Sunday, August 04, 2013

Nickelodeon Australia And New Zealand Announces The Winning Team Of "Camp Orange: Spill Seekers"! And The Winners Of The Title "Champ Orange" Are...

Please Note - This NickALive! blog post contains a spoiler about which team won the aweslime title of "Champ Orange" as voted by Aussie and Kiwi Nickheads in the 2013 series (season 9) of Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand's adventure reality series for best friends, "Camp Orange", called "Camp Orange: Spill Seekers", that some NickALive! readers may prefer to avoid. Please scroll down the page if you wish to continue.

Over the past few months, Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand viewers and "Camp Orange" fans have been watching the four teams of this years (2013) series of "Camp Orange", Nickelodeon's adventure reality show for best friends, called "Camp Orange: Spill Seekers" - The Bob Shermans, the girls in purple, featuring Megan, 11 and Lindy-Joy, 11 from New Zealand, The Nick Jaggers, the bright team in yellow, featuring Josh, 12, and Jye, 13 from Queensland, The BubbleGum Besties, the girls in pink, featuring Brooke, 10 and Charlotte, 11, from New South Wales, and The Random Penguins, the boys in blue, featuring Noah, 12 and Josh, 12 from Victoria - experiencing the ultimate adventure of a lifetime, through a sea of super soaked adrenaline surging challenges, playing some of the toughest "Camp Orange" games ever invented, including Jetting to Knoooooow You!, Festy Frosty, Up and Undies, Build A Bob, Deep Sea Scramble, Extreme Jellyfishing, Fish 'N Slips, The Dino Dash, Chum Bucket Chuck-Up, and The Mother of all Mega-Challenges, battling it out in an effort to win the votes of viewers and fans' at home in the hope of being crowned the ultimate winners of "Camp Orange" - "Champ Orange" - the team which Nick AU & NZ viewers thought showed the best teamwork, were the most honorable, played the fairest, and helped everybody else out. Proving they've got guts (and possibly gills), Nickelodeon's Campers braved depths, speeds, heights and marine creatures as they played for money-can't-buy rewards, such as a starring role in "SpongeBob ParadePants" - the world's very first SpongeBob SquarePants parade performed daily at Sea World.

Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand then counted up all the viewers' votes, and at the end of the exciting finale of "Camp Orange: Spill Seekers", which Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand premiered on Tuesday 30th July 2013, Nickelodeon Australia & New Zealand's ASTRA Award winning hosts Luke & Wyatt (Luke Ryan & Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd) gathered the CO campers around the campfire to announce which team received the most votes and has been voted the winner of "Champ Orange". Only one lucky Camp Orange team can win the title of "Champ Orange", and that team is...

The girls in purple, The Bob Shermans, featuring Megan, 11 and Lindy-Joy, 11 from New Zealand!


For the first time in Camp Orange history, Champ Orange Australia and New Zealand has been decided by Aussie and Kiwi kids who have been watching all the action at home. This year, viewers chose the team that they deemed the best and fairest to take the honour by casting their vote on In another Camp Orange first, fans also submitted their recipes in for Wrong Town Dinner, stomach churning dishes which are eaten each night at Camp Fire by a team selected by the Wrong Town Dinner Spinner. Kids at home can also check out behind the scenes and other exclusive added content online, including the very best audition videos and Wyatt's Camp Orange blog at!

Roll on Camp Orange 2014!