Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Peppa Pig And The Very Hot Day | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Peppa Pig And The Very Hot Day | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Description: As Britain faces extreme temperatures, it's good that Mummy and Daddy Pig are making the best out of a bad situation. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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How did Katara REALLY bloodbend? | Avatar #Shorts | Avatar: The Last Airbender

How did Katara REALLY bloodbend? | Avatar #Shorts | Avatar: The Last Airbender

Did Princess Yue help Katara bloodbend and defeat Hama, saving Aang and Sokka in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Let us know what you think in the comments below! ⬇️

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What were you watching after school? 👀 📺 #90s #Nickelodeon #ParamountPlus #Shorts | Paramount Plus

What were you watching after school? 👀 📺 #90s #Nickelodeon #ParamountPlus #Shorts | Paramount Plus

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Nickelodeon Announces Kids' Choice Awards México 2022 Pre-Nominations

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) has announced the first-round of nominees for Kids' Choice Awards México 2022!

Kids' Choice Awards is the world's largest children's and teen awards, and celebrates kids’ favourites from the worlds of entertainment, music, sports and more. Kids' Choice Awards México 2022 is the 13th annual local edition of Nick's Kids' Choice Awards slimefest tentpole in Mexico!

Fans across México are now able to vote for their favourites from the worlds of entertainment and social media across 21 voting categories online at and on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags below. Fans can vote as many times as they wish to support their favourites from the worlds of entertainment, music, sports and more!


Voting will happen in two stages. In the pre-nomination (pre-nominados) stage, each category has eight nominees. The four nominees with the most votes in each category will then move onto the final stage of voting, which will be announced in the coming weeks. Voting for the first stage of KCA México 2022 opened on Monday 27th June 2022 and will close at 23:59 on Sunday 24th July 2022.

With the exception of the international or mixed categories, only individuals, programs, films, public figures and games originating from a Spanish-speaking country and, where applicable, features more than 51% of it's dialogue in Spanish were eligible to be nominated in Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards México 2022.

New this year are two new categories honouring talent from Argentina and Chile.

How to Vote:

There are three ways for fans to vote for their favourites in Kids' Choice Awards México 2022:

Via the Website:

Fans can visit to vote for their favourite nominees!

Via Instagram:

To vote via Instagram, visit and like Nickelodeon Latinoamérica's official Instagram page,, and comment on any post with your nominee's unique hashtag and #KCAMéxico, for example, to vote for Club 57 to win the "Nick Show Favorito" orange blimp, your comment must include the hashtags #Club57Nick #KCAMéxico.

Via Twitter:

To vote via Twitter, follow Nickelodeon Latinoamérica's official Twitter page, Each voting Tweet must feature both the unique hashtag and #KCAMEXICO in it for the vote to be counted:

#Nominee + #KCAMEXICO

For example, if you want to see The Casagrandes win the orange blimp for "Nick Show Favorito", your Tweet should look similar to:

#KCAMEXICO #LosCasagrandeNick

There will also be two special categories in this year's Kids' Choice Awards México with the winners decided by Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards Executive Committee (Comité Ejecutivo) - Pro-social and Leyenda. The Pro-social blimp will be awarded to the organization and/or the individual whose work is focused on the well-being of children within the Mexican territory (and may also have activities within the territory of other countries); and the Leyenda award will be given to the artist of any Latin American nationality who has a remarkable career in the children's entertainment industry. The prize will be awarded in recognition of their artistic career.

Nickelodeon will reveal the winners of Kids' Choice Awards México 2022 later this year.

Update (20/7) - Nickelodeon will reportedly air Kids' Choice Awards México 2022 on August 30 at 20:00!

Fans can win tickets (entradas) to Kids' Choice Awards México 2022 by clicking here!

