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Nickelodeon Launches New 'SpongeBob' and 'Blue's Clues & You!' Amazon Alexa Alarms

Start your Best Day Ever with Nickelodeon's PAWsome brand new SpongeBob SquarePants and Josh & Blue Amazon Alexa Alarm Settings!

Just say "Alexa, set a SpongeBob Alarm for 7:00 AM" or “Alexa, set a Blue’s Clues alarm tone” and let the magic happen!

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ViacomCBS' Linear Channels ‘Still Valuable’ Amid Rise of Streaming

Kelly Day, President of Streaming and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI), has backed the value of the media giant’s linear TV channels despite the rise of streaming.

Day (pictured) told the digital version of Natpe Miami that while ViacomCBS is shifting its attention to streaming with the forthcoming launch of SVoD service Paramount+ and the ongoing expansion of AVoD service PlutoTV, linear networks are still crucial to its business.

“Our linear assets are still of incredible value to us. In Latin America, Telefe had the best year from an audience perspective in 15 years in 2020. Our free-to-air networks in Argentina, the UK and Australia have all had incredible years; they’re going like gangbusters,” said Day.

“For our pay TV business, this relationship between linear and streaming is getting closer and closer together. We’re finding that, combined, we can deliver real value to the consumer and the operator. We have this strategic advantage now where we have all of these incredible assets, across FTA, pay TV and now streaming. We’re trying to put all the linear assets behind making streaming as successful as possible and the operators are excited about that.”

ViacomCBS’s linear networks include international brands Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central, plus Channel 5 in the UK, Network 10 in Australia and Ananey in Israel, all of which have growing digital presences.

In her role as COO, Day works to accelerate the digital transformation of VCNI’s business with a focus on strengthening the company’s digital and streaming operations.

Following her promotion last year, Day leads the division’s streaming business internationally, overseeing the international roll-out of Paramount+. The service launches on March 4 in the US, Canada and Latin America, followed by Australia and the Nordics.

Day also manages the ongoing expansion of Pluto TV, following its launch in Latin America, with more launches in Europe on the way, including in France on February 8 and in Italy later this year.

Original source: C21 Media.

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January 2021 on Nickelodeon International: Spyders | Noobees 2 | Loud House | 44 Cats 2 | Blue's Clues & You! | Barbapapa | Rusty Rivets + More

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon International's programming highlights for January 2021!

More Highlights:

December 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEENickToons CEE | Nick Jr. CEE

January 2021 on: NickToons Global | TeenNick Europe | Nick Jr. Global

About Nickelodeon International and this guide: Nickelodeon International is available in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Africa and Turkey (Türkiye). Nickelodeon channels in Spain (España) and Portugal sometimes opt-into the feed. Based on Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) schedule. All times CET, please check local listings for localised air times. Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

--- This December, Nickelodeon International will be airing:

-- Brand new episodes of 44 Cats season 2!:

- 2021-01-01 06:50 2x05 The mystery of the Ghost Cat
- 2021-01-04 06:50 2x06 The Flying Treasure Hunt
- 2021-01-05 06:50 2x07 Sir Lamp, the great golfer
- 2021-01-06 06:50 2x08 Pilou and her loose tooth
- 2021-01-07 06:50 2x09 Scribbly, the stray kitten
- 2021-01-08 06:50 2x10 The Great Scooter Race
- 2021-01-11 06:50 2x11 The Upside Down World
- 2021-01-12 06:50 2x12 The Cat Color Game
- 2021-01-13 06:50 2x13 Sushi, the globetrotting puppy
- 2021-01-14 06:50 2x14 The Best Dog Challenge
- 2021-01-15 06:50 2x15 A Rainy Day
- 2021-01-18 06:50 2x16 AIDA, the robot cat
- 2021-01-19 06:50 2x17 Meatball, the mail delivery cat
- 2021-01-20 06:50 2x18 The Basketfur Game
- 2021-01-21 06:50 2x19 A day trip with uncle Greg
- 2021-01-22 06:50 2x20 A Fistful of Cat Treats
- 2021-01-25 06:50 2x21 The Treasure of Catbeard
- 2021-01-26 06:50 2x22 Mice on the Run!
- 2021-01-27 06:50 2x23 Mara, the hippo
- 2021-01-28 06:50 2x24 The Halloween Monster
- 2021-01-29 06:50 2x25-26 Granny Pina's birthday / The Cat-fu Show

"44 Cats" is locally titled "44 cicus" in Hungary and "44 de pisici" in Romania.

-- A brand new The Loud House special!:

- 2021-01-03 16:10 5x01-02 Iskolakezdés (Schooled!) - season 5 premiere

"The Loud House" is locally titled "A Lármás család" in Hungary and "Casa Loud" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of Blue's Clues & You!:

- 2021-01-01 05:00 1x13 Az Ész-osztag (The Thinking Squad)
- 2021-01-02 05:00 1x15 Színek ezerrel Azúrral (Colors Everywhere with Blue)
- 2021-01-03 05:00 1x16 Pizsamabuli Azúrral (Pajama Party with Blue)
- 2021-01-04 05:00 2x04 Ijesztő jelmezes buli Azúrnál (Spooky Costume Party with Blue)
- 2021-01-05 05:00 2x05 Azúr hálás (Thankful with Blue)
- 2021-01-06 05:00 1x11 Boldog születésnapot, Azúr! (Happy Birthday Blue)

"Blue's Clues & You!" is locally titled "Azúrkék nyomok és te" in Hungary and "Pe urmele lui Blues" in Romania.

