashion week in Altoonisburg and Lex, Presley and Munchy get a KidDing for a modelling job! But the job turns out to be toy modelling, rather than fashion modelling! Dissapointed with the reality of the KidDing, the kids scheme to try make it to the real fashion show!

I Hart Danger Week Promo - February 2022 (Nickelodeon UK)

Originally published: February 14, 2022.

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Nickelodeon France Premiere 'The Patrick Star Show'


All-New Series Following Quirky Characters and Original Adventures Adds to Nickelodeon’s Growing Slate of Animated Content

Share it: @NickelodeonFrance @OfficialPatrickStar @NickAnimation @SpongeBob

Lights! Camera! Distr-action! Nickelodeon France will premiere The Patrick Star Show on Sunday 20th February 2022 at 07:10! The second spinoff of the number-one animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, the series, locally titled Patrick Super Star, follows a younger Patrick Star living at home with his family, where he hosts his own variety show for the neighborhood from his television-turned-bedroom.

In the U.S.-English dub of the series, longtime voice of Patrick Star, Bill Fagerbakke lends his voice as the young adult Patrick alongside new cast members: Tom Wilson (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Cecil Star, Patrick’s fun-loving, happy-go-lucky dad who always puts his family first;  Cree Summer (Rugrats) as Bunny Star, Patrick’s loving, sea star mom who is a kooky oddball; Jill Talley (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Squidina Star, Patrick’s 8-year-old little sister who drinks her coffee from a sippy cup; and Dana Snyder (The Penguins of Madagascar, The Thundermans, Welcome to the Wayne) as GrandPat Star, Patrick’s genius grandpa, and the most intelligent member of the Star family. Summer also voices Grandma Tentacles, Squidward’s grandma.

Additional cast members include veteran actors Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward Tentacles), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy Cheeks), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), and Mr. Lawrence (Plankton).

Marc Ceccarelli (SpongeBob SquarePants), Vincent Waller (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jennie Monica (SpongeBob SquarePants) are co-executive producers of the series.  The Patrick Star Show is developed for television by Claudia Spinelli, SVP of Animation Development, Nickelodeon, with production overseen by Kelley Gardner, Vice President, Current Series, Animation, Nickelodeon.

Fans can visit to find out more about their favourite Nickelodeon shows. Fans can also like the official Nickelodeon France Facebook page, follow Nickelodeon on Instagram and subscribe to the Nickelodeon YouTube channel for the latest Nick news, highlights and videos.

Since its launch July 17, 1999, SpongeBob SquarePants (Bob l'éponge) has reigned as the number-one animated series on TV for the last 18 years, while generating a universe of beloved characters, pop culture catchphrases and memes, theatrical releases, consumer products, a Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical and a global fan base.  SpongeBob SquarePants is the most widely distributed property in ViacomCBS Networks International history, seen in more than 170 countries and territories, translated in 30+ languages, and averaging more than 100 million total viewers every month. SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg and produced by Nickelodeon in Burbank. The character-driven cartoon chronicles the nautical and sometimes nonsensical adventures of SpongeBob, an incurable optimist and earnest sea sponge, and his undersea friends.

Patrick Super Star

+ 7 ans Avec sa voix neuneue, sa chemise hawaïenne et son univers mental singulier, Patrick, la candide étoile de mer, amie de Bob l’éponge, est de retour dans un show rien qu’à lui. Ce spin-off haut en couleur le rajeunit et le renvoie au temps où il vivait chez Môman et Pôpa. Depuis sa chambre, Patrick anime un talk-show, entouré de sa famille excentrique, et emmène son public dans un monde d’aventures imaginaires et loufoques. Ça commence pour lui dès le matin. Pour se réveiller, rien de tel que de s’enfoncer les piquants d’un oursin dans la tête ! Le ton est donné, la comédie déjantée file à toute allure. Pas de temps mort dans cette maison farfelue de Bikini-Bottom. Si l’on retrouve les héros phares de la série originale, de nouveaux personnages apparaissent, emmenés par les parents Raymond et Annie et Papi Pat, le grand-père, un peu plus intelligent que la moyenne. Naïf et super gourmand, Patrick dévoile son univers burlesque de manière aléatoire et décousue, à l’image du cheminement de son cerveau. Le héros nunuche met l’accent sur le côté tendre et joueur du passage à l’âge adulte. C’est moins abrasif qu’un Bob l’éponge, qui présente deux faces.