Below are the pre-nominees of Kids' Choice Awards México 2022!:

Actor Favorito:

· Mauricio Abad - #MauricioAbad
· José Giménez Zapiola - #ElPurre
· Emilio Osorio - #EmilioOsorio
· Santiago Achaga - #SantiagoAchaga
· Sebastián Silva - #SebastianSilva 
· Kevsho - #Kevsho
· Ralf - #Ralf
· Iker García - #IkerGarcia

Actriz Favorita:

· Macarena García - #MacarenaGarcia
· Ana Tena - #AnaTena
· Isi Vives - #IsiVives
· Estefi Merelles - #EstefiMerelles
· Evaluna - #Evaluna
· Ángela Rincón - #AngelaRincon
· Maia Reficco - #MaiaReficco
· Clara Galle - #ClaraGalle

Show Favorito:

· Bob Esponja - #BobEsponja
· iCarly - #ICarly
· Club 57 - #Club57
· Entrelazados ­- #Entrelazados
· Polinesios Revolution - #PolinesiosRevolution
· High School Musical, La Serie - #HSMTMS
· JuanPa + Chef - #JuanpaChef
· Escandalosos (We Bare Bears) - #Escandalosos  

Nick Show Favorito:

· Bob Esponja - #BobEsponjaNick
· Club 57 - #Club57Nick
· The Loud House - #TheLoudHouseNick
· Los Casagrande - #LosCasagrandeNick
· Los Pitufos - #LosPitufosNick
· Danger Force - #DangerForceNick
· Kamp Koral - #KampKoralNick
· Rugrats - #RugratsNick

Artista Latino:

· Camilo - #Camilo
· Sebastián Yatra - #Yatra
· Karol Sevilla - #KarolSevilla
· Danna Paola - #DannaPaola
· Piso 21 - #Piso21
· Manuel Turizo - #ManuelTurizo
· Sofia Reyes - #SofiaReyes
· Reik - #Reik

De Creador a Artista:

· Ingratax - #Ingratax
· Mont Pantoja - #MontPantoja
· Kenia Os - #KeniaOs
· Bruses - #Bruses
· Humbe - #Humbe
· Polinesios - #Polinesios
· María Becerra - #MariaBecerra
· Leon Leiden - #LeonLeiden

Canción Viral:

· Sebastián Yatra - Tacones Rojos - #TaconesRojos
· Zzoilo & Aitana - Mon Amour - #MonAmour
· Camilo - Índigo - #Indigo
· Danny Ocean - Fuera del Mercado - #FueraDelMercado
· Yahritza Y su Esencia - Soy El Único - #SoyElUnico
· Morat - Llamada Perdida - #LlamadaPerdida
· Paulo Londra - Plan A - #PlanA
· Sofia Reyes & María Becerra - Marte - #Marte

Hit del Año Internacional:

· Imagine Dragons X J.I.D - Enemy - #Enemy
· Harry Styles - As It Was - #AsItWas
· Camila Cabello Ft. Ed Sheeran - Bam Bam - #BamBam
· Coldplay & BTS - My Universe - #MyUniverse
· Justin Bieber - Ghost - #Ghost
· Olivia Rodrigo - Traitor - #Traitor
· Shawn Mendes - When You're Gone - #WhenYoureGone
· 5 Seconds of Summer - Complete Mess - #CompleteMess

Grupo K-Pop Favorito:

· Super Junior - #SuperJuniorKPop
· Blackpink - #BlackpinkKpop
· BTS - #BTSKPop
· EXO - #EXOKPop
· TXT - #TXTKPop
· Seventeen - #SeventeenKpop
· Red Velvet - #RedVelvetKPop
· Momoland - #MomolandKPop

Artista Global Favorito:

· Dua Lipa - #DuaLipa
· BTS - #BTS
· Rosalía - #Rosalia
· Camila Cabello - #CamilaCabello
· Harry Styles - #HarryStyles
· Shawn Mendes - #ShawnMendes
· Olivia Rodrigo - #OliviaRodrigo
· Justin Bieber - #JustinBieber

Challenger del Año:

· Domelipa - #Domelipa
· Calle Y Poché - #CalleyPoche
· Jimena Jiménez - #JimenaJimenez
· Jashlem - #Jashlem
· Amaranta - #Amaranta
· Kevlexd - #Kevlexd
· Gibby - #Gibby
· Ferv - #Ferv

Creador de Aventuras y Viajes:

· Mau Otero - #MauOteroAventuras
· Juanpa Zurita - #JuanpaZuritaAventuras
· Un Día Con DyA- #UnDiaConDYAAventuras
· Ana Laura González - #AnaLauraGonzalezAventuras
· Polinesios - #PolinesiosAventuras
· Ricky Limón - #RickyLimonAventuras
· Luis De La Rosa - #LuisDeLaRosaAventuras
· Mariano Razo - #MarianoRazoAventuras

DIY Master:

· Mis Pastelitos - #MisPastelitos
· RobeGrill - #RobeGrill
· Pau Tips - #PauTips
· Craftingeek - #Craftingeek
· Dani Hoyos - #DaniHoyos
· Musas - #Musas
· Soy Jessi - #SoyJessi
· Hellomaphie - #Hellomaphie

Creador Más Divertido:

· Yolo Aventuras - #YoloAventurasDiversion
· Skabeche - #SkabecheDiversion
· Fede Vigevani Y La Vecibanda - #FedeYLaVecibandaDiversion
· Los Rulés - #LosRulesDiversion
· Polinesios - #PolinesiosDiversion
· Paco De Miguel - #PacoDeMiguelDiversion
· Jair Sánchez - #JairSanchezDiversion
· Daniela Rodrice - #DanielaRodriceDiversion

Gamer Más Cool:

· Antrax - #Antrax
· Eddy Skabeche #EddySkabeche
· AuronPlay - #AuronPlay
· Any Cemar - #AnyCemar
· Ama Blitz - #AmaBlitz
· Lyna Vallejos - #LynaVallejos
· RaptorGamer - #RaptorGamer
· Fernanfloo - #Fernanfloo

Revelación Más Fashion

· Valentina Zenere - #ValentinaZenereFashion
· Ángela Aguilar - #AngelaAguilarFashion
· Gigi Grigio - #GigiGrigioFashion
· Ana Emilia - #AnaEmiliaFashion
· Brianda Deyanara - #BriandaDeyanaraFashion
· Joaquín Bondoni - #JoaquinBondoniFashion
· Orson Padilla - #OrsonPadillaFashion
· Jashlem - #JashlemFashion

Master Fandom:

· Army (BTS) - #ARMY
· Skuad (Skabeche) - #SKUAD
· Dreamers (Danna Paola) - #DREAMERS
· Cncowners (CNCO) - #CNCOWNERS
· La Tribu (Camilo) - #LATRIBU
· Aventureros (YoloAventuras) - #AVENTUREROS
· Auroners (Auron Play) - #AURONERS
· Blinks (Blackpink) #BLINKS

Ship del Año:

· Carlota Madrigal & Gigi - #CarlotayGigi
· Orson Padilla & Vale Aguima - #OrsonyVale
· Eddy Skabeche & Xio - #EddyyXio
· Ignacia Antonia & Kevlexd - #IgnaciaAntoniayKevlexd
· Macabeso & Juanpa Zurita - #MacayJuanpa
· Evaluna & Camilo - #EvalunayCamilo
· Ricky Limón & Dani Arredondo - #RickyyDani
· Danna Paola & Alex Hoyer - #DannayAlex

Celebrity Crush:

· Alex Hoyer - #AlexHoyerCrush
· Santiago Achaga - #SantiagoAchagaCrush
· Luis De La Rosa - #LuisDeLaRosaCrush
· Fede Vigevani - #FedeVigevaniCrush
· Eloisa Os - #EloisaOsCrush
· Domelipa - #DomelipaCrush
· Joel Deleon - #JoelDeLeonCrush
· Mariana Ávila - #MarianaAvilaCrush

Artista Argentin@:

· Tiago PZK - #TiagoPZKARG
· Lali - #LaliARG
· Paulo Londra - #PauloLondraARG
· Nicki Nicole - #NickiNicoleARG
· María Becerra - #MariaBecerraARG
· Rusher King - #RusherKingARG
· Emilia - #EmiliaARG

Celebridad Chilena:

· Cami - #CamiCHILE
· Mon Laferte - #MonLaferteCHILE
· Germán Garmendia - #GermanGarmendiaCHILE
· Max Valenzuela - #MaxValenzuelaCHILE
· Tati Fernández - #TatiFernandezCHILE
· Ignacia Antonia - #IgnaciaAntoniaCHILE
· Ferv - #FerVCHILE
· Isi Vives - #IsiVivesCHILE

Originally published: June 28, 2022.

Additional sources: Siete24.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 20, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for July 20, 2022 | Nickelodeon

Stream the classic and the all new CG-animated Rugrats series on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: Paramount Plus Renews the All-New 'Rugrats' for Season 2!

Originally published: July 16, 2022.