-- The brand new show Barbapapa - One Big Happy Family! [more info]:

- 2021-01-18 05:55 1x01 The Barbapapa Tree / The Barbababies' birthday - series premiere
- 2021-01-19 05:55 1x02 Bada-Bam / The Barbamartians
- 2021-01-20 05:55 1x03 Boris / Born To Be Wild
- 2021-01-21 05:55 1x04 Making Bread / From One Pit to Another
- 2021-01-22 05:55 1x05 The Tenderest Bond of All / The Orange Empire
- 2021-01-23 05:55 1x06 It's Only a Mystery... / The Battle
- 2021-01-24 05:55 1x07 Barbaprank ! / The Wolf of Halloween
- 2021-01-25 05:55 1x08 The Competition Prize / Marvelous Moustaches
- 2021-01-26 05:55 1x09 Let Justice Be done / The Great Spring Clean
- 2021-01-27 05:55 1x10 Double Dare You / Roy
- 2021-01-28 05:55 1x11 The Grass is Always Greener... / When I Grow Up
- 2021-01-29 05:55 1x12 The Cave Barbapapas / The Little Monsters
- 2021-01-30 05:55 1x13 The Perfect Dinner / The Kittens

"Barbapapa - One Big Happy Family!" is locally titled "Barbapapa" in Hungary.

-- A brand new Lego Jurassic World special!:

- 2021-01-28 16:25 2x01 Double Trouble Part 1
- 2021-01-28 16:50 2x02 Double Trouble Part 2

-- Noobees season 2!:

- 2021-01-18 19:55 2x01 Avatár Város – A vég kezdete (Avatar City and the Beginning of the End) - season two premiere
- 2021-01-19 19:55 2x02 Az új Rocker (The New Rocker)
- 2021-01-20 19:55 2x03 Kezdődjék a játék! (Let the Game Begin)
- 2021-01-21 19:55 2x04 Egyszerre két helyen (Disconnected Worlds)
- 2021-01-22 19:55 2x05 Egy buli és egy csók (A Party and a Kiss)
- 2021-01-25 19:55 2x06 Avatárok veszélyben (Avatars in Danger)
- 2021-01-26 19:55 2x07 Klónlázadás (Clones in Rebellion)
- 2021-01-27 19:55 2x08 Vetélytársak és ellenségek (Rivals and Enemies)
- 2021-01-28 19:55 2x09 Vigyázz, vírus! (Caution, virus!)
- 2021-01-29 19:55 2x10 Üzemzavar (Charging Error)

"Noobees" is locally titled "Noob csapat" in Hungary and "BOBOCII" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of Rusty Rivets:

- 2021-01-01 05:35 3x12 Az elefánt expressz / Megkergült robotok (Rusty's Elephant Express / Rusty and Ruby on the Fritz)
- 2021-01-02 05:35 3x13 A sztegoszaurusz (Rusty's Stego-Bot)
- 2021-01-03 05:35 3x14 Szellem a városban / Rusty, a Halloween hőse (Rusty's Hide-And-Ghost-Seek / Rusty's Halloween Hero)
- 2021-01-04 05:35 3x15 A Franken szörnyautó / Kisállatmegőrzés (Rusty's Franken Monster Truck / Rusty Adventures in Blobbo Sitting)
- 2021-01-05 05:35 3x16 A raptor-fogócska / Havas nap a Dinó-szigeten (Rusty's Raptor Crossing / Rusty's Dinosaur Snow Day)
- 2021-01-06 05:35 3x17 Ralph hajókalandja / A békanap (Rusty's Floating Adventure / Rusty's Hoppy Day)
- 2021-01-07 05:35 3x18 A bosszantó horkolás / Az elveszett gyémántok (Ozzy's Snooze Cruise / Rusty's Diamond Drama)
- 2021-01-08 05:35 3x19 Repülő kalózmajmok / Csomagszállítás (Rusty and the Flying Pirate Monkeys / Rusty's Delivery Day)
- 2021-01-09 05:35 3x20 Az alapítók napja / Giga Bájt (Rusty's Founders Day Frenzy / Rusty's Giga-Bytes)
- 2021-01-10 05:35 3x21 A triceratopsz bébi / Az elveszett medál (Rusty's Triceratops Trouble / Rusty's Pendant Problem)
- 2021-01-11 05:35 3x22 A baseballmasina / Az óriás játékok (Rusty's Baseball Bot / Rusty's Giant Toy Trouble)
- 2021-01-12 05:35 3x23 A Fritz-robi zűrzavar / Fagylaltkatasztrófa (Frankie's Fritz Bits / Rusty's Ice Cream Day Disaster)
- 2021-01-13 05:35 3x24 A zsiráfok nyomában / Mókusfutam (Rusty's Giraffe Journey / Rusty's Construction Chaos)
- 2021-01-14 05:35 3x25 A nagy lávakatasztrófa  / Anyai ölelés (Whole Lava Trouble / Rusty's Missing Mom Adventure)
- 2021-01-15 05:35 3x26 Dinoszaurusz Invázió (Rusty vs. The Dino Invasion) - series finale

"Rusty Rivets" is locally titled "Rusty rendbehozza" in Hungary and "Rusty repară tot" in Romania.

