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March On Nickelodeon Asia

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What's New In Nick

Avatar: The Legend of Aang
What happened to the Zuko's soldiers face off with the Northern Water Tribe? Will Aang eventually be able to conquer the FireBenders? We recap Aang's past journey with the following highlight specials leading up to its latest season.

The Legend So Far (12-min specials)
Mar 1 @ 5pm
Mar 3 @ 11am
Mar 4 @ 5pm
Mar 7 @ 5pm
Mar 10 @ 10.45am
Mar 13 @ 2.15pm
Mar 16 @ 5.45pm
A flashback on some of the events that have taken place and the adventures through out the Avatar world, all en route to their ultimate destination, the Northern Water Tribe.

The Siege of the Nation (1-hour finale special)
Mar 10 @ 11am
Mar 13 @ 2.30pm
Mar 16 @ 6pm
At the North Pole, Aang and Katara continue their training, while Admiral Zhao brings a large force up against the Northern Water tribe in his quest for the Avatar.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang (Book 2 - New Episodes)
Weekends beginning Mar 17 @ 11am & 5pm
Aang returns and meet the Earth Kingdom general who has big plans for defeating the Fire Nation. Will they succeed? Look out for more exciting adventures in this new season of Avatar, the Legend of Aang.

LazyTown (New Episodes!)
Weekdays from March 12 @ 7.00am, 10.00am & 1.00pm
Jump back into action with our favourite exercise superhero Sportacus and Stephanie as they get you up and moving with more action-packed storylines, athletic stunts and high-energy music. Catch our brand new episodes of LazyTown coming to you from March 12.

Four Eyes (New Episodes!)
Weekends beginning Mar 24 @ 12.30pm
Four Eyes is back with new episodes as we follow the trials and tribulations faced by Emma as she tries hard to find a place in this world – despite the fact that she is out of this world!

My Life as a Teenage Robot (New Episodes!)
Every Friday @ 7.00pm (Brand New Fridays!)
Brand New Fridays continues this New Year with a mission to save the world. Meet our heroine, XJ9 as she continues to have her own ideas on how she would like to live and at the same time continues to protect the planet.

Don't Miss These Shows!

Lola & Virginia - New Show!
Weekdays beginning Feb 19 @ 4.30pm
This witty animated sitcom tells the story of Lola, aged 12. Life isn't always easy for Lola, taking care of her snotty siblings and putting up with her crazy group of friends. She considers herself the local princess, until Virginia barges into her life...

Mr. Meaty
Premiering in TEENick
Feb 5 to Mar 15, immediately after Drake & Josh (7.30pm)
With ten thousand food court locations in malls worldwide, you'll always find meat just the way you like it. At Mr. Meaty, its always a pleasure to meat you!

Everyday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Mondays to Thursdays
Drake and Josh
Zoey 101
All That

Fridays to Sundays
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Life with Derek
Naturally Sadie

Life with Derek
Fri to Sun @ 8.00pm

Team Galaxy
Weekends @ 9.00am, 4.00pm

The X's
Weekends @ 12.00pm

Wonder Pets
Every Thursday and Friday @ 8.30am, 11.00am

The Upside Down Show
Weekends @ 8.30am

Go, Diego, Go!
Weekends @ 7.00am

* Showtimes are in Singapore time unless stated otherwise, and are subjected to change.

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