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Meet the Cast: Cricket Leigh ("Mai") | Avatar: Braving the Elements Podcast

Meet the Cast: Cricket Leigh ("Mai") | Avatar: Braving the Elements Podcast

How to Stream 'Blood & Treasure' for FREE on Paramount Plus

Get ready to travel the world with Blood & Treasure. Stream the globe-trotting action-adventure drama now exclusively on Paramount+! Try it FREE at

Blood & Treasure follows a brilliant antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up to catch a ruthless terrorist who funds his attacks through stolen treasure.
Blood & Treasure is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Grey Griffin to Host 2022 Kidscreen Awards

Update (7/20) - The It's Pony short "Coffee Run" won the Best Short Film award and Trevor Noah—TIME Kid of the Year won the Best On-Air Host or Hosting Team award at the 2022 Kidscreen Awards!

Kidscreen has announced the exciting news that the 2022 Kidscreen Awards will be hosted by prolific voice actor, comedian and music artist Grey Griffin!

Grey has voiced more than 1,700 animated characters since 1996, including such iconic roles as Vicky from The Fairly OddParents, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lola, Lana and Lily Loud from The Loud House, and Frankie Foster, Duchess and Goo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. And she has also been the voice of Daphne Blake in every Scooby-Doo production since 2000. 

Grey launched “My First Comedy Special” in 2018 to rave reviews, and her debut album of covers—aptly titled Borrowed—is scheduled to drop in 2022. She also balances her multi-faceted career with being a single mom of three kids (ages four, seven and 14). Basically, she’s kicking butt.

The 2022 Kidscreen Awards forms part of the 2022 Kidscreen Summit, which will take place between February 14-17 at the InterContinental Miami in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit

Update (12/8) - Nickelodeon will present the findings from its new research study looking at shared viewing experiences during the "Mind the Gap" session at Kidscreen Summit 2022 on Wednesday, February 16 at 10:00 a.m.

Mind the Gap
Wednesday, February 16
10:00am - 10:45am

It's undeniable that family viewing habits shifted dramatically during the pandemic. And while family content tends to get all the attention, bridge shows—gap content that speaks to both preschoolers and six to nines—also grew in popularity as siblings settled in on the couch together. This new research from Nickelodeon explores what exactly attracts each demographic, where they overlap, and how to make the most of that shared viewing experience.


Andrea Strauss
VP, Nickelodeon Brand & Consumer Insights

Philip Underwood
Senior Director of Consumer Insights

Additionally, Susan Vargo, VP, Global Live Events, Nickelodeon will be a speaker during the summit's "Return to Live" on Wednesday, February 16, 2:00pm - 2:45pm at Bayfront: After months of being cooped up at home, people are eager for fresh experiences, and the live entertainment world is coming back to life. But like everything else, the audience has changed. This session will explore who makes up the primary demographic for family-friendly live entertainment now, and how companies around the world are shifting their approaches to maximize these new opportunities—while also mitigating potential disruption risks.

Update (12/1) - Via Kidscreen:

Activism, Netflix dominate Kidscreen Awards nominations

PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism and Nick News are in the running for trophies, but with a total of 18 shortlisted entries, the SVOD has stolen the spotlight again.

For a second year in a row, Netflix has nabbed the most Kidscreen Awards nominations with a total of 18 shortlisted entries. Following close behind is ViacomCBS with 15—more than double the seven nominations it received in 2021. And PBS KIDS is also up there with 11 shortlisted entries, including a Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie nod for PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism.

This is just one of many nominations this year for programming focused on activism and giving underrepresented youth a voice. Netflix’s animated musical series We the People (pictured) is in the running for three trophies in the tweens/teens categories, including Best New Series and Best Inclusivity; Nickelodeon’s current events series Nick News is nominated for Best New Series (tweens/teens); Sesame Workshop’s Proud of Your Eyes is on the shortlist for Best Short Film (kids); and Sky Kids’ FYI’s Kidversation is a hopeful in the Best Inclusivity (tweens/teens).

Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony hosted by actor/comedian Grey Griffin that will be held at Kidscreen Summit 2022 in Miami on February 15.