-- The brand new Nickelodeon show, Nickelodeon's Spyders! [more info]:

- 2021-01-04 19:00 1x01 A felfedezés (The Discovery) - évadnyitó
- 2021-01-05 19:00 1x02 A játszma kezdete (Snooping Around)
- 2021-01-06 19:00 1x03 Akadályok (The Decoy)
- 2021-01-07 19:00 1x04 Betörés (Breaking In)
- 2021-01-08 19:00 1x05 Az álruha (The Disguise)
- 2021-01-11 19:00 1x06 ? (Critical Information)
- 2021-01-12 19:00 1x07 A keresés (The Search)
- 2021-01-13 19:00 1x08 A kihallgatás (Stakeout)
- 2021-01-14 19:00 1x09 A Kék madár (The Blue Bird)
- 2021-01-15 19:00 1x10 Az üzenet (The Message)
- 2021-01-18 19:00 1x11 A zsarolás (Blackmail)
- 2021-01-19 19:00 1x12 A fedősztori (The Cover Story)
- 2021-01-20 19:00 1x13 Az új bizonyíték (New Evidence)
- 2021-01-21 19:00 1x14 Szívfájdalom (Heartbreak)
- 2021-01-22 19:00 1x15 Az új vendég (The Guest)
- 2021-01-25 19:00 1x16 Fordul a kocka (The Switch)
- 2021-01-26 19:00 1x17 A lebukások napja (Eavesdropping)
- 2021-01-27 19:00 1x18 A szöktetés (Prison Break)
- 2021-01-29 19:00 1x19 A csapda (The Set Up)
- 2021-01-30 19:00 1x20 Váratlan fordulat (Unexpected Twist) - season one finale

"Spyders" is locally titled is locally titled "Tinikémek" in Hungary.

-- LEGO Day Marathons!:

- 2021-01-28 15:00-17:15 Lego-nap
- 2021-01-30 12:10-14:15 Lego-nap

-- A movie!:

- 2021-01-02 16:10 Tiny Christmas (Kicsiny karácsonyi kaland)

-- Additional news and highlights:

-- Volia in Ukraine has added Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. to select tariffs!

- Nickelodeon România grew its audience by 34.2% in 2020!

From neeo:

Este jueves los fans de Nickelodeon podrán unirse al especial de La leyenda de Isla Nublar

Un maratón cargado de las mejores aventuras que tienen lugar dentro del parque de Jurassic World y el estreno de dos episodios exclusivos, donde Owen Grady, experto en conducta animal, y Claire Dearing, subdirectora de operaciones, tendrán que unir fuerzas para evitar cualquier peligro que ponga en riesgo la vida dentro del parque.

Nickelodeon sabe que no hay mejor plan para disfrutar del día que con una buena dosis de acción y diversión. Por eso, trae el maratón especial de La leyenda de Isla Nublar cargado de las mejores aventuras que ocurren dentro del frenético parque de Jurassic World.

Además, por este alucinante especial también pasarán dos episodios exclusivos donde el dúo formado por Owen y Claire tendrá que luchar por mantener el orden y la paz dentro del salvaje parque, cueste lo que cueste. Y, por si fuera poco, en otra misión tendrán que intentar atrapar a los gemelos y pequeños dinosaurios que andan sueltos, antes de que provoquen un gran problema entre los turistas del parque, pero ¿qué estrategia llevarán a cabo para poder atraparlos sin que nadie salga herido?

Jueves 28 desde las 12.10h


Jurassic World apresenta nova série LEGO no Nickelodeon

O Jurassic World continua a expandir-se e é no universo das animações. A nova mini-série é “LEGO Jurassic World: Double Trouble” e estreia no Nickelodeon!

Se os mais pequenos não resistem aos desenhos animados e ao mundo da LEGO, a nova série Nickelodeon é a aposta para eles. E ainda fica melhor se gostarem de dinossauros! Com estreia marcada para 28 de janeiro, logo pelas 11h10, a maratona dedicada a  LEGO® Jurassic World vai rever alguns favoritos mas também apresentar novidades.

Para além das muitas aventuras e acção de “LEGO Jurassic World: A Lenda da Ilha Nublar“, o Nickelodeon apresenta agora uma nova mini-série que promete ser uma verdadeira chave de ouro para terminar o especial de episódios dedicados aos dinossauros, “LEGO Jurassic World: Double Trouble”.

A nova série de animação Nickelodeon centra-se em Simon Masrani e no seu pedido para criar uma nova atracção, de forma a evitar que o seu irmão Cedric Masrani assuma o controlo do parque. Henry Wu cria então dois novos dinossauros Indominus Rex do género feminino. Mas será que vai correr bem?

O “Double Trouble” será transmitido em duas parte e se souberem que poderão perder a maratona de 28 de janeiro, não há problema. O canal garante a repetição toda no dia 30 de janeiro, sábado, pelas 12h45.

