Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Tweets From The Stars Of "Victorious" About Being In London, UK

The stars and cast of the Nickelodeon show "Victorious" have been Tweeting more messages and photographs on their official Twitter pages about the Victorious' casts adventures in London, UK, what it's like to be visiting London, UK, and meeting their British fans. Below are a few highlights of the "Victorious" casts' Tweets about being in the UK, along with links to the "Victorious" actors and actresses' official Twitter pages where you can read more of their Tweets about being in London, UK:

Click on the "Victorious" cast members' names below to view their official Twitter pages:

Victoria Justice (Tori Vega)
In London right now enjoying some fresh peppermint tea! When I say fresh I mean freshhh. Haha. Look how cool.. - 10:24pm Monday 17 October 2011

After a fun performance today... I'm enjoying a nice relaxing dinner with my mom & vocal coach (&friend) Vincent :{) - 10:57pm Monday 17 October 2011

Just finished 1 of the most fun & amazing photo shoots I've ever done w/ @blissmag ! Can't wait 4 u UK-ers to see it :{). #BLISSful - 7:18pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

[...] Running out to dinner, talk to you all later. - 8:25pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Off to bed, I have to get up so early here tomorrow in last day and then Leon & I leave for Germany. Talk to you guys tomorrow. - 1:15am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Munich and then Berlin. Hope we get to meet. :{) - 1:20am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Thank you London for all the good times! Will upload some more pics soon. About to catch a plane to Germany. Can't wait :{). - 3:42pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

Avan Tudor Jogia (Beck Oliver)
Tweeting been tricky lately trying to get some out tonight. - 9:47pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Ariana and I hamming it up in the UK for @mizzmag - 9:54pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Sorry,had trouble linking this. Ari and I for @mizzmag / #jetlag&candies - 10:45pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Leon Thomas III (Andre Harris)
Just had a great dinner with the wonderful @victoriajustice and the amazing @Danwarp !!!! Food always brings good people together : ) - 12:15am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Sorry I haven't been tweeting much... This is one of the only times i've had wi-fi all week : / - 12:17am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Doing some promo work with @Daniellamonet !!!! This trip has been amazing : ) - 10:18am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Daniella Monet (Trina Vega)
What an amazing feeling!! We all just nailed our performance in London! TWO standing ovations! #VICTORIOUS! - 8:19pm Monday 17 October 2011

Heading back to LA today. I'll miss you London!! - 1:13pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine)
Just finished performing with the whole cast... The energy was amazing & we had so much fun!!!!! :] - 8:17pm Monday 17 October 2011

[...] So sorry I'm not coming to Germany to meet you guys... Maybe next trip!!! [...] - 10:48pm Monday 17 October 2011

It's 10:50 here in London. So odd. At home it's 2:50... So crazy! [...] - 10:50pm Monday 17 October 2011

Just finished a long day of filming promos in London... Going shopping soon with @Daniellamonet, @LizGillies @JoanGrande & @Crayolamae! :D - 6:03pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

I'm really loving London... The architecture, the history, the gloomy romantic weather. Siiigh. - 6:06pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

[...] I'm sorry my tweeting has been limited in Europe... Wifi is scarce! [...] - 6:06pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Off to Paris [France] tomorrow! My gloves & little black beret are all packed. :] - 7:11pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

Happy Anti-Bullying week, everyone! Check out this vid we made in London to raise bullying awareness. Only love. RT! - 11:32pm Tuesday 18 October 2011

In hair & make up! Trying new things today... Wearing my natural, short hair with a 1950s finger wave. :) - 9:50am Wednesday 19 October 2011

Arrived in Paris! It's beautiful & rainy & romantic... Met some sweet fans at the train station. What a lovely surprise to arrive to. - 5:25pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

Yes! I love Paris... I'm so happy to be here. - 5:30pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Internet in Paris is more easily accessible, which is incredibly exciting... Expect loads of photo updates! - 5:40pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

La Vie En Rose! - 6:54pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

I love Paris! Hope I don't look too touristy with my little beret. :] - 6:57pm Wednesday 19 October 2011

Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro)
No cell phone service in London, hope everyone's having a good whatever today is - 10:59am Monday 17th October 2011

Dreams do come true - 2:27pm Monday 17th October 2011

Telephone - 2:27pm Monday 17th October 2011

Victorious took over the Apollo - 9:00am Tuesday 18th October 2011

Greg admires our lockers - 9:00am Tuesday 18th October 2011

Really good interview from a day or two ago. Check it out! Also, @LizGillies is in it - 6:37pm Tuesday 18th October 2011

Saw a great band last night! Check out @DZDeathrays. Also @tomfromscum is a sweetheart. He watches Nickelodeon #TheBritisharejustlikeus - 8:36am Wednesday 19 October 2011

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