Here is the complete list of nominees:


Best New Series
Ridley Jones (Netflix)
Trash Truck (Glen Keane Productions, Netflix)
Waffles + Mochi (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)

Best Animated Series
Madagascar: A Little Wild (DreamWorks Animation)
Ridley Jones (Netflix)
Trash Truck (Glen Keane Productions, Netflix)

Best Live-Action Series
Helpsters (Sesame Workshop, Apple TV+)
Izzy’s Koala World (Dodo Productions, Netflix)
Sesame Street, season 51 (Sesame Workshop, HBO Max)

Best Mixed-Media Series
Gabby’s Dollhouse (DreamWorks Animation)
JoJo and Gran Gran (BBC Children’s In-House Productions, A Productions, CBeebies)
Waffles + Mochi (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)

Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie
“Molly and the Great One”—Molly of Denali (GBH Kids, Atomic Cartoons, PBS KIDS)
PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism (PBS KIDS, Crossroads Productions)
Zog and the Flying Doctors (Magic Light Pictures)

Best Holiday or Special Episode
A Trash Truck Christmas (Glen Keane Productions, Netflix)
“Blue’s Night Before Christmas”—Blue’s Clues & You (9 Story Media Group, Nick Jr.)
“Holiday at Hoopers”—Sesame Street, season 51 (Sesame Workshop, HBO Max)

Best Inclusivity
Magic Hands Black History Songs (Flashing Lights Media, CBeebies)
Mira, Royal Detective (Wild Canary, Disney Junior)
Waffles + Mochi (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)


Best New Series
Centaurworld (Netflix, Sketchshark Productions)
Kid Cosmic (Netflix)
The Patrick Star Show (Nickelodeon Animation Studio)

Best Animated Series
Centaurworld (Netflix, Sketchshark Productions)
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (DreamWorks Animation)
Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, HBO Max)

Best Live-Action Series
Family Reunion (Netflix)
Odd Squad (Fred Rogers Productions, Sinking Ship Entertainment, PBS KIDS)
Stardust (NRK)

Best Mixed-Media Series
Alien TV (Entertainment One, POP Family Entertainment, Netflix, Nine Network)
Club Mundo Kids (Exile Content Studio)
Sisimpur—Bangladeshi adaptation of Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, Ddhoni Chitra Limited)

Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie
All Star Nickmas Spectacular (Nickelodeon)
Arlo the Alligator Boy (Netflix)
Mum is Pouring Rain (Laïdak Films, Dandelooo)

Best Holiday or Special Episode
“Bramley Holiday”—It’s Pony (Nickelodeon)
“The Lonely Haunts Club 3: La Llorona”—Victor and Valentino (Cartoon Network Studios)
“Winter Break”—Craig of the Creek (Cartoon Network Studios)

Best Short Film
Coffee Run—It’s Pony (Nickelodeon) - WINNER
Proud of Your Eyes #Coming Together (Sesame Workshop)
The Wonton Warrior (Saffron Cherry, CBBC)

Best Inclusivity
16 Hudson, season two (Big Bad Boo Studios)
Snaps (Threewise Entertainment, CBBC)
Young, Black & British—Hear Us: A Newsround Special, Part 1 (BBC Children’s In-House Productions, CBBC)


Best New Series
HouseBroken (Bento Box Entertainment, Kapital Entertainment, Fox Entertainment)
Nick News (Nickelodeon)
We the People (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)

Best Animated Series
Bob’s Burgers (Bento Box Entertainment, 20th Television)
Central Park (20th Television, Apple TV+)
We the People (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)

Best Live-Action Series
Jenny 3—My Future/Mon Avenir (Productions Avenida)
Serengeti II (XIX Entertainment, John Downer Productions, Discovery)
The Bold Type (Universal Television, The District)

Best Mixed-Media Series
About Mental Health/On Parle de Santé Mentale (Écho Média, Télé-Québec)
Live from Mount Olympus (TRAX from PRX, Onassis Foundation)
The First Years (Zone3)

Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie
Disney Holiday Magic Quest (Disney Channel, 7Ate9 Entertainment)
NFL Wild Card (Nickelodeon)
Roald & Beatrix: The Tail of the Curious Mouse (Hartswood Films, Sky One)

Best Holiday or Special Episode
“Craftenstein’s Monster”—Craftopia (HBO Max, B17)
“Who’s Afraid of Boomsday?”—HouseBroken (Bento Box Entertainment, Kapital Entertainment, Fox Entertainment)

Best Inclusivity
Central Park (20th Television, Apple TV+)
FYI’s Kidversation (Fresh Start Media, Sky News, Sky Kids)
We the People (Higher Ground Productions, Netflix)

Shortlisted entries in the Programming categories will be reviewed and assessed by a fresh panel of judges, including Rick Clodfelter (Disney Branded TV), Libbie Doherty (ABC Australia), Luiz Felipe Figueira (Gloob), Craig Hunter (YouTube), Yann Lebasque (TF1), Leslie Lee (WarnerMedia Kids APAC),  Sarah Muller (BBC Children’s), Nikki Reed (HBO Max), Linda Simensky (Duolingo), Morten Skov Hansen (DR Ultra), Tara Sorensen (Apple TV+) and Heather Tilert (Netflix).