“Double Trouble” é a mais recente expansão do universo da LEGO aliado aos dinossauros. De filmes, a séries e até a jogos de consola, o crescimento tem sido grande e é previsto continuar dado o sucesso junto do público mais jovem.

Os mais pequenos aí de casa são fãs das séries LEGO? Qual a favorita?


From StarTimes:

Available on: DISH Smart+Basic ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nickelodeon. Watch how your favourite Nickelodeon characters fall in love with episodes of Nickelodeon Spyders, Henry Danger, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, The Thundermans, The Casagrandes, Spongebob Squarepants and Game Shakers. BROADCAST TIME: February 14th, 15:15 CET


Tinikémek: új sorozat (2021. január, 2. ajánló) | Nickelodeon

Jurassic World: Nemzetközi Lego nap új részekkel (2021. január) | Nickelodeon

More Nick: ViacomCBS to Launch TeenNick Channel in Hungary!

Januári; évadnyitó; új sorozat; sorozatzáró; évadzáró; Maratonok januárban; Filmek, különkiadások januárban.

Originally published: Monday, December 07, 2020.

Original source: Mentrum.

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ViacomCBS Int'l Studios Names Chris Rose as VP, Production and Development, VIS Kids

The Nickelodeon VP will also lead production and development for VIS Kids.

Chris Rose (pictured) is taking on more responsibility in a role expansion that will see him serve as Vice President (VP) of Production and Development for both Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS International Studios Kids (VIS KIDS), Kidscreen reports.

Still based in London, Rose will now focus on growing ViacomCBS Networks International’s kids content pipeline and overseeing all animated and live-action teams for VIS Kids and Nick International. Rose will also lead production and development across the UK, and work closely with teams in Latin America; Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia (EMEAA); and Israel. He reports to Nina Hahn, head of VIS KIDS and Senior Vice President (SVP) of production and development for Nickelodeon International and head of ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) Kids.

VIS plans to develop more than 30 new kids’ shows over the next three years, for ViacomCBS’s platforms – which include Nickelodeon, Paramount+, Channel 5 in the UK – and third parties.

Joining Rose’s team as manager of production and development is Adam Bailey, who previously headed up animation development for Welsh studio Cloth Cat Animation. Bailey will support Rose in identifying new IPs and talent for Nickelodeon.

Charly Valentine, VP of live-action production and development for Nickelodeon International, will also now report to Rose.

With more than 20 years of experience in broadcasting, development and production, Rose joined Nickelodeon from Beano Studios in 2018 and has since secured several key projects and talent.

Since joining Nickelodeon, Rose has taken on management of the global animated shorts program, resulting in Sharkdog—VIS’s first animated series for Netflix to originate outside of the US. He also leads production on The Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj, the division’s first collaboration with Viacom18 in India. He has also led on the delivery of Ollie’s Pack.

Earlier in his career, Rose held various content, acquisitions and development positions at CBeebies, HIT Entertainment, ABC Australia and Beano.

Prior to joining ABC down under in 2012, Rose had worked as VP of development and programming at UK-based Hit Entertainment since 2008, after holding acquisitions roles at the BBC during nearly a decade at the UK pubcaster. Rose has contributed to the development and production of several series, including The Deep, Bluey, Little Lunch and Mike the Knight over the years.

VIS launched its kids division in late 2020 with Nina Hahn at the helm. The plan for the studio in 2021 is to expand its global kids content pipeline to produce short- and long-form content for a broader range of channels and platforms than just those in the ViacomCBS portfolio.

Rose said: “It’s a privilege to now lead the development and production of live-action and animated content for VIS Kids and Nickelodeon International. As we continue our legacy of building first-class kids content, I look forward to deepening existing relationships and seizing new opportunities to work with innovative, diverse creators and producers in the UK kids content sphere and around the world.”

Hahn commented: “We are focused on establishing VIS Kids as a world-class kids content powerhouse as we continue to create and source prime content for our brands and partners, across all formats. We are a proven leader in this space and an expert in the ‘hit-making’ process, and I’m confident Chris’s newly expanded role will bring a wealth of knowledge to our studio business as we further establish ourselves in the kids’ arena.”

Rose and Valentine will be taking part in several panels at Kidscreen Summit 2021.

Originally published: Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Additional source: C21 Media, TV KidsTVNIÑOS.

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Nickelodeon Unveils First Look at CG-Animated 'Rugrats' and 'Big Nate'

Nickelodeon and Variety today unveiled a first look at the network's upcoming CG-animated Rugrats reboot and upcoming CG-animated series based on Big Nate!

The Next-Gen Nick ad campaign, showcasing Nickelodeon's upcoming programming highlights is currently running on, and will also grace the cover of the latest issue of Variety magazine.

Via Jim Mortensen.

The advertisement also showcases SpongeBob prequel Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under YearsBaby Shark’s Big Show!The Tiny Chef Show, and the recently launched Santiago Of The Seas.

The news that the new CG-animated Rugrats series is not too surprising: when Nickelodeon first announced that they were reviving the beloved series for a new generation of fans, the series was announced along with a planned CGI/live action hybrid theatrical movie from Paramount Players, which would of seen the babies reimagined in CGI along with live-action actors. However, the film has been shelved for the time being. Additionally, Nickelodeon Animation has been advertising job vacancies for CGI artists for the new Rugrats reboot on their jobs board.