Série d’animation (26 x 11 mn), dim., 7.10, Nickelodeon.


Audiences : 
Sources : Médiamétrie Médiamat Thématik Vague 42 (du 30/08/2021 au 13/02/2022) // Chaînes Global // Lundi-Dimanche // 3h-27h // pda sur cibles : concurrence etendue
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3. Agr̩gat cin̩ma : paramount channel / paramount channel decale Рex-aequo avec Cin̩+ Premier et Cin̩+ Frisson

Originally published: February 19, 2021.

Additional source: On TV Tonight.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 21, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for February 21, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Stream the classic and the all new CG-animated Rugrats series on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: Paramount Plus Renews the All-New 'Rugrats' for Season 2!

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The Importance of Black History Month w/ Yolanda Renee King | Nick News | Nickelodeon

Yolanda Renee King sat down with Nick News to discuss the legacy of her grandfather, Martin Luther King Jr., and why it’s so important to celebrate Black History Month.

For more information and resources, visit

For more Black History Month on Nick, visit:

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Animation Writer and Story Editor Anne D. Bernstein Passes Away

A pioneer for women in animation, the trailblazing funny lady began her career in the ‘90s, becoming one of very first women in the writer’s room; she worked on numerous series as a script writer including Daria, was senior editor of Nickelodeon Magazine, and her illustrations were seen in Redbook and The New York Times.

Anne D. Bernstein, who passed away last Tuesday, February 8, was a former head writer for MTV Animation Development, whose work included writing on Nickelodeon's 'KaBlam!' and MTV’s ‘Daria’ and ‘MTV Downtown.’ Image from ‘Daria’ courtesy of MTV.

Comedy/animation writer and story editor Anne D. Bernstein passed away on February 8, 2022 after a long illness. Best known for her work on the Daria series, she was, according to Baboon Animation’s Mike de Seve, “… a true pioneer for women in animation writing.”

According to Bernstein’s LinkedIn page, she had a wide reaching and varied career including head writer for MTV Animation Development. She was a script writer for KaBlam!Angelo Rules, Daria, MTV Downtown, Hey Monie, Backyardigans, Viva Pinata, Tutenstein, and Johnny and The Sprites. Additionally, she was a senior editor and comic book editor for Nickelodeon Magazine, and a contributing writer for several publications including SPY, National Lampoon, and Paper. Bernstein also blogged for Channel Frederator and Roadside America, and her Illustrations were seen in Redbook, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, and others. Bernstein was also the author of The Daria Diaries.

 Image from ‘Daria’ courtesy of MTV.

Mike de Seve, a close friend, and admirer of Bernstein, shared a tribute with Animation World Network:

"The hilarious animation writer Anne D. Bernstein died last week from the not-hilarious Parkinson’s disease. As one of the very few, very first female writers in animation, she was a trailblazer, and a friend to many of us.

I knew Anne since our days together at MTV Animation and had the great pleasure to have her on my script teams for several series, first at 4Kids and later at Baboon Animation. Anne’s work on the groundbreaking MTV series Daria is probably her most beloved.

In a career beginning in the ‘90s, Anne said that she had never been in a writers’ room where she wasn’t the only woman. But bravely into that room she went, again and again and, in doing so, Anne truly helped change the rules of entry.

As a comedy writer, Anne always brought her A game, digging up humor in places the rest of us weren’t even bothering to look. In one script, she named a retirement home for actors “Sitting Ovations.”

Every day I worked with her, Anne turned that old, ignorant industry belief on its head, that women weren’t funny, by being as funny as anyone else in the room — and so much more professional it made us crazy.

Sadly, her illness hospitalized her before she could ever be part of an actual 50-50 writers’ room, or a room that represents all the voices in our culture. But for those of you who are walking in the door now, you should know that she was one of the very first to open it. And her dedication to quality and craft kept it open for the next folks.

Anne, if you’re out there and you’re wondering what the hell your life meant — writing a bunch of jokes on a bunch of cartoons, then getting taken out way too early — know that you have made a great difference for many to follow, and we’re all better for it.

