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Twist Magazine Interviews The Cast Of Saban's And Nickelodeon's "Power Rangers Megaforce"; Nickelodeon Star Azim Rizk Announces Second Season To Be Called "Super Megaforce"!

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA, also known as Nick, starting to premiere and show Saban Brands' latest "Power Rangers" series, "Power Rangers Megaforce", from Saturday 2nd February 2013 at 1pm/12pm C, the official Twist Magazine posted a exclusive interview with the Nickelodeon Stars cast of PRM - Ciara Hanna, who portrays Gia, the Yellow Ranger, Christina Masterson, who plays Emma, the Pink Ranger, Andrew Gray, who portrays Troy, the Red Ranger, John Mark Loudermilk, who plays Noah, the Blue Ranger, and Azim Rizk, who portrays Jake Holling, the new Black Ranger - who talk about the new "Power Rangers" show, their characters and what's next for them. In the interview, Nickelodeon Star and actor Azim Rizk announced the Nickelodeon News that, like the second season of "Power Rangers Samarai", the second season of "Power Rangers Megaforce" will have the word 'Super' in it and will be called "Power Rangers Super Megaforce"!:
TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with the Cast of Power Rangers Megaforce!

TWIST just got off the phone with the cast of Power Rangers Megaforce! Andrew Gray, Ciara Hana, John Mark, Christina Masterson and Azim Rizk dished about the new season, their characters and what's next for them. Check out our exclusive convo below and catch Power Rangers Megaforce today at 1 pm on Nickelodeon!


TWIST: Can you tell us about the new show Power Rangers Megaforce?
Christina Masterson: This year we have all new villains. We have tons of surprises and this is the 20th year anniversary of Power Rangers which is pretty awesome.
Azim Rizk: This is going to be the first time that we've had the show in a high school in 8 years. So I think it's really going to bring it back to the Mighty Morphing days. People are really going to relate to it a lot more.

TWIST: What would TWIST readers love about the show?
Ciara Hana: A good thing about the show is that Christina and I have a really good friendship going on during it. We've been best friends since we were younger and we have a really good team going on. During school we have everyday problems that everyone can relate to -- with studies, friends, or social skills. We're not just girly girls. We're very active -- we love biking, and hiking, and just being very active and just do what normal girls do. We fight crime but we also love getting Fro-Yo and just doing girly stuff.
Azim Rizk: There's a lot of prominent action sequences that involve the girls, so girls who are interested in fashion are still going to see Christina and Ciara looking awesome, but they're also going to see them kicking butt.

TWIST: Can you tell us about your characters?
Andrew Gray: On the show I play Troy the Red Ranger, el capitan. I'm an aloof character. I stick to myself. I'm a confident person. I love and am obsessed with kung-fu and karate. I'm an outsider so I'm really just getting to know these guys.
Ciara Hana: My character's name is Gia. She's really confident and she's a perfectionist. She's really into her studies. I'm also very studious and independent but I'm opposite when it comes to imperfection. I kind of jump around and am free spirited where Gia is more assertive and bold. She's kind of uptight sometimes, but she tries to be the leader at times which is kind of funny.
John Mark: I play Noah, the Blue Ranger. Noah is the brains of the operation. He's very intelligent, especially with computers. He always has his laptop on him, by his side, everywhere he goes.
Azim Rizk: My character's name is Jake. He's the Black Ranger. He's kind of an "act first, think after" kind of guy, and he's very after the attention of everybody else. If he has to fight a monster to get the attention of anybody who's around him then he will. If he has to tell a joke, then he will. It's all about getting all eyes on him, but he never does anything that isn't moral. He still holds the same core values that Power Rangers have had since the beginning.
Christina Masterson: I play Emma who is the Pink Power Ranger. She loves nature and she loves riding through the woods on her BMX bike and exploring every little crevice she can. She will do anything she can to protect the environment, whether it be teaching people how to recycle or protecting civilians from monsters.

TWIST: What's up next for you guys?
Azim Rizk: There's going to be another season coming up next. It's going to be called Super Megaforce. After this we'll start shooting that, and when we come back from that who knows what's going to happen. We'll just play it by ear.
Christina Masterson: Power Rangers Megaforce premieres today, February 2nd,, on Nickelodeon, and plays every Saturday at 1 pm!

Photo: Courtesy of Saban/Nickelodeon

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