Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nickelodeon Productions And Empire City Productions Announces Casting Call; Searching For Actors To Be In The Brand New Episodes Of Season Two Of "Supah Ninjas"

Nickelodeon Supah Ninjas call for actors

Nickelodeon call for actors: martial arts experience preferred

Action heroes are developed, not born, To grow your hollywood ambitions it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. There is currently a call for actors for the Nickelodeon Channel's series, "Supah Ninjas". Empire City productions is seeking actors of Asian descent, preferably with martial arts experience. Contact productions at with inquiries. View previous episodes of the show at and be sure to respond to the call for actors soon. Production begins June 20th!
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Nickelodeon Open Casting Call Supah Ninjas

Open casting call for Nickelodeon action-comedy series 'Supah Ninjas'

Empire City Productions is getting ready to begin production on the second season of the action-comedy series "Supah Ninjas" for Nickelodeon. The first season was shot at the Paramount lot in Hollywood, however the sets were dismantled and trucked across the country to Pittsburgh, where season two will be filmed. The lead, guest starring, and recurring roles are being cast in Los Angeles, while smaller roles and extras are cast in Pittsburgh.

An open casting call is scheduled for people ages 18-40 who are experienced martial artists, dancers, gymnasts and parkour practitioners to work as stunt people and featured extras. In addition to the stunt performers and featured background, the casting director is seeking young actors ages 14-19 with theatre experience for speaking roles on the show. Also being cast are teen girls with cheerleading experience. “Supah Ninjas” is also looking for a few interns for the summer to work in the Camera/Production/Art/Costume departments.

"Supah Ninjas" made the move to Pittsburgh for a few reasons. The show takes place in a Gotham City-like world called Empire City, and Pittsburgh can lend itself to that kind of vibe for any outdoor scenes - locations that the production doesn't really have access to in Los Angeles like the old brick buildings and bridges, the rivers. In addition, Pittsburgh has a great talent pool along with a film and television tax credit program.

Details on how talent can submit for acting roles, and open call information can be found on the following casting post:

Open Casting Call for Nickelodeon's "Supah Ninjas"
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