May Anne’s legacy inspire women writers — all writers — to tune out the ignorance around you and instead try a little harder, go that extra mile to make your work great. And even when the room is stacked against you, don’t be afraid to slay."

Friend and colleague Michael Mennies shared also shared a tribute with AWN:

"I got a letter today from Kevin Strader, who worked together with Anne, myself and Mike de Seve in a writer’s room and he said, 'What a character. What a person. Whenever she was in the room, her qualities made me feel like a poser. But, happily so.'

I couldn’t agree more. At the risk of insulting the other fantastic writers I have had the good fortune of working with, Anne was simply the best, both as a member of a story room where her carefully chosen suggestions always contributed to a better story, and as a writer working on her own. She had a fountain of original ideas for episodes, professional to a point she made the rest of us look like slackers, a writer who could explain her reasoning and keep working through trouble spots until she figured them out, and a someone who was just laugh out loud funny to read. Her writing always had her unique comical voice in it, yet that voice did not go for laughs that went against the integrity of the characters or the show’s tone. 

I was introduced to Anne by Mike DeSeve in 2011. Mike and I were story editing a show called Kikoriki together, and he thought Anne would be a good addition to the team. Anne was not the chattiest in the room, but it was always clear she was paying attention, because when she contributed to a story her ideas moved things in the right direction.

From 2017-2019 I worked with Anne on Kit^n^Kate. The show is pre-school, which was certainly not Anne’s natural place for comedy. But she was just fantastic. She was able to write stories little kids could understand and enjoy that also played at a second level for the parents. Like her story 'The Missing Stink,' about a skunk who had been faking his foul stench his whole life by taping smelly cheese under his armpits. Determined to lead an authentic life, he goes out in search of his inner stink. And, oh yeah, it had a musical number modeled after 'My Shot' from Hamilton. That episode still cracks me up."

To read more tributes to Anne D. Bernstein, visit The Beat and Animation Magazine.

R.I.P. Anne D. Bernstein.

Additional source: Daria Wiki.

Nickelodeon UK to Premiere New Episodes of 'Overlord and the Underwoods' From Feb. 26

The intergalactic family reunion continues in brand new episodes of Overlord and the Underwoods, weekends at 9:30am starting Saturday 26th February 2022, only on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland!

Saturday 26th February 2022 - Overshooters: When Willow's girls' soccer team is overlooked, Overlord decides to get involved - for the other team. Flower takes it upon herself to help R0-FL follow her own interests.

Sunday 27th February 2022 - Overdue Update: After Jim errantly accepts a system update on R0-FL she becomes his assistant and stops at nothing to make sure he relaxes. Overlord hires Petey to be his assistant.

Saturday 5th March 2022 - Overexposed: The Underwoods look forward to their yearly family portrait without Overlord, but their cousin goes to extremes to get in the picture. Willow tries to impress the cool girls.

Sunday 6th March 2022 - Family Over Frabjleplarm: Overlord is battling homesickness, so the Underwoods agree to celebrate his favourite space holiday. But the day always ends with a cruel twist of fate.

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'iCarly' Season 2 to Talk About Creddie

The second season of Paramount+'s hit iCarly revival is set to premiere later this year, and show star Miranda Cosgrove has teased that the new season will finally resolve one of the show's original unresolved issues!

In the original series, which ran on Nickelodeon between 2007 and 2012, while Carly (Cosgrove), Sam (Jennette McCurdy), and Freddie (Nathan Kress), were all good friends, there was also a love triangle between the three. At different points of the show, Freddie dated both Carly and Sam. iCarly fans even created couple names for the characters. Seddie shippers are those who want Sam and Freddie to be together whilst Creddie shippers believed Carly and Freddie belonged together. In the show’s series finale, there was potential for either of the couples to get back together, but ultimately it was left unresolved.

Now, 10 years later, fans may be getting some closure! Speaking during the Q4 2021 ViacomCBS Earnings Conference Call, Cosgrove revealed that at least one episode of the new season will talk about Creddie!

It's currently unclear how the Creddie situation will playout, as in the revival, Carly is in the middle of another love triangle, with Wes (Josh Plasse) and Beau (Conor Husting).