Best Inclusivity entries were reviewed and assessed by a jury that includes Lauren Appelbaum (RespectAbility), Mounia Aram (Mounia Aram Company), Musa Brooker (Six Point Harness), Yatibaey Evans (GBH Kids), Jay Francis (Disney Television Animation), Sameer Gardezi (Break the Room), Sarah Haasz (Pillango Productions), Grainne McGuinness (Paper Owl Films), David Michel (Cottonwood Media), Zulema Uriarte (Netflix) and Wanda Witherspoon (Sesame Workshop).


Channel of the Year

Best On-Air Host or Hosting Team
Spencer, Tyra, Alex, Duhin and RikiMisu—The Zone, Zone Weekend and Big Fun Movies (YTV)
Trevor Noah—TIME Kid of the Year (Nickelodeon) - WINNER
Zachary Noah Piser—Camp TV (THIRTEEN)

Best Kids-Only Streaming Service


Best Alternative Game
Hey Duggee: The Busy Day Badge (Jollywise, BBC)
Roll to the Rescue (GBH, Hero4Hire, PBS KIDS)
Scribbles and Ink: Far and Away (GBH Kids, Global Mechanic)

Best Game App—Branded
Dino Dana—Fossil Hunt (Sinking Ship Interactive)
On the Job (Noggin)
PBS KIDS Games (PBS KIDS, Goodboy Digital)

Best Game App—Original
OK Play (OK Play)
Pango Games & Stories (Studio Pango)

Best Learning App—Branded
BYJU’s Magic Work Books featuring Disney (BYJU’s)
Noggin (Noggin)
Play Along with Miffy (Azerion, Mercis B.V.)

Best Learning App—Original
iCan (First Media, Applicaster)
Lingokids (Lingokids)
Sago Mini School (Sago Mini)

Best Web/App Series—Branded
Awesome Alaskan Kids—Molly of Denali (GBH Kids, PBS KIDS)
Rhymes Through Times (Noggin)
The Wiggles + You (Hellosaurus, The Wiggles)

Best Web/App Series—Original
Cool School: Story Time with Ms. Booksy (Driver Studios)
Maria Mini Explorer (Turtlebox Productions)

Best Website
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Fred Rogers Productions, Schell Games, PBS KIDS)
Donkey Hodie (Fred Rogers Productions, Curious Media, PBS KIDS)

Best YouTube Channel
Blue’s Clues & You (Nick Jr.)
Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop)


Best Alternative Game
Horrible Histories: Beastly Boxset (Jollywise, BBC)
Miraculous RP: Quests of Ladybug & Cat Noir (ZAG Games, Toya)
The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Atomic Cartoons, Outright Games)

Best Game App—Branded
Disney Coloring World (Story Toys)
Hot Wheels Unlimited (Budge Studios)
Screens Up by Nickelodeon (Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS, Monterosa)

Best Game App—Original
Namoo (Baobab Studios)
Taniwha (Adrenalin Games)
Toca Life World (Toca Boca)

Best Learning App—Branded
BYJU’s Learning App featuring Disney (BYJU’s, Tangible Play)
Cyberchase: Echo Explorers (THIRTEEN, FableVision, The WNET Group)
Marvel Hero Tales (Kuato Studios, Marvel) 

Best Learning App—Original
Da Vinci Kids (Da Vinci Kids, Macademia)
DIY—The Learning Community (DIY—The Learning Community, Kyt Technologies)
Pinna (Pinna, Curious Media)

Best Web/App Series—Branded
Barbie Vlog (Mattel TV)
Next Level Kart Racers (Nickelodeon)
Star Stable Mistfall (Ferly Animation)

Best Web/App Series—Original
According to Kids (CBC Kids)
Denis and Me (Headspinner Productions)
The Solutioneers (Shaftesbury)

Best Website
Cartoon Network Climate Champions (Cartoon Network, Jollywise)
DIY (Kyt Technologies)
Nick Helps (Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS, House of V)

Best YouTube Channel
Bakugan (Spin Master)
Denis and Me (Headspinner Productions)
Maddie Moate (Let’s Go Live with Maddie & Greg)

Shortlisted entries in the Digital categories will be judged in a final round by Damon Berger (WildBrain Spark), Andrew Chan (Mattel), Sunil Gunderia (Age of Learning), Justin Hsu (MarcoPolo Learning), Michael Levine (Noggin), Rob Lowe (LEGO Ventures), Nancy MacIntyre (Sandbox Kids), Bonnie Rosen (Disney Accelerator), Dana Ware (Dark Slope Studios) and Gerald Youngblood (Tankee).

