Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nickelodeon Spain To Premiere "Sanjay and Craig" In February 2014

Nickelodeon Spain (Espana) has announced on their official websites' brand new official "Sanjay and Craig" show website the very exciting Nickelodeon Europe news that Nick Spain, the Spanish version of the world's number one kids' channel, will start to show Nickelodeon's all-new totally rad awesome original animated series (Nicktoon) "Sanjay and Craig", locally titled "Sanjay y Craig", in February 2014!:

Sanjay and Craig Estreno En Febrero De 2014 (Release In February Of 2014)
Nickelodeon Spain's official "Sanjay and Craig" webpage on features information about Nick's brand new animated comedy show, a 'Meet the Characters' (Personajes) section which features information about the characters in S&C - Sanjay Patel, Craig, Megan Sparkles, Héctor Flanagan, and everybody's favorite action movie star, Remington Tufflips - plus exclusive online streaming video clips, including one featuring a karaoke version of the "Sanjay & Craig" theme tune, a games (Juegos) area featuring a exclusive online game called "Liándola con Noodman" ("Messin' with Noodman", and a Fotos section featuring a photograph gallery filled with pictures from "Sanjay and Craig"!

Reserve your spot on the couch for Nick's hilarious all-new Nicktoon!

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