In addition to the Creddie storyline, season two will also have a few more surprises for fans! Among the guest stars making an appearance will be Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) as Carly's "aggressive manager," Paul, RuPaul’s Drag Race favorities Scarlet Envy, Monique Heart, Rosé, and Kandy Muse, and iCarly alum Jeremy Rowley, who is bringing his character Lewbert back!

Filming on season two wrapped during early February.

Although an airdate has yet to be announced, iCarly season two is slated to premiere on Paramount+ later this year!

Stream all episodes of iCarly on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

More Nick: Paramount Plus Renews Hit Series 'iCarly' for a Second Season!

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Week 8, 2022 | What's On Nick | Nickelodeon Premiere Highlights

Your guide to What's New on Nickelodeon for the week of Monday, February 21 - Sunday, February 27, 2022!

For Nickelodeon's 2022 highlights, click here!

For Nickelodeon's February 2022 highlights, click here!

All times ET/PT.

Monday, February 21, 2022 (President's Day)

7:00 a.m. - PAW Patrol - Best Winter Rescues: Compilation of the PAW Patrol's best winter rescues. It's s'now much fun! Featuring episodes: Pups on Ice/Pups and the Snow Monster/Pups Save a Snowboard Competition/Pups Save the Snowshoeing. (#869)

8:30 a.m. - PAW Patrol - Best Of Mayor Humdinger: A compilation of Mayor Humdinger's most villainous schemes. Can the PAW Patrol save the day? Featuring episodes: Mayor's Tulips/Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde/Pups Save Election. (#870)

11:45 a.m. - Rugrats (Reboot Series) - The Two Angelicas: Angelica's new talking doll is a shock to her and a surprise to the babies. (#106B)

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

7:00 p.m. on NICK JR. - The Adventures of Paddington - Paddington's Pet Hotel: Paddington opens Windsor Gardens' first-ever pet hotel when he has Lucky stay over. (#224A)

Podcast - Avatar: Braving the Elements: Enter the amazing world of Avatar through the official companion podcast, Avatar: Braving the Elements from Nickelodeon with hosts Janet Varney (the voice of “Korra”) and Dante Basco (the voice of “Prince Zuko”)!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

On Paramount+:

· It's Pony (Season 1)
· Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season 2)

Thursday, February 24, 2022

7:00 p.m. - Danger Force - The Girl Who Cried Danger: When Mitch Bilsky (Andrew Lewis Caldwell) enrolls at SW.A.G, Headmaster Ray (Cooper Barnes) and Danger Force use a combination of patience and powers to help him achieve the impossible and graduate high school. (#213)

7:30 p.m. - Warped! - Creeped!: Milo (Anton Starkman) and Ruby (Kate Godfrey) are concerned when a creepy doll from a horror movie is delivered to the store despite no one having ordered it. The entire gang gets freaked out when they try to get rid of it, but it keeps coming back. (#104)

9:30 p.m. on NICKTOONS - It's Pony - Cat Alley/Saving Horse: Annie tries to take a shortcut, but Pony is reluctant. / The park is vandalized with graffiti, and Pony's favorite sculpture is threatened. (#205)

Podcast - SpongeBob BingePants: Take a deep dive down to Bikini Bottom with this official SpongeBob SquarePants companion podcast from Nickelodeon hosted by Frankie Grande and Hector Navarro!

Friday, February 25, 2022

12:00 p.m. - Blaze and the Monster Machines - Special Mission Blaze: When a nefarious villain steals every toothbrush in Axle City, Blaze’s only chance at saving the day is to become: Special Mission Blaze! (#616)

7:00 p.m. - SpongeBob SquarePants - Goofy Scoopers / Patrick's Tantrum: SpongeBob and Patrick make it their mission to reunite the recently fired robot band from Goofy Goober's. / Patrick goes into a destructive fit whenever he hears a bell, so his friends help him in their own ways. (#270A/#264B)

7:30 p.m. - Rugrats (Reboot Series) - One Big Happy Family/The Last Balloon: Angelica takes advantage of a family problem to make Tommy and Chuckie play a game of house. /  Tommy and the babies help Chuckie take care of what he thinks is the last balloon in the whole wide world. (#105; previously premiered on Paramount+)

8:00 p.m. - The Casagrandes - Weather Beaten: A powerful artifact is coming to the Great Lakes City museum and it brings along a storm for the Casagrandes. (#310B)