Additional details about the Kidscreen Awards—including categories, eligibility, judging and entry process—can be found on the Kidscreen Awards website.


Kidscreen Summit: diversidad + inclusión

“Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline”: Jeff Rivera, Partner, Collective 5 Entertainment; David Siegel, Executive Director, Exceptional Minds; Camille Eden, VP, Recruiting and Talent Development, Nickelodeon; y Calvin Brown Jr., escritor de televisión/productor, Disney

La segunda jornada de Kidscreen Summit Virtual continuó ofreciendo los mejores exponentes de la animación global, incluyendo pantallas, creativos, agentes y jugadores de negocios anciliares, quienes discutieron sobre las principales tendencias donde se destacan claramente los contenidos inclusivos/diversos, de nuevo orígenes y con talentos emergentes.

Nuevamente, la organización ofreció sus tradicionales espacios como “In Conversation with…”, charlas íntimas con los principales tomadores de decisión, los Virtual Speed Pitching, Master Classes, Chatrooms, Cócteles, y los Summit Showcases, en este caso uno de Asia.

Con bloques de contenido como Toggo o Toggolino, Super RTL es líder general del mercado en Alemania. Luisa Albers, Senior Editor, comentó: ‘No hay un estilo único para la animación: queremos dar una variedad de temas, personajes y valores, para que los niños se sientas identificados. Podemos resumirlo en: animación internacional y de altos valores de producción, aunque también buscamos incrementar el número de producciones locales de género neutral’. 

De Disney Junior, Kim Berglund, VP Development, dijo: 'Siempre estoy a la caza de contenido con un poco de "Disney Magic" para niños 2-5 años. Buscamos creadores con “conexión” a los programas que presentan: historias personales, personaje dimensionales y de altos valores como la equidad y la diversidad. Queremos narrativas ricas, que incluyan aprendizaje social y emocional, música, elementos de fantasía y magia. Siempre aspiracional y que refleje el mundo y su diversidad’.

“Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline” giró en torno a la “diversidad laboral” y las posibilidades de crecimiento dentro las estructuras de medios, tanto para las personas con diversidad funcional, personas sin experiencia laboral previa, como para +40 años. David Siegel, CEO, Exceptional Minds, sostuvo: ‘La próxima frontera es la de personas con distintas condiciones motoras, que son los grandes ignorados en esta industria’.

Calvin Brown Jr, escritor de televisión/productor, Disney: ‘Ofrecemos oportunidades para jóvenes y +40. Tenemos programas de prácticas, entrenamientos, e incluso hay cargos que delegamos únicamente a esos mayores’. Camille Eden, VP, Recruiting and Talent Development, Nickelodeon: 'Si bien los contenidos vienen trabajando la diversidad desde hace algunos años, no era lo mismo dentro de las corporaciones. Hoy puedo dar fe que esto está cambiando. Creamos un camino dentro de la inclusión de personas, no solo de color, sino de otras nacionalidades e identidades sexuales'.


Kidscreen Summit Virtual: hablan los buyers

Prensario Kids & Teens está cubriendo los principales paneles y keynotes de Kidscreen Summit Virtual 2022, donde se destacan los más importantes tomadores de decisión de la industria. La mayoría destaca que busca contenido de calidad y con valores, mientras sobresale el foco preescolar y programación inclusiva y diversa.

Con bloques de contenido como Toggo o Toggolino, Super RTL (Alemania) se ha ubicado como líder general del mercado de contenido para los más pequeños. ‘No hay un estilo definido para la animación o la temática que queremos reflejar: queremos dar una variedad de temas, personajes y valores, para que los niños alemanes se sientas identificados’, dijo Luisa Albers, Senior Editor.

