Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Official Nickelodeon UK Website,, Unveils Three Exclusive "One Direction" Video Clips

To celebrate Nickelodeon UK premiering and showing the special "One Direction: Up All Night" 'One Direction' live concert special which was recorded at one of the performances of the UK-Irish boy band's recent "One Direction: Up All Night Tour", 1D's first headlining concert tour which showcased their debut album "Up All Night", over the weekend of Saturday 25th August 2012 and Sunday 26th August 2012 on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK as part of "August on Nickelodeon UK", the official Nickelodeon UK and Ireland website,, has unveiled a special video playlist featuring three exclusive "One Direction" online streaming video clips featuring highlights from Nick UK's "One Direction" concert special, which you can watch here on the video clips section on the official Nickelodeon UK and Eire website,!

The official Nickelodeon UK websites' first exclusive "One Direction" video clip features 'One Direction' performing their hit song, "Stand Up.". Nick's second exclusive 1D video clip features "One Direction" having a party in Bournemouth, and Nickelodeon's third exclusive "One Direction" video clip features "One Direction" performing their hit song, "Gotta Be You.