Rugrats focuses on a group of toddlers, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, twins Phil and Lil DeVille, and Angelica Pickles, and their day-to-day lives that became adventures in their imaginations. The original Rugrats Nicktoon series launched in August of 1991 as one of the original Nicktoons and instantly became a groundbreaking phenomenon, spawning consumer products, three hit theatrical releases, various video games and cementing its place in pop culture history through its iconic characters, storytelling and unique visual style. Rugrats was in production for nine seasons over the course of 13 years, and also spawned three spin-off series, All Grown Up!, Angelica and Susie's School Daze and Rugrats: Tales from the Crib. The series earned four Daytime Emmy Awards, six Kids' Choice Awards and its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nickelodeon is slated to premiere their Rugrats revival during 2021, with most of the surviving original voice actors expected to reprise their respective roles. However, Dil Pickles, Tommy's younger brother who was introduced in The Rugrats Movie, is not expected to feature in the series until season two.

Update (12/24) - It's being reported that in addition to Nancy Cartwright reprising her role as Chuckie Finster, Melanie Chartoff will reprise her role of Didi Pickles and Cheryl Chase will reprise her role as Angelica Pickles. They'll be joined by Little Women star Terra Jolé. Please note that this news has yet to be announced.

Update (1/11/21) - Nickelodeon today (1/10) gave us a first look at the CG Angelica Pickles during the NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon! Angelica was one of the cardboard cut-out Nickelodeon characters sitting in the stands:

Announced earlier this year, Nickelodeon is taking the misadventures of Big Nate from page to screen with an all-new animated TV series based on the best-selling children’s books written and drawn by acclaimed author and cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. The eponymous 26-episode series follows Nate, a precocious 11-year-old boy, and his best friends as they navigate sixth grade with humor and style. Big Nate is being produced by Nickelodeon in Burbank, Calif.

Big Nate is a book title I've wanted to translate into a series for a long time, and I am so happy this awesome, super-funny character is coming to Nickelodeon," said Ramsey Naito, Executive Vice President, Animation Production and Development, Nickelodeon. “All of creator Lincoln Peirce's slightly unruly, but entirely relatable characters share Nick’s same creative DNA, and we can't wait for them to join our amazing family!"

The TV series will feature brand-new original storylines centered on Nate and his mischievous shenanigans that usually result in disaster, detention or both. Whether trying to convince everyone that their school is haunted to get out of a test, or accidentally setting the pet iguana free in the school’s air ducts, Nate and his friends cause trouble everywhere--and must keep their cool before they get caught.

The Big Nate TV series is executive produced by Mitch Watson (All Hail King Julien) and John Cohen (The Angry Birds Movie), with Peirce serving as consultant throughout development and production. Bridget McMeel is co-producer.

From Variety:

How Kids Television Became the Most Heated Front in the Streaming Wars

Senor Salme for Variety

Hollywood’s demand for streaming content is putting kids media creators and producers squarely at the adults’ table.

The world of kids TV has long been thought to be a peaceful one, a place where “Blue’s Clues,” “The Baby-Sitters’ Club,” “Phineas and Ferb” and “Rugrats” are left alone to ramble and play. As more consumers move to streaming-video services, however, kids properties are taking on new importance — and many major entertainment outlets, both traditional and upstart, are gearing for battle. “You can see that streamers are snapping up popular intellectual property and that studios are competing heavily for talent,” says Olivier Dumont, president of family brands for eOne, the large Hasbro-owned production company behind such kids series as “Peppa Pig” and “PJ Masks.”

Chris Nee won acclaim for herself and Walt Disney when she created “Doc McStuffins,” an animated series about a 6-year-old who fixes dolls and toys and in the process, teaches her young audience about staying healthy and navigating early life. Nee had a “great situation” at Disney but decided to ink an overall deal with Netflix when the streamer, like a storybook genie granting wishes, offered her a “fairy-tale” vision of artistic freedom. She now has her own development budget, and the ability to cultivate projects and writers with greater latitude than she ever had before.

“I was looking at the Shonda Rhimeses and the Ryan Murphys and wondering why somebody couldn’t take that active role of being both a creator and a producer and creating an internal sort of house in [kids] TV, and that’s very much what’s happening,” says Nee.

Her first project for Netflix, “Ridley Jones,” is the action-adventure series she wished she’d been able to watch as a child. The program will follow the escapades of the 6-year-old female title character, who protects exhibits in the museum she calls her home, and does so alongside her mother and grandmother. The task isn’t easy, as the facility’s elephant and mummies come to life overnight. Also on the slate is “Ada Twist,” a science-focused series for preschoolers based on the book series from author Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts, which is co-produced by former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Prods.

The effort is taking Nee to interesting places. She remembers flying to Washington, D.C., to sit down with the former first lady and discuss the series. “She was very, very hands-on and looking at the designs for ‘Ada,’ looking at the hair texture for this character, looking at skin tone — all of the things that matter” in ensuring authentic on-screen representation, says Nee.

Nee’s projects are just two of many slated to launch in the months to come as competition ripens.

