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Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. Channel's and Nick Jr. 2's February 2007 Highlights

According to the Sky Ventures website, here are Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. Channel's and Nick Jr. 2's February 2007 highlights:


Highlights on Nickelodeon

BRAND NEW ME:TV! launched in 2006, becoming the UK's number 1 rating show during the half-term holiday for kids, find out why every day from 10am!
Do you fancy being a presenter on top kids' channel Nickelodeon from the comfort of your own home? If you have a webcam, a computer and a desire for nationwide fame, tune into Nickelodeon's brand new interactive show "me:tv", every weekday morning from 10am and it could be you!
me:tv is presented by Ugly Mark form Nickelodeon's game show Nick Heads along with Vicky and Katie - the stars of the hit comedy series "Genie In the House". Each day 4 viewers compete against each other via webcams live on air - taking part in exciting and hilarious challenges to win top prizes. Kids compete to win the votes of the viewers in order to go through to the Friday final.
Watch all new me:tv weekdays from 10am from Monday 12 February

Starring two very different guys with very different personalities, there's buttoned-up, play-by-the-rules Josh and too-school-for-school, party-dude Drake. Going to the same school and their love for rock music was all that they had in common, before everything changed! See, Josh & Drake became stepbrothers-and roommates. Drake and Josh is the hilarious happenings of day to day life with two boys and their adventures growing up.
Not only a cult hit series with Nickelodeon viewers around the world, Drake and Josh also star in their own movie DRAKE AND JOSH GO TO HOLLYWOOD - THE MOVIE where Drake, Josh and their little sister Megan accidentally get on a plane to L.A. to play their biggest gig yet. But the people that gave Drake the gig are up to something illegal and it's up to Drake and Josh to stop them. Will Drake and Josh stop them or will they let it go so Drake can keep his music gig?
Weekdays from Monday 12 February @ 5pm
Watch their movie - Drake & Josh go to Hollywood
Friday 16 February @ 12 noon

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Tune in to the brand new look Nicktoons channel in February and celebrate the best half-term ever with daily 6 hour extravaganzas from Bikini Bottom with the UK's number 1 rating animation series SpongeBob SquarePants.
Deep down in the Pacific Ocean in the city of Bikini Bottom lives a square yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary, loves his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab and has a knack of getting into trouble without realy trying.
When he's not getting on his cranky neighbor Squidward's nerves, SpongeBob's usually smack in the middle of a strange situation with his best starfish buddy, Patrick, or his thrill seeking squirrel pal, Sandy Cheeks.
Weekdays from Monday 12 February @ 10am - 4pm

Tune in for brand new episodes of Avatar: The Legend of Aang this February, exclusively on the brand new look Nicktoons channel.
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. But when the world needed him most, he disappeared.
Until now .... On the South Pole, a lone Water Tribe village struggles to survive. It's here that a young Waterbender named Katara and her warrior brother Sokka rescue a strange boy named Aang from a cavernous iceberg.
Not only is Aang an Airbender - a race of people no one has seen in a century - but they soon discover that Aang is also the long lost Avatar. Now it's up to Katara and Sokka to make sure Aang faces his destiny to save the tribe - and himself. Did we mention he's only 12?
Weekdays from Monday 12 February @ 4pm and 7pm

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Highlights on Nick Jr.

BUBBLE AND SQUEAK Bubble and Squeak is a brand new original UK show from Nick Jr. It introduces Bubble the wizard and Squeak the frog in a magical pre-school cookery series!
Bubble and Squeak live inside a giant carrot rocket with their friends Matilda the magical book and Muffet the spider. Every day they make "foody magic" by whisking up delicious treats.
Whenever there is a problem - perhaps Squeak has the hiccups, Bubble's afraid of the dark or the carrot rocket's sprung a leak - Bubble tries to help with one of his "trusty" magic spells. He swishes his magic whisk and says the magic words, but they always end up going wrong!
Instead, it's down to Matilda, a wise and wonderful talking book, to tell a fantastic story to inspire our friends to find a solution to the dilemma of the day. Bubble stirs up his magic cauldron to produce a recipe featuring today's magic ingredient - which could be anything from rice to strawberries, butter or onions - and Squeak takes us to visit some children and find out some magical "foody facts" about the ingredient of the day.
After singing their favourite sing-along song "The Magic of Food" Bubble and Squeak head back to the carrot rocket to cook. The ingredients go into the cauldron, which bubbles and boils and reveals the recipe. Once it's finished. it's time to clean up and tuck in.
Join in the foody fun and magical special effects with Nick Jr's Bubble and Squeak, the brand new show that makes food interesting for curious little minds.
Every day @ 12.30pm and 3pm

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is an animated series starring a curious little crooked-tailed creature named Wubbzy, who lives in the mythical city of Wuzzleburg. This little guy lives with his two pals, Widget and Walden, in a whimsical place where everything is just a little bit different from our world.
Wubbzy likes to have fun and spend his time chasing flutterflies, eating ice cream and playing hippity-hopscotch. Like any youngster, he sometimes runs into problems and when he does he calls on his best friends for help and advice.
Pink-skinned Widget is a mechanical whiz who owns a fix-it shop and is always ready to lend a hand. Her solution to any problem is to build something big and complicated, but her inventions don't walways work!
Bespectacled Walden is a quirky scientist who finds great wisdom in everything from ancient philosophy to tarot card reading. He has a unique way of looking at the world, but his brainy approach doesn't always produce practical results.
However, together this colourful trio can face any challenge with the best resource they've got: friendship! Wow!
Every day @ 8am and 4.30pm

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Additional highlights include brand new episodes of Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon UK and brand new episodes of LazyTown on the Nick Jr. Channel during the February half-term.

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