La ejecutiva explicó que su grilla está conformada por una gran cantidad de contenido animado internacional y con altos valores de producción: ‘Aunque nuestro lineup actual tiene más producciones internacionales, hay grandes oportunidades para salir de este modelo: buscamos contenido hecho en Alemania, desde títulos en ‘early development’ hasta títulos ‘ready-to-air. Queremos contenido gender neutral que refuercen valores como la individualidad, la creatividad, el liderazgo y la diversidad racial’. 

Sarah Muller, Head of Commissioning & Acquisitions 7+, y Kate Mordor, Head of Commissioning & Acquisitions 0-6 de BBC (UK) explicaron que, desde que comenzó la crisis del Covid, la compañía se ha mantenido en la búsqueda contante de contenido, tanto para abastecer sus canales de TV abierta como también su web dedicada a contenido para niños en edad preescolar. 'Antes solíamos licenciar contenidos dos veces al año, ahora es una búsqueda constante', remarcaron. 

Están buscando contenido que complemente los programas en las parrillas de ambas señales, esto incluye animación y live action. Las ejecutivas están interesadas en comedias animadas impulsadas por personajes para el bloque de 6-9, así como programas animados que presentan acción y aventura para la audiencia de menores de 6 años. 'Una de nuestras prioridades son los programas puente y de visionado compartido que pueden ayudar a los espectadores de CBeebies a pasar a contenido más maduro para niños de seis a 12 años en CBBC, y empujar a los espectadores de CBBC de mayor edad a descubrir más en el servicio de streaming BBC iPlayer. Nuestro OTT nos brinda más oportunidades para presentar nuevas marcas a los niños en edad preescolar y mayores', completaron.

Kim Berglund, VP Development en Disney Junior, subrayó: 'Siempre estoy a la caza de contenido con un poco de "Disney Magic" para el segmento de niños de 2 a 5 años. Solemos buscar a creadores que tengan una conexión personal con los programas que presentan: Historias personales, con personaje dimensionales y de altos valores como la equidad y la diversidad'.

Comentó además que los pilares de contenido de la marca se resumen en: historias ricas en contextos y narrativas; ejes como el aprendizaje social y emocional, donde incluso se aprenda del fracaso; puede haber música, pues este recurso es muy importante para los niños de esta edad; elementos de fantasía y magia; los personajes deben ser aspiracionales, reflejar el mundo, la diversidad, tanto humanos como no humanos.  

Respecto a las estrategias de desarrollo y su cambio desde que el Covid-19 impactó en la industria, sostuvo: ‘La animación fue uno de los segmentos que menos retrasos tuvo, es por eso que nuestras señales lineales fueron muy consumidas. Esperamos anunciar pronto un slate renovado de nuevos títulos que formarán parte de la programación de este año tanto en lineal como en digital'.

Camille Eden, VP, Recruiting and Talent Development en Nickelodeon, resaltó: 'Creo que casos como George Floyd y como el de mucho otras personas , de verdad hizo repensar los perfiles de talento dentro de las compañías de medios. Si bien los contenidos vienen trabajando la diversidad desde hace algunos años, no era lo mismo dentro de las corporaciones. Hoy puedo dar fe que esto está cambiando. Y es genial como Nickelodeon está creando un camino dentro de la inclusión de personas, no solo de color, sino de otras nacionalidades e identidades sexuales'.

Flavio Medeiros, director de programación y adquisiciones de Discovery Kids Latin America, busca comisionar y adquirir series de TV de animación y de liveaction, y películas dirigidas a niños y niñas de cuatro a ocho años para las plataformas lineales y digitales. ‘Los shows de humor con corazón funcionan bien, al igual que los programas que incorporan magia y música’, expresó el ejecutivo, quien también dijo que si el contenido presenta villanos o historias más complejas, siempre debe ofrecer ‘valores o conclusiones positivas’. 

‘Buscamos shows de TV de 11 minutos o media hora de duración, mientras que los especiales y las películas pueden durar entre 30 minutos o 1 y media’, sostuvo Medeiros. Y agregó: ‘Sobre la unidad de producción, estamos buscando socios en la región para impulsar nuevos IPs’. En ese sentido, se destaca su más reciente lanzamiento: la serie Underdogs United basada en la película Metegol del director argentino Juan José Campanella. El proyecto es una alianza con MundoLoco CGI (productora de Campanella). ‘Buscamos historias que despierten la imaginación y que también representen talento e historias de diversidad’, completó Medeiros.


Originally published: November 10, 2021.

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