8:30 p.m. - Middlemost Post - They're All Named Reggie/The Same Ol' Same: After delivering mail in Purpleton, the gang finds a Baby Reggie stowaway that Parker insists on returning home. / When a famous Rapper visits the Mountain, Parker gives him a new zest for life. (#112)

9:00 p.m. - Nick's Shorts Showcase - Picture Day/Never Bring a Hamster to Set: This week's Nick Shorts Showcase features… Big Nate! After too many failed school picture days, Nate decides to take matters into his own hands and break into the yearbook room. (#116)

Sunday, February 26, 2022

On AwesomenessTV - AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer - Episode 7: Next Influencer is back and better than ever for season 3! Get ready for a whole new season of drama, fights, and romance in the TikTok content house all hosted by AwesomenessTV's Owen Holt. Get early access to the first five episodes on January 13th by signing up to watch on Paramount+.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

On AwesomenessTV - VIBE ROOM: Secrets, scandals, and all the TikTok drama you can handle — it all goes down in the Vibe Room as Owen Holt & Markell Washington spill the tea on on your favorite content creators and get the inside scoop on what really went down behind the scenes of the most popular AwesomenessTV shows from the cast members themselves!


Danger Force & Warped! Catch Up Now Promo (That New Thursday Night, February 18, 2022)

It's Been A Long Week - Catch Up Now on Your DVR or Nick On- Demand Promo (February 19, 2022)

Would you rather? with Isaiah Crews - Keep it here Spot (Nickelodeon U.S.)

Nickelodeon Mega Movie Monday Screen Bug (2022)

Originally published: February 21, 2022.

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Not Giving You Up: Big Time Rush to Release New Track on Feb. 25

Big Time Rush will release their brand new single, "Not Giving You Up" on Feb 25th! Pre-save the song now at!

@bigtimerush Happy Valentine’s Day! Our brand new single coming on Feb 25th! #valentinesday ♬ Not Giving You Up - Big Time Rush


This Valentine's Day, BTR set up the Big Time Relationship Hotline! "Suffering heartbreak or require general comfort from your daily stresses?," the ad reads. "Then call our Big Time Relationship Hotline +1-833-BTR-BEST...because we 'never give up on you'🤓"

Update (2/18) - BuzzFeed will be chatting with Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega, and they want your questions!

Never giving Big Time Rush up

I have a big time crush on Big Time Rush, and it’s one of my biggest dreams to meet the boy band.

If I made a list of bad Big Time Rush songs, it would be blank. Its newest single, “Not Giving You Up” is no exception.

The boy band, consisting of Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Carlos PenaVega, released their new song,“Not Giving You Up” on Feb. 25. This song is its second-latest release following its 2013 hiatus after ending its sitcom on Nickelodeon.

“Not Giving You Up” feels like Big Time Rush has a massive crush on me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My initial listen was at midnight, and I was bobbing my head up and down to the song in my bed. My second listen was at 7 a.m. immediately after I called out of work because of the sleet. However, the song gave me the willpower to drive through Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.

Their voices flow simultaneously together. Schmidt and Maslow captured my heart with “When it comes to you, girl / I’m prepared to do anything that it takes.” I remember Schmidt and Maslow having the lead vocals for the longest time, but Henderson and PenaVega carried the main verses. It was refreshing to hear their voices.

“Not Giving You Up” is three minutes long. I’ve heard the shortest songs are the ones we want more of like PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Break from Toronto” which is only a minute and 39 seconds. The beauty of this is that listeners will smash the repeat button over and over. I’ve been waiting for new Big Time Rush music for years, so I’ll take what I can get.

As a longtime fan, I admired how their discography was mostly love songs. Despite the band being away for almost a decade, they still know how to swoon their audiences, or at least myself.

In recent years, we’ve seen boy bands like the Jonas Brothers and New Kids On The Block reunite. It’s not difficult to regroup a fan base because honestly, I listen to Big Time Rush’s “Any Kind of Guy” from 2010 every day. I yearned for more music from them. When you put out impressive work, the loyalty will stay unless someone from the band gets canceled on the internet.

