Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nickelodeon USA To Premiere Two Brand-New "The Haunted Hathaways" Episodes On 5/17; First "Sanjay and Craig" Primetime Special On 5/16

The entertainment news website is reporting the exciting Nickelodeon News that this weekend, Nick USA will be hosting a spooky double feature when they premiere not one, but TWO brand-new episodes of "The Haunted Hathaways"!

First, in "Haunted Duel", Louie (Benjamin Flores Jr.) is deterred when he gets snubbed for the school scare team at school. Then, from one of the unlikeliest of places, Louie gets a burst of confidence. Ray (Chico Benymon) encourages Louie to give it another go, and he winds up challenging the toughest ghost in school to a ghost duel. The first episode premieres on Saturday 17th May 2014 at 8:00pm ET/PT.

Right after, the laughs continue with the all-new episode "Haunted Viking". Taylor (Amber Montana) is desperate to get her school report on Vikings done, so she turns to Louie for help. Bad move. When Louie summons a reckless Viking to their home, he just winds up making a mess of things and giving Taylor even more work to do! "The Bachelor" star Charlie O'Connell guest stars, starting at 8:30pm ET/PT.

Plus, grab your Stokleys and get ready for an all new "Sanjay and Craig" special on Friday 16th May 2014 at 7pm/6c! In "A Tale of Two Slithers", the shows first primetime special, viewers get to meet Ronnie Slithers, Craig's long lost brother! Who knew Craig had a brother? Unfortunately, Ronnie tries various devious methods in order to turn Craig and Sanjay against each other.

To celebrate Nick USA showing brand-new episodes of Nickelodeon's hit original comedy series "Haunted Hathaways" and original animated series (NickToons) "Sanjay and Craig" this weekend, Nick USA's publicity office has unveiled three all-new super sneak peek previews of the all-new "The Haunted Hathaways" episode "Haunted Viking" and "Sanjay and Craig" special "A Tale of Two Slithers", which you can watch in the online streaming video clips below!

The Haunted Hathaways “Haunted Viking” at 8:30p.m. (ET/PT). from Elizabeth Cain on Vimeo.

Catch Charlie O’Connell (The Bachelor) in an all-new episode, “Haunted Viking” at 8:30p.m. (ET/PT). Taylor reluctantly turns to Louie for help when she is writing a report on Vikings, but instead of bringing famed Leif Ericsson, Louie mistakenly invites a ghost Viking (O’Connell) who wreaks havoc and is difficult to contain.

Sanjay and Craig "A Tale of Two Slithers" Clip from Elizabeth Cain on Vimeo.

Sanjay and Craig "Sanjay and Snake" Clip from Elizabeth Cain on Vimeo.

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