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Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. Channel's and Nick Jr. 2's June 2007 Highlights

According to the Sky Ventures website, here are Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. Channel's and Nick Jr. 2's June 2007 highlights:


Highlights on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon's BAFTA Craft 2007 "Best New Media" team is thrilled to be premiering the return of interactive quiz show "Nick Heads" this June.
Watch Ugly Mark and Laura Hamilton, galloping the length and breadth of the UK in search of Britain's ultimate Nickelodeon fan - in the UK's most exciting afternoon daily TV event. "Nickelodeon's Nick Heads".
"Nick Heads" is the UK's biggest daily fully integrated on-TV, online and via red-button kids TV show. A Nick Head is someone who knows ALL there is to know about Nickelodeon - the ULTIMATE Nick fan. One viewer a day is going to be crowned it, but they'll need to muster all their cunning skills and knowledge to prove this.
Join Ugly Mark and Laura in their search for the ultimate "Nick Heads", including challenges like the longest, biggest Burp Off and Mestermind - where every correct answer wins an exciting prize and leads their opponent to a sliming.
Nickelodeon is all about fun, so we've made sure that EVERY viewer can interact and take part. When watching and shouting the answers at your telly isn't enough, viewers can take control from the comfort of their home by answering live questions about their favourite Nickelodeon shows via red button and at
Weekdays @ 4pm

The massive US series about the most famous band you've never heard of, is here! In the US, Naked Brothers Band recently achieved the biggest series debut in Nickelodeon's 27-year history.
Brand new Naked Brothers Band tells the exciting story of brothers Nat and Alex, who are catapulted to international fame and fortune when the band they create at school becomes a global smash. Much like the group and its music, the TV series is also a runaway success.
Band leaders Nat and Alex (played by real-life siblings) Nat and Alex Wollf) embark on the thrilling adventure of soaring success and stardom with school friends and fellow band mates Thomas, David, Qaasim and Rosalina.
Filmed in a documentary style, Naked Brothers Band is a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the lives of school kids who've suddenly become megastars. The series charts their fame, friendships, squabbles and adolescent experiences.
As well as playing their roles, Nat and Alex also write and perform the original songs in the show, which were created, written and directed by their real-life mother, actress Polly Draper, and co stars their father, jazz musician Michael Wollf.
Premiering 5 June
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4.30pm

Premiering this June only on Nickelodeon, a hilarious new puppetry series called "Mr Meaty".
From behind the counter of the "Mr Meaty" cafe, Josh Redgrove and Parker Dinkelman are two teenagers launching big plans to improve their lives and escape the monotony of minimum wage.
Whether it is Josh making a play for one of the "ladies", Parker geeking out at the arcade or the two of them plotting to make their breakthrough sci-fi/horror classic movie, "Ninja Zombies", you can be sure that this cafe is funnier and definitely more bizarre, than any local cafe you've been in before!
Premieres Saturday 9 June
Weekends @ 8.30am and 6.30pm

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Premiering 4 June, tune in for a brand new animated series called "Pet Alien".
Meet 13 year old Tommy Cadle, who lives not so peacefully with five aliens in a lighthouse in the fictional town of DeSpray Bay.
"Pet Alien" follows Tommy's hectic life with five aliens named Dinko, Gumpers, Flip, Swanky and Scruffy from the planet Conforma.
Unlike most animated aliens living on Earth, the aliens in this cartoon don't wear disguises, luckily all the humans, except Tommy, are too clueless to tell that they're aliens.
Weekdays @ 4pm

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Highlights on Nick Jr.

NETWORK PREMIER - Ready, set...go! Meet Roary the Racing Car, the no. 1 star of a thrilling new preschool series from the makers of Fifi and the Flowertots!
The colourful, high octane show follows the adventures of Roary, a cheeky and energetic single-seater and his friends, at the amazing Silver Hatch race track. Produced using a combination of stop-frame and CGI animation, the show truly captures the speed and excitement of a Formula 1 race track in this turbo-charged show.
Listen out for the UK's top comic Peter Kay as the voice of Roary's friend Big Chris, plus racing legend Sir Stirling Moss, who narrates the series. Peter Kay also sings the catch theme tune and each episode features an original song performed by the characters.
Weekends @ 4pm

Bubble and Squeak is an original UK show from Nick Jr. It joins Bubble the wizard and Squeak the frog as they present stories, songs and magical cookery fun for preschoolers!
From their home in a giant carrot rocket with their friends Matilda the magical book and Muffet the spider, Bubble and Squeak create "foody magic" every day by whisking up delicious healthy treats.
Whenever there is a problem, Bubble tries to help with one of his "trusty" magic spells, but they always end up going wrong! Instead, it's down to Matilda to tell a story to inspire a solution.
Bubble stirs up his magic cauldron to produce a recipe featuring today's magic ingredient - which could be anything from tomato to carrots or honey - and Squeak takes us to visit some children and find out some fascinating facts about the ingredient of the day.
After singing their favourite sing-along song, "The Magic of Food" Bubble and Squeak wash their hands and prepare the recipe, which could be anything from Pizza Clowns to See In The Dark Soup or Bumble Bee Flapjacks. Matilda takes them through the recipe in easy-to-follow stages that everyone can understand.
Once it's finished, it's time to clean up and tuck in. The dish of the day is scrumptious! But has it helped solve their problem? You'll have to wait and see....!
With behind-the-scenes nutritional advice from Fiona Hamilton-Fairley of the Kids' Cookery School in London and lots of magical special effects, Bubble and Squeak make healthy food fun for little ones!
Weekdays @ 12.30pm on Nick Jr
Every day @ 3pm on Nick Jr 2

Brand new to Nick Jr Classics - Chigley was the final series of the well-loved Trumptonshire trilogy of shows, following Trumpton and Camberwick Green. It joins Nick Jr Classics, Nick Jr's daily evening line-up of favourite children's shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
The show ws produced in the UK in 1969 using stop-motion animation and was voiced by children's TV legend Brian Cant, who also performed all the songs.
The action takes place in the village community of Chigley, near Camberwick Green in Trumptonshire. The characters include Mr. Swallow of Treddie's Wharf; Mr Cresswell, owner of Cresswell's Chigley biscuit factory; Harry Farthing the potter and his daughter Winnie and last but not least Lord Belborough of Winkstead Hall and his butler Brackett.
The show also features guest appearances by characters from the previous two series, including Windy Miller of Camberwick Green and the Trumpton Fire Brigade with their famous roll call.
Exclusive to Nick Jr daily @ 8.40pm

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