While new programming aimed at adults tends to get the lion’s share of publicity from the streaming world, executives behind the scenes readily acknowledge that movies from Martin Scorsese, a new cut of “Justice League” or a new series from Shonda Rhimes can only go so far to keep viewers from “churning,” or canceling their subscriptions. These executives say properties aimed at kids, young adults and families tend to create the sorts of lasting relationships that keep subscriber money coming in every month.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that kids drive a big amount of the minutes watched on streaming services,” says Brian Robbins, president of ViacomCBS’ Nickelodeon, which is poised to make a significant contribution to its parent company’s soon-to-debut streaming hub, Paramount Plus. “You know as a parent that you’ll go without eating before you take something away from your child that they like. Kids content is an amazing retention tool.”

The pandemic, too, has blown up the amount of screen time kids are getting, as frazzled parents in lockdown mode search for ways to keep their little ones entertained — and hopefully educated — while schools remain physically closed.

Aside from the Paramount Plus launch, the industry’s annual “kids upfront,” a weeks-long period of outreach by kid media properties to advertisers, is looming and may nod to ad possibilities available with WarnerMedia’s HBO Max.

It’s a child, or millions of them, then, that will help steer what is projected to be billions of dollars to streaming outlets, both the ones that have led the charge, like Netflix, YouTube or Hulu, and a new set of challengers from traditional media companies like WarnerMedia, ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal. There are also a bevy of child-focused services — from PBS Kids to Vooks, a company that creates ad-free animated storybooks, to Sensical, an ad-supported service from Common Sense Media that promises age-appropriate content. A survey of 3,000 U.S. adults conducted in the fall by nScreenMedia, a broadband consultancy, found that 75% of parents watch video with their children several times a week or more. Two-thirds of respondents indicated they expect time spent with kids watching TV and movies to stay the same or increase once the pandemic ends.

With that attention comes money. Consumers are projected to spend $41 billion on streaming video in 2021, according to the Consumer Technology Assn., an industry trade organization; that represents a 15% jump over spending last year. Access to exclusive content and canceling traditional video service are two factors behind the rise, according to the group. And every kids TV executive knows that a successful character or concept can also drive millions of dollars’ worth in dolls, T-shirts, books and other consumer products.

Ryan Garcia for Variety

Nee and her production pod, Laughing Wild, have the goal of nurturing a diverse group of new writers and showrunners, like “Spirit Rangers” executive producer and Chumash tribal member Karissa Valencia and the show’s all-Native writers’ room.

“Some places like Disney, they would be much more measured in what they wanted to give any one person,” Nee says. “Like, ‘What’s your capacity?’ And it turns out my capacity is a little absurd.”

Kenny Ortega, the veteran director and choreographer behind the film “Newsies” and Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” and “Descendants” franchises, maintains a good relationship with his former collaborator; Bob Iger presented Ortega with a Disney Legends Award at the D23 Expo in 2019. But Ortega is thrilled that his first Netflix project, “Julie and the Phantoms,” a charming dramedy from creators Dan Cross and David Hoge about a teenage girl who teams up with a ghostly ’90s band to make music, has earned glowing reviews and a wider range of viewers — from teens to 20-somethings to families — than perhaps some people expected.

“They’re up against some heavy competition, especially with Disney,” he says of Netflix. “So I just felt like they put a lot of effort into reaching an audience that might not necessarily go there for this kind of entertainment. They were very clever and very creative and continue to be, months and months after we’ve already [premiered].”

Even without these star creators, Disney has a deep bench of creative resources all its own. More of them than ever, in fact, says Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Branded Television. He can now tap a broader array of talent from the company’s ABC Signature and 20th Television studios thanks to a recent restructuring of studio assets aimed at meeting consumers’ growing desire for streaming entertainment. Marsh is eager to harness such resources for Disney Plus while maintaining a steady flow of content for the Disney Channel and the company’s other kid-focused outlets.

“There are all-new avenues and opportunities to employ talent and different kinds of storytelling,” he says.

The race is on to strike a connection with young consumers before they drift to another media window. “The interesting thing about being in a children’s entertainment division is you’re basically kind of the canary in a coal mine,” says Jennifer Dodge, president of Spin Master Entertainment, the company behind “Paw Patrol” and other properties. “We have all seen the transformation happening over the last several years from a linear programing experience to almost an on-demand scenario for most families and children.”

Meanwhile, the hunt for producers with an eye for kids content continues. Nickelodeon’s Robbins says he expects to make some new talent announcements in weeks to come.

It’s enough to make you go ‘Auuugh!’

Charlie Brown, who once spent his days trying to kick a football held by Lucy van Pelt or play baseball with his friends, last fall found himself in a completely different environment: smack dab in the middle of a social media blowup over beloved children’s IP.

The “round-headed kid” is a critical figure in three TV holiday specials that were, until this year, part of a parade of beloved TV properties enjoyed for decades by the public at large. Like “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” shows such as “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” had been available to viewers on Walt Disney’s ABC, with the only cost being a requirement to watch some commercials over the course of each program’s half-hour span. The broadcast network had aired the specials annually since 2001.