Although Big Time Rush is under Nick Columbia records, they can’t promote their music as actively on Nickelodeon. The band’s songs would be incorporated in its show’s episodes and music videos would play in between commercials. I remember being stunned that Schmidt said “hell” in “Music Sounds Better With U” and the lyric got censored out. However, Nickelodeon’s social media accounts share the band’s latest projects, and it’s wholesome to see they haven’t cut ties.

The promotion for “Not Giving You Up” was genius. On Valentine’s Day, the band tweeted out a hotline number for fans to call while promoting their upcoming release. The hotline served as “Big Time Relationship Services” where you can hear love advice from the four members. It’s almost like they knew their fan base is primarily single. It was an interactive way for fans to connect with their favorite Big Time Rush member.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get through with the hotline, but a few days later the band tweeted a number that fans could text. I texted that number in a heartbeat. The options were “Real Talk with Logan,” “Deep Thoughts with Kendall,” “ASMR with James,” “Positive Affirmations with Carlos” or to preview “Not Giving You Up.” When they teased their new song the only thing that registered in my brain was Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

The visual execution of the “Not Giving You Up” video is amazing. They’re portrayed as love doctors helping a woman get over emotional damage. I haven’t seen a Big Time Rush music video in so long. I was astonished to see them back into whimsical characters and busting out their best boy band dance moves. Big Time Rush has never left my playlist since the fifth grade, and I don’t think it ever will.


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Originally published: February 17, 2022 at 01:22 GMT.

Additional source: Young Hollywood.

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'Danger Force' Wins Two Awards at 9th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Awards

Danger Force picked up two awards at the 9th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Awards!

Michael Johnston, Brad Look, Kevin Westmore and Tyson Fountaine won the "Best Make-Up" award in the "Children and Teen Television Programming" category of the awards for their work on Nickelodeon's hit superhero-themed live-action comedy series. Meanwhile, Joe Matke, Roma Goddard and Yunea Cruz won the "Best Hair Styling" award in the same category for their work on the Henry Danger spin-off.

The Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild's 2022 MUAHS Guild Awards were announced during a gala presented by HASK Beauty held on Saturday night, February 19, 2022, before a live audience at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. It was also livestreamed to an audience of millions worldwide. Among the hosts were Michael D. Cohen, who stars as Schwoz Schwartz on Henry Danger and Danger Force.

Danger Force follows the students of Swellview Academy for the Gifted (SW.A.G. for short), a school conceived by Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and brought to life by Schwoz (Michael D. Cohen), as they continue to master their superpowers as they battle even bigger villains than ever before to protect the citizens of Swellview. Chapa (Havan Flores), Miles (Terrence Little Gardenhigh), Mika (Dana Heath) and Bose (Luca Luhan) must also keep their real identities a secret from both from their families and the villains who are out to destroy them. The series is currently in its second season.

A full list of 9th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Awards winners can be found at

A huge congratulations to Michael Johnston, Brad Look, Kevin Westmore, Tyson Fountaine, Joe Matke, Roma Goddard, Yunea Cruz and Nickelodeon!

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Nickelodeon Universe at MoA to Host Slime Break

Slime Break is back at Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minneapolis

Date: March - April
Location: Park-wide

Slime Break is back at Nickelodeon Universe®! Plan your spring break get away at Nickelodeon Universe, Mall of America® where it’s always 72 degrees and sunny. Explore 27 rides and attractions for all ages, meet your favorite Nickelodeon characters and make slime with Team Nick on select weekends. Check out the full list of upcoming Slime Break events all spring break long!

Rock and Ride
Friday Nights | 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
March 25 – April 15
South Entrance of Nickelodeon Universe

It’s Rock and Ride at Nickelodeon Universe every Friday night during Slime Break. Boogie down with DJ Matty Matt and Team Nick to your favorite pop hits!

Slime Making
Saturdays March 19 + 26, April 2, 9 + 16  | 1 – 3 p.m.
Green Spot

Join Team Nick in the Green Spot to make your own Nickelodeon Slime. For ages 5+, parents must sign a waiver to participate. While supplies last.

Kids' Choice Awards Viewing Party
Saturday, April 9 | 6 – 9 p.m.
Huntington Bank Rotunda

Join Team Nick for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards Viewing Party in the Huntington Bank Rotunda. Watch the pancake artist create masterpieces during commercial breaks, meet your favorite Nickelodeon characters and more!

For more information visit

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