Though Apple promised to make the programs available for free to viewers for a limited period of time, the tech giant’s Oct. 19 announcement that it would exclusively host the “Peanuts” specials on Apple TV Plus spurred backlash. Shortly before Halloween, Apple approached PBS with a deal to make the specials available on a linear platform for 2020, according to the public broadcaster. (The timing of the deal cut too close to come in time for “Great Pumpkin,” but allowed for the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials to air on PBS.)

Celyn Brazier for Variety

Charlie Brown isn’t the only popular kids’ property being placed under virtual glass by a tech giant. “Curious George,” the animated monkey that has helped young viewers of PBS learn about science and math concepts since the series debuted there in 2006, now shows up first in new episodes on Peacock, the streaming video hub that is part of NBCUniversal, which owns the production company behind “Curious George.” WarnerMedia has devised a similar pact with Sesame Workshop, the producers of “Sesame Street,” whose new episodes surface first on HBO and the streaming hub HBO Max before moving to PBS.

In a perfect world, PBS might continue to get first crack at new episodes of the series it helped build. “There’s a couple instances, and this is one of them, which I would say is an exception to rules that we create,” says Lesli Rotenberg, the chief programming executive and general manager of children’s media and education at PBS, speaking about PBS retaining rights to “Curious George” for later airing. “In every case, I would say we’re looking through this lens of starting with what’s best for children. And so for us, it was really a question of, we know so many families don’t have access to a lot of these streaming services; they don’t have the means. And we want to make sure that we continue to make the content that they rely on from PBS available to them.”

No one is giving up on original concepts, but the scramble for familiar content is intense. The streaming giants love known commodities because they can help deliver families and children with a minimum of marketing; the traditional media companies embrace the properties because they control the rights to so many of them — to a degree that their digital competitors cannot duplicate.

Properties like Bugs Bunny and the Hanna-Barbera library are “the gift that keeps on giving,” says Tom Ascheim, president of Warner Bros.’ global kids, young adults and classics businesses. “It’s one that will be an advantage for a very long time.” One Warner project, “Batwheels,” which centers on a group of crime-fighting vehicles, represents “the earliest entry point for a young consumer with the Batman franchise,” he says, and will help Warner make a new push for preschool audiences.

Nickelodeon has already indicated Paramount Plus will serve as the home for new projects featuring its beloved SpongeBob SquarePants as well as a revival of “iCarly,” the popular series about teens who run their own streaming video show. “Franchises are so important in a world where there is so much content being made,” says Robbins. “You have to figure out a way to cut through.”

At Disney, executives believe new interpretations of their popular characters will boost Disney Plus, the streaming hub that is taking much of the company’s focus. “The jackpot is all of the original ways to reimagine and reinterpret classic Disney intellectual property,” says Marsh. “That is our primary competitive advantage. When we do it well, it works extraordinarily well.” One project in production for a 2021 debut is “Sneakerella,” a musical that marries sneaker culture with the classic “Cinderella.” Another is a contemporary reimagining of the world of Peter Pan.

Amid that frenzy comes new concern that the demand for instantly recognizable kids properties might shortchange the development of, well, something new. “There’s a love for nostalgia and reboots and celebrities attached to projects, and that has been great, but the question is how does the new stuff get nurtured?” asks Cyma Zarghami, an independent producer and the former president of Nickelodeon. Producers, she says, are asking, “What do I have to do to have the next ‘SpongeBob’ or the next ‘Paw Patrol’? And how is the audience going to find it?”

Capturing kids’ attention may be one of the most important missions in the entertainment business. Young viewers are chasing their video playmates to new venues faster than many mainstream companies can follow. If Apple, Netflix, WarnerMedia, Disney and Nickelodeon can’t win them now, who will do so in the future? Yet there’s not one set strategy, and all the efforts, many executives note, are creating a glut of content.

Apple TV Plus spent some time building ties to well-known IP, including “Peanuts” and “Fraggle Rock,” the Jim Henson Co.-produced series that got its start on HBO, among other outlets, in 1983.

But social media kerfuffle aside, the streamer’s interests do not lie in hoarding children’s classics — it is far less concerned about stocking a voluminous library than it is in creating its own originals, such as “Wolfwalkers.” Meanwhile, the rights to “Peanuts” and “Fraggle Rock” offer a development shortcut to crafting new series “The Snoopy Show,” “Snoopy in Space,” “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” and a “Fraggle Rock” reboot.

Viewer familiarity “really helped expedite the development phase of production, and it allowed us to get into production much more quickly,” says Tara Sorensen, head of children’s programing for Apple. “There was a two-pronged sort of benefit to that. And thinking more globally about the approach, for me, it’s really about bringing families together around the screen to enjoy stories that are heartfelt.”

Coming soon: more preschool programming. “I tend to think about the development slate in terms of building a house,” she says. “So I thought it was really important to build a foundation with the youngest age group.”


Meanwhile, Amazon, which once gained notice for kids shows like “Tumble Leaf,” has scaled back its efforts at producing originals. Instead, it has hitched its efforts to Amazon Kids Plus, a subscription portal that offers kids’ books, movies, shows and games for $2.99 a month. “There’s some advantages there in terms of having a targeted environment for kids programming,” says Vernon Sanders, co-head of Amazon Studios, who notes the company will launch “Do, Re & Mi,” an animated series that features original songs performed by Kristen Bell and others. “This is not a case in which we’re completely abandoning the space, but we will be targeted when we [explore] it,” he adds.

Separately, executives worry their programs will get buried amid a glut of new cartoons and characters and an increasingly fractured audience that has dozens of new ways to watch their favorite. Indeed, some producers confide that younger audiences have become so scattered among different screens and outlets that even a deal with a giant in the business may not be enough to guarantee success. “Once, if you were on Disney in the U.S. or Nickelodeon, that was the Holy Grail,” says eOne’s Dumont. “It’s still part of the mix, but you have to have your property on as many platforms as possible.”

Conversely, there’s the question of whether kids from all walks of life are able to access those shows.

“I’m concerned about the idea of so many platforms being paid streaming services,” says PBS’ Rotenberg. “On the one hand, that means that there is this plethora of content for children, but you have to have the financial means to access it. And so in many ways, the model is exacerbating the educational equity divide and the digital divide in this country.”

Still, the recent boom in platforms and programming also translates to a diverse range of on-screen characters, from HBO Max’s “Young Love” from “Hair Love” director Matthew A. Cherry to Apple TV Plus’ Zen Buddhism-infused “Stillwater” to Netflix’s Nee-produced “Spirit Rangers.”

“I very actively want to make the world of kids TV better, in the act of the work that I’m doing,” says Nee. “I care about what the kids are seeing … but I also care about raising up a new generation of voices, who are going to be the people who take over.”

Hundreds of talented people like Nee will be making programs for kids. Now all they have to do is hope the young ones find them.


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Originally published: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 21.38 BST.

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There are five Avatar: The Last Airbender pins to collect: four regular pins, featuring Avatar Aang, Waterbender Katara, Waterbender Sokka and Aang's beloved sky bison, Appa, plus a exclusive chase edition featuring Aang in his Avatar State.

Each badge carries an SRP of $15.90, and are available to pre-order now on Box Lunch and Hot Topic. The badges are set to be released sometime between April 12-23, 2021.

Although the official product listings say each badge is 4" tall, they're ever-so-slightly smaller at 3 3/4".

Aang is ready to show you his airbending technique! From Avatar: The Last Airbender, he has been given a Funko Pop! makeover as an enamel pin. If you're lucky, you may receive an all-blue chase variant of Aang.

Katara is ready to show you her waterbending technique! Catch a wave with the waterbender, who's been reimagined as a large enamel pin with Funko's signature 3D Pop! head. Pin Katara on your jacket, bag, or corkboard—or prop her up with the removable display stand on the back.

This Water Tribe warrior is ready to fight! Sokka has been reimagined as a large enamel pin, looking too cute to be threatening with Funko's signature 3D Pop! head. Pin the Avatar: The Last Airbender favorite on your jacket, bag, or cork board—or prop him up with the removable display stand on the back.

This sky bison is ready for adventure! Give Appa a break from flying and carry him around on your jacket or bag as this large Avatar: The Last Airbender enamel pin—he looks even cuter than usual with Funko's signature 3D Pop! head! When you're not out and about, prop Appa up with the removable display stand on the back.

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JoJo Siwa Had the Perfect Response to a Parent Who Said Their Kid Would Stop Watching Her After Coming Out

It was just one word.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Nickelodeon superstar and social media phenomenon JoJo Siwa has a perfectly on-brand response to a parent who was less than supportive of her recent coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. As captured by the @commentsbycelebs account, an Instagram user wrote under Siwa’s video talking about her coming out, “My daughter will never watch you again.” To this, Siwa replied, “Okay!”

This is chef’s-kiss perfect. Siwa’s a star; it’ll hardly impact her to lose the support of one kid from one family. And if this parent thought their bigoted comment would somehow hurt Siwa’s feelings or change her decision to be open about her identity, then that’s just goofy. LGBTQ+ kids are brave and strong, and 17-year-old Siwa’s whole thing is being a beam of positivity, a pillar of fun. She’s not going back in the closet because you’re a closed-minded grouch, Instagram rando! “Okay!”

The only drawback is that the parent may be raising their daughter to hate people different than themselves, which just isn't on in this day and age. Hopefully they can learn that being part of the LGBTQ+ community is perfectly fine.

At the time that it was captured by Comments by Celebs, the message from the parent had over 5,000 likes, which is a little distressing…but Siwa’s cheery rebuttal had over 50,000. 

In the video Siwa talks about how happy she is to be out, and how much support she’s received from friends, family, and fans. And the people applauding her are much louder than anyone booing her. Kim Kardashian, whose kids are Siwa fans, wrote on the original video, “I love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.” Siwa's co-Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears wrote, “♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ sooooo happy to see you happy!!!!”

Even Nickelodeon is openly cheering for her. The official Instagram page for the channel posted a picture of Siwa with the caption, “Never been more proud ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜.” Nickelodeon has been a long-time advocate of LGBTQ+ rights, including featuring LGBTQ+ characters in their hit shows!

“Personally I have never, ever, ever been this happy before, and it feels really awesome. I’ve been happy for a little bit now. It’s just so, so, so awesome,” JoJo Siwa said on IG Stories a few days ago, per People. And that’s all that matters. 

JoJo's living her best life, and no amount of bigotry can stop her! :)

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Original